My Widow Professor – Part 4 (My First Date)

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This story is part of a series:

Hi, my cutie pies. How’s the day? This is a continuation of my story. In the third part, I let you know what happened when I visited her house and how my secret got revealed.

Before I start, I have questions for all of my friends. Why do we close our eyes when we sleep, when we cry, when we imagine, when we kiss, when we pray? Because most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen with your eyes, it must be felt in your heart.

My eyes were closed, remembering last night’s incident, lying on the bed in my teacher’s guest room. Taking each emotion, romance, excitement, exoticism, and feelings in my heart. I was in my fantasy.

The cold morning breeze coming from my window tickles my ears with a hiss. It makes me think of my beautiful teacher making love with me.

It’s been Sunday and around 7.30 a.m. I heard my phone ringing. I came back to my sense, picked up the call. It was my father’s call. He reminded me of the promise which I gave. I promised him to help him with the household chores on Sunday.

I woke up from my bed and said bye to Liza and thanked her for the night. I asked about her mother, she said that she was bathing. So, I said to inform my teacher that I need to go as my father called me for some important work. I left her house and came to mine.

I got freshened and tried to help my father. He was happy as I kept my promise. The day passed, and nothing interesting happened. As it was Sunday, there was no extra class. But while I was sleeping, I wanked in my room, thinking of the previous night incident.

I did have a fear of how to face my teacher the next day. What is she going to do? What will she say?

The next day I went to my college. Soon, it was her class. She came and started to teach. I always used to sit on the first bench, but on that day, I sat on the last bench. I was a little tensed about that night. I was observing her. But she, without noticing me, only kept on teaching as if I was not present at the place.

The bell rang, and she left the class. I was surprised she didn’t speak a word to me. My college got over, and I was at my house. I was a little bit relieved, but soon I got worried as I had my extra class today.

Again I had the same questions rising, what will she say? What would be her reaction? Will she be angry with me? I can get the answers to my questions only and only if I go to her house. The hours flew like seconds, and I went for my extra class.

While taking each step toward her house, I was feeling like I am heading to my death. My heart was racing like a horse track. I knocked on the door, and she opened the door. On seeing her, I was a bit afraid. But she said to me to get into the house, and she started to teach me.

She was normal, not a hint of anger or any other expressions on her face. She didn’t utter a word about that night’s incident. It was really weird for me. I was a little surprised. Every time she opened her mouth to speak. I was waiting for her to mention a single word about that night, but she didn’t.

So, I thought myself, to give her some time to think about my proposal. I also thought to keep silence and not to mention or do anything silly, till I get a perfect opportunity. Time passed. Nothing interesting happened during that period.

I waited for many days. Opportunities are easily lost while waiting for perfect conditions. You need to take steps as soon as possible. Our college got closed due to Dussehra puja. Her daughter also went to her uncle’s house to celebrate Durga puja with them. Here was my perfect opportunity. So, I called her.

Teacher – Hello.
Me – Hi, Mam. I called you because I thought that you must be all alone, and so am I. Why don’t we both go out in this Dussehra and see all the statues and beautiful pandals?

Teacher – (thinking) I don’t know whether I should go or not?
Me – What is there to think. Can’t a teacher go out with her student?
Teacher – Yeah, you are right, but still, I don’t think it is right. You can go with your friends.

Me – Why mam and about my friends they are roaming with their parents or so-called their girlfriends. I don’t have anyone. Mam, please, I request you to come with me. Please mam.

After requesting for some minutes, she said Ok. I became happy. I thanked her and told her to be ready by 6.00 p.m. I hung the phone. I thought about how to make this evening memorable for her. I called my father asked him for some money.

He said ok and told me that he had kept some money in the almirah. I found 6,000 rupees. I also had 4,000 rupees from my savings. I informed him that I would be late as I am going outside.

I took the money and went to a nearby restaurant. I called the manager to share my ideas with them for our dinner, which I saw in movies and in the YouTube videos. I gave him the advance and went to do some shopping. I brought a blue blazer and blue pants, a black necktie, a white shirt, and formal shoes.

By that, the time was 4.30 p.m. I hurried to my bathroom, took a bath and dressed. I was trying to look smart. After dressing, I looked in a mirror. I was in disbelief as I was truly looking like a handsome gentleman. With a grin in my face, I asked myself, “Is this me?”

While I was admiring myself, I got a call from my teacher.
Me – Hello. Yeah, mam.
Teacher – Are you serious, you want to go out with me?

Me – Mam, I have never been so serious in my whole life. Just be ready I will be there within 45 minutes.
Teacher – Ok. Just give me some minutes.

I took my bike and started to move. I stopped near a flower vendor. But this time, I asked him for two red roses. One I kept in my blazer’s pocket and other in my pants. I reached her house, placed my bike near her gate, and called her. She picked my call and said she will be there within two minutes.

Within no time, I saw her opening the gate and coming out. I said, “Here comes my Barbie.” She was wearing a pink colored plain silk saree with a black backless blouse, a small pink bindi, light-colored lipstick, and two small earnings. She was looking like an explosive.

Whenever I see her in new avatars, I just forget myself. I just remain speechless and applaud her beauty. I gave her the rose, which I kept inside my pants. She thanked me. She sat on my bike and held my shoulder. The moment she held my shoulder, I felt a tingling sensation.

We started to roam, watching all the deities, decorations, the huge eye-catching pandals. While roaming, we talked very little. As you know, during puja time, how are the traffics. We also got stuck in traffic. I had to use brakes and slowly need to move my bike.

But the moment I used to apply my brakes, her huge tits get pressed with me. I was feeling her soft, huge melons on the back of my body. I was aroused and wanted to release my semen. But I was helpless because of the traffic. Soon roads got cleared.

