Story of an Indian Mom and Son (🎧)

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Story of an Indian Mom and Son

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I will share the best experience of my life with my Mom, how we started doing this and how I got her ready for all this. I am going to share in coming stories.

First, let me give you information about me and my Mom. I am a Male, 21, from South India. We 3 (Me, Mom, Dad) live together.

My Mom is 46 years old. But she looks like a 30–32-year-old lady. She has the greatest figure I have ever seen. Her boobs and ass sizes are very good ( which I got to know later ). They are pretty big.

Mom and I have a nice relationship. She is a combination of conservative and a modern lady. She is very good in both ways. Sometimes she wore Jeans and a t-shirt and sometimes a saree or Punjabi dress.

When I turned 19, I started seeing her in that way. I often started looking at her boobs and ass (but I like her boobs the most).

Last year when a lockdown happened in our city, everyone was at home. We 3 were also at home at that time. After some days, my dad started going to his work. So only me and my Mom were at home. She used to wear a t-shirt at home all day. Her body looks very hot in a t-shirt.

BTW she has a nice 36c size Boobs. Sometimes when it’s very hot, she removes her bra when she feels very hot. When she removes her bra, her nipples can be seen clearly. I was in love with them.  I felt more horny day by day when I saw her in a t-shirt like this. I go to the washroom and jerk off to cool down.

So after some days, I started touching her very often when she was doing her work. I helped her to feel good. She was very happy and comfortable with all this. So she started to wear a t-shirt or any other dress without a bra when at home. I enjoy this very much.

One day, she wore a sleeveless black t-shirt that was transparent and thin. It was a tight t-shirt for her. Boobs are looking very sexy in this. The nipple was also clearly visible that day. I jerked off 2 times from morning to afternoon, and even after that, my dick was hard.

Around 4-5 pm, she sat on a sofa and watched TV. I sat near her. We started talking, after some time, I put my head on her shoulder. I was very near to her boobs. My heart was also beating fast. I was feeling very happy. She kissed my cheeks as she was happy that day.

I was very happy about that. I put my hand on her thigh and continued talking with her. We both were very happy. I can see her nipple shape formed on the t-shirt. She kissed my cheek 3–4 times while talking. I got the courage and slowly lifted my hand.

My thumb was toward her boobs. I lifted my hand and touched her hard nipple with my thumb. She just took a deep breath. Then I moved my hand on my hair. I lifted my hand to move it through hairs and mistakenly touched her nipple again.

She didn’t react to all this. We continued our talk as it was before. Then I kissed her on her cheek. She just smiled at me. Then she said, “I have to do work now.” and she went to complete her work. I was very happy and rock hard also. After that, I didn’t get any chances.

But after 8–9 days, she talked with one of her sisters who had just given birth to a baby 3 to 4 weeks back. I sat with her in bed looking at my phone, but my ears listened to all their talks. So Mom asked her about breastfeeding and other stuff.

After that, Mom told her, “At her age, she had very good milk, and I used to drink this all day.” She just looked at me and smiled. She was wearing a Punjabi dress that day and looking very hot. I got very excited by their talks. Then Mom hung up the call.

I asked her how the baby and aunt were doing. Then I asked her about me when I was a child. She jokingly said, “You just loved to drink my milk all day.” After hearing this, I asked her how the milk tasted. She said she didn’t know. We remained silent for about 1 min.

Then I asked her whether I could taste the milk now. I want to experience how it feels. She said, “How can you taste now? You are grown up.” I said, “I want to drink your milk and taste it.” I tried to convince her, but she denied it.

So I went to my bedroom and locked the room from inside. I didn’t go to lunch. She asked me for lunch, and I didn’t reply to her. She came again at night to ask me for dinner. She was knocking on the door and calling me. She said, “Open the door. I want to talk to you now.”

So I opened the door, I sat on my bed quietly. She asked me what had happened. I said, “You don’t love me. You don’t care for me.” I got my eyes full of tears. She felt bad. She hugged me and said, “I love you, I care for you. But you are an adult now. You can’t drink my milk.”

I said, “But I’m your som mom, and I want to taste it.” She said, “I don’t have milk now. You can’t drink anything.” I said, “You are lying to me, Mom. You don’t love me.”

