Corporate Sins – Part 2 🎧

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Shoaib was shamelessly admiring her coffee-coloured pointy nipples and firm 34 C breasts. She approached him, seized the tumbler of scotch from his grasp, and drank from it. His shirt was unfastened as she encircled him from behind with her arms.

She now begins kissing his shoulders while caressing her pointy nipples on his bare back. She turns him over and begins to kiss his nipples while gazing up into his eyes. He closed her eyes in bliss as Shipra pinched and licked his nipples.

Shipra forced him onto the bed and began removing the zip of his jeans.  She forced him to lie naked in front of her by dragging his underwear and jeans along with them. She was prepared for a hunt. His legs were hanging when she dragged him to the edge of the bed.

She picked up the scotch and took a sip before spilling it over his circumcised penis, which was longer than her husband’s penis by around 2 inches. As she kneels, she places the tip of his penis in her mouth and tickles it with her tongue. She liked the flavour of his precum coupled with the scotch.

It causes her to eat half of his penis. She begins stroking it with her hands from the opposite edge while sucking and biting it with her mouth. Periodically, she slides her lips along the length of her penis, leaving traces of red lipstick. Shoaib has never had such a rewarding blowjob from his college girlfriends.

He closed his eyes to increase the pleasure. He realised the value of experience a married lady can bring. Now pressing his balls, she quickened her pace. Shipra attempted to deep-throat him, but the length defeated her. She wasn’t prepared to give up, though.

After taking it out of her mouth, she started hitting her face with the penis. She then extended her tongue and began licking his balls and the entire surface of his penis. She is determined to lick every scrap of this erect circumcised penis.

She returned to the tip and swallowed his monster again while gripping it with her other hand. Shoaib was confused by the fake Shipra’s audacity as she ate his dick. She pretended to be a defenceless victim all day. Now she is acting like a seasoned prostitute.

He gave in to Shipra’s lust. Since he couldn’t manage her intensity of passion and talent, he finally erupted. Filling her mouth with his sperm, half of it she swallowed and the other half seeping through her lips. Shoaib continued to lie hopelessly, smoking another cigarette.

Shipra walked to the bathroom to clean herself. She washed and exited the bathroom wearing only her underwear and petticoat. Shoaib instantly rose to object as she buttoned her blouse. “You obtained your goal. Let me go now. We should depart because it is already late.” Trying to appear ignorant, she claimed.

Enchanted by her attractiveness, Shoaib doesn’t want the action to end in the middle. He begged her to cease. “No, Shoaib, we have to visit the factory to approve the loan. By then, it will be too late, said Shipra.

“Don’t stress over that. Anything I can, I’ll do for you. Don’t leave me, please.”

“Anything?” she inquired.

“Yes, anything,” Shoaib said.

“Can you immediately fire Vikram?” He reached for his phone and promptly dialled a number. “Chadha Sab! I want to ask you for a small favour. Would you be able to fire Vikram?” He ended the call and added, “It’s done.” He just made a call to the North Zone Head.

His control and his hunger for her make an impression on Shipra. Additionally, she knew in her heart that she had revenged on Vikram for objectifying her in front of Shoaib to save his ass. Vikram’s unwelcome touch in the morning, while he was driving, was also avenged.

Additionally, she had a secret desire for a Muslim man. She reopened her clothing and made her way to the bed. Feeling confident that, if a woman so desired, she could do anything. She was feeling so powerful from inside. Shoaib downed two more drinks before slamming into her.

They can feel each other’s breathing become heavier. They are only a few inches away and facing one other. They both realised how much they needed the other now as they stared into one other’s eyes intently. Suddenly, Vikram’s phone rang on Shoaib’s.

Shipra overhears Shoaib telling Vikram, “It’s not possible. Don’t call me again,” when he asks for his job. Before disconnecting, “Be sure you know the outcome if you try to disturb Shipra.” He quickly turned back to her and put his lips to hers. He didn’t want to waste any more time.

Shipra looks away while exposing her lips to him. Shipra gave in to the moment, leaned backwards, and lay down. Shoaib began kissing her more passionately. She was pushed over by Shoaib, who then stuck his tongue in her mouth. She let it in by opening her mouth.

She is no longer preventing him from acting. So perhaps she wanted to commend him on his authority. She even starts kissing him back and ruffling his hair in response to him. She pushed his head lower into her bosom and scratched his back.

He kissed her earlobes, neck, and cleavage beneath her mangalsutra. He crouched next to her large breast and put his thick finger inside her mouth while grabbing her left nipple. He started licking her nipple since he was attracted to another mole she had there.

