Fun With Kavitha Aunty On Tuesdays

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Hi, my name is vijay 25yrs from bangalore and this is my 1st story on ISS and also the first encounter of my life where I lost my virginity to my house tenant kavitha aunty.

To tell about kavitha aunty she is was 33yrs when she came to our house and she was divorcee and had a daughter of 8yrs, kavitha aunty was working in beauty parlour and my mom was taking care of her daughter after she come from school and sometimes kavitha aunty doesn’t com to house as she will go to marriage to do the makeupfor bride or will com home late night . As I was working in night shift I was not introduced to kavitha aunty.

After some couple of days mom introduced me to her on tuesday as she had holiday on every tuesday. We spoke for some time after that she went. Mom said me about her divorcee story. On the same evening while going to office I saw aunty washing clothes in front of her house wearing nighty, I said hi and saw the full boobs from top of her nighty and she observed that and was smiling naughtily, I was confused for a moment by her reaction.

Next 1 week I dint see her, again on tuesday she came home and speaking with mom and I was sleeping in my room, I wokeup and went to hall and said hi to her and started normal chat but she was wearing saree with low nect blouse with full makeup and she said me she was going to some marriage mean time mom gave coffee for both of us and she went out for shop, I was watching tv and she was exposing her boobs even I was looking at her boobs.

Suddenly she called my name and asked what are you looking at, I sand nothing and went to my room and masturbated and had lot of cum and was satisfied, after few days I quit job and was preparing for my exams and we both got close in 3months. 1day she called me home for dinner to to give treat as she opened new beauty parlour and I was there at her house at 8pm.

After informing my parents as they don’t mind coz I will be in kavitha aunty home only. While generally speaking I asked her is there massage service in her parlour and she said its there and only for girls and ladies and I kept my face sad.

She saw that and asked why did I ask that, I said once my friend took me to parlour and did massage to me and I enjoyed a lot. She was shocked to my reply and said she is not doing such massage but her friends do personally in their house but not in parlour and suddenly I asked can you introduce to me, she laughed and said you are so hurry to get massaged and I said I don’t need normal massage but b2b she was shocked with my bold reply and asked are you virgin and I said don’t joke, I lost my virginity in puc with my cousin sister

She then told me don’t worry I will intro you to my friends, but what is the benefit I will get if I help you, I asked what you need as she directly said you know my story as your mom would have told you, its been 7yrs I had sex, and not even 1 male touched me after my husband but I am so impressed by your bold talk so can you satisfy me and no need to go for my friends for body massage as I will only do it for you and whenever you want you can com and have sex with me I will always be ready for you,

I was over joyed by that time my dick was fully erect, she saw that and touched my dick over the jeans, I touched her boobs which was very small but I enjoyed squeezing over the nighty and she removed my pant button and took my dick out and kept in her mouth, I was not able to control the feeling as that was my first blowjob I was ever getting, my cousin sister never took in her mouth.

I kept my hand in her nighty and was squeezing her boobs an removed her dress and pressing her nipple which was very hard and she was only in her panty and not wearing bra, she was still sucking my dick when I was about to cum I said her and she took the entire cum in her mouth and drunk it she came an sat on bed and hugged and v both had a liplock from 15 to 20 min her rosy lips was so yummy

She was so hurry to have sex but it was getting late as her daughter was waiting for dinner and to sleep, so she went and gave her food and her daughter had and went to room she came back to her room as I was waiting and we had just a quick 1 session which was full pain for both of us, and we completed soon as I also wanted to go home, but we had full of satisfaction in two positions missionary and doggy she took my cum in her pussy and I filled it.

She said to come in the morning when I am free so I can have full massage and sex for the full day sucking and fucking her pink shaved pussy, and the same we played for 2 years and she also introduced her 2 friends who was beautician but I was enjoying with kavitha aunty on every tuesday and friday. She also gave me opportunities to enjoy her customers who ever are required for the pleasure. But I couldn’t get the satisfaction which kavitha aunty gave me.

But our relationship this last long as she got married to the person who was divorcee as she wanted to lead her life, but she said me to continue with their 2 friends till I ’m satisfied but I dint get what I required so I stopped going to them also.

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