She said, “Okay, tomorrow you will see there’s no milk. We are not doing it again.” I agreed with her. She said, “Let’s go to dinner. Your dad also came from the office. Let’s have dinner together.” We had our dinner together. Then we went to our rooms.

I was very excited and happy. I could not sleep that night. I was awake all night thinking about how I would suck her nipples. Then I searched on the internet about sucking. I got to know about some techniques of sucking from there. I was waiting for the next day. I slept at around 4 am.

I was thinking all night about Mom. How will it taste? How am I going to do it? And many other things. As I slept very late, I woke up at around 11 am the next morning. As I woke up, I started thinking about Mom. I was very nervous.

I got up from my bed and then searched for my Mom. I heard the sound of water coming from the kitchen. Then I went to the kitchen. She was doing her work. She was wearing a maroon saree. I got a hard-on.

I hugged her from behind and said, “Good Morning!” She replied, “Good Morning.” I put my hand on her stomach. From behind, she moved around and said, “Go and get a bath,” then I took a bath. Then after taking a bath, I again went to the kitchen where she had completed all her work.

She said, “Get your breakfast done, eat something,” I said, “I just want your milk, mom,” in a very low voice. She heard it but didn’t react to it. We both were very nervous after that.

After 10 minutes of silence, I said to her, “Give me milk now.” She replied, “Okay, do you want it here?” I replied, “No, let’s go to your bedroom where I can drink milk comfortably.” We both went to her bedroom. She was very uncomfortable.

I sat on the bed, and she was standing in front of me. Then she removed her Saree on top of the blouse. She was just in her blouse. She said, “Just remember it’s going to happen for this time only and 10 minutes only.” I replied I know. She was looking damn sexy. I was staring at her boobs all the time.

Then she started removing the button of her blouse. Then she removed all the buttons. I got a glimpse of her white bra. Then she started removing her blouse. She was just in a plain white bra and looking so sexy. I was very hard.

She was feeling very uncomfortable and shy at that time. Then she started removing the bra. She removed the bra but covered her boobs with her hand as she felt very shy in front of me. I held her hand and pulled it down. She was sitting next to me, and I saw her boobs. I was very excited.

She got a nice pair of them with dark brown nipples. Her nipples were not hard at that time. Then I asked her, “How to drink milk?” I acted like I didn’t know how to do it. She said, “Suck my brown part,” pointing towards my nipples.

Then I held one of the boobs and leaned towards her. As soon as I touched her boobs, her nipples became hard. Then I put my mouth on her nipples and started sucking them. They were getting hard as I started sucking them. After 1 minute of sucking, I asked her where the milk was.

She replied, “I have told you before, I don’t get milk now.” I replied, “No, I will get the milk, you see, wait for some time,” and again started sucking them.

For 3–4 minutes, I sucked both the nipples like a child, acting like I wanted to drink milk from them. I was pressing boobs while sucking them. After that, I thought of trying the technique I saw last night on the internet. Then I got my lips off the nipples. Then I started to move my tongue tip on her nipple.

She moaned very silently. I said to her, “Mom, your boobs are so soft and nice. It tastes very good,” and pressed her boob lightly. She replied, “Thanks,” then she closed her eyes. I knew that she was enjoying all this. I started moving my tongue on her hard nipples.

I continue playing with boobs with both my hands. I did it for the next 5 minutes. In that 5 minutes, she moaned very silently. After that, she opened her eyes. She stopped me and said, “That’s enough. Your 10 minutes are completed now. Are you happy now?”

She kissed my cheek, then she stood up and started wearing her bra. She asked me to hook the bra. Then she wore her blouse and saree. She then said, “Do your work now.” She went out of the room.

I was very hard at that time. I couldn’t control myself. Then I went to the bathroom and masturbated, thinking of her boobs. Just in 2 minutes, I cummed a lot. That was my biggest cumshot ever. Then I went to the hall, and Mom was watching TV.

I kissed her cheeks and thanked her for all this. She also kissed me back. Then I went to my room. I was getting hard on just remembering all the things. That day I masturbated 3 times. But I wanted to do it again. 3 – 4 days passed like normal, then I thought, let’s ask Mom about doing it again.

Then in the afternoon, around 2 pm, she was lying on her bed. I went to her bedroom. I sat on the bed next to her. She was wearing a T-shirt and pants at that time. She asked, “Do you need anything?” I replied, “No, I’m here to talk with you.”

