Keerthiga – Part 3 (My First Weekend Sex With Boss)

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This story is part of a series:

After getting fucked by Arman the last night, I woke up around 9 in the morning. He was still asleep, fully nude, after the weekend sex. I went inside the washroom, got fresh, and stepped out with the towel wrapped around me. The towel could hardly cover my boobs and ass.

Arman was busy on his phone. He wished, “Good morning, sexy.โ€

I sat in front of the mirror, blowing my hair dry. He came towards me and planted a kiss on my cheek. I asked him to go and get fresh and not to kiss me without brushing.

After pushing him twice or thrice, he finally went into the washroom to get fresh. I went into the kitchen to make coffee for myself and black tea for Arman. I was talking to mom over the phone, and my mobile was placed on the kitchen platform.

Arman entered the kitchen, and he understood I was on the call. He hugged me from behind and grabbed both my boobs. I gasped as he squeezed my boobs hard.

Mom: What happened, Keerthiga? Is everything fine?

Me: Yes, Mom. My colleague left her dog at my home as she is going to her native. It is roaming in the kitchen and licking my legs.

This made Arman crazy, and he started fondling my boobs and licking at the back of my ear and neck. I continued talking over the phone. But I was getting horny as Arman rubbed my waist and butts.

He gave a bite on my ear. I disconnected the call and tried pushing him, but he held me hard and pushed me over the kitchen platform.

Me: Arman, stop it, please. Let us have coffee first.

Arman: my breakfast and coffee are inside this panty, and you’re seducing me by wearing my shirt. Now, let me eat your cunt for my breakfast, little slut.

He kept kissing me on the neck and started pushing his hands inside my panty and gave a hard slap on my butt and pulled my panty till thighs. Before I could react, he was on his knees and spread my ass cheeks very tightly. He started licking my pussy from behind.

I was leaning over my elbows on the platform. He began to suck my pussy with his lips. I was getting wet as he licked and sucked, making my pussy drool with his spit. He pulled my panties down, removed them out, spread my ass cheeks wide.

He started stroking the pussy with his tongue and kept moving his tongue in rhythm. I was getting wet, and my hips kept moving front and back. My legs started to get weak as he was eating my pussy, like starving for a long time.

Me: Please, let me sit somewhere, and then you can have your pussy pie.

Arman lifted me holding me by my waist. He asked me to pick the coffee mugs, and we moved into the hall, dropped me on the sofa, sat beside me, and then pulled me onto him. Before he could do something naughty, the doorbell rang. The food I ordered had arrived.

Arman collected it, and we had our breakfast. This break made him disappointed. We discussed different topics and chit-chatting. I told him about my plan for hosting a small dinner party inviting Sheeba, Disha, and Ravi for the next day. Arman agreed.

It was one o’clock in the afternoon, and Arman ordered food. I got into my previous day’s clothes as my luggage was still in the old house and I had nothing to wear.

Before the food arrives, Arman wanted to have fuck session. But to calm him down, I planned to give him a blowjob. I pulled his boxer down and got on my knees. It was difficult to sit on my knees while wearing a saree, but I managed it.

I held his cock in one hand and started stroking it gently. We had direct eye contact. Arman was holding me by my hair, leaned down, kissed me, and started smooching.

I kept stroking the dick and squeezed his balls with another hand. As we broke the kiss, I took the head of his cock into my lips as he moaned. I started sucking his cock head and massaging the balls. I took the dick completely in my mouth and started moving my face in motion.

Now Arman held my head and chin with his hands and started mouth fucking me. He kept pushing his dick in and out. After a few minutes of mouth fucking, he pushed his dick inside my mouth and held it inside until I choked. His dick was fully covered with my saliva.

I started moving my tongue from his balls to dick head and licked it like cone ice-cream. After licking it for a few minutes, I pulled his balls as I didn’t want him to cum so early. His cock was fully erect and hard. Now I held his one ball tightly in my mouth.

I lifted the cock with my other hand and started stroking it. This made him go crazy. He pulled my hair hard, pushed his whole dick inside my mouth, and started stroking it hard, holding my neck and hair. I pushed Arman on to the sofa and removed his boxers from his legs.

