They made me the king – Part 2

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Me and Vinitha madam were kissing now. It was so nice to squeeze her beautiful breasts at the same time. Soon, all my girls got to cycle through my dick and got plenty of cum to drink. They were no longer feeling hungry.

None of us wanted to stop. The lust had taken over completely and everyone was fully naked in the prison now.

My dick got super hard seeing Divya madam naked in her full glory. She had the perfect luscious meaty body, and she was so beautiful. I got up and walked toward Divya. There was that huge stone in the middle of the prison which I pushed to the side to make space in the middle. Witnessing my strength, Divya madam got more horny. She could see my huge dick pointing at her, which was ready to violate her pure body.

Divya: Jiiva, this is my first time.

Jiiva: Madam, I love you. I want to make you mine now and forever.

Divya: I have always had a crush on you, Jiiva. I love you too. From today, I am all yours Jiiva (opening her arms wide). Everything is yours forever.

I hugged Divya tightly. It was such an amazing feeling! Both bodies were fully naked. I could feel all that soft beautiful flesh pressing on my body, filling in any gaps between our bodies. Her big soft boobs crushed to my chest and her thick legs and soft bum were now in my hands. She smelt like a flower. I was totally in love with her. And so was Divya. She was in another world, and had given me full permission over her. The moment she tasted my cum, she had submitted to me and wanted to be mine forever.

Divya and Jiiva kissed crazily like kids in love. Jiiva kissed her whole face and moved toward Divya’s neck and then her big beautiful pink breasts, which he grabbed with his hands and was mauling hard. Divya was moaning a lot. He kissed, licked, and sucked on them for a long time, and even kissed Divya’s beautiful armpits and then moved to her thick tummy kissing her navel and then her sweet puffy pussy.

The smell of her pussy itself made Jiiva go crazy and he started licking her juices. Divya was already leaking a lot, and this soon made her cum hard.

In the meantime, Sneha and Vinitha were kissing. I guess, all the romance in the room got them in the mood. Sneha had flat boobs, so she was always fascinated with bigger boobs. She was squeezing Vinitha madam’s breasts hard and Sneha had her other hand rubbing Vinitha’s pussy. Sneha was a sex maniac, so I was sure she would soon have Vinitha madam cumming hard.

Sneha was so small compared to Vinitha. Vinitha was 5 feet 10 inches and Sneha was just 5 feet. Soon Vinitha got in the mood and she stood up and carried Sneha in her arms, gave her a nice kiss on the lips, and then flipped her so that Sneha’s pussy was in Vinitha’s mouth.

Vinitha started lapping up Sneha’s pussy juices. Sneha could not control herself and soon found Vinitha’s pussy and started licking her crazily.

I had sucked Divya’s pussy juices clean and now wanted to put my dick deep inside that perfect breeding-ready body of Divya.

Jiiva: Madam, you are the most beautiful woman I know. I have always dreamt of this day. I want to make you mine.

Divya: You are my handsome boy. I love you with all my heart. You can have all of me, baby, anytime. I am yours forever.

We kissed. I was in love with Divya madam. I could not get enough of her thick luscious lips. My dick was very hard now and became hard and huge. I slowly rubbed my dick at her entrance.

Divya: Jiiva, it’s so big! It’s my first time.

I didn’t think, so I just kissed Divya madam passionately and slowly pushed it inch by inch into her warm pussy.

Divya: Ahhhh, baby, it is so big. Please go slow. Ahhhh… aaa… mmmm…

Then I pushed the rest of my dick deep into Divya, all the way tearing through her warm pussy layers. Divya with some tear droplets down her eyes, “I love you, Jiiva”.

Jiiva: Madam, does it still hurt?

Divya: Please baby, now you can stop calling me ‘Madam’. I am yours now.

Vinitha madam and Sneha had stopped and were watching us since they heard Divya madam scream while losing her virginity. I was happy that I had Divya madam as mine now. I slowly started making love to her, moving my dick in and out slowly. Divya madam was going crazy with pleasure.

Divya: Mmmm, this is the best feeling ever. I love you. Oh god! This is amazing. Thank you, baby.

