Love Is In The Rain!

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It started with a slight drizzle.

Shanu Ma’am was walking fast, heedless of the boy’s looking at her swinging ass. Even the girl students were jealous of her because no one looked at them in Shanu’s class. She didn’t demand attention but commanded it with her feisty personality.

That day she was wearing a simple brown saree with a flimsy, cream-colored cardigan. She’d left the front buttons of her figure-hugging sweater open and passed her saree pallu through it.

The raindrops became bigger, and it started pouring. Shanu ma’am was now running ahead of us. I’d heard she was an athlete in her student days. And there she was, running with heels, casually overtaking the cricket players.

The cricket kit I was lugging with my friend slowed us down. So we entered the lecture hall right after her. I was in for a treat. Normally Shanu kept her hair covered with her pallu draping her back. But she had to bring out the thick, dark spiral curls and leave them hanging over her boobs to let them dry.

To top it, her saree had got wet. It’s brown cotton material looked red, and it highlighted Shanu’s spotless, golden-pink skin. My emotions touched boiling point when she bent her head. She shook her gorgeous curls, sending water droplets flying. The monsoon drizzle made her look hot.

In that captivating moment, I got a glimpse of her flat milky belly, and a loud “Wow,” escaped from my lips. All the girls laughed. Shanu turned, with fire in her big black eyes, looking ever so enticing yet cute. She stamped her sexy heeled foot, demanding:

Shanu: Who was that?

Someone tried to rat me out by looking towards our bench. The 8 of us in cricket whites were deemed to be the culprits.

Shanu: Cricket team, out!

She pointed one long finger with her silky smooth arm extended towards the door. I was in love with the hotheaded babe. Frankly, I didn’t care about the lecture too much. It was more fun to be out in the North campus’s large corridors and flirt with girls.

My 6 feet plus lean body easily impressed most chicks, especially when I was in full kit, wearing tight pants and a v-neck sweater. I’m fair with a broad jawline and a sharp nose. I had a late start and dropped one year after school. Still, I became a heartthrob at 24 years, by the time I got to the MA final.

I was the last one to exit and glanced over my shoulder for a parting look at Shanu, planning to fap later. She caught my eye instantly.

Shanu: You! Stand outside.

So I stood in the corridor, enjoying the cool breeze and the sound of rain. The fresh scent of mud was like an aphrodisiac and made me horny. A couple of girls passed by, and I asked them the time.

One of them answered, “It’s your bad time,” and they walked away laughing. I smiled, feeling dumb for standing outside. But then I could stand for ages looking at Shanu’s graceful movements as she gave her lecture.

She’d been a good student, right on track for her Ph.D. entrance at 23, and started teaching us the same year.

It was only 3 pm, but it looked dark at night. The campus lights wouldn’t turn on till 5:30 pm. Thunder rumbled loudly. Shanu dismissed the class reluctantly but stayed inside to answer some stupid questions. Finally, after everyone left, she came to the doorway.

Shanu: Lavi, don’t try that stunt again. It’s my last warning.

Lavi: You remember my pet name, so cool!

Shanu: Cool, my foot! Have some respect for your teacher!

Lavi: Yes, ma’am, I was just appreciating.

Shanu: Oh! Shall I tell the HOD? I’m sure he’ll appreciate it too.

Shanu looked so cute with her nostrils flared, I felt like kissing her. She had an excellent muscle tone with tight skin and no visible fat. Her height was about five and a half feet. But she looked taller with her heels on. I’d been almost stalking her, asking her to suggest books.

I even made a ridiculous request to tutor me at my house. I’d given her the logic that I was too busy with cricket. Hence it’s best if she came to my place. That was the first time she’d laughed. While laughing, she told me to go away before she complains that I’m teasing her.

A cool breeze jolted me to reality, and I pursued her:

Lavi: Ma’am, can we be friends?

Shanu: That’s all you’re saying since last semester.

Lavi: See, you remember a lot about me. It means something.

Shanu: Mr. Lavinder! Anyone would remember, after what you did.