I asked him to lift and bend his knees, and I got on my knees and started stroking his dick with two hands. I licked his balls with my tongue as he laid on his back on the sofa.

Arman: Lick it hard, my bitch, drink my cum.

I stuck my tongue below his balls and started licking them, as his balls kept moving up and down. Then I started to lick the area between his balls and anal hole. I increased the pace of my hands and started stroking the cock hard and fast.

I took his balls in my mouth and held them. Then I started biting the balls gently with my teeth. I was breathing heavily now and got up. Arman pulled me by my hair as I leaned over his dick with both hands on his thighs. he pushed the dick inside my mouth and started fucking my mouth like it was a wet cunt.

He kept ramming in my mouth by moving his thighs up and down. Finally, he held the cock in my mouth as his cum oozed out into my mouth, and it directly hit my throat. I swallowed his hot cum without wasting even a single drop. This was the first time I was swallowing the cum.

Later, we had our lunch. Then we started enjoying the view and climate through the big glass window. Arman hugged me from behind and started kissing my neck and pressing my navel. I felt his dick on my lower back. It was already hard.

Me: Arman, come, let’s go to the bedroom.

But he pushed me onto the glass window in the reverse direction and dropped my saree from my shoulder. My boobs were only covered by my blouse. Arman started rubbing my forearms and started kissing my back and neck. Then, he unhooked my blouse and started licking and kissing my bareback.

Me: Arman, not here, please. Someone will see us from the opposite building.

(But, I was turned on with this kinky lovemaking in front of a glass window with a heavy downpour of rain outside.)

He gave a tight slap on my butt as he held me by my neck and pulled me, and whispered in my ear.

Arman: Let them see what a slut you are and how I fuck you.

He pushed me back onto the window as I leaned with my boobs touching the glass window. He removed the tuck of saree from my petticoat and started moving the saree by rubbing my thighs and knees with his one hand.

I was moaning with pleasure as his hands rubbed my legs and butts. He kept biting on my bare shoulder, back, and neck. He turned me around and pushed me back onto the window. He went down on his knees and moved my saree up, and started kissing my thighs.

I tried closing my legs, but he started biting on my thighs. I held him by his hair and started squeezing my breast over the blouse. I wanted him to push his hard dick inside my wet cunt and fuck me hard.

Me: Arman, please let’s go to the bedroom and fuck.

Arman: Let me eat your pussy, my little bitch.

I took of my saree, expecting he would take me to the bedroom. But, he forcefully removed my petticoat. Now, I was only having a lacy black panty and bralette on me, which was already unhooked. He started licking my cunt over the panty.

He held my one leg up, and his tongue continued licking my cunt. My back was leaning on the glass window, and rainwater was splashing on the glass over the other side. My one hand was on his head as I gripped him by his hairs.

Me: Arman, please fuck me!

Arman: I will fuck you, don’t worry. It’s just a matter of time.

Me: Please take me now to bed and fuck me hard, bloody asshole.

Arman: I will fuck you, but give me access to your pussy.

I pulled the panty crotch to one side and gave his tongue access. He started licking my wet and hot cunt. He was sucking and chewing my pussy lips like a puppy having milk from a bitch. He pulled the panty down, and before I could react, he removed it from my legs.

He spread my legs apart, and gained access to my bitchy cunt, and inserted two fingers as he continued to lick my clit. My clit was swelling, and it was puffy now. His two fingers kept moving in and out, and another hand was squeezing my navel and fingering the belly button.

I was moaning and was totally out of control.

Me: Please, Fuck me, bastard. I want your hard cock in my cunt now.

He gave a tight slap on my thighs and spread my both legs apart, and started sucking my pussy. I was wet inside my cunt, and his saliva made my labia wet. He started biting my pussy as both my hands were on his head, and the blouse had slipped off my shoulders.

It was onto my wrist, and I removed it and threw it off. My body started moving up-down in motion. He continued licking my cunt. I moved my hands on his head and started screaming and abusing Arman.

Me: Suck it hard, fucker. I’m about to cum. Aahh um, yes bastard eat my cunt.

