My Wife – Part 4 (The Guilty Secret)

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“Hotel XYZ. Be there by nine if you want to know what happened last night. And make sure that Kavita doesn’t know anything.” It was Reddy’s text about the guilty secret.

I was numb looking at the text. I sat there for a while. I don’t even know for how long. I came back to my senses when a waiter interrupted me. I looked at my watch. The time was 12:30 PM.

I still had around 8 hours, I thought. Why am I counting the hours left? Do I really want to take my wife to Reddy? Was I that desperate? I didn’t know what to do.

I strolled out of the coffeehouse and sat in my car. I sat there for a few hours but still I couldn’t clear my mind if I should do this or not. Finally, I thought of talking to Kavita before making any decision. But what will I talk to her? Reddy had told me that Kavita shouldn’t know anything.

I somehow passed my time and headed towards my apartment by 6 PM. It was dark by the time I came back. I saw Kavita in the hall watching TV with my mom, Ragini.

“How was your day?” Mom asked me

“It was alright. Just regular stuff,” I said and walked into my room.

I called out to Kavita after a few minutes.

“Come sit with me,” I pulled her hands, and she fell on the bed on top of me.

“What did you do today?” I asked her moving my hands on her waist.

“Nothing. I was really tired from the journey yesterday. So I just took a rest.” Kavita said, getting comfortable with me

Was she really tired from the journey? Or was she tired of her adventures with Reddy? I thought, and I looked at her. The more I thought of last night between my wife and Reddy, and the more turned on I got. I pulled Kavita for a deep wet kiss. I kissed her hard.

While I kissed my beautiful wife, my mind had images of Kavita and Reddy fucking on the berth below me. Then there were some empty images of Reddy banging my wife in the train washroom. I wanted to fill those blank images, and that’s when I decided to go with my deal with Reddy.

I broke the kiss, turned her around, and got on top of my wife.

“Get ready. I am taking you out for dinner.”

“Really? I mean, we don’t have to. We just came back from a weekend away this morning,” Kavita said, getting a bit surprised

“Oh, come on, Kavita. We couldn’t spend some quality time in Mumbai. I want to make up for it. Now get ready fast,” I said, getting up from the bed.

“Ok. First, you go and get freshened up, then I will get ready,” Kavita said, adjusting her dress

“Why don’t we both get ready together?” I said, grabbing my wife and hoping to get some action in the shower

“No, we will be late. Come to the hall when you are done,” Kavita said and walked steadily towards the hall

I felt a bit odd. Even in the morning, she didn’t let me do anything after I licked her pussy, and now this. I got ready quickly and came into the hall, and Kavita went into the room and locked it from inside.

I felt odd again as I have never seen her locking the door to get ready.

“Where’s Ayushi?” I asked my mom, Ragini

“She’s out with her friends. Will be back soon,” she replied

“Have you thought about her marriage?” My mom asked

“Umm, no, do you have anyone in mind?” I asked her

“No, but we have to start searching soon. She will be 23 in a few days. And I don’t want her to get married in love like my elder daughter,” Mom replied, sounding a bit tensed

“Don’t worry, mom. We will find someone soon.” I tried to calm her down and hugged her.

My mom had been a bit tensed for the last one year after my younger sister, Avantika, married a man she loved against our wishes. We had nothing against her love marriage. The problem was that the man Avantika had married was a bad influence in society.

Although we have accepted her now, there was still no real contact with her or her family. After I calmed my mom, I sent a text to Reddy.

“Our deal is on.”

I waited for around 30 more minutes talking to mom. Finally, Kavita came in the hall looking stunning in a black off-shoulder one-piece dress.

My god! Kavita took my breath away. It was a body-hugging black dress that ended just above her knees. Although the dress was off-shoulder, it didn’t reveal any part of her boobs. She wore good 4’ heels, and that made her ass look irresistible.

I must admit, my wife was going to turn many heads tonight.

“My God, you look beautiful, dear,” My mom held Kavita’s hand and complimented her

And we were off in my car.

“Wow, I didn’t expect you to dress so boldly,” I commented, getting a bit jealous as I knew that Reddy was going to have the time of his life tonight.

“This is not bold, Arun. I just wanted you to be happy when you see me, and it looks like you are not,” Kavita replied, getting a bit grumpy

“No, no, Kavita. I am really happy to see you. You look soo beautifully sexy,” I commented, and she smiled.

As I was driving, I received a text from Reddy.

“I have booked a table under your name at the restaurant. Sit there ONLY,” it read

I wondered what Reddy was up to after reading that text.

“Where are we going?” Kavita asked

“Hotel XYZ,” I said

“Wow, what have you planned?” Kavita replied, getting a bit surprised as that was an expensive place

“You will get to know about it soon. You just enjoy with me,” I said

Kavita kissed me on the cheeks as she seemed happy with my choice. I just smiled at her and wondered what would happen if she finds out that Reddy was the one planning all this.

