Corporate Sins – Part 1 🎧

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Shipra! She hurried to the car after rapidly packing her items into her handbag. She is departing with her boss, Vikram, for a client appointment. For their bank, approving the loan agreement with textile business owner Shoaib is crucial.

Shipra works as a deputy manager for a private bank in Chandigarh. After serving her three-year term in Ludhiana, her hometown, she was recently transferred to Chandigarh. Shipra! Vikram repeated while driving. “You are aware of the significance of this loan to the bank, correct?”

Shipra, however, is buried in her thoughts. She recalls her recent argument with her husband, Ritesh, on her new transfer. He urged her to resign from her position. But she refused out of respect for herself and to provide her son with the best possible future.

She kept asking herself why only women, despite being capable, are urged to give up on their aspirations. She felt Vikram’s fingers stroking and rubbing her inner thighs. She rapidly returned to her senses. With an unrepentant sneer on his face, Vikram, a man in his late 40s, looked into her eyes with lust.

She swiftly moved her leg with disgust. Vikram has already attempted to abuse his position of power to make lewd moves toward her. Instead of challenging him, she decided to turn her head through the window. She has acquired the ability to disregard sexual objectification in this patriarchal environment.

After some time, they arrived at Shoaib’s office in the Chandigarh industrial area. A well-built and attractive young man named Shoaib is setting up a new factory in an industrial location close to Chandigarh called Baddi. He had first encountered Shipra in her bank.

She entered the cabin when he and Vikram were discussing funding. Shipra needed Vikram’s signature on a few documents. Her sweet scent permeates the space. Both were introduced to one another by Vikram. Her commanding personality immediately captured Shoaib’s attention.

Her piercing eyes and juicy pink lips attracted him. He can see two little moles on her light, dusky chin and neckline, right behind her mangalsutra. Her plump round breasts and prominently displayed pointy nipples. Her fitted pink kurta was enough to cause a powerful erection within his pants.

She was irritated by his stubbornness, yet he could not turn his gaze away. Shoaib continued to stare at her bouncy bottom confined in a tight salwar. She headed for her cabin. After she departed, he turned to face Vikram with a mischievous grin.

Vikram nodded, and the two seemed to have made an unspoken agreement.
While attempting to avoid being overheard by Shipra, Vikram called Shoaib to inform him of their arrival. He tells Shipra that Shoaib is at the office waiting for them after terminating the call.

He asked Shipra to go to his office while he finished a critical personal call. To reach Shoaib’s cabin, Shipra strolled through the office. Shoaib complimented her when she reached his office. “Bohut khoobsoorat lag re hain,” he said, extending his hand for a handshake.

She looks stunning today in a yellow sleeveless saree and dark red lipstick. She stands out from other women her age because of her excellent clothing sense. She must accept his offer of a handshake. Otherwise, he could feel offended. While he was doing all of this, she gazed into his crafty eyes.

In the corporate jungle, everyone is just waiting for a chance to live out their fantasies. She wondered how tough it would be for a woman to hold onto a job. Vikram suddenly entered and hurriedly explained that he had to return home owing to a medical emergency.

He instructed Shipra to accompany Shoiab on their factory visit so that he could give his final clearance. “Vikram, don’t worry!” Shoaib said, “I will also drop her back at the bank,” as if he had anticipated this. “Thanks!” Vikram responded and departed before she could respond.

Shipra feels confined in the cabin alone with Shoiab at this time. “Would you like tea or a coffee?” He queried. She avoided eye contact and answered, “Nothing.” But she could see he was staring at her breasts while she pretended to glance at her diary.

She was lamenting her clothing choices. It lets a man staring at her shamelessly see some of her cleavage and lovely arms. “Should we depart then ?” Without uttering a word, she followed him to his BMW. She is a shrewd woman and can anticipate what will happen next.

Though she could have refused, she chose not to. She is being compelled to be pursued by something inside of her. She is searching deep inside for suffering and punishment. She wanted to make her spouse pay for his lack of depth.

They departed for the hour-long drive to his new factory location. She was not in the mood to converse, despite Shoaib’s attempts to engage her in conversation while glancing at her intermittently. She wanted to complete it swiftly because it was inevitable.

She was asked by Shoaib if they might have a lunch break in between. He informed her that there was a good five-star hotel in the vicinity. They could stop for lunch and rest. She nodded in agreement, continuing to gaze out the window.

She had already decided not to rebel against what was about to happen. After arriving at the hotel, they had a quick break in their room. She was given the keys by Shoaib, who also promised to return after a smoke. He continued to stroke her gentle hands as she took the keys.

Every word of the conversation she had with Shoaib at lunch replays in her head. She makes her way down the hotel hallway to the room. After arriving at the hotel, Shipra noticed that every employee, from the manager to the waiter, was suspiciously eyeing her. As if she were an escort.

She approached Shoaib directly, “Shoaib, what do you what?” The awkwardness was starting to get to her. Shoaib stated he was struck by her beauty and, more so, by her confidence from the moment he first met her. He was direct and to the point.

“Since the first time I saw you, I have been unable to get over your ideas. You are very stunning. I can only let go of this need and craving after making love to you at least once. I will do everything in return if you agree to my request.”

“Isn’t it blackmailing what you are doing?” she muttered angrily. “You forced Vikram to inform me that I might lose my job if this deal is not cracked. You know how important it is for me to continue working here. If I disagree with you, I’ll have to quit my job. I’ve been doing it despite all the odds.”

“No, it’s a decision,” he responded with a smile. “If you please me, I’ll see you are promoted and take over Vikram’s position. Whatever transpires between us will only stay between us.”

Shipra ignored the food platter and thrust her palm forward in search of the room keys. She shook her head as she walked into the room, appearing to have already made up her mind. Shipra left the door to the room open while she went to shower. Shoaib walked in.

While he waited for her, he chose to sip on his favourite Scotch. He heard the door opening as he poured the second drink. He turned around to face his delightful surprise. She’s standing there with her damp hair resting on her shoulder, covered in a pink towel.

Shoaib is growing more eager for this unlawful conduct due to her mangalsutra hanging on her apparent cleavage. His desire for her breasts increased when he noticed a lovely mole under her mangalsutra. He then turned to face her stunning legs, which were all exposed except for her crotch.

He feels an adrenaline surge as he considers consuming this stunning Hindu woman who is married. Shipra is staring into his eyes, penetrating his heart, showing her confidence in her actions. She continued to stare at him while she loosened the knot on her towel.

The only other man, except for her husband, who has seen her like this, is him. The towel dropped on her feet and caused her to stand completely naked in front of him. Shoaib’s heart was gushing out of his mouth. His penis was desperately trying to escape her jeans.

She came out of the towel and began to walk towards him.

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