I kept pulling his hair and pushing his head hard onto my pussy.

Me: Yes, come on, yes, yes, fuck you bloody asshole.

I screamed as I had my orgasm and my pussy ejaculated. Arman licked my juices like a dog would lick and clean the bowl of milk. As I leaned over the window, Arman got up and dropped his boxer. His dick was hard and pointing out straight.

We both were nude, completely now standing in front of the glass window. Before I could speak anything, Arman pushed me onto the glass lifted my one leg holding my knee. He started kissing and chewing my lips. His one hand was at the back of my head.

We kept moving our faces as we sucked each other’s lips. He let my leg down and pushed two fingers into my cunt. I spread my legs to give him better space. He kept pushing fingers inside my pussy and kept fingering it. He leaned down a bit and started licking, biting, and sucking my nipples.

He now pushed his three fingers deep into my cunt and started flapping inside. His fingers moved up-down inside my cunt, as he continued sucking and biting my breast and nipples. I kept screaming and begging him to fuck me, But he kept fingering my wet pussy, as my body was shaking in pleasure.

He took out his fingers and made me lick them and then kissed me as we exchanged my cunt juice. He turned me towards the glass. As I leaned over, he shoved his hard dick inside my pussy in one go. The push was so hard that I couldn’t control it.

I screamed and abused him as I hit the window glass with my palm.

Me: Bloody asshole, you denied fucking me for a long time and now thrusting the cock so hard as if I’m running away.

Arman kept pounding me hard from behind by bending his knees. My boobs were jiggling. He was holding my one hand, and my other hand was on the glass, and he kept banging me. His dickhead was hitting my inner pussy very hard.

He leaned forward and started biting my shoulder, ears. Then, started kissing the back of my neck, earlobes. His both hands now moved on to my breast. He started pressing and squeezing the boobs and crushing my nipples with fingers.

Now he started banging more harder and faster. My body was balanced on the tip of my toes. I leaned over the window with both hands for support. His one hand was holding me by my waist, and another hand was rubbing on my back, breast. He kept banging me like a mad dog.

I screamed in pain. His balls were hitting my labia and thighs on my ass cheeks. The room was filled with his thumping fucking and my moaning sounds. He slowed down and started stroking my clit using his right-hand fingers. He kept kissing on my back

Arman: Your cunt is really hot and tight. I can keep fucking you the whole day and night, Keerthiga.

Again, he started fucking me with full pace. He was enjoying his affair with his sexy colleague. His every thrust was so hard that I moaned and made sounds like a poor street dog.

Me: Aah aah, please stop it.

He took me up in his arms as I wrapped my legs around his waist tight. He pushed me onto the window and started kissing my neck. He kept kissing both sides of my neck.

Me: You’re bloody hard fucker, you will tear my pussy, bastard.

We moved on to the dining table. He dropped me on it and pulled me to the edge of the table, and my legs were hanging down. He took both my legs up and kept caressing them with his hands. He sucked my toes, licked them, chewed each finger of both feet, and bit the fingers.

Me: Ah, fuck me, bloody asshole. I want your cum in my cunt.

I was moaning. He leaned over me with his thighs pushing between my legs as my knees clung to his waist. He slowly started kissing and licking my neck and biting my boobs. He kept switching between left and right boob. Next, he started to lick my body by moving his tongue from the chest to my cunt.

I was moving my body against the table, and my hands squeezed against my body in pleasure. He pushed his cock deep inside my cunt and started fucking with his hard cock. One hand was holding my waist and, the other one was rubbing my tummy and navel.

I arched against the table with my hips and upper back. I started screaming loudly as he gained pace and started fucking me hard and fast. I leaned on my elbows on the table as my head and back heaved up. He kept pounding me hard; each thrust was getting hard and deeper.

He shifted his hand below my hips and kept fucking me at full pace. His thighs were hitting my legs as there was a continuous thumping sound. I reached my climax and moaned loudly and raised my head and waist up from the table. My pussy was wet.

