Innocent Indian Looking Mom Turns Out A Slut

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Hi readers, this is Vijay, age 19 and currently, I am pursuing B.Tech from Dehradun. Due to Covid, I had to leave my hostel and come back to my hometown that is Delhi. My father is a government servant and was previously posted in Delhi but 3 years ago he was transferred to Ahmedabad.

My mom Aradhna, is a simple homemaker. What doesn’t make her simple is her voluptuous figure and aphrodisiac face. The way she carries herself in the traditional Indian wear makes me wonder how lucky my dad is to have her.

My mom and dad share a very healthy marriage, and both were visibly happy with each other. What happens next will put you in a state of a dilemma of why she turned into a slut.

My mom Aradhna was a very kind and polite woman, you know those “Savi-Savitri” types. I had never seen her communicate with another man other than my father. She was also a very shy type of woman.

In the month of March when the first lockdown was announced, I flew down to Delhi. My parents were in a very high alert mode since Covid was declared as a pandemic. Also as Delhi was the epicenter they were more panicky.

After a prolonged discussion with my grandparents and father, it was decided that it would be safe for us to shift with my grandparents in the state of Bengal. It was a village near Kolkata. So, luckily, we got a flight and we flew down to Kolkata and by car we reached our village.

My grandfather was a fairly rich person. Being a former MLA, he had a lot of clout and was very well respected in the village. So it was no wonder that everyone was fascinated by our family. Also, everyone in the village regarded my mother as the “Badi-Bahu”. It was well regarded that she was the most beautiful woman in the whole village.

We reached our haveli (mansion) and after a round of greetings, we both went to our room to take some rest. Now my grandfather’s haveli was surrounded by our servant’s quarters.

All our workers who worked in our farms, warehouses, and the haveli lived in those servant quarters. Among them, there was a guy named Mukesh. I had never seen a more manly guy than him. He was easily 6 ft 3 inch or 4 inches. His built was highly muscular, thanks to all his hard work on our farms.

Mukesh was our groundsman. He was responsible for the work being carried out on our farms. He was an honest guy, that was why he was highly regarded by my grandfather. No servant was served food in our haveli, but he was the only one who used to eat inside the haveli. He was a man of very few words and most of the time kept to himself.

When my mom served him the food, he was very surprised. He was not aware that my mom and I had arrived from Delhi that day.

My mom greeted him with a smile and he greeted her back. I remember my mom used to tell me how Mukesh had helped her settle in the house when she came here after her marriage. I never knew what Mukesh really had in mind for her.

It was a Tuesday morning and most of our family members had left for the temple as it was a ritual in our family to attend the morning prayers every Tuesday.

My mom was last to finish her work and told everyone that she will come a bit later with me after she finishes bathing.

I went down to lie in my bedroom and was chatting with random friends to kill some time. I had my earphones on and was not aware that someone else had entered the haveli. It was Mukesh. He had most probably come to have his lunch.

All of a sudden, I heard my mom calling out my name. She was asking for a towel as she had forgotten to take one in. Before I could go to attend her calls, Mukesh was already there with a towel in his hand.

He knocked on the door and my mom slightly opened the door to get the towel. She took the towel and as she was closing it, he flung open the door. I was witnessing all this from the corner of a pillar and was shocked to the bones.

Aradhna: Mukesh pagal hogye ho kya? (Mukesh, have you gone mad?)

Mukesh was just grinning and looking at my mom from head to toe and was awestruck with her beauty.

Mukesh: Koi nahi hai, abhi ghar mein. Chinta mat karo (Don’t worry, no one’s at home).

He then held my mom’s hands with a single hand and with his other hand, he grabbed her neck. From the angle, I was watching, only Mukesh’s back was visible and my mother’s face. I couldn’t see her godly body.

Mukesh then kissed my mother on her lips! She was so taken aback by this. He took her mouth and put his tongue in it. His tongue was exploring my mom’s mouth. His lips got hold of her tongue, and he started sucking onto it.

I was so shocked by what I was seeing that I couldn’t process anything that was happening. Moreover, to add to my dismay, I realized that I was getting an erection! I was turned on watching my mother enjoying with a stranger like this.

Suddenly, I snapped out of it. And then I thought I had to do something.

I ran down to my floor and shouted, “Mom, did you call me?”

After hearing my voice, they quickly separated. Mukesh fled away. After some time, my mom responded, “Yes beta, I am coming down in a minute.” She came down all dressed up and was acting as nothing had happened.

