Lewd Tales – Part 9 (Sweaty Aunt Selena)

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Narrated by David.

I opened aunt Selena’s WhatsApp message.

Selena: Where are you?

I was happy to see her message. The photo she sent me came back to my mind. God! I can’t believe I had a sexy aunt like her. I replied to her message.

Me: home. What’s up?

There wasn’t any reply. So I went to brush my teeth. While brushing, I heard the notification on my phone. I went and opened the notification. It was her reply.

Selena: Hey, are you free? Needed some help.

I got excited.

Me: yeah, sure. What do you need?

Selena: I’m on my way shopping for some groceries and stuff. Care to help your sweet aunt?

I couldn’t miss an opportunity like this.

Me: you don’t even have to ask. Give me some time to bathe, and I’ll be ready.

Selena: there’s no time for all that. I’m already on my way and will be there in 2 minutes. Please hurry up.

Me: Okay, sure.

She didn’t reply. Shit! What if I smelled? I quickly put on some perfume, put on some nice clothes, and hurried downstairs to tell mom.

When I reached the kitchen. Mom was drinking tea and was making breakfast. I told her that aunt Selena was taking me out to help her.

Mom: What about breakfast? Eat and go then.

Me: No time for that, mom, she’s already here.

Mom: Oh, okay. Atleast, drink this tea and go. And come back fast to have breakfast.

Me: Sure, mom. I’ll be back soon.

Saying this, I drank some tea and ran out. I opened the door and went out, but there was no one to be seen. She wasn’t here yet. Just when I thought that a car turned around the corner and came towards me.

The car stopped in front of me and opened the side window. I looked inside and saw my hot aunt looking back at me with a magnificent smile on her face.

Aunt Selena: Get inside, idiot.

I opened the door and got in. She was wearing tight black jeans and a top that was sticking to her body. I noticed she was wearing a push-up bra as her breasts were looking like giant melons trying to pop out.

She caught me drooling at her breasts.

Selena: Oh God! Can’t you at least look at it discreetly? Haha!

I couldn’t say anything back. I blushed.

Selena: Aww… How cute. Can we go now?

Me: Yeah, sure… Aunt. I mean Selena.

Selena: That’s my boy.

She started to drive, and I again looked back at her breasts. I couldn’t control my desire to see them. Grab and play with them.

Selena: you like them that much?

Me: Umm… I can’t help it. It’s in front of me, and I’m really sorry.

Selena: Haha… I wasn’t complaining. In fact, I’m glad that I could make a young man like you stare at me.

Me: you don’t have to worry about that. You are insanely gorgeous. Anyone would keep staring at you.

Selena: Yeah, I know. I notice that. Maybe, I even like it. Hehe.

Me: Haha…

Selena: What do you like about me the most?

Me: Why do you ask?

Selena: I just wanted to know.

Me: You look really beautiful overall.

Selena: Don’t give me that crap. I want things specific. Is it my breast? Haha.

Me: Sure. They look amazing.

Selena: How can you know? You haven’t seen them yet.

That’s when I realized that she didn’t know that I had seen her naked. I kept quiet.

Selena: Nothing else?

Me: Well, I really like your nose pin.

Selena: You like women with nose pins?

Me: Yeah, I do. But it doesn’t suit everyone. But for you, it looks like the final touch – the perfection.

Selena: Aren’t you a charmer. Well, thank you.

I smiled at her and looked outside. The city was unknown to me. I wondered if we were close to the shop. That’s when she pulled near a big supermarket.

Selena: We are here.

Me: This is not that far.

Selena: We usually buy things from here. Me and your aunt Elsa. We both have customer points here, so we try to make most of the purchases from here.

I got out, and the sun hit me in the face. Damn! The sun was burning like hell. By the time we walked towards the entrance, we had started to sweat. It felt like heaven when we finally entered the supermarket.

We first went towards the grocery section. She told me to go pick out some fresh carrots by the time she looked for other vegetables. I didn’t even have the slightest idea about groceries. I took some carrots that seemed okay to me and went towards her.

Selena: You are not bad as I thought. Good selection.

Me: I guess I’m a natural. Haha.

She was taking some other things, and I strolled behind her.

Selena: Hey, look what we got here.

I looked in the direction she pointed at. It was a stack of cucumbers. She took one out and looked at it.

Selena: Hmm… Thick and big. Just the way I like it.

Fuck! The way she said it. I knew she had a double meaning to it. My face got flustered up. She laughed, looking at me.

Selena: How cute is it to look at you when you are blushing. Haha.

Me: You are unbelievable, aunt.

She hit me with the cucumber. Ouch!

Selena: I told you not to call me that.

Me: Sorry.

She then took the cucumber near her mouth and said.

Selena: so you like your naughty aunt?

I looked at her open-mouthed. Unable to say anything. The way her lips curled. She opened her mouth and slowly licked the tip of the cucumber. I instantly got a boner. She doesn’t even care we are in a public place.

She then looked down and noticed my boner.

Selena: I think I may have woken up your toy. Hehe.

Me: I couldn’t control it. You are so hot. I like you so much!

I didn’t know what happened, but I had to get it out.

Selena: I see.

She had a naughty smile on her face.

Selena: Well, let’s get going.

We continued shopping, and she often bends down to get some things, and I got a perfect picture of her ass. I just wanted to pull those jeans down and fuck her in the ass. Like all those porn movies. But all I could do was to look and dream. I followed her, and finally, we got to the counter for payment.

Eventually, we were out of the shop. There were a lot of things, and we had to take the trolley cart out. The sun again hit us as we walked towards the car. By the time we finished putting everything in the car, we were soaking wet.