I reached the hotel and asked for a table in my name. Wow! The table was nicely decorated with a bottle of champagne. Even I was surprised seeing that. I looked around but couldn’t find Reddy.

“Are we celebrating anything, Arun?” Kavita asked me and kissed me again on the cheeks.

We sat and ate together. Kavita kept on saying how much she loved me, and she liked the idea of this dinner. Even I was enjoying this moment with her, and that’s when my phone beeped.

“Come to the men’s washroom,” was Reddy’s text

I came back to reality and looked around. Still, I couldn’t find Reddy. I still thought of walking back with my wife. But I knew that I wouldn’t do that.

“I will be back, baby,” I excused myself and walked to the washroom.

“Your wife’s wearing a nice dress,” I heard Reddy’s voice as I entered the washroom

“Yeah, it was her choice,” I replied.

“You didn’t tell her about me? Did you?” Reddy asked

“No. Kavita doesn’t know anything. What’s your plan now?” I answered and asked back quickly

Reddy looked at me and smiled.

“Have patience, my boy,” He said, patting my shoulder

I just looked down in shame.

“Now listen to me,” He said, handing me a blindfold

“You will blindfold Kavita and bring her to the second floor. I will take it on from there,” Reddy said.

“That’s it? What if she doesn’t want to? You should have her consent,” I replied, getting a bit worried

“Oh, You don’t worry about that, young man. I have her consent. After last night’s incident on the train, she wants me more than you,” Reddy replied and walked out.

“Fuck. What the hell happened last night?” I thought in frustration. I kept that blindfold in my pocket and walked out. Kavita had almost finished her dinner and was now having her dessert.

“Done?” I asked her

“Yeah, where were you?” She asked, making sure if I was ok.

“In the washroom. I think I ate too much,” I lied

“Let’s go home now, and you take some rest then,” Kavita replied, getting up

“The night isn’t over, baby. Come with me,” I held her hand and walked towards the lobby and then to the lift

“Wow! It looks like someone is in the mood today,” Kavita said and moved her hand on my ass. I felt so turned on seeing my wife in the black one-piece that I kissed her hard in the lift.

“Close your eyes, baby,” I told her

Kavita looked at me and smiled but closed her eyes. I took out the blindfold and wrapped it around her eyes.

“What are you up to, Arun?” She asked me

“Ssshhhhhh… You will know soon,” I said in her ear and licked her earlobe.

“Oh,” I knew my wife loved me and felt turned on. The lift opened on the second floor, and I saw Reddy standing in front of the lift. Reddy signaled me to follow him. I held Kavita’s hand and walked behind Reddy.

There was complete silence as we reached Reddy’s room.

“What’s going on, Arun?” Kavita asked again, holding my hand tightly

“Ssshhhhh, baby. Trust me,” I said

Reddy signaled me to leave her there and hide in the closet. I nervously walked into the closet and hid there. I could see the complete room from inside. Now my 24-year-old wife stood in front of a 48-year-old, well-built ex-army officer who had already fucked her last night.

Reddy walked behind Kavita and held the chain on the back of her top, and slowly pulled it down. “Oh Arun, Where are we?” Kavita asked as Reddy unzipped her top and started pulling her one-piece down.

Reddy didn’t utter even a single word and kept pulling my wife’s dress down. I could see my wife’s black strapless bra and her huge cleavage trying to pop out of it. Reddy pulled the dress further down, and I saw Kavita’s flat stomach. Reddy finally pushed the dress to her ankles.

Reddy patted on Kavita’s legs, and Kavita understood the signal. She stepped out of the dress. My lovely wife of 3 years stood blindfolded in front of Reddy in her black strapless bra and black lacy panty. And she was wearing 4’ high heels. I got an instant boner seeing my wife.

“Arun… Say something. At least let me open my blindfold. Can I?” Kavita asked and was about to take her hands to her eyes. Reddy held her hands and brought them back.

Reddy then looked at me. I had no idea what he had in mind. I patiently waited in the closet with my boner. I could feel that my wife was getting restless, and her breathing increased.

I think even Reddy knew that he didn’t have much time. So he started undressing and threw his clothes aside. Within moments he was in his underwear which had a huge bulge in it. It didn’t take him long to pull his underwear down.

Reddy stood naked in front of my wife with his semi-erect dick hanging in between his legs. He then placed both his hands on my wife’s shoulder and slowly brought it down along her hands.

Reddy then held Kavita’s hand and placed it on his erect dick. Kavita held her breath as she held his dick. This was the moment she knew it was not mine.

Kavita is 5’2, her 4’ heels made her look tall, but she was still nowhere near Reddy’s 5’11. I could see Reddy’s dick growing in my wife’s hand. The next moment, Kavita withdrew a hand from Reddy’s dick.

She then pulled her blindfold and was shocked to see Reddy standing in front of her naked with his erect dick. Kavita looked around, shattered.

“Where… Where’s Arun? What am I doing here?… How did you??” She had a million thoughts in her head. Her mind came back and stuck on Reddy’s dick when she looked down.