Days passed by and everything returned to normal. But there was a change, my mom had stopped serving Mukesh.

A feast was held by my grandfather in honor of the Corona warriors in our village. Proper guidelines for Covid were followed. Everyone was busy organizing the same. In the midst of all this chaos, I saw Mukesh approaching my mom. He had guilt in his eyes.

He asked my mom for her forgiveness and thanked her that she didn’t report him to anyone. But I didn’t expect that she will react in the following way. She had a smile on her face and asked him, “Sacchi mein itni pasand hun?” (Do you really like me?)

This was unexpected for Mukesh as well. He couldn’t answer and my mom asked again. A feeble, “yes” came out of his mouth. My mom took his hand and asked him, “Do you really want to repent for your mistakes?”

He said, “Yes.” She said, “Come with me.”

They both exited the haveli from the backdoor. Then I saw her mount a bike with Mukesh. I knew something was fishy. I ran to the front door, and myself got on one of my uncle’s bike. I rushed behind them keeping a safe distance.

They halted near one of our warehouses. I saw them enter it and the door was then closed immediately. I had to find out a way to peek in the warehouse. It took me a good 10 minutes to find a window from where I could peek in.

It was already dark and I didn’t know much about the infrastructure of the warehouse. As soon as I peeked through the window, I pissed in my pants. My mom was holding Mukesh’s head and was sucking his lips. Mukesh asked my mom, “Why did you act all offended that day?”

She said, “You fool, my son was present in the house. If he had seen me giving you my consent, I would have been in deep trouble.”

With this, she again took his mouth and dug it into hers. Mukesh was not wasting any time today. He quickly started to take off her blouse. As soon as he took out her blouse, his eyes popped out and so did mine. I had never seen such a beautiful set of boobs, not even in porn! They were white as milk and big as watermelons.

Mukesh started fondling my mom’s boobs, and low moans escaped my mom’s mouth. He pinched both her nipples and they started laughing.

Aradhna: Kab se mujhe chodna chaate the? (Since when did you want to fuck me?)

Mukesh: 20 saal se randi, jab se tujhe dekha tha. (Since 20 years, you bitch).

He then wasted no time and started sucking her boobs like a baby. He was sucking with so much force that my mom was moaning loudly.

“Take it slow, Mukesh take it slow. I am not running anywhere.” But these words escaped Mukesh’s ears. He was sucking them relentlessly. He was moving from one tit to the other. In between, he was rubbing his face in her cleavage. They both were really enjoying themselves.

All of a sudden, he parted her lips from my mom’s nipples and ran inside the room. From there, he brought a mattress which I guessed was used by the guards of the warehouse. He took my mom in his arms and made her lie down. Again, an intense session of kissing and nipple-sucking followed. He kissed my mom all over her face.

Then he made her lie down on her stomach and started kissing all over her bare-back. Now it was my mom’s turn and she wanted what she came for. She tugged on his dick and gave a shy smile. Mukesh’s happiness knew no bounds. He took no time and took off his pants.

He asked my mom to remove his underwear. She got down on her knees and slowly slid down his undies. Now, it was my mom’s eyes that popped out!

I had never seen such a huge penis in my life. Watching the expression on her face, was like a total Kodak moment! She was so awestruck that it was Mukesh who took the initiative and shoved his 10-inch monster in her mouth.

I got to hand it to my mom, she was a pro sucker. She was stroking it like a true professional, sucking at the right parts, taking care of the dick head.

After a good 10 minutes, Mukesh took charge. He grabbed hold of her face and started pumping his dick in and out of her mouth. I realised that he wanted to hit his climax. My mother too was ready to eat his cum-load. But he stopped in between.

He again pushed her back on the bed. He removed all his clothes and so did my mom. He stood there gazing at the beauty of my mom. He then knelt and started sucking onto her toes. My mom had a look of bliss on her face. She was so happy and somehow, I felt happy for her.

Slowly, he reached her pelvic region. He hadn’t removed her panties. He started kissing her thighs. After a few moments, he removed my mother’s panties as well. And there was the women’s most prized possession! My jaws dropped. It was as clean as a newlywed’s private parts.

Mukesh asked her, “Arvind (my dad) doesn’t fuck you often?”

My mom replied, “After Vijay’s birth, we had sex only a few times.”

To which he further replied, “It’s okay. Now you will be my sex slave for life.” My mom blushed and without wasting any time, Mukesh started sucking my mom’s wet coochie. My mom’s body started shivering. She was shrieking with pleasure.

