The Desire – Part 4 (Unwanted Shock)

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This story is part of a series:

I will suggest you read the previous parts to know the characters and understand the story’s plot.

Roja searched for her dress quickly and wore them and asked me to do the same. She asked me to remain in her bedroom. I went into her bedroom and grabbed my clothes. I heard her opening the door talking with someone, it was a male voice. Could it be her father?

But her parents weren’t expected for the next couple of days. Then who he was. I got curious. I went near the door.

“Madam, there is an unknown bike at your parking spot. Do you have a visitor?” the person asked.

“Yes, a colleague from work, is there any problem?” She asked him politely.

“Oh, is he in your bedroom,” he asked curiously.

“Excuse me?” She asked firmly.

“Madam, don’t get me wrong. I couldn’t see him in the living room. That’s why I asked.” He gave a lame reply to save his garbage thinking.

I knew what I have to do. I realized my shirt was in the other room. I searched and saw a shirt inside her wardrobe. I quickly wore that and groomed up like going for office. I intentionally folded the shirt up to my elbow and came out calling Rosa’s name.

“Rosa, I checked my uncle’s desktop. It desperately needs an update. Then I tried to reach the CPU backside, see what happened!” I said, showing the dart on the shirt. Then I turned towards the security guard, intentionally giving a surprised look.

“Now you can see him in the living room, don’t you? You can leave now.” Rosa firmly said to the guard.

“Madam, you just took me wrong. Your family left you alone, so I was worried. Sir must be staying tonight.” The guard’s sarcastic voice spilled his dirty mind, and I could clearly see his ogling for Rosa.

If it was not for Rosa’s house and the situation we were in, it wouldn’t take me less than a second to teach him a lesson. But for the sake of Rosa, I had to handle the situation properly. Rosa was about to say something, but I stopped her giving a grin.

“This guy is funny and caring. No, I would be leaving. I guess the rain has stopped.” I smiled towards the guard, and he smiled back, clueless. He left, giving a smile to Rosa. Rosa closed the door. She was annoyed with the guard’s behavior. I took her hand and asked her to look at me.

“Does he bother you like this?” I asked caringly. She said nothing and lowered her head with disappointment. She walked towards the couch and sat sadly. I followed her and sat beside her.

“Why this world is cruel to women? Why a divorcee looked like a thing that can be used by anyone. Can’t we have a life, fulfill our desires?” She was about to weep. I slowly pulled her towards me and kept her head on my chest. I slowly creased her gently, comforting her. She was sad.

“The world is full of people either jealous of you or envious of you. In both cases, they want to remain unhappy. But only a few are there who love you and care about your smile. You should be concerned about them only,” I said.

She raised her head and looked me in the eyes. She looked at me with love with her teary eyes. “Do you still love me?” she asked, holding my left cheek. I looked her back with the same affection and held her face with both of my hands.

“I never had stopped loving you,” I replied, and that put a smile on her lips. And in no time, our lips touched each other. The kiss was out of pure love, which lasted for a while. We broke the kiss smiling at each other.

“Where did you get that shirt? That’s my ex-husband’s,” She asked in shock.

“It was inside your wardrobe. Do you want me to take it off?” I winked. She gave a stare and went inside the other room to get my shirt. I followed her and grabbed her from the back. She chuckled.

I turned her slowly and kissed her. While kissing, my left hand went inside her pant to reach her butt crack and gently squeeze her ass. While my right hand held her tightly while both hands were around my neck. She was responding by squeezing with a slow moan, which erected my dick instantly.

She broke the kiss. “You should go now. Otherwise, that idiot guard will create unnecessary fuzz and problems for me,” she said hesitantly. Inside she was horny as hell, just like me. But we have to let go of this moment for her. I caught her hand.

“Ok, I will leave. But what will I do with this?” I showed her my bulge. She giggled and touched it softly.
“Let me take care of it.” She tied her hair and knelt before me and took out my dick and started creasing it and spite on it.

“You are doing it like an experienced one,” I said sarcastically, raising my eyes. She gave a stare and squeezed my balls. “Ahhh, you bitch,” I screamed in pain.

“What did you call me?” she squeezed even harder this time.

“Ok, ok, I am sorry. I apologize, please leave,” I replied panting. She again started stroking my dick. “You men are not the only ones who watch porn.” She smirked and started sucking. Her tongue did the tricks on the tip while the lips were doing the outer job finely.

