Incest saga – Part 18 (Naughty adventure with Neighbour)

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Hi all, this is Haritha, who is well-known as a slutty mom who gets her holes filled by her son. A naughty neighbour who took her neighbour’s long, hard dick into her holes and got her holes stretched.

At last, a whore who got tempted after reading her daughter’s diary and let her son’s friends fuck her holes just like her daughter.

So that’s my brief intro, and my stats are 36-30-36. It would make anyone hard with a glimpse of my cleavage always in view. That day, I still remember. I already got three orgasms while my son was still fucking my pussy. I laid still and enjoyed his fucking.

Slowly my pussy started to hurt. I told my son the same, and he smiled and turned me to my stomach. He pulled me to the edge of the bed and made sure my legs were wide. He spanked my ass, making me moan.

Then he spread my ass cheeks wide and poked his dick head into my ass hole. It ran shivers over my body as I am so tired and not ready for the fuck. What my son did was take the oil bottle and pour a lump over my ass hole.

He sat beside me and fingered my ass hole with two of his fingers. They went in easily, as the oil was helpful. He started to ask me what my fantasy was. I didn’t have any thoughts till then. But once my son started to fuck me, I started to open up for new adventures.

I had this desire to get fucked by both my husband and son at once. So, I told my son the same, and he smiled, listening to my fantasy.

It was after a week that we had a small party at my home as my husband’s business prospered. My husband and his partners had a few drinks. I wore a saree, and with all the jewellery, I looked so hot. We invited Vijay also for the party, and he took a few pegs along with them.

I was in the kitchen along with my daughter. Vijay came and informed my daughter that the ladies were calling her. They are short of one hand to play. So my daughter left. Vijay moved closer to me and said that I looked so hot. I felt nervous as he came closer.

He placed his hand on my waist and pressed it smoothly. His hardness is visible as he had the longest dick that fucked me to date. It was 9 inches, and I could see the bulk at his zip. He hugged me suddenly and crushed me with his chest.

He said to me, “Aah, Haritha, your is the hottest pussy that I fucked till now. Even my wife doesn’t cooperate that well when I fuck.” His hands were roaming all over my ass, and I could see his bulge hitting my pussy. He smelled of alcohol, and he requested that he would like to lick my pussy.

I smiled, and he went down, lifting my saree and got in between my legs. He moved aside my panties and started his action to lick my wet pussy. He inserted his finger in while licking me, and I closed my eyes with pleasure and moaned slowly.

Suddenly, my son Shyam entered the kitchen. I signalled him to be silent, and he understood that Vijay was busy with work. Shyam kissed me and pressed my boobs. He even pulled them out and sucked.

Two people sucking my boobs and pussy without each other knowing turned me on so much. I caught my son’s dick and pressed it. I don’t know what came in, and I pulled my son’s dick out and started to suck it.

Vijay’s licking was making me go crazy. In order to stop myself from moaning as Vijay was biting my pussy. I started to suck my son’s dick which was getting bigger and bigger with every passing second. I couldn’t last long and got a huge orgasm. Vijay drank it all.

I had to send my son out before Vijay came out of my saree. I was sweating like a pig and went out. I told my husband that I was going for a bath. I went in and turned on the shower. I was enjoying the hot water that falling over my body.

I heard a knock on the door. It was not normal knocking but a hurry knock. I opened it and peeped out. I saw Vijay smiling. I was scared when the house was full, and he wanted to fuck me. He pushed and came into the washroom. He undressed himself and waved his dick to me to suck.

I was scared as hell, as we don’t know who comes in. What if my husband comes in to use the washroom? Before I could answer all of these questions. Vijay started to rub his semi-hard dick over my pussy. I immediately knelt and started to suck him.

I wanted to make him cum and throw him out. But it’s not happening. It’s been 10 minutes. I got up, and he raised my leg and entered my pussy. I begged him to fuck me fast and leave. He started to fuck me fast, and the washroom was filled with the sounds of our bodies hitting each other.

Even though I was tense, his drilling made me close my eyes and moan as his dick was hitting the end of my pussy. He was sucking my boobs and biting my nipples while fucking. His left hand reached for my ass, and he poked his finger into my ass hole. I screamed in pain, but he didn’t stop fucking me.

He pulled his dick out and bent me forward. He started to lick my ass hole while I begged him no as I was not sure that I could take his long dick in my ass. But Vijay was drunk and not in the mood to listen to me. He pushed his dick into my ass, and I screamed. But Vijay succeeded in sending his half-dick in.

He rubbed my pussy as he fucked my ass. I was still screaming slowly as he pinched my pussy. Slowly I started to enjoy his anal fuck and started to move my ass back while he was fucking with his long dick. He lifted me and started to fuck. I was so scared that I might fall.

Vijay didn’t lock the door when he came in. My son Shyam came to check where I was. He peeped in and was shocked as I was in the air and Vijay was fucking my ass. I winked at my son, and my boobs bounced for the fucking.

Vijay dropped me down and was taking a breath as he was tired. I asked him to lie down and asked my son to keep watching. I sat on him with his dick in my ass and rode it while rubbing and fingering myself.

I did it till I squirted all over Vijay’s body, and Vijay cum in my ass. I squeezed his dick. We took a bath, and Vijay went out slowly. It’s been half an hour since my son watched me getting fucked in the ass by Vijay.

Let me know how you felt reading my fucking story at [email protected]. Take care. Bye.

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