Shoaib slipped his thick middle finger inside her pussy. It was now like a hot saucer oozing warm juices. He could feel that she was completely wet due to his activities. Shoaib started finger fucking her, and she began to scream. God, oh God! I’ve never experienced such powerful male fingers during a fuck.

In contrast to her extremely delicate spouse, he is rough-housing her and partially injuring her pussy. She loses control of her emotions. She begins to scream until Shoaib’s lips press against hers and she feels choked. He begins kissing her once again as he touches her, causing her to have an orgasm.

She was forced to open her mouth by Shoaib, who placed his fingers on her face. He wanted her to taste her cum, which was weird. Shoaib drove his fingers into her lips despite her denial and filled her mouth with her cum. In contrast to Shoaib’s cum, it is saltier and has a stronger fragrance.

Shoaib descended to her pussy and began licking her inner thighs. Then he licked the balance cum left out in her pussy. Meanwhile, she opened her legs to Shoaib while swallowing her cum. Shoaib pulled a condom out of his pocket and reached to swallow a glass of water.

Shipra interrupted him by saying, “No, Please fuck me without it! Condoms don’t appeal to me.”

“Are you sure?” he questioned.

“Yes, I’m certain. I want to feel your skin against mine.” He obeyed her orders like a submissive slave. She was dragged to the edge of the bed, her legs placed on his shoulders, and his penis placed directly on her pussy. He begins tormenting her by stroking his hard penis against her sexy vagina walls.

She had been waiting for her long-held wish to come true. But she was growing anxious and frantic. She often pondered how any other man entering her would make her feel. That much anticipated moment is now only a short distance away.

She attempted to insert his penis into her wet pussy by grabbing it with her right hand. Shoaib, who loved her desperation, instantly entered his entire length inside of her, causing her to sob in agony. This length, which is far longer than her husband’s penis, is now examining the inside of her that is still concealed.

She shut her eyes and began squeezing her protruding nipples as her mangalsutra fell to her left arm. Shoaib’s inner animal has been roused by this visual pleasure. He is now stroking her more vigorously, causing her boobs to bounce.

Shipra is enjoying the rough banging, but she is finding it difficult to handle it. She grips the bed sheet firmly and groans loudly. Shoaib continues to fuck the crap out of her. While they are both fucking like rabbits, she is struggling for breath.

This young Muslim penis is outperforming her seasoned but diminutive Hindu pussy. She loosened her body and orgasmed for the second time. Shoaib removed the penis after witnessing her orgasm and chose to sit on her face instead.

Shipra encloses his penis within her lips and begins to stroke his enormous penis, even larger than her diminutive face. Shoaib pulls his penis from her mouth. He is about to burst, ejaculating on her neck and cleavage over her mangalsutra.

It has begun to rain and thunder outside as they both lay by each other’s sides. Shipra cleans her up before getting under the blanket as Shoaib rises from his bed and lights another cigarette. She requested a drink from Shoaib. She was drinking when Shoaib inquired if she wanted more action.

Shipra joined her hands over her head, revealing her underarms rather than replying to him. Shoaib seized the chance she was giving him and began licking her flawlessly toned and shaven underarms. He pulled this slender woman into his arms and carried her to the table using his bare might.

Shipra encircled his legs when he was facing her from the edge of the table. After a quick kiss, she leaned backwards by supporting herself with her hands. Shoaib inserted his fully extended penis inside her pussy and began massaging her. His penis is into her deeply in this posture.

Shoaib is nibbling on her nipples while giving her a gentle stroke. After some time, he lifted her back to the bed while holding his penis. She changed into a doggy position, with a mangalsutra hanging around her neck.

From her shoulders to her waist and then to her ass, he can see how perfectly curved she is. Her small and beautiful ass is completely exuding out of her body and inviting him to fuck her asshole. The view has now completely mesmerised him. He kneels and begins biting and sucking each of her asscheeks.

He sticks his finger inside her butthole because he can’t get over how gorgeous her ass is. To facilitate entrance, she slightly spread her legs. She enjoys getting her ass fucked, but no one has ever done it. Shipra further reclined by resting her forehead on the pillow and lifting her ass.

He inserted his penis into her pussy and began stroking her again, accelerating the tempo over time. She senses it deeply within her due to its length and position. She starts moving her ass in time to his stroking for deep penetration since she wants more of it.

Shoaib is growling like a lion as she moans the loudest she can. The third time it happened after that. Shipra requested him to withdraw before ejaculation and do it on her face as he did previously. But he was unable to restrain himself this time.

He burst inside her, producing a large amount of semen and filling her pussy. He tripped over her back, and they continued to lie there for a short while.  Shipra put on her clothes and styled her hair after completing the loan formalities. He put his clothes on as well.

Before a final lip kiss that hinted at an impending new activity, they departed the room.

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