She looked me into my eyes while sucking. I felt a little shy, but she didn’t. She was looking like an angel but whore at the same time. The eye to eye contact just excited me every passing second. And after a good 10 minutes, the climax about to happen. Unlike earlier this time, I indicated to her.

“Rosa, I am about to…” I told her. She took out my dick and started stroking me again. “Spread it on my face,” she said and pointed my dick towards her face. And in a few seconds, I shot a load on her face. My God, the scene was not less than a porn movie.

The cum, started dripping from her forehead to her eyelids, toward her cheeks. Eventually, she reached her chin crossing the lips. She gave a gentle kiss on my dick and stood up. I wanted to take a photo of her, but she strictly said not to, which I obliged.

I adjusted my outfit and intentionally didn’t change the shirt as the guard has already seen me in that shirt. While leaving her house, I gave her a kiss. I even tasted some oh my juice on her lips, which was salty. She grabbed my hand and wiped the cum from my lips, wither thumb and licked it.

“Don’t make it hard for me to leave you like this,” I requested. She chuckled and pushed me, “Give me a call when you reach home,” she said, smiling. I gave the nod, and I left towards the parking lot.

“Sir, leaving.” The guard said sarcastically. I smiled at him and walked towards him. He looked a bit scared me walking towards him. I stood right in front of him.

“She is hot, right?” I asked him, winking. He gave a dirty smirk. “Kya sir aap bhi?” he said, smiling.

“The divorcee is a whore, you know, should I talk to her about you. She can take anyone’s cock inside her,” I pretended to be serious. He got surprised and put his head down in shy.

“As you feel like, sir, talk to her,” he said, shying. I nodded my head and turned towards my bike to get something from my bag. He was unaware of what was about to happen to him. I rushed towards him and a knife on his neck, which I took from Rosa’s kitchen. He got scared.

“Do you want to sleep with her?” I asked in a soft voice. He started trembling.

“She is mine if I get to know you have bothered her…” I pushed the knife a bit harder. “I won’t push it in your neck,” then suddenly I grabbed his genitals and squeezed them hard to make him scream.

“Shhh, not a bit sound. I will cut your balls and dick,” I threatened him and squeezed his dick even harder.

“No sir, I won’t do anything, mother swear. Please let go of your hand,” he said in pain and kissed his cheek to make me believe what kind of psychopath I was.

“Good boy,” I took off my hands and, walking towards the bike, I turned and looked at him. He was scared.

“Hey, you have a nice body. I guess I would love to take your asshole with my dick sometime.” I gave a psychic, luring smile. He ran, hearing me. I laughed and returned to my home. It was around 10:00. I reached home, and outside the gates, I called her.

“Reached?” she asked.

“Yes, just reached. What are you doing?” I asked while getting off the bike.

“Nothing just lying on the bed, after having some light food,” she replied.

“Hmm. I wish that idiot guard didn’t disturb us. I would have been there with you,” I said as I mean it.

“Really, hmmm. Naughty.” She chuckled. I couldn’t resist and made a video call. In the first attempt, she didn’t pick up. But after a few seconds, she called back. I excitedly received the call, and my jaw dropped. She was sleeping sidewise, and her upper body was naked.

She gave a smile seeing my shocked face. I cut the call and again turned the bike towards her home. I made an excuse to stay for the night at a friend’s home. While riding towards her home, my eyes caught a liquor shop.

I stopped to pick a bottle of red wine and again rode towards her house. While entering her society, the same guard was again at the gate. I winked at him and gave a flying kiss indicating to open the gate.

The earlier threatening was still in effect on him. He rushed and opened the gate. I parked my bike in the parking lot and called him. He hesitantly came. “Take this.” I offered him a whiskey bottle and gave him some money. He took them in trembling hands, but his eyes had brightened up seeing the money.

“Just one thing, don’t disturb or let anyone disturb us till I leave from her house. You know what I will do with you if you don’t fail to do this,” I told him firmly, and he obliged, giving a fearing nod.

I walked towards her home and knocked on her door. She took a bit of time. Perhaps wearing her clothes. She opened the door, and I greeted her with the wine and a smile. She almost got faint in shock. But I went inside and locked the door for a new journey of lustful desires.

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