The Girl In The Lift – Part 10 (The End Of Slavery)

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Thank you, guys, for your appreciation and feedback. It really means a lot. This is the end of slavery where Simi and I explored our BDSM fantasy. If you haven’t read the earlier parts, I would recommend to please read them to get the context and characters of the story.

I had a struggling night with my hands and legs cuffed, and the Mistress had a sound sleep after two orgasms yesterday. The clock was about to tick at 8 AM. I got up and climbed on the bed, and my Mistress was still sleeping.

I took one end of the bedsheet in my teeth and removed it. She was lying naked and was looking gorgeous. I wanted to fuck her right away but was not allowed to. I moved closer to her thighs and started to lick them.

As her legs were closed, and I couldn’t get hold of her pussy. Rubbing my tongue on her thighs made her awake. Mistress then spread her legs, and her pussy was now in my range. I started licking her pussy lips, and she started to moan and enjoy.

After some time, she was getting horny and asked me to suck it. I started sucking it, and after good 10 minutes, the Mistress started moaning heavily as she reached her first orgasm for the day. She released her juices, and I had to suck and lick off of them.

It was still only 20 minutes, and I continued licking her pussy. She spread her pussy lips and ordered to put the tongue inside. She reached her second orgasm and again released her juices. She seemed to be enjoying the erotic passionate oral sex sessions. After 10 minutes, it was now time to lick her ass.

Mistress released my handcuffs and laid on her stomach. She put a pillow under her navel area and spread her legs. She ordered to start licking her ass hole now. I spread her ass cheeks and started licking her ass hole. She was getting hornier each minute. She made me lick for half an hour, after which she ordered to stop.

The clock was ticking at 9 AM. She started to get up to pee, but something came to her mind. She ordered me to put my mouth on her pussy. I did as ordered. She said that she will pee in my mouth, and not a single drop should go on the bedsheet. If I have any reservations about it, I could use my safe word.

I thought that I have already drink it and said, “Thank you, Mistress, for asking. I am fine to continue.” Hearing this, she ordered to lock my lips to her pussy lips firmly, and she started to release her warm piss in my mouth. I started gulping and took all of it.

After finishing it, she ordered me to lick it clean. She ordered me to use the bathroom and be ready in the hall on my knees in the next half an hour with two cups of tea.

I completed the morning activities and brushed my teeth. I prepared the tea and served it on the table. I got on my knees and was waiting for the Mistress. She had her tea and also asked me to have it but on my knees only.

After tea, she ordered me to take the Viagra. I took it, but I knew this will make me hornier than yesterday as I haven’t cum. Mistress ordered me to stand now, and she put nipple clamps and weights to it.

She gave me 3 darts to hit. The count of hits will be the hits that I would receive on my cock. Hearing this send shivers in my body. I hit the darts, and they turned as 12,6,8, which made it to 26.

Mistress tied my hands with cuffs and to the ceiling with the ropes. She tied my legs as well with cuffs. She rubbed my cock a little, and it was fully erect. She took a wooden scale and started hitting on my erect cock. I now understood why she ordered me to take Viagra.

It was painful, and at the end of 26 strokes, the whole area, including my cock was red. Mistress then ordered me to lie on the bench on my stomach. She tied my hands and legs firmly to the bench. She put a blindfold on me. She lit up a few pencil candles.

Once the wax in the candles has melted, she started pouring them on my back and bums. It gave a burning sensation. After covering almost all of my back with wax, she took a flogger and started hitting on my back and bums to remove all the wax.

Mistress released me and asked me to lay down on my back now. She again tied my hands and legs. She started to pour the hot wax on my thighs and gradually moved to my cock. The cock still had bruises from the flogger, and hot wax made it worse.

I was almost about to scream, but Mistress stuffed my panty in my mouth. She covered my whole dick with wax. She then moved upwards and poured the hot wax on my nipples and stomach.

After the wax was cooled down, Mistress took the flogger and start hitting. Slowly the wax was getting removed from my body. Removing from the cock took a long time, and it was very painful.

Mistress ordered me to stand against the wall touching my full body. My head was facing the wall. She tied a rope on my cock and attached heavyweights. My cock was pulled down due to weights.

She placed 2 small coins between my nipples and the wall. She stuffed the panty in my mouth and rolled a tape over my mouth to make a perfect gag. She told me that she would be spanking my back with the flogger for 15 minutes. If any of the coins drop, additional 10 minutes would be added for every drop.

I ensured that I had a firm grip on the wall. Mistress started hitting my back, bumps, thighs, and everywhere. The hits were making me lose my position. It was difficult to maintain position after each hit. But due to fear of an additional 10 minutes, I was not moving my body.

Mistress seemed to enjoy a lot over my frustration. Seeing me maintaining my position, she ordered me to spread my legs. Now my inner thighs and cock were in the range of the flogger.

