Consoling My Hot Neighbour Meera Aunty – Part 1

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Gowri: Oh, Ayya, I love you so much. Keep going.

I was thrusting my penis inside Gowri’s pussy as fast as possible. We were in the middle of a hot shower, kissing and cuddling, when we both got horny. I bent her to a doggy position and thrust my member into her glory hole. This is our second session of the night.

I had fucked her to my heart’s content in her bedroom only a while back. But now we were at it for the second time. I bent over and grabbed Gowri with both hands while I continued fucking. I pinched her nipples hard. Her ass was wriggling due to the pussy being pounded.

I raised my hand and gave a nice tight slap on her ass. My actions immensely turned on Gowri.

Gowri: You make me so happy. You can make any girl happy. I am so lucky to have you.

Me: Gowri, the water is hot, but you are hotter. Every time I see you, I want to lay my hands on you. You are so freaking hot.

We both were panting heavily. I am not sure how heaven would be, but if this is not heaven, then I don’t know what else would be. The bathroom was filled with our lovemaking noises. Gowri had no intention of muffling her moans. I also want her to enjoy sex as much as she can.

I could feel that she had orgasmed twice already when I continued to fuck. After some time, I felt I was about to release and increased my speed. Finally, a wave of release happened, and I felt elated. I dragged her onto me and kissed her. We both completed the shower, and I went back to my room.

Hi, Myself Karim. As you might have got to know from my previous stories. (Please read it before proceeding with this.) I got to marry the love of my life Vasanthi, and we have our boy as the product of our love. My sex life was at its peak. I had two delicious women waiting for me every night to feast.

My day usually starts with an amazing handjob or a blowjob from Vasanthi. She would usually wake up before me and could not resist seeing my dick. I have stopped keeping alarms to wake up. My body knows that Vasanthi’s blowjob is the alarm to wake up.

After a hectic day at the office, I would return home to be greeted by my beautiful wife and sexy maid, Gowri. It is usually Vasanthi that I prefer to explore as soon as I get home. Gowri knows this. She would take care of our son and give us the utmost privacy.

After an amazing session and a very hot bath together, I would slip out for dinner. Vasanthi prefers to have her dinner early. She usually eats before I reach home. After our session, she would pick up our son and hit the bed to sleep peacefully.

She knows I prefer to have two dinners, and it will take some more time for me to sleep. My overtures with Gowri start during dinner. We both would not be able to keep our hands off each other. She always reminded me to have my dinner first, as I