I hadn’t done anything bad. I had just walked up to Shanu, shook her hand, and told her she looked cute. I’d mistaken her for a student, and she’d taken my handshake due to force of habit. She had even smiled shyly before correcting herself.

Lavi: But really, ma’am, your hair looks tip-top today.

I felt a burden lifted from my heart. I couldn’t leave without giving her a compliment. She softened a bit. I knew that beneath the hard shell, there was a kind heart.

Shanu: See, that sounds decent. Now leave.

Lavi: Sorry ma’am, you can send me out of class, but you can’t kick me out of the corridor.

She had no option but to laugh.

Shanu: You are a rich spoilt brat!

Lavi: With due respect, look who’s talking!

It was true. I drove a Beemer to college. But she, too, had a luxury car that was way beyond her lecturer’s means. I realized Shanu wasn’t leaving, and it struck me that she was just playing hard to get. The heavy rain acted as a catalyst to our chemistry. I saw a twinkle in Shanu’s eyes.

There’s something about wet sexy hair that can ignite passion, and I wasn’t averse to it. Shanu’s raven black damp hair was falling on her marble-like wet skin.

Her wet saree was sticking like a second skin to her beautiful curves, making her even more alluring. She was also in a playful mood, so I decided to take the plunge.

Lavi: Can I touch your hair?

Shanu: Umm, be quick

I could hear my own heartbeat when I put my fingers into her dark velvety curls. Her hair was straight and smooth till her neck with a short sexy fringe above her eyebrows. From the neck down, it was permed into spirals, making her waist-length hair compressed till mid-back.

I ran my hand along the spirals and smoothed her top straight part, somehow controlling an urge to kiss her silky golden nape. Holding her side fringe between my fingers, I tugged it lightly and then ruffled the thick fringe back into shape.

Lavi: It feels so good.

Shanu: It’s called a digital perm. Happy now?

She turned her back to me to hide her smiling face but didn’t move any further. Shanu obviously enjoyed the attention. There was no one around, as far as I could see through the rain. The campus was empty and dark.

We could see each other standing 1 foot away, and pretty much everything else faded into the shadows.

I stepped closer and rubbed my face in her hair, feeling its silky pointy texture. It smelled sweet, like some tropical fruit. Her silky smooth back was glowing pink and reflected the color of her saree. I moved her curls aside and kissed her exposed shoulder. She slipped out of reach.

For a second, I thought she’s trying to escape. But it was an invitation to come inside, my professor becoming my girlfriend! I sat on top of a desk and reached for her. She stood in front of me with her soft hands on my muscular shoulders. I held her just above her hips, by the curve of her waist, and locked my knees behind her legs.

She looked like a size 2 or 4. Her boobs weren’t heavy, judging by her front-open blouse. They looked perky, about 34C cups. Her narrow waist was only 25 inches, and her oval-shaped hips measured about 36 inches. I looked at her beautiful smiling face and kissed her nose ring.

It was a new feature. She had got a hand poked nose piercing with a thin gold wire looped on her left nostril. Both her ears had one stud, each with her right ear sporting a cartilage piercing on the top. Her chest shone like marble, and a thin gold chain dissolved into her own color.

I looked at her symmetric red lips and kissed them lightly. She came forward for more, reaching out with her tongue this time. I held her face in my hands as we kissed. Then she looked into my eyes, asking:

Shanu: Are you carrying protection?

Lavi: Maybe in my car, not sure.

Shanu: Have you slept around?

Lavi: Only with my ex.

Shanu: No prosti-vosty?

Lavi: Never

The campus lecture halls didn’t have any doors. The doors had been removed long ago to avoid freak incidents. Still, we didn’t want to lose the golden moment and regret it later. We were warmed up for sex, and both of us had crossed the point of no return.

There were no lights inside or out. We ran to the last bench. There she opened her blouse to show me the loveliest pair of boobs ever. They had skin-colored areola with light pink nipples, like small peas. I rubbed her tits between my forefinger and thumb to make them hard.

