Preeti Sucks Three Guys As Husband Fucks Her!

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Hello all, it’s me Preethi again. I hope you guys enjoyed my previous story. For those of us who are new, I am now 30 years old and married with a kid. Currently, my stats are 34D-28-32. As always, my stories have a mix of reality and fantasy mixed in them. Enjoy!

This incident happened one year after my marriage. After marriage, we moved to an apartment in the city. We were living a happy life, but my husband is not able to satisfy me fully in bed.

Anyway, life was moving at a slow pace. At work, I was having sex with my boss and his colleagues, it was fun and thrilling. I will write about that very soon.

Coming back to this story, I was very bored in my married life. During this time, my husband had eye surgery and had an eye patch on both his operated eyes for a couple of days.

I always wanted to fuck in front of people and see their reactions. I wanted to tease them, and show my sexy body and tempt them. My dirty mind started to make some plans.

On the second day of my husband’s operation and when he had to wear the eye patch, I had to stay at home, since he cannot do anything on his own. I got this crazy idea – how about if I fuck my husband and show it live to my boss? That way, they can see and hear me moan and scream while I was enjoying getting fucked.

I told this plan to my boss and he was up for it. He always loved to see me nude. Since he was in the office, he said to make it happen at 6 pm that day.

I was all ready. At around 5:45 pm, I put on my camisole and a panty and was setting up the camera. I heard a soft knock on the door. I looked in the peephole and saw my boss standing there1 I was shocked.

My husband was in the bedroom. I opened the door, my boss entered and said, “I want to see it live.” I didn’t know what to say. Along with him were a couple of his buddies. I was frozen. I told them that my husband cannot see because of the operation, but he can hear very well. They promised to be quiet and watch.

Now I too was super-excited. There were four men in the room, including my husband, and my husband didn’t know that there was anyone else there. This thrill alone made me almost have an orgasm!

I agreed to their plans and made them sit on the sofa. All three were middle-aged men in their 40s to 50s. I knew all of them during my previous encounters with them. I brought my husband, holding his hand, to the living room and made him sit on a chair. He was surprised and asked me why we are not doing it in the bed.

I told him that I got a surprise for him. I put on some music so that he couldn’t hear the sounds these guys are making. Then slowly I started kissing him. Since he was in a chair, and I was standing, I had to bend to kiss him. That meant, I was showing my sexy curvy ass to all three guys.

As I was kissing, one of them inserted his finger in my pussy. I was already wet and it went in like a knife in butter. I was in heaven already.

Slowly, my husband started playing with my boobs. I removed the camisole and gave him full access. He was caressing my boobs for some time and pulled me closer in between his legs. He made me turn diagonally and started playing with my ass.

As you all know, I love spanking. He started spanking me softly. My husband also knows that I love dirty talking, so he started calling me names. I was enjoying it.

The three guys watching me had all started stroking their dicks. I got really horny after seeing this. I removed my panty and gave it to one of them.

My husband touched my pussy and said, “Wow, you are soo wet.” I was actually pouring. Why wouldn’t I? I was nude showing my body to 4 men. One of them was my husband and he didn’t know anything about the other guys.

My husband was ready to put his dick in my pussy, but I told him that I wanted more spanking. I bent and kept his hand on my ass. As he was spanking me and talking dirty, I pulled one guy’s dick and started sucking it. Seeing this, the other two came near me too.

Now I was sucking three dicks, while my husband was spanking me. My husband didn’t like me showing off my body when we go out.

I always show a fair amount of cleavage and mostly wear push-up bras. My husband doesn’t like that. Also, all my salwar and jeans are very tight showing my curves and my ass. My husband doesn’t like that either. He takes out his anger on me during sex. And this is how it goes,

Husband: Why are you showing your boobs to all?

**Spanks me**

Me: Sorry.

Husband: Are you a slut?

**Spanks me**

Me: No, dear.

Husband: Then why are you showing your ass to others. This ass.

**Spanks me**

Me: It’s only for you, dear.

Husband: I am the owner of this. (Pats my ass which has become red, again.)

**Spanks me**

Me: Yes, dear.

As he was talking like this, I was sucking my boss’s cock and stroking others while the tip of their cocks is on my cheeks. This went for a few minutes.

I then turned around and started sucking my husband’s dick. Normally, I don’t do this, but that day I did so that these guys have access to my ass/pussy. They took this opportunity, and one guy started fucking me.

My husband was so happy that I was sucking his dick so vigorously. Little did he know about the 8 inches dick which was drilling his wife’s pussy, which was making her do all that! I sucked it so much that my husband was almost about to cum.

He stopped me and said, “I want to fuck you.” He told me to sit on top of him, but I told him, “Why don’t you fuck me on the coffee table, while I lie down?” He reluctantly agreed.

The coffee table was small and could hold only my body from the neck to my ass. I lied on it and my husband started fucking my pussy. My neck was hanging at the other end. The other three guys surrounded my face and boobs now. One guy inserted his dick in my mouth and started fucking my mouth.

I was holding the other two dicks in my hand and started stroking them again while they were squeezing my boobs. This must be sex nirvana. I was having one of the best sex of my life. Each stroke in my pussy was being complimented by a dick in my mouth and two hands on my boobs.

This went on for a few minutes before my husband came inside me and filled my pussy. After he had finished, he went and lay on the sofa, with his eyes still covered with the eye patch.

Then another guy started fucking my pussy. Since all were almost on the verge of cumming, it didn’t take much time. I had the best orgasm of my life.

My husband called me to lie next to him. I told him to give me a few seconds to let me catch my breath. This gave the others time to cum.

All the three finally came in my mouth and I licked them clean. After this, I went and hugged my husband on the sofa. He hugged me and said, “This is one of the best sex that I had.”

I said, “Me too, today you were like a bull.” He was so happy to hear this. All the three of them left without making any noise with big smiles on their faces.

I knew for sure that I had a big bonus cheque waiting for me the next day when I go to the office. I gave all three of them kisses and hugged them.

I then thanked them softly, while they squeezed my ass and left my house. I returned to lie near my husband naked. Little did he know what had just happened.

Adventures will continue, email me with your comments and feedback at: [email protected]

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