She asked, “What do you want to talk about?” I asked her, “Can we do it again? I want to do it again” She denied and said, “ I have agreed for once only, so not again.”

Me, “What’s wrong with that? I love you so much, please let me do it again,” and made a sad face. She remained silent. I hugged her and said, “Please, mom, let’s do it.” She replied, “Only for 10 minutes.” I agreed.

She moved forward to remove her t-shirt. I stopped her. I said, “Today, I want to remove your clothes.” Then I started lifting her t-shirt. I removed it. She was in a sexy red bra. I asked her, “Why are your boobs looking lifted up and so hot today?”

She smiled and said, “I’m wearing a push-up bra today. That’s why they look lifted.” I started removing her bra. Her nipples were already hard today. I started pressing her boobs. Then I started sucking them. I pinched her nipples hard. She was moaning continuously.

She was laying on the bed, and I was sucking her nipples from one side. I sucked and played with them for the next 15 minutes. My dick was rock hard. Mom touched my dick mistakenly. She realized it was hard that time. She stopped me and said, “Your 10 minutes are over.”

She gave me a naughty smile. Then she looked at my dick. She was staring at my bulge. Then she said, “It looks like you are too excited today. You should get yourself relaxed.” We both smiled at each other.

I said, “Yes, Mom, you are right.” I went to the bathroom and stroked my dick. I cummed in just 2 minutes. I cleaned myself and came outside of the bathroom. Mom was sitting there. She put her t-shirt on. But her bra was on the bed. I knew that she was not wearing a bra inside the t-shirt now.

She said, “I want to take a nap now. I’m feeling sleepy. ” Then I went to my bedroom. We had dinner together in the evening then we went to sleep.

Then on the next morning, I woke up at 9 am. I had a morning hard-on. Then I went to the kitchen where Mom was doing her work. I hugged her from behind. I touched her boobs and said, “Good Morning.” My dick was touching her ass. I was pushing it to her ass.

She replied, “Good Morning.” Then I went to do my work. At 1 pm she called me for lunch. She was wearing a white t-shirt when her nipples could be seen poking out. While having lunch, I asked her, “Are you not wearing a bra today?”

She replied, “I felt uncomfortable, so I removed it.” I said, “Don’t wear a bra whenever you are at home. You look more beautiful without wearing a bra.” She smiled.

I asked her after we finished our lunch, “Can I get milk to drink?” I gave her a naughty smile. She said, “Finish your lunch first.” I completed my lunch quickly. Then I went to my room. I removed my underwear and just put on shorts.

Then I went to Mom. She had also completed her lunch. She was washing plates. I grabbed her boobs from behind. She said, “Wait in the bedroom until I finish my work.” I went to the bedroom. She came after 5 minutes.

As she entered the room, I removed her t-shirt, laid her down on the bed. I started sucking her boobs. I sucked for 5 minutes and stopped. I said, “Can you sit on my lap? I want to drink milk like that. It will be easier for both of us.”

She agreed after thinking for a minute. Then she sat on my lap.

I again started sucking. In this position, I enjoyed sucking and playing with her boobs. I pinched her nipples hard. My dick was rock hard. As I was not wearing underwear, my dick was moving here and there in shorts. I sucked like this for 5 minutes. She was seated on my thighs.

Then I placed my hand behind her ass and started pulling her towards me. She was very close to me. My dick can feel her now. I again pulled her. My dick touched her pants in between both legs. She was shocked by this. She looked into my eyes with a shocking reaction.

We both stopped everything. We were silent for the next 1 min, but I could feel her heat on my dick. Then I pinched her nipples, she moaned. I held her neck and kissed her on the lips for just 5 sec. We both were looking at each other’s eyes. Then again, I kissed her. Now she was also kissing me back.

While kissing, I moved my hand on her ass and pulled her towards me. We kissed passionately for the next 5 minutes. Then suddenly, she stopped me and said, “We are going too far. We should stop here.” I didn’t reply to her. Then she moved backward.

She smiled at me and said, “I think you will run to the bathroom now.” I asked, “Why?” She pointed toward my dick and said, “Today, it is not in control. You must have made your pants dirty.” She was standing in front of me, with her hot big 36c nude boobs.