Jiiva: I can’t tell you. It feels so beautiful inside you, Divya. It’s so warm and tight. I don’t know how much longer I can control myself.

Divya: Baby, you don’t have to control. I am yours. You can do anything you wish.

Sneha and Vinitha were surprised by the change in Divya. Divya was usually a bit more reserved and strict with the students.

I was going to cum a huge amount soon and Divya had the perfect body to breed. Her big soft yet perky pink boobs were swaying up and down, making me go crazy, and her beautiful face and her tight and tasty pussy were just making me lose any control.

Soon, I came hard. I don’t think I had cum this much ever. I kept cumming and cumming inside Divya’s pussy and even though it was overflowing outside, I could not stop cumming. Divya madam was shocked as she could feel the sperm filling up her insides and still going more and more to fill any space left inside her. If there was an egg, there was no doubt it would have drowned in that sperm sea, lol.

We both were so exhausted that I fell over Divya and rolled to her side to breathe. Sneha and Vinitha wasted no time. They came rushing to suck the cum left on my dick. Sneha was licking the cum on the sides and the balls, while Vinitha sucked the top of my cock. Divya madam was smiling watching all this.

Divya: Sneha dear, come here. There is plenty of Jiiva’s cum in me.

Sneha was surprised as Divya madam was usually not that friendly or chill with everyone.

Sneha: Really, madam? Can I have it?

Divya: Yes, dear. Now that we are sharing your boyfriend, I would love to share everything with you too.

Saying this, Divya and Sneha hugged each other. Sneha didn’t waste any time and kissed Divya’s face, lips, neck, and big breasts. Sneha was obsessed with Divya’s breasts and was sucking the nipples like a baby sucking for milk.

Divya madam was moaning in pleasure and in a few minutes, they were in the 69 position, sucking each other’s pussy. Sneha of course got the best of the bargain as Divya’s pussy had my cum filled to the brink.

Vinitha madam was dedicatedly sucking my cock and looked so cute and focused on doing it. She was a bit nervous as she was probably worried about having sex and losing her virginity. I always found her beautiful in her own way. She was always friendly and had a young energy in her, it always made her look attractive.

Then I slowly pulled Vinitha toward me and kissed her lips. She was still not looking into my eyes.

Jiiva: Vinitha madam, you don’t have to do anything if you are not sure. I just wanted to say that I love you and you are also very special to me.

Vinitha madam was happy to hear that. She smiled and kissed me back. I thought she would say something. But she just kept on kissing my whole face and body, holding my dick in her hands and holding it next to her face. My dick was much bigger than her head. And then Vinitha madam said –

Vinitha: Jiiva, can I have this forever too?

Divya and Sneha were also smiling and happy to hear how Vinitha madam felt about Jiiva.

Jiiva: Yes madam, it’s yours. I love you, madam.

Vinitha madam was again too shy to say anything. So she started kissing everywhere around my dick and even started kissing the balls. Then she started licking the entire length of my dick from the bottom to the top, and then took it all inside her mouth. I was feeling so good and happy at the same time. Then I started kissing Divya Madam who was lying on my side.

Divya: Jiiva, I think someone is ready to lose her virginity.

I looked at Vinitha madam, she was now kissing my tummy and then reaching my neck and nibbling around my neck and kissing and smelling me. It felt so good to be loved by Vinitha madam. Soon, I kissed her lips and her eyes, nose, ears, and forehead. Vinitha madam had her eyes closed and was enjoying all my touches.

Jiiva: Madam, do you want me to…

Vinitha cut me off before I could finish and said, “Yes dear, yes. I can’t wait any more. Please have me. Make me yours.”

I quickly flipped her and got on top of her body. I kissed her forehead and whispered, “I love you, madam” and slowly pushed my dick into her already wet tight virgin pussy.

Vinitha: Ahhh darling.. Go slow on your teacher. Aren’t you my good boy?

Jiiva: Yes teacher, I will make it quick so that it doesn’t hurt longer. I love you so much.

Saying that, I kissed her and pushed my dick deep into Vinitha madam.

