Horny Indo-American lady Surabhi’s day out – Part 1

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Hello there readers! You might have known about the story by reading the title itself. It is the story of a young lady in her 30s, born Bengali, grew up there, and has been living a married life in New Jersey, USA for the last six years with an open-minded orthodox man of her choice.

They met each other in the USA and decided to knot their ties after having their relationship. Her hubby is Harsh from Mumbai while she is Surabhi from Kolkata. They had their own past experiences in love, lust and had been living a cheerful youth life since their college days.

Starting with the story, Harsh is quite open-minded but not that open to being cuck. It was after 4 years of happy married life going on between them without any conflicts and pure love between them. They both had their own past of having bf/gf and not being virgins and both knew about that very well.

Surabhi as a wife was pretty hot. She was liberal, had modern belief and was kind of open open-minded. She was having dates with her male friends of her choice, which Harsh hadn’t have any problems with. Harsh use to flirt with his colleagues in the office. Harsha and Surabhi were having an erotic sexual life in bed and on the outside too they were showing love to each other.

Surabhi was quite western and bit of a hot one who use to expose her big cleavage and showed off her sexy outfits everywhere she went. She was always at her fullest in wearing bikinis at beaches and posting and sharing her stuff. Harsh wasn’t that photogenic compared to Surabhi, but he never failed to pose with his sexy hot slutty wife and be with his friends.

Coming to sexual fantasies, Surabhi was satisfied sexually with her hubby and she never complained of being unsatisfied. But still, she thought she lacked more in this sexual life. She was more into making friends. She had a photographer friend named Karthi who was her boyfriend. She met him from a site and he was involved in her photoshoots.

It ended as an erotic one when Karthi proposed to her for sex and she had done that unconditionally. It was like pure love for the. Karthi was from India and visited the US sometimes to meet his cousins who lived in the same city. They both met in India and the US whenever they got the opportunity. Karthi was a bachelor of 30.

It was the end of 2022 in winter. Surabhi was busy with her work as she worked as a businesswoman. She was filled with a thirst for eroticism and was desperate to have romantic sex. Her hubby was busy with work for the last week being on a business trip and she was missing him at this point to have a sexual intimacy during this winter season with chilled drinks and lots of love.

The Indo-American wife was quite disappointed when she reminded her hubby of that. But her hubby was busy and was not caring much as he was dating his colleague in the office and he wanted to spend some time with her after a long chance.

Surabhi was missing Karthi at this point. She was active in Xham and had connected to a well-known married man in his 40s. They were texting each other for the last three months and had not met in real life. That man was living in Texas. Surabhi never took this to a real meeting as she wasn’t very convinced about meeting him as he was married.

His name was Rayan – a Tamilian who was settled in Texas for more than two decades with his wife and kids. He traveled often across the states for his business purposes. As luck had in store for him, his client from New Jersey invited him for a final negotiation. After finishing the deal in favor of him, he had still half a day more for himself.

Settled back in his hotel, he started browsing randomly and opened up Xham. Surabhi was online and he pinged her to inform her about his visit to New Jersey. Surabhi was already in a high mood and leaking between her thighs. Ryan then asked her about any plans for her to meet her. She didn’t respond. Ryan said he was there in New Jersey for that evening and asked would she take time to meet her on a small coffee date?

She accepted that. Bang on time, both were in the coffee shop. They both were in heat, expecting the other one to push the boundary a bit to get cozy.

Surabhi was looking at her best in a single-piece gown that really struggled to contain her 36D Bengali boobs in place. Her massive cleavage was showing off her well-built bosoms. Her well-toned flat abs really made her super sexy even in her early 30s. Also, her shapely bubble butt which was not so wide but very firm, looked very beautiful and cladded in a saffron hot outfit.

Ryan came in casuals. A smart businessman. He was sure that he already had her confirmed for the night. He didn’t focus much on his dressing. As soon as they identified each other in the coffee shop by their dress color, they said hi very casually, trying to hide their nervousness.

As soon as they sat down in a corner, there was an awkward silence. Then Ryan broke the ice complimenting her dress. He kept looking at her cleavage often which made even Surabhi uncomfortable. Then they ordered coffee and before they could even finish it, Ryan asked her straight, “Surabhi, would you like to see my room and relax a bit?” She hesitated but agreed and she said, “Sure.”