Her top was of a thin material that it got all wet. I could now see the outline of her bra. The way her top now stuck to her body. It was amazing. I just wanted to feel her breasts. I could see the sweat dripping down her neck to her cleavage. My mouth felt dry as if to lick her cleavage and neck.

She noticed me staring and said.

Selena: the sun is doing you a big favor, isn’t it?

Me: I guess so.

I smiled like an idiot. She laughed at got inside the car. The AC was at the maximum, and that was a bit of relief for us. Both of us were calming ourselves down, and we didn’t talk on the way back. I occasionally glanced at her round boobs. I knew she didn’t mind me.

Once we reached the apartment, we took all the groceries and went up the lift to their floor. Soon, we were inside the flat, and we both crashed on the sofa. After resting for a few moments, she looked at me.

Selena: I’m going to have a quick bath. You do the same. You can bathe in the common bathroom, and I’ll use the one in my room. I’ll go get you a towel.

Saying this, she got up and went to her room. A while later, she came back with a towel and gave it to me.

Selena: Now, go and take a shower.

Me: yeah, okay, thanks.

I took the towel and went inside the bathroom. While taking a shower, all I could think of was how she would be bathing at the same time. Naked. Water washing down on her beautiful body. I still couldn’t believe I had the chance to watch her naked that day.

I finished bathing and went outside. She was not outside yet. I went to her room and called out to her. I still wasn’t comfortable calling her by her name. So I tried to avoid it mostly.

Me: Hello?

Selena: Yeah, I’m in here.

Me: Oh, okay.

Selena: What happened?

Me: Nothing… I just wanted to comb my hair.

Selena: You can come in here.

Was this my luck? Was she naked inside?

I slowly opened the door and went inside. She was standing in front of the mirror in just a towel wrapped around her body. The sight was magnificent. Her wet hair was tied on top of her head. Her ass poking backward.

She stood there leaning on the dressing table with both hands. I stood there and watched her. My dick got hard, and I was trying to come out of the towel. She looked at me.

Selena: Don’t just stand there. Come here and comb your hair.

I couldn’t say anything. I slowly went towards her. Her hips were slowly moving as if inviting me. I went and stood behind her. My hard dick was just inches away from her ass. I got nervous.

Me: Where’s the comb?

Selena: It’s on the table, honey. Can’t you see it?

She didn’t move an inch. She just looked into the mirror and was checking out her own face. I looked from the top of her. The comb was at the end. From the top, I could also see her cleavage nicely. Those boobs! I wanted to get a hand on them.

I slowly reached my hand from behind her. But I still couldn’t reach it.

Selena: You can come closer, silly, I don’t mind.

Now, she looked at me with a naughty smile on her face. God! She was so seductive. And I was already in her trance.

I moved forward and caught hold of the comb. But now, my hard dick was rubbing on her ass. It felt so good. I didn’t want to move back. I don’t know what came over me. I slowly started rubbing it on her ass. She didn’t move away. I took this as a signal and pushed my dick with a little more force now.

Selena: So you got some courage!

I didn’t reply. My dick was moving between her ass crack. Her towel was now pushed between her crack. I rubbed on her with more speed now. It felt so amazing. She even responded by slightly pushing her ass back on my dick. I looked at her face. Her eyes were closed now.

I knew she also enjoyed this. Without the towel in between, I would fucking her ass now. What if I could? What if she didn’t mind. At that point, all my senses were gone. I slowly put my hands on below her towel and tried to pull it up.

She suddenly pushed me back with her ass and turned.

Selena: You men are always greedy.

The way she pushed me back, my towel fell down. And I didn’t bother to cover up. My dick stood as if saluting her. I looked at her beautiful face. Her nose pin shined on her face. Her boobs were trying to get free.

Selena: Have you got no shame at all? Haha…

Me: I don’t mind. After all, you are my aunt.

Selena: Exactly! I’m not your gf.

I didn’t respond. All I did was stare at her body.

Selena: Anyway, you got a nice thing down there. It reminds me of the cucumber. Hahaha.

Me: I wish I could be that cucumber.

Selena: Poor guy. Well, I could do the same for you.

Me: You would?

Selena: Shut up, idiot. Don’t you realize I’m married!

Me: Please… Just one touch. That’s all I ask.

Selena: Oh! Look at you.

Maybe, I could at least get it to touch if I pleaded with her.


Shit! That’s when my phone rang.

Selena: Hahaha! I guess that’s your cue.

I was disappointed like hell! I left the room looking sad and picked up the phone. It was my mom.

Mom: Where are you?

Me: I’m at my aunt’s house, mom.

Mom: Are you even planning to come back?

Me: I’m coming, mom. Don’t irritate like this.

Mom: Okay, okay, come fast.

By the time I cut the call, Aunt was out of the room wearing a t-shirt and jogger. I was already sad. I put on my clothes and told her I had to leave.

Selena: Yeah, okay. I’ll drop you back. Wait.

Me: No, no. It’s okay, I’ll take an auto.

Selena: Are you sure?

Me: Yeah.

Selena: At least let me give you the money.

She handed me some money, and as I was on my way out, she said.

Selena: Hey, don’t look sad. I had fun with you today! Don’t say you didn’t.

She was right. At least I had some fun.

Me: Yeah, you are right. I’m just sad it got over soon.

Selena: Maybe, next time, it won’t. I hope we have more fun next time.

Saying this, she kissed me on the cheek. I blushed again and smiled. With that, I was on my way back home.

That’s it for today, guys. As for everyone requesting the Mom-Son adventures, please stay tuned while the story develops. I promise to tell you how I loved my mom in a different way.

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