She dropped her saree and petticoat, showing me a dark but neatly shaped bush. It felt soft, like she’d always cut it with scissors, rather than shave it with a razor and get hard stubble.

Eternity would not be enough to fondle her amazing boobs, so I took out my cock early and started rubbing it on her pussy. She held it with both hands and smelled it. Then planted a kiss of approval on the open tip. Her touch was enough to raise my cock to its full 6-inch glory. Then I asked her:

Lavi: Did you do it before?

Shanu: Of course! With my fiancée.

She lay on the bench, and I inserted my cock in a missionary position. It felt like magic when my thick shaft slid into her tiny hole. Then supporting her head, I started fucking. I rested my face on her shoulder, kissing her neck, and jizzed inside her within 3 minutes.

She again mounted my cock in the ‘woman on top’ position, swinging her upper body for almost 10 minutes, then stopped moving with her back arched and dug her nails in my biceps, indicating a good orgasm.

I slept on the bench while she rested on my chest, using my bicep as a pillow. She coaxed my dick for more service with her soft fingers and spoke to me softly, “You’re a honey bunny.” It was getting chilly in the huge lecture hall, with the incessant rain and wind outside. Hugging her warm body, I told her:

Lavi: The nose ring is so passé.

Shanu: It was for my shadi.

Lavi: Was with whom?

Shanu: Now, not applicable.

Lavi: You’re dumping the poor dude.

Shanu: He’ll ditch me anyway after seeing the hickeys.

She had two openly visible hickeys where I had bit her, one on the side of her neck and one on her throat.

Lavi: Baby, you should’ve let me do the honors first. I was after you for 6 months.

Shanu: Baby, I gave you tips, almost like leaking a question paper. Still, you didn’t catch up, remember I called you for extra classes?

Lavi: Oh, shoots, I should’ve guessed. How’s your fiancée in bed?

Shanu: He was new, like me. I quit midway many times, acted like a bitch, and almost broke his wicket once. Do you want all of that?

Lavi: Um, no.

Shanu: How was your girlfriend in bed? Actually, leave it. I don’t want to know.

Lavi: I love you, Shanu.

Shanu: I love you, baby.

I took out the ring from my little finger and gave it to Shanu as a promise ring. It fit on her thumb. She took out her old engagement ring and put it in her purse. Then she carefully removed the gold wire from her nostril and put it as a ring on my finger.

It was only 4pm. The rain wouldn’t stop or reduce in intensity. She looked at me, saying.

Shanu: Mister, don’t flood my vagina again. My tank is already full

I took it as a hint to start again. It was pitch dark inside the lecture hall. The sound of rain and thunder enveloped us. We got down from the bench and spread Shanu’s saree to lay on the floor. I inserted my cock slowly into her hot cunt and started grinding slowly.

Our missionary position on the floor was deeply satisfying, and Shanu started moaning. I could barely see beyond her dark tresses and buried my face in her damp curls. Shanu’s sweet nothings excited me to no end.

“Is my baby hungry, have some dudu,” she said. I did her behest, sucking on her comforting warm breast. She didn’t really have milk, but the taste of her sweet nipples was heavenly. I felt my iron grip crushing her soft body, but Shanu was in another world.

She gasped with pleasure and started biting my chest. I pumped faster, till her body started shivering. While she was climaxing, I pulled out and gave a well-placed cum shot in her hair. She squeezed her curls and tasted my seamen, then pulled me down into her embrace.

She scolded me sweetly, “Naughty boy, you cum on Shanu Ma’am, haan? Your punishment is – 10 kisses.” I kissed her high arched eyebrows, eyes, nose, cheeks, chin, forehead, and lips. She snuggled into my bare chest. Her long hair covered my bare chest like a cozy blanket.

Shanu’s soft body felt like a teddy bear in my arms. She was playing with my tits and scratching my hairy chest with her fingernails, mumbling something that I felt like a doggy. I kissed her silky head and asked her earnestly.

Lavi: Shanu darling, can I marry you tomorrow?

Shanu: If you promise me a baby before my thesis.

Lavi: I promise, Ma’am.

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