Reddy didn’t give her much time to think as he pulled her by her waist and kissed her lips. Kavita pulled back and tried to resist him.

“What are you doing, Reddy? Get away from me.” Kavita said, pushing him away

Kavita moved a few steps back, still figuring out what has happened and how she got here with Reddy. She was confused. As Kavita was moving around, lost in her thoughts, she hit a table and returned to her senses.

As Kavita looked back, Reddy quickly moved towards her and turned her around. He pinned my wife on the table and pushed his body against her. Reddy started licking her neck and was dry, humping his dick on her ass.

“Oh, Reddy… leave me, please.” Kavita moaned as Reddy held her tightly and rolled his tongue from her earlobe to her neck. I had many thoughts in my mind. Should I go out? Was he forcing himself on my wife?

Then I saw Reddy turning Kavita towards him. This time he kissed her again. Kavita felt his dick on her stomach. And I didn’t have to wait long for my answer because I saw Kavita’s hand moving towards his dick. As Kavita held Reddy’s dick, that only encouraged him, and he started kissing her wildly.

Kavita, too, kissed him back by pulling his tongue in her mouth. Reddy pulled my wife’s strapless bra down, and her 34 B-sized boobs came in view. He squeezed my wife’s boobs like a tomato. Kavita reciprocated by stroking his dick harder.

He started licking her boobs and biting her nipples. Kavita moaned in pleasure as he bit her nipples. Reddy then unhooked her bra and pulled her panty down. Now my wife stood there only in her 4’ heels.

Reddy then came and sat on the edge of the bed. Kavita gave him a confused look. He spread his legs and signaled something to Kavita. Kavita smiled and looked down. I had no idea what was happening.

Kavita seductively walked towards Reddy in her heels and kneeled in between his legs. She held his dick. I almost came in my pant when I saw what my wife did next. She gulped his dickhead in her mouth and started licking.

“Yeah.. that’s my girl… Lick it.” Reddy said as he held her by her hairs.

Reddy then looked at me and had a devil’s smile on his face. Reddy made eye contact with me as my wife sucked his dick. Although Kavita couldn’t take it in completely, I could see that she was enjoying that. Kavita had never enjoyed sucking my dick. I had to beg her to do it.

Reddy held my wife’s head and started fucking her mouth. Kavita gagged with his dick in her mouth. I could see my wife’s mouth stretching to its limit with Reddy’s fat dick inside.

He finally pulled his dick out. I could see his dick glistening in my wife’s saliva. Reddy looked into my wife’s eyes and pushed her on the bed. He turned my wife around and positioned her in the doggy style.

“Oh,” Kavita moaned as Reddy rubbed his dick on her pussy. She looked back at him seductively and signaling him to push it in. Reddy smiled and pushed his dick slowly in my wife’s pussy.

I could see every inch disappearing in her pussy.

“Aah, yeah,” my wife moaned as his dick slid into her wet pussy.

Reddy started fucking my wife. I couldn’t control it anymore. I took out my dick and started shagging in the closet seeing my wife get fucked. Reddy slowly increased his pace, and so did Kavita’s moaning. He was now ravishing my wife’s pussy.

And her moans had turned into screams. Reddy spanked my wife’s ass in between and murmured something in Tamil. My wife’s boobs jiggled with every thrust. Kavita had her eyes closed and was enjoying the moment.

Reddy then pulled his dick out and turned my wife. He got on top of Kavita and again pushed his dick in her. He was now fucking my wife in a missionary position. Kavita had spread her legs as far as she could. She gave Reddy complete access to her pussy.

Reddy held both of Kavita’s hands above her head and started pounding her hard. Her boobs were squeezed below his huge hairy chest. He had his lips on my wife’s. They sucked and fucked each other.

I could see my wife’s contrasting white body against his dark brown. It felt like chocolate on top of the cream. I came in the closet as I saw their sweat mixing and Reddy’s dick ramming my wife. I couldn’t believe that I had masturbated seeing someone else fuck my wife.

Reddy was still going on. Kavita, too, moved her hips in a rhythm now. The room was filled with the moaning of my wife. Reddy then pulled out his dick and grabbed my wife by her hair, and made her go on her knees.

“Was he going to cum in my wife’s mouth?” I thought as he positioned his dick on her face.

My wife held her face high with pride as Reddy shot his sperms in my wife’s face. He came in huge loads. Reddy sprayed cum on Kavita’s face.

I just couldn’t believe what happened here. I saw Kavita’s sweaty face filled with Reddy’s cum. Some of it fell on her boobs. My wife sat on the floor drenched in cum. I couldn’t stop seeing her, and I felt myself getting hard again.

Reddy laid back on the bed, breathing heavily. Kavita caught her breath and slowly walked towards the washroom, maybe to clean herself. I stayed still in the closet for a few more minutes and wondered if I should go out or not.

Kavita came back from the washroom. She had removed her heels too now. She stood completely naked.

Before anyone could say anything, “Arun, young man. Why don’t you come out of the closet now,” Reddy said, opening the closet

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