Vinitha: Ahhhh… no… damn… it’s so BIG, darling… it’s so big… Ahh… fuck…

I went all the way deep inside her pussy, breaking her seal and stayed that way so that Vinitha madam could relax. Vinitha madam had scratched my back when I was inserting my dick and now she was slowly getting back to normal.

Vinitha: Wow, my pussy feels so full right now. I didn’t ever think that my favorite student would be all the way up inside my virgin pussy today. I love you, darling.

She kept kissing me. Divya and Sneha were happy watching this. All this time, Divya had held Vinitha madam’s hand to help her through the pain. And now that it was done, Divya madam came and kissed Vinitha madam on her lips and said, “I am happy for you, Vini.”

Vinitha was happy now. I slowly started moving in and out of her. Vinitha started enjoying it slowly and we were soon lost in the love making.

I enjoyed everything about Vinitha’s body. It was so perfect. Not too skinny like Sneha and not the healthy type like Divya. It felt so good. I loved her scent and the warmth coming from inside her. We kissed a lot and I was able to last much longer this time.

Finally, I came a lot inside Vinitha Madam and slept on her side. I felt so light from within. I could feel my dick and balls getting licked. It was Divya and Sneha.

Finally, we all just felt so relaxed and dozed off for a bit.

When we woke up, we all were dressed and in comfortable beds, no longer in the prison. We were not sure what happened. I got up to check where we were and what had happened. Then I saw a guard waiting outside our room.

Jiiva: Where are we? What happened?

Guard: Your Highness! Please follow me to meet the head monk Rinpoche.

He took me to the head monk. The head monk immediately bowed all the way down and said, “Forgive me, lord, it took us a while to understand it was you our king.”

Jiiva: King?! What are you talking about? Is this some joke, sir?

Rinpoche: This is the day we have been waiting for. We realized this when you moved the center stone piece in the prison. It was placed 100 years ago by the last king of Nepal. And no one else has been able to move it with their hands. According to the prophecy our next king is the man who cannot die of hunger. And just like all our past kings, he had an unlimited source of cum production. We traced your family tree and found that you are the great-grandson of our last king and now the true heir of this kingdom.

Jiiva: Sorry, I don’t understand. How this can be true?!

Rinpoche: I understand that it is a lot. Let me show you a few things.

He took me through the entire castle and showed me the precious statues and jewels that belonged to the king. And he showed me the picture of my great grandfather who actually looked like my dad who had died when I was a kid. Soon, I started to see all the connections and understood it was not a joke.

Jiiva: I need some time to process everything. May I go back to my friends?

Rinpoche: They are no longer your friends, they are Queens of this kingdom now. They have been filled in by the women monks with all that has happened. Don’t worry, you were all dressed from the prison by the female monks. No male would ever lay their hand on you and your family.

Jiiva: Thanks, Rinpoche sir. Now let me go if you will excuse me.

I went back to the room, it was hard to find the room among the hundreds of rooms in the castle. When I got in the room, I was surprised as Divya, Vinitha, and Sneha were all now dressed as Queens and looked incredibly beautiful.

They all came toward me smiling with happiness and hugged me.

Vinitha: So, are you my student or my king now?

Divya: You were already my king, dear. I love you so much.

Sneha: Vave, I love you. You will always be my everything.

Jiiva: I love you all so much and could not be happier. (hugging them)

Soon I accepted the position as king and officially married my three beautiful women. Since then, my three wives’ main food had been the unlimited cum that I produced.

There was no surprise that Divya was the first to get pregnant. I used to cum the most inside her. She was the one who used to take good care of us like a mother and manage our family matters. Vinitha used to do the planning for the progress of the country. Sneha was always by my side.

As Divya was pregnant now, I started sticking with anal sex. It was such a pleasure fucking her fleshy pink bum every day. Her breasts were already big and beautiful. Now it was getting even bigger with all the milk. Sneha loved Divya’s breasts and always suckled them while I fucked Divya’s ass. Vinitha madam was next to get pregnant followed by Sneha.

Soon, I was fucking all 3 beautiful asses every day and night, with plenty of breast milk coming soon.

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