Divorced Indian Roommate In USA

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Hello ISS readers,

My name is Bobby, from USA. I’ve living here for more than 5 years, did my education work in IT industry. I work in projects a lot, so moved a lot across USA. These incidents happened last year. I completed a 2 plus year project in a city and I moved to a new city in the East Coast region.

For more than 2 weeks I could not find proper accommodation, finally saw a posting in Indian classifieds by a female named Arpita (name changed for obvious reasons) who was looking for a roommate, can be male/female. I got excited by reading the post, immediately contacted her and went to see her and the apartment. My dick was already up by then, drove really fast to the place and knocked the door.

Arpita opened the door and welcomed me in. Man, what a beauty she is! Very fair in color, nice body structure 33 25 34 smelled awesome. I was dumb stuck looking at her. She showed me the apartment, but I could not concentrate. She asked if I liked it, I immediately said yes. She told me the other details, about rent and other bills. But, I didn’t care I agreed to all the things immediately. My only agenda was to get close to her. A couple of days later I moved in, and I already masturbated number of times thinking of her.

First day in the evening she was cooking and asked what I’d like to eat, I said anything is fine. She said ok and said she will do rajma and roti, I said I’ll help her and I stood besides her while she was cooking. Her odor was killing me inside, I immediately wanted to grab her, kiss and make love with her. But, I controlled and in the middle of cooking I went to restroom and masturbated. This went on for a couple of days. Then on the third day in evening we were both at home, she asked me shall we go for a walk.

I immediately said yes, and the streets around us were very dark, people don’t walk on roads much here. While walking we asked about each other, she didn’t tell me about her situation and said she is single and told about her family back in India. Then we went home, I was a little satisfied that we came a little closer as friends that day.

On 4th day again we went for a walk, and while walking I saw a small park in the apartment corner which was almost like abandoned and asked her about that park. She said nobody goes there, not sure about that. I like adventures and immediately said lets go there, it was not that bad and we found a spot to sit in grass and enjoy highway view. We can see the beautiful highway, but no one can see us. I though it’s perfect time to make a move. I asked if we can lay down in the grass and she said ok. So, we laid on the grass looking into the sky and highyway. It was a little cold and I moved closer to her and she moved little closer to me as well saying it’s cold.

Then, I laid my hand on her, she didn’t say anything, then I laid a leg in her legs. She looked at me and said ” tujhe nahi lagta hai ki hum jayada hi kareeb aa gaye? (don’t you think we are getting too much close?)” I said i don’t care. Then she called my name and said “ye acha nahi hai, chalo ghar (this is not good, let’s go back)”. I didn’t give her a chance to get up, grabbed her and kissed hard on her lips. She tried to resist and a minute and started opening her mouth and giving her tongue out to me.

We kissed for about 15 minutes, licked each other like crazy and finally after 15 min she pushed me away, I apologized and she said “koi bat nahi, ho jyata hai is umar me (no problem, it’s happens in this age)”. I felt a little happy that she is also excited. We started walking back and As soon we entered into the apartment I pushed her to the way held her and kissed her like Imram Hashmi kissed Geeta Basra in the movie Train. She, while trying to convince me not to responded very well. The most exciting thing, when a girl saying no but acts as if she wants it. and while kissing we moved to her bed room. I didn’t waste any time, removed her top, licked her face, neck.

Then I tore her bra, her boobs were so fair with pink nipples. I sucked those nipples for over 30 minutes. She enjoyed my sucking a lot. She then removed my shirt, licked my chest, sucked my nipples like a hungry animal. I removed my pant and underwear while in the act, and asked her to suck and she sucked it like a pro. I have to describe the way she did it, she held the dick head in circle and while guiding the dick into the mouth she pushed to foreskin down and she used her tongue to feel the dick corners. I cannot completely express the feeling I had I that act. It was simply a heaven.

Then I pushed her head into the dick cummed in her throat, and closed my eyes until the last drop is out. She puked immediately, but liked it. After a while my dick ready again to give another shot, this time I told her I wanted to fuck her. But, she was not ready for the fuck and said she will do anything to satisfy me except fuck. She did not let me touch her underwear also. I felt disappointed a little, but respected her and we continued with the kissing, licking like lovers. This continued for about a week, we didn’t leave any chance, during lunch time I come home from job, she also comes home, and before lunch she used to give me a blowjob everyday.

After a week, we were making out and I kept my hand in her underwear, she didn’t saying anything, started to finger her and she started enjoying, responding by licking and kissing me. She was very horny that day and I thought I could fuck her, but I didn’t rush. I let my fingers do the magic, slowly removed her underwear, she kept saying no, but still kept responding with kissed and licking.

Then suddenly I came on top of her and pushed my dick inside her pussy. She gave out a loud and long mourn. I pushed my dick deep inside her held it there for a few seconds, man it was heaven. Trust me guys, a woman’s pussy is so awesome, it’s like it’s made for a dick. I kept fucking her in and out and she responded so well, and after I came close to cumming and she told me not cum inside, so I cummed on her body. We washed each other, and lays on bed again and she started crying. I felt sorry for her and asked what happened.

She told about her husband, he married her in India brought her to USA and started torturing her for more dowry, so she came out of the house. Also, she said she didn’t have sex with him after the first night, which was 4 years ago. She also said she enjoyed a lot with me.

The next day she went to swimming with her old friend and she was in black clothes. When she came back home I was dumb stuck seeing her in those wet black clothes I immediately removed her clothes, gave her a best tongue fuck to her pussy. She cummed in the process but I didn’t care, I continued to do it till she said “please, mujhe chodho yaar (please fuck me)”. I thought I’ll tease her for some time, I kept licking her pussy walls, etc. Man!, she was jumping up and down asking me to fuck her, she asked “Hath jhodthi Hun, please mujhe chodho. Tera randi banke rahungi (I beg you, please fuck me. I’ll be your slut from today)”.

I got so excited listening to it I fucked her like crazy that day. This continue for about that 5 months, after she married another guy from her community to keep her parents happy. We had not limitations, anything we wanted to do in sex we did it, we enjoyed a lot. I don’t have a big dick, just an average size. I don’t believe sick size matters in satisfying a woman, not at all. You just have to understand your partners body. I don’t know if I’ll ever have this kind of affair with anyone again, but that was the best sexual affair one could ever have. Any girls/ ladies, if you have any fantasies feel free to contact me at [email protected] It need not have to be sex, it can just be licking sucking kissing etc, I’ll try to satisfy you.

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