Made My Neighbor Horny – Part 5

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Hey everyone! I am back again with a new part where my fantasy dream became reality. You people are amazing. I thank you all for sharing the positive feedback. This time story will be a bit lengthy.

Let me introduce myself. I’m Akhil Bisla, my age is 26, and my dick size is 6″ inch, which can satisfy any female.

Just a recap, we did another session of phone sex. Then she went shopping with Gayatri, and I got busy with household work. So I was chilling on the couch, sitting nude. And then my phone buzzed. It was her.

She: Hi!

Me: Hello baby, done with shopping?

She: Yup! Just arrived home. What’s going on?

Me: Just chilling on the couch. What did you get for yourself?

She: Some undergarments.

Me: Which one?

She: Lacy bras and thongs.

Me: Nice! I would like to see them.

She: No, baby.

Me: Why?

She: I’m not going to show them right now, but later for sure. I’m not a bad girl.

Me: But I want you to be bad. Be bad just this once, bitch.

She: Ok, apart from undergarments, what else you want to see?

Me: Show me your navel.

She sent an image.

She: I’m here, baby. Here to please you in whatever way you want.

Me: I want you to touch me.

She: Touch your shoulders?

Me: Lower.

She: Thighs?

Me: Higher.

She: Grasp your member. It’s already hard. My mouth waters as I brush my fingertips up and down.

Me: Do more than touch it.

She: I place my tongue on your tip and lick softly.

Me: Open it wide.

She: Oh, someone’s bossy today. I open my mouth and lick my lips.

Me: Hot! But what’s even hotter is me grabbing the nape of your neck and force myself deep inside you. You don’t gag even once.

She: No, I’m too experienced for that. But I am happy to please you in whatever way possible.

Me: Hmm…I guess I can live with that for now.

She: You’ll have to let me make it up to you.

Me: How?

She: Well… I’ll start with my mouth.

Me: Go on.

She: I push you, and you fall on the plush bed.

Me: This is one hot apology

She: And it’s only going to get hotter. I crawl on top of you and spread my legs. I pull down your boxers, take your stiff member into my hand and push my hand up and down.

Me: I am wearing nothing. I lean my head back and moan. Watching your small hands work my large shaft is erotic.

She: I lean down and look into your eyes as my tongue licks the tip. I blow cool air and smile as you harden even more.

Me: Such a tease!

She: oh, you’d prefer the full experience? I keep my eyes on yours as I open my mouth and take you inside. I twirl my tongue and suck. It makes you moan and thrust your hips.

Me: I want to be inside you.

She: You are.

Me: I mean the other way.

She: I release you and run my hands up your body, letting my fingertips brush your abs.

Me: I grasp your hips and pull you, so you’re in line with me. Then I let you go, and you mount me.

She: I moan at the fullness and begin rocking. You thrust into me, filling me with each flex of your hips. I throw my head back, letting my hair drape down my naked back.

Me: I grasp your breasts in my hands and pinch each time you grind against me. My rough palms brush your nipples.

She: I moan in pleasure and sneak my hand down to rub my sensitive spot. The sensations mixed with your dirty words make my pulse. I pant as I rub even faster against you.

Me: I get there.

She: At your order, I cry out my peak. It sends shockwaves of pleasure in me, which draws you to your own climax.

Me: I grin breathlessly as you lie on top of me.

She: Good round?

Me: The best.

She: But…

Me: But what?

She: I want to take this to the next level.

Me: How?

There was no response from her side for the next 5 minutes. I tried calling her, but she didn’t answer. I thought someone arrived at her home, so she left in between.

After 15 minutes I heard a knock on the door. Fuck! I was still nude and sitting on the couch. I started looking for my clothes and then again heard a knock. Luckily I found my clothes, wore them quickly and opened the door. It was her. My bitch was standing in front of me, wearing shorts and a top.

She: What’s up, baby?

Me: Why the fuck you didn’t inform me that you are coming to my home?

She: What would have happened if I had told you?

Me: I just don’t have to look for my clothes. I would have opened the door without any clothes on the body.

She: Chill! Won’t you ask me to come in?

I pulled her and closed the door, and kissed her. We kissed for 5 minutes and then parted.

She: So what were you doing when I was in the mall?

Me: Just watching Netflix.

We both sat on the couch, and she kept her legs in my lap. And I started caressing them. My hand was exploring her bare thighs. I was getting hard on again. I asked if she wants to drink something.

She: Any beverage.

So I got 2 beers. We were sipping and getting relaxed. Suddenly she sipped beer and came closer to me, and sat in my lap. She started kissing me and poured the beer from her mouth to mine. We kissed passionately each other. She took off my clothes. I was kissing her neck, and she was moaning slightly

I took off her top and shorts. She was in those undergarments she bought from the mall. I made her lay down and came over her and kissed her again. She wrapped her legs. I opened her bra hook, and she was in just panty. She stood up and knee down.

She grabbed my dick and started blowing it. She was pro. And I closed my eyes and started feeling the warmth. She was stroking very nicely. I pushed her head so that she can take it inside maximum. I was choking her in between while she was sucking my dick.

After 20 minutes of blowjob, I discharged, and she drank my cum, without wasting any single drop. I made her stand up and started kissing her belly. I was digging deep in her navel. And she was moaning.

I removed her panty and saw her dripping pussy. The juice was flowing from her hole. She lay down, and I started sucking her boobs and down there. I inserted my fingers in her pussy. I shifted down to her navel and kissed around waist areas. The room was filled with her moans.

I reached her most amazing body part. I inserted my tongue in her pussy, as deeper as I could. She let out a huge moaning sound. She grabbed my head pushed me inside. The taste of her juice was so hot, and I thought I can do this all day.

I really love sucking pussy. This means if a girl asks me to lick her pussy, I won’t stop, even if she asks. I was lost in the aroma, and she was moaning and moaning. Her sounds were increasing. I knew she was about to reach orgasm.

I quickly grabbed her boobs and encircled the areola. Down there, I was still doing my favorite thing. I slapped her boobs and made them red. I increased my speed of licking.

Within the next 5 minutes, she exploded the juice on my face, she finally squirted her liquid. She quickly stood up and kissed me. She held my dick.

She: Today, I won’t go back without taking your dick inside me. I want this fucking dick in my pussy.

Me: Sure, bitch! This won’t be easy for you today.

To be continued.

Any female who wants to have fun, please ping me on hangout only at [email protected] Tell me how you liked my story of dream fantasy that turned to reality.

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