The cunt juice was dripping as Arman took out his cock and licked my cunt. Arman pulled me down the table and started to smooch and kept squeezing my boobs with both his hands. I sat on the table and started running my fingers on his body. He held my face by the chin and started sucking the lips.

Then squeezed both my boobs like kneading the dough. He pushed me back on the table. He spread my legs apart, holding my thighs, and leaned between my knees. I started kissing my pussy, and was rubbing my thighs with both hands using his fingertips.

He continued licking my labia and clitoris, holding my waist with his hands. He started rubbing my anal hole with one finger. I was going mad as he kept eating my cunt. His saliva was dribbling over my wet cunt, and it was flowing down to my anal hole.

I hunched my back and couldn’t control it and tried to get up. But he pushed me down. He moved up and started kissing my navel and belly, rubbing my ass with his hands. He again moved between my legs and started licking my pussy with his tongue all over my labia and clit as if it was a stick candy.

I was arching my back, rubbing my body to the table. I was lifting my hips up and pushing my vagina to his face. My hands kept moving on the table, and I started to rub my face, boobs, and hair. He moved back and pushed his hard cock in my hole.

He leaned on me, kept kissing my lips. I started moving down, touching my neck, chest, and boobs only with his lips. I moved my body up and down with my hands resting on the table and screamed and cried in pleasure. I yelled at him as he was teasing me and not loading his cum inside me.

Me: Fuck me, bloody bastard, and fill my hole with your cum. Arman, please, I can’t wait anymore. Don’t be a mean fucking bastard.

But before I could talk more, he leaned over me and started kissing my lips passionately. My hands were moving on his back, neck, and hairs. I lifted my legs up, placed my heels on his lower back, and kept rubbing with my heels.

He kept pushing me on the table and explored my neck, cleavage, cheeks, chin, and boobs with his tongue and lips. I was moving my body up and down, arching on my elbows and head. He stood up straight and closed my legs and started caressing my ankle, feet, and knees.

He spread my legs and was holding me by my thighs, and started fucking in slow motion. Then he started banging me hard as I hunched. The room was filled with intense screaming. The sound of his abdomen hitting the back of my thighs.

We both kept moaning as he continued to fuck me for another 6-8 minutes.

Me: Yes, yes, Arman fuck me, fill my cunt with your cum.

Arman: Yes, I’m about to cum.

I screamed loudly as his hot cum filled my pussy. We both were exhausted. Arman was not yet done, and he pushed me on the table on my tummy at the corner of the table.

He lifted one leg and placed the knee on the edge of the table. My other leg was hanging down, and I was touching the floor with the tip of my toe.

Arman: I love to fuck the pussies from behind.

My cunt was already dripping with his hot cum. I begged him not to fuck again, but it was like pleading to a deaf person. Before I could say anything more, he shoved his semi-erect dick inside and started banging me slowly.

Me: Asshole, please stop it.

Arman: Relax, my little slut, I’m almost done.

He was holding my waist with one hand. The other hand was holding the ankle of my leg placed on the table. He continued banging with full force and his cock going deeper with every thrust. I was hitting on the table with both hands and screaming in pain and pleasure.

I tried to get up. But Arman kept pushing me onto the table with his hand on my back and hip. I again raised my body up, as his dick was moving slowly in my cunt, but suddenly he again increased the pace of his fucking. I couldn’t control it, and my body lost control.

I leaned on the table, my chin and one hand were resting on the table and my boobs hanging and brushing the glass. He was fucking me like there was no other day. He fucked me on the edge of the table for almost ten minutes. I trembled in pain and intense pleasure.

I arched my body up, resting my face on the table. Arman slapped hard on my butt and, this was unexpected, and it was so hard that I cried hard.

Arman: Scream harder, my bitch.

Me: Bloody bastard, I will die. Now, please stop fucking me.

He pushed my upper body on the table with his hand on my back. His every thrust was making me open my mouth. But before I could regain it, there was another thrust going in my poor bitchy cunt.

His dick exploded a load of cum inside my pussy. Even I had an orgasm after the intense erotic session with the boss. I could feel the warmth of his cum. We both were breathing heavily, and he hugged me on the table.

To be continued.

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