He sucked her pussy so passionately that he sucked it dry. He again fingered it and made her wet, and again sucked her with the same passion. “Ohhhhh..ahhhhhh….yes, yes.. yes,” were the words coming out from my mom’s mouth.

Now it was time for the main action. Mukesh’s cock was fully erect and hard. He positioned himself between her thighs in a missionary position. He started rubbing his dick on her pussy and started teasing my mom. He would insert the head of his penis and then retract it back.

After a few minutes of his teasing, my mom shouted, “Madarchod, ab chod bhi, mujhe choot mein aag lag rakhi hai meri” (Motherfucker, fuck me quickly).

My mother whom I think had never even hurt a fly in her life, just kept on shouting abusive words. Mukesh got so much turned on with this, that with a single push he took his pelvic region and shoved it in my mother’s wet, hot pussy.

My mom shrieked in pain, while Mukesh gave a loud moan. His face held the expression of pure satisfaction and bliss. He had achieved his lust. He started fucking my mother like a bull.

My mom started saying, “Mukesh, don’t stop.. don’t stop, please fuck my brains out.”

Mukesh was moaning and saying, “Aradhna, you are my bitch.”

After some time, they changed positions, now my mom was riding Mukesh’s dick. She was in control. While riding, she bent down and started smooching him. She told him to open his mouth and spat her saliva into his mouth.

After fervent riding, she exclaimed, “Mukesh, I am reaching my climax, ohh.. aahhhh… yes, Mukesh.. Oh, I am young again!”

With deep moans, her body started shaking, her eyeballs flipped and there was my goddess in her most pleasurable state. Her vaginal juices slid down Mukesh’s monstrous cock. Her fragile body collapsed on Mukesh and she said, “Mukesh, I love you, baby.”

They both cuddled and after a while, Mukesh whispered in her ear, “Jaan, but I am not done yet.”

Yes, I remembered that Mukesh had not yet cummed! He flipped my mommy over and this time it was doggy style. My mom’s pussy was already soaking wet, so he didn’t have any trouble penetrating her. He was again fucking her like a bull.

He asked my mother, “Who is my bitch, who is my bitch?”

She said, “Me, Aradhna, I am your bitch.”

He was also spanking her ass making it red like a tomato. They were both moaning on top of their voices. After a while, Mukesh increased his pace and his moaning had more bass in it.

My mom knew what was happening and said, “Put your load on my boobs, baby.” Mukesh had some other plans. He again had a grin on his face and increased his pace. He wanted to impregnate my mom.

My mom was devastated as she knew about the consequences. She said, “Mukesh, don’t be mad, don’t put your seed in my vagina.”

Mukesh started laughing like crazy and said, “You whore, I am going to make you mine today. My highly potent seeds will destroy the walls in your vagina and you will bear my child.”

Despite her protests, he put his fingers insider her mouth to silence her, and with 5 deep strokes, he moaned, “Hhhhhhh..ughhhhh…ahhhh… Aradhnnnnnaaaaaa.”

He was ejaculating in my mom’s vagina. His thrusts were so forceful that my mom’s entire body bounced with the impact. His last thrust was so powerful that he penetrated his whole 8 inches into my mom’s tight whole.

His balls were contracting and expanding like crazy as they were ejaculating everything they had stored from the past many years. My mom’s entire body went limp from this assault. No words came out of her mouth. He stayed in that position for a few seconds and then pulled out.

As soon as he pulled out, a river of pure white jizz flowed out my mom’s vagina. He grinned and again cuddled my mom putting his tongue inside her mouth. They both kissed for few minutes and then went to sleep.

I then through the window entered the warehouse. My mom had passed out, and so had he. I was so turned on that I forgot the pure relation of a son and a mom. I put my finger inside her vagina and pulled out the cum Mukesh had pumped into her. I put my tongue inside her vagina and sucked it.

What a taste it had! bitter yes flavored! I wasted no time and took out my tool. Thanks to Mukesh’s cum, my mom’s pussy was already lubricated.

I started fucking her like the whore she was and also was video recording it on my phone. I used it for a great opportunity in the future.

After some time, I realized that I was about to hit my climax. I was shameless as fuck. I thought as Mukesh’s seed has already soiled her pussy so why not mine. With deep strokes, I too finished in her hole!

I walked out of the warehouse grinning to myself. Cheers to my lost virginity!

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