I asked my teacher to wait for me on the roadside as I need to go for a pee. I looked for a dark place and started masturbating. Soon I felt my balls getting heavy within no time I came. I cleaned my hand with leaves that were on the floor and came to my teacher.

We were hungry. I called the restaurant manager without her knowledge and asked him about the arrangements. He said the arrangements were up to the mark. I hung the phone and headed to the restaurant. I parked my bike in the lobby and went inside. On seeing me, the manager came.

Manager – Good evening. Welcome, sir, welcome, mam. Glad to see you.
Me – Thank you, sir. Is everything fine?
Manager – Yeah, sir. Spot on.

Teacher – (in doubt) What are you up to?
Me – It’s a surprise.

The manager called a boy and said something in his ear.
Manager – Sir, he will guide you to your destination.
Me – Thank you, sir.

We followed him. He took us to a room and opened the door. I was astounded on seeing the room. The room was softly colored, and lights are dimmed to cast a warm and inviting glow. An intimate interior decorated with richly and candlelit dining space gave the restaurant a cozy ambiance, perfect for a romantic rendezvous.

The chairs were just less than 30 inches (0.76m) facing each other. I held her chair made her sit comfortably what I saw on YouTube, which gentlemen, often do. Her eyes were glistening. She was very happy seeing those arrangements. The waiter came near us and asked what we liked to order.

I asked her what she wanted. She said anything which I wish. I knew what she liked. I went to the waiter and gave him our orders after giving the orders I came to her. We were seating silently. Soon our ordered food arrived. I ordered her favorite food.

The teacher gave me a warm smile as it was all of her favorites. The waiter served us. We were eating and enjoying the slow romantic music. At last, she spoke after an immense silence.

Teacher – Did you plan this for me?
Me – Yeah. Kind off. I wanted to make this evening remembered by you forever.

Teacher – Thank you very much for this. I have never felt so good.
Me – My pleasure.

She had tears rolled down. I wiped her tears. We had our dinner. The romantic music chants a spell on me, and without thinking, I asked her for a dance. She was surprised by this move of mine. I saw her reaction changing then I suddenly realized what I said.

I again said no problem, if you don’t want. It’s just I thought dancing might feel you happier. She thought for some minute and said, Ok, no problem. It was a slow romantic song. I asked her for her palm. With a little hesitation, she gave her palm. I pulled her to stand beside me.

My heart was beating like a drum, I asked her to place one palm on my shoulder. Nervously I started to place one palm on her hip above the saree and other holding her other palm. The moment I touched her hip, she just jerked a bit. She must have also felt the romantic atmosphere.

I held her little close to me. I was just doing the same thing which I saw on YouTube and on movies and guess what they are all working on. I was very pleased. We started to dance slowly and romantically. My legs and hands were shaking a bit. I can feel her intoxicating aroma.

It was like liquid adrenaline being injected right into my holy bloodstream. Not so strong as to freak me out, but just enough to make me tingle and start to move my body. Her movements also flowed with dazzling grace. They could have taken away the breath of every person in her audience.

She must be feeling her soul become one with the music. She placed her head above my chest. I was just mesmerized. I was in cloud 9. I had closed my eye and feeling the romantic atmosphere. I was hypnotized as if I was being manipulated by a greater force.

Her intoxicating fragrance making me mad. Soon my hands started caressing her body. Her bareback, which was slippery like butter, her waist my God! Her hips are mighty hips. These are magic hips that are known to put a spell on a man and spin like a top.

I started caressing her booty for the first time, which was like sculpted headquarters of a marble statue, like two melons in a gummy sack. While I was caressing her body, she looked at me. Our eyes met. I can see there was something which she wanted to say but unable to say.

She tried to get away from me. But I held her tightly in my arms and started to kiss slowly on her lips. She was not responding, but I kept on kissing. In that romantic atmosphere with that romantic music and the most beautiful, the hottest girl on the planet with me, I was feeling erotic.

Her eyes were closed, and she was breathing heavily. I felt her warm breath on my face adding more excitement. I was kissing her on lips, holding her left hip tightly with my one hand. On the second, I was fondling her tits above the blouse and saree. Her tits growing and becoming hard like a plum.

My dick was getting hard. I had a boner in my jeans. It was paining as if it were angry dog begging to be let cut and pawing at the door. I started to push my cock above her thighs. She must have felt but didn’t react. I left her breast without stopping her from kissing.

I slowly went to her crotch, and above her saree, I started to touch her pussy. I could hardly touch above that saree, petticoat, and panties. But it was enough to arouse me. I again started to massage her butt, holding her tightly, embracing her. She was only letting soft moans.

She must be aroused by my act. She must be feeling what I was feeling. Slowly, I tried to lift her saree, and petticoat wasn’t thinking of outcomes. I lifted till her knee height and started to caress her bare-butt. I started to slide my palm under her panties at that moment. She just pushed me away and said.

Teacher – (head down.) We should go now. It’s too late.
Me – (stammering) Yes… Yes, mam.

Reluctantly I went to the counter, paid my rest bill, thanked them for the beautiful arrangements, took my bike out. Then, we headed straight to my teacher’s house to drop her. While I was driving, I was only thinking about what all happened? How beautiful was my evening?

She might also be thinking the same, which I was thinking. There was pin-drop silence till we reached her house. There’s something enchanted about that night. All those heavenly bodies, shooting stars, the present moon, celestial phenomenon just added the cherry to the cake.

She thanked me for the beautiful evening. I greeted her good night. I came to my house, and while lying in bed started to think I know she has some feelings for me. But why she is not letting that out. What is stopping her? Is that only society’s reason or something? I need to know the answer.

In my next part, I will let you know her darkest secret. I know everyone must be keen to know.

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