Mistress started hitting inner thighs. Some hits were going on my cock as well. She made a very hard hit bending a little down, and which hit most of my cock and part of my balls. This made me lose position, and one of the coins fell down.

She was overjoyed seeing this and placed back the coin. This further increased my spanking by 10 minutes. At the end of 25 minutes, my whole back portion was red. She then sprayed salty water, which made it pain like hell.

She ordered me to stand like this for the next half an hour with the coins. I could not move. Otherwise, the coin would have fallen down, and my cock was paining like hell.

After 30 minutes, Mistress ordered me to kneel in front of her while she laid down. She pushed her ass hole out and asked me to lick it. She made me lick it for the next 30 minutes with my tongue, and she was too horny now.

She attached the leash to my collar and ordered me to crawl to the bedroom with her. Mistress climbed on the bed and ordered me to give her a hot oil massage. I took some coconut oil and heat it up. I placed a large towel on the bed and requested Mistress to lay down on her stomach.

I took some hot oil and started massaging her back and shoulders. Moving my hands and body was creating pain on my cock as it still had the weights attached to it. I massaged Mistress’s back and shoulders. After I moved to her bumps and ass hole. I massaged a lot in that area, and Mistress was getting horny.

After spending some good time there, I moved to the thighs and legs. Mistress’s body was shinning due to oil and was looking damn sexy. I requested her to turn around and started massaging her legs from the front. I didn’t touch her pussy as I wanted to move to it last.

I moved to her boobs and massaged them for good 10-15 minutes, tickling her nipples. She was getting hornier as the massage was progressing. Lastly, I moved to her bikini area and started massaging it.

I didn’t directly start massaging her pussy but my fingers touched it while massaging the nearby area. This was giving a tickling sensation to her, and she was very wet down.

After some time, I poured some hot oil on her pussy and started massaging it. I was very careful to not make her orgasm but was making her horny. I wanted Mistress to reach a state where it becomes difficult for her to control.

I was bringing Mistress near to orgasm by massaging pussy. Just before that, I used to move to her thighs. I repeated this 2-3 times before Mistress ordered me to put my cock in her pussy and give her a good fuck. She removed the rope and weights from my cock and started sucking it.

I had already taken Viagra, so in a few seconds, it was hard and erect. She ordered it now fuck her nicely. Mistress was already in a missionary position. I put my cock on her pussy and pushed in. It almost completely went in as she was very wet. In the second push, it all went in.

I started to move it in and out and was fucking Mistress very hard. She was too horny and was saying, “Fuck me hard, slave.” I increased my speed. As she was already excited due to the massage, she reached her orgasm in a few minutes and started releasing juices.

She was breathing heavily. After a few seconds, she came back to her senses. I had stopped during her orgasm and again started to move in and out slowly. I was praying that Mistress doesn’t order me to stop.

To my dismay, Mistress ordered me to stop, and I pulled my cock out. She then took the doggy position and ordered me to fuck her hard from behind. It looked that she was still horny and wanted more.

I came on my knees at her back and rubbed my hard cock on her pussy. I gave a push and started ramming her from behind. I was fucking her hard from behind, and the sounds of our body touches were echoing in the room.

Mistress ordered me to put one of my fingers in her ass hole and started fucking her ass simultaneously with the finger. I put some oil on my finger and inserted it into her asshole. She was getting pleasure now in both the holes. Her moaning was drawing me crazy.

I continued to fuck her for good 10 minutes, and she reached her second orgasm. Her pussy started releasing juices, and soon I also released my cum in her pussy. Mistress just fell on the bed and took her time to relax while I was on my knees at her back. Her pussy was now dripping her juices and my cum.

Mistress ordered me to crawl to the bathroom and ordered me to gave her a good bath. I started the shower and rubbed soap on her body. I rubbed my hands nicely on her boobs and her pussy and massaged them well. Then I started the shower, and we both took a bath.

Later, I dried her up with the towel and helped to wear her inners and clothes. Mistress ordered me to put on my clothes now, and we ended our session.

She enjoyed being Mistress. She thought that I might use the safe word at some points, but I supported her nicely. She asked me how it felt to me. It was a different experience and feeling altogether, and I enjoyed it. It was a different experience to submit to a Mistress and enjoy pain with pleasure.

We both gave a deep kiss and cuddled, after which I left her house.

So, guys, I will end the story and this series here. I hope you liked how the married lady Simi became each other’s BDSM slaves. I will again come up with a new story sometime. Please provide your valuable feedback on [email protected] or my hangout ID amit.360.sharma.

Any ladies and even couples who want to explore more on BDSM and submission, please reach out to me. I would be more than happy to explore fantasy on this topic and rest assured of privacy.

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