Then I also stood up and held her one boob. She said, “Stop it now. You have done more than enough.” I replied, “Mom, what should I do if I can’t get them off my mind? Every time I think of them, I get an erection. Even if I masturbate now, I will get an erection after a few minutes.”

She was silent after hearing all this. Then she took the t-shirt from the bed and started wearing it. I don’t know, but I suddenly stopped her and said, “Can I masturbate now by looking at them?” She denied. Then I said, “Please, Mom.”

Before she could say anything, I pulled my shorts down. I was naked in front of her. My hard dick is all naked. She was staring at my dick. Then I said, “Please, Mom, sit on the bed and help me get relaxed.” She sat on the bed. I held my dick and started stroking it very slowly.

She was silent all the time. I also sat on the bed. My one hand was on her boob, and one was stroking my dick. I increased my speed. I started kissing her. After just 5 minutes, I cummed, I made a mess on the floor.

She stood up and said, “Are you done now? Go to your room now. I have to clean all this mess you have made.”  I replied, “Sorry, mom, I will help you clean this.” Then we cleaned the floor.

On the next day, I woke up at 10 am. Dad had already gone to work. Mom was preparing for lunch. I hugged her from behind and kissed her chicks. I started playing with her boobs, and she stopped me. She turned towards me and said, “We are going too far. We should stop doing all this now.”

I kissed her on the lips. She resisted me, but after 1 min, she also started kissing me back. I pressed her boobs. We kissed for 2 minutes. She stopped me and said, “Let me finish all my work.” then I went to my room, took a bath. At around 1 pm, she called me for lunch.

I went to the dining table. She was wearing a saree. She was making plates for us. I hugged her and said, “Can I drink milk before lunch?” I started pressing her boobs. I felt her nipples above the blouse as she was not wearing a bra. She stopped me and went to the kitchen to take other foodstuff for lunch.

I followed her, again pressing her boobs, and she looked at my eyes. We started kissing each other. I lifted her and placed her on the kitchen top. Then I removed her blouse and started pinching her nipples. She was moaning badly.

After 5 minutes of foreplay, I removed my pants, took my dick out, and stroked it. She was shocked by all this. “What the hell are you doing? Why are you doing this?” she said.

I replied, “Mom, I told you yesterday all about this, my dick hard all the time. What should I do then?” She said, “Then don’t do it in front of me, do whatever you want in your room.”

While talking, I started playing with her boobs. She was quiet. I stopped stroking my dick, held her both boobs with my hands. I said, “Mom, because of these lovely boobs, my dick gets out of control. What can I do? I want to play with them all day.”

She just smiled a little. I started sucking her boobs. Her nipples were hard at that time. After 5 minutes of sucking, I started moving my mouth upward toward her lips from boobs. I kissed her neck she moaned. I hugged her very tightly and started kissing her lips.

We were kissing passionately. After 5 minutes, I felt her hand near my thighs. I ignored it. Her hand is slowly moving towards my dick. She touched my dick we both stopped kissing. We both were looking at each other’s eyes. I again started kissing her as nothing had happened.

Then she held my dick very lightly. We kissed for the next 2–3 minutes. Now she was completely holding my dick. I put my hand on her hand, and she stopped kissing me. She was a little embarrassed. We both remained silent for the next 2 minutes.

Our hearts were beating very fast. Then I said, “Can you give me a handjob? It will help me a lot.” She replied, “I don’t know what we are doing here. But things were not in our control by now.”

We started kissing again. Now she has started stroking my dick slowly. After some time, she increased her speed. She said, “When you are about to cum, tell me. I don’t want to get my clothes dirty.”

After 5 minutes, I was about to cum. We went to the bathroom, and she started stroking again. Her boobs were moving up and down. In just 2 minutes, I was about to explode. I held her boobs. She was stroking very fast, and I cum a lot. I kissed her and thanked her.

Then we had our lunch. While having lunch, dad called Mom and told her that he was going to another city for the next 2 days. He will leave by 7 pm. Dad came home around 5 pm, and he left at 7 pm.

For the next 2 days, only me and Mom will be there at home. I will explain it in the next story in a few days.

Thank you for reading this story of my big-boobed Indian mom. If you want to talk to me, you can contact me on Google hangouts, chat, or even mail at [email protected]. See you soon.

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