Mom’s Night With Me

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I would like to get right into the story about my mom’s night with me, but here is her description to give your images more power. She is very fair in color and has a slightly fat body but firm breasts. She was a real beauty in her days. Imagine a Neha Sharma in a saree.

Getting right into the story, mom, dad, and I just finished dinner. I went straight to kiss mom. She was already in the mood and giving seductive looks at me while I was eating. She responded to my kiss and kept sucking me with eyes closed.

Dad, who was watching all this, separated us and shouted, “Enough. Come to my room”. He pulled mom by holding her navel. Mom was enjoying this. I was thinking about how I fucked mom.

Me: “Why always to your room? Today let me enjoy her.”

Mom started giggling, hearing this. Dad got angry and said, “How dare you say that? You fuck her when I’m at home. Isn’t that enough?”

Me: “But the night is different. She will be the horniest at night. I’ve seen you both fucking. See here ”

I responded and went ahead and squeezed her boobs hard. My mom moaned.

Me: “Can you make her moan like that?” and squeezed again.

Dad immediately pulled her by her navel and lip-locked with her. Mom was enjoying the kiss and kept sucking him with eyes closed. She looked like the bitch she always has been in that look, but I was pissed off.

I pulled her back. Before she could open her seductive eyes and look, I started licking her all over her face, and she was moaning again. Pulling her back and forth, her saree had fallen down, and only her blouse and petticoat were remaining.

The bitch was wearing both in black color and looked as sexy and slutty as possible. As I kept licking the bitch, my dad got furious and pushed me back slightly. All this action made her sweat, and there were sweat drops in her navel and hips.

She looked like a sex bomb heroine in that pose. She had a seductive sad look on her face as if asking, why are you both doing this to me.

Mom: “Stop fighting. I’m in the full mood (biting her lips). I don’t want to spoil it with your fight. Please, both of you can fuck me tonight.”

“No,” we both shouted in unison. I didn’t wait for my old man. I went straight for her hips. I rubbed off the sweat drops with my tongue from right to left. She closed her eyes and moaned, “Aah.”

Dad: (shouting) “This is your last warning. Let her go.”

He came forward to catch me. I realized the bedroom door was just behind my mom. I immediately pushed her in and closed the door before dad could reach me. Dad started banging the door in anger and shouted, “How dare you!”

I immediately pulled her blouse, and it tore away.

Mom: “Aah!”

Me: “Do not shout, daddy, just listen to your wife, moan. Hear how she enjoys me. Today she is mine.”

Meanwhile, my hands roamed all over her body. Mom was just enjoying my touch by soft moans with closed eyes with slutty looks. I removed her petticoat immediately. She didn’t wear a bra. I was lucky.

I just went ahead and squeezed and sucked both her boobs. She got into a full mood. I made her look into my eyes and kissed her deeply. Our tongues rolled, and she shouted, “Oh, Ram, yes. Suck me more, aah,” smilingly. She had transformed into her original form, a complete whore.

Dad: “If I come in, then you are done for.”

I started laughing, hearing that, and whispered in my mom’s ears, “Undress me if you want my dick.” My mom bit her lips and slowly removed my t-shirt and tracks. My dick sprang into action.

Me (looking lustily at my mom): Dad, I’m naked now, and you should see the looks on this slut’s face

Mom (with a smile): “Fuck me hard.”

Me: “Ya bitch. That’s what I was waiting for.”

I tore open her petticoat and panty. She was completely naked now. I pushed her on the bed and get on top of her. I kept hugging and kissing her everywhere till my cock went and locked into her pussy. I pushed it in once.

She moaned, “Aah!” But I just took it out and said, “But it doesn’t have lubrication.”

“Come on, bitch,” I said and pulled her up. She woke up with a laugh and kneeled down with a smile. My dick was erect and hard. She smacked her lips and took it in one gulp.

Dear readers, my mom is the best sucker you will ever know of. She just licked my balls and sucked my cock, and before I know, pre-cum started to come.

Me: “Dad. Do you know what this bitch is doing?”

Dad: “Fuck off, bastard,” and went away as there were no more responses.

My mom looked up at me with a smile, and it was the horniest, most-seducing look I got since my first time with my mom. The hormones in me went haywire. I pulled her by her hair and rubbed my cock tip all over her face. She was enjoying it like a whore, smiling and giggling.

I pushed my dick inside her mouth and face fucked her. She was sucking me like a lollipop. I cummed in her mouth. “Drink it all, bitch,” I said, and she drank it all and lay back. Both of us were tired. But my mom wanted more immediately since she had not cummed.

Mom: “I wonder what your dad is doing.” (in a moaning tone.)

This turned me on as I knew she started thinking of my dad’s cock.

Me: “Bitch, do you want another cock already? Come here, let me teach you a lesson.”

I pulled her with force to my side of the bed by her waist, and she was giggling like a kid. Even in the darkroom, her fair navel was visible. I kept kissing it all around and caressing it. I kept my hands on the bush below and asked, “Amma, what is this?”

To be continued.

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