Then they paid the bills without even finishing their coffee and started walking toward the lift. The room was on the 45th floor and once inside the lift, Ryan started moving closer to Surabhi. He placed his hands behind her back, exactly on her bum. Surabhi looked at his eyes, surprised by his audacity.

He continued to feel her hip and well-built butt till they reached the room. Once they got inside the room, he did not even ask or talk about anything. Ryan just closed the door, held the hot Indo-American woman Surabhi by her shoulders, made her stand against the wall, leaned on her pressing her boobs by his chest, held her arms, and landed his lips straight on her lips.

Surabhi was a bit startled by his bold move, as she wasn’t into that surprise before. She was like, “Please No..!”

Ryan was in a horny mood, in no position to leave this opportunity knowing it was the right one at the right time. Sensing her resistance was weak, Ryan placed his right hand on her boobs firmly and his left hand on her shoulder to remove her gown strip without removing his lips from hers. The drinks were there on the fridge for Ryan to boost both of them in winter.

He engulfed her shoulders and neck and muffled her moans. He then pulled her toward him and started sucking and licking with his tongue playing in between. Saliva was spread generously outside the lips of both of them. It was a real wet kiss. Not less of a french one.

All the while, he was grabbing her ass from behind feeling it boldly. His hand was successful in taking off the gown strip from both arms and her gown was hanging on her half boobs now.

Ryan separated from her to see how she looked with a gown hanging on her boobs. Surabhi was breathing long. Her boobs were rising and dropping from a heated-up kiss. Her hair was completely disheveled.

Ryan placed her in front of him at the back and both his hands were on her hand and the outfit, holding and pressing her boobs. The Bengali married woman was moaning and she quickly pulled down the gown and dropped it on the floor. Her tits were flourishing from the bra. It was so sexy that Ryan couldn’t control much to give a tit-job.

Now Surabhi was standing only with her bra and panty, completely black. She was facing the wall with him at her back. Ryan’s dick was getting harder and harder every second and it was stretching his trousers. Surabhi could feel it pressing on her buttocks. Then Ryan started kissing Surabhi’s wide shoulders and back slowly while moving down. He did not miss to give her small bites and licks as he moved down.

His hands were firmly holding and pressing Surabhi’s hips. He knelt, bit her butt, held her thighs, and made her turn to the front-facing him. Surabhi turned her head down in anticipation to see what was next. Ryan felt her panty on his mouth, sided her panty, and placed his mouth exactly on her clit. Surabhi was already leaking heavily. This faster and bolder move of Ryan was making her weaker and she started shivering her legs a bit, especially her thick shiny soft thighs.

Then she held Ryan’s head by his hair and leaned completely back on the wall with her head tilted up in pleasure. Ryan was sucking on her Bengali clit very tightly by creating a vacuum in his mouth. Surabhi really found it very difficult to handle this kind of onslaught and she badly wanted to lie down and enjoy being licked up just like her hubby did. But Ryan did not let her sit also.

He created more and more pressure in sucking her clit. His hands pressed her buttocks, pulling them apart with high force so that her ass hole was visible. Surabhi couldn’t hold the pleasure anymore. She screamed in pleasure while holding Ryan’s hair tight and cummed heavily on his face.

She collapsed on the bed now, lying and facing the ceiling and breathing high with her boobs raising and falling. Ryan was seeing her and turning into an animal because of her sexy body looks. Her wide shoulders, large and firm boobs, well-built shapely hips, tight thighs, and long legs made him an animal already.

He then straightaway went and sat on her stomach with his knees on both sides of her hips. His dick was placed between her hot boobs. Without any hesitation, he spat between her boobs a huge amount of saliva. Some saliva splattered on her neck and face while spitting. It was so dirty. He placed his dick now on the saliva and Surabhi understood what he wanted and got both boobs together, giving his dick a gripping feel.

Ryan had already turned into an animal and started fucking between the Indo-American lady’s boobs. Often he was slapping on her boobs hard and sharp. In between, he also held Surabhi’s neck tight to choke her. Surabhi was enjoying this kinky treatment like a slut unleashed. The room was filled with Surabhi’s moans, Ryan’s grunts, and the noise of flesh hitting each other.

Ryan pulled out his dick from her tits and lied on her fully and started eating her mouth. From the top angle, Surabhi was not at all visible because Ryan had broad shoulders and a well-built body which had hidden Surabhi very easily. Ryan was chewing off Surabhi’s lips, cheeks, and chin. His hands were constantly massaging Surabhi’s boobs very hard and squeezing them.

He could feel her boobs slippery because of the spit and precum leaked between them. He positioned his groin right on her pubic mound and tried to split her legs with his legs. Surabhi got the cue and spread her legs wide enough for him to fuck her freely.

Then Ryan placed his 7-inch dick at the entrance of the horny Bengali woman’s cunt and pushed all 7 inches in one go. Surabhi gasped in shock although this was not the first time she was taking 7 inches. But she was not wet enough now and the rough fuck drove her crazy. Ryan kept pulling out his dick and pushing in slowly at first and faster later. Surabhi moaned in a loud voice which was good enough to hear for others outside the room, but she didn’t care.

With every thrust of dick, her boobs jiggled up and down and Ryan was mercilessly pushing the entire 7-inch every time drilling hard. Her pussy wasn’t shaved much. She was moaning and enjoying herself at the same time.

After about ten minutes of fucking in that position, Ryan pulled out completely and turned Surabhi to lie on her stomach and sat on her knees. He started splitting her butt cheeks and was trying to place his dick on her butt hole. Surabhi was exhausted and trying to get out of Ryan’s control. She was pleading, “Ryan, no, please. It’s BIG”. Ryan was in no mood to listen.

Surabhi was very much determined not to allow Ryan to fuck her ass. She struggled out of his control and got out. To avoid Ryan overpowering her again, she sided toward him at the edge of the bed and straightaway started sucking his dick. She started sucking his balls hard, making them wet. She spitting on that. She was horny and kinky in blowjobs.

Ryan went crazy. He held Surabhi’s head tightly and started moving his hip to literally fuck her mouth hard and deep throat her. Surabhi’s eyes widened at his pace and saliva flowed to the side of her lips, drooling over the cock wet. She couldn’t take it anymore and her eyes were wet taking deep inside. She was exhausted.

Then she tapped on Ryan’s thighs signaling him to slow down or stop. Ryan understood and left her head. There were multiple threads of saliva hanging between Ryan’s dick and Surabhi’s mouth looking kinky. Surabhi was gasping for breath. She felt relieved, but still, she could feel her throat convulsing and trying to adjust itself to normalcy.

Ryan stood up and went behind Surabhi, who was still in a kneeling position. He lifted the lovely Bengali woman and placed her body on the bed. Her hip was at the edge of the bed. He held her hair and pulled it back till her neck became tight. Then he placed his dick on her cunt from behind and started fucking her in doggy position. He continued his assault which Surabhi made feel pleasure and pain both. It was animalistic.

He was about to reach climax now after fucking her continuously for almost 10 minutes. Then he bent forward while fucking Surabhi in a doggy position and started massaging her clit with his thumb and index finger. That was the limit and Surabhi’s dam broke! She almost screamed and was squirting. The bed edge was almost drenched.

Ryan pulled his dick out and turned Surabhi to sit on the bed and inserted his dick in her mouth fully till the end and started cumming in her throat. Surabhi couldn’t take it and started coughing. The cum splashed outside her mouth and started flowing on her chin, cheeks, and boobs. Ryan pulled out his dick and rubbed his dick all over her face and cummed loads on her.

Both were exhausted in bed. It was super kinky that both were experienced in bed.

It was almost time for Surabhi to go. She washed her face, dressed up, and went away while Ryan was still hard on the bed laying down. Surabhi missed wearing her panty and went out down to the coffee shop where she was waiting for her hubby to sip coffee.

Harsh walked into the shop and gave a warm hug to his loving wife and then tried to kiss her lips. Despite smelling the coffee, he got the smell of cum from her mouth and he understood what happened!

On the other side, Ryan was still hungry for more sex and shagging himself with Surabhi’s panties on the bed.

Wait for the next part to see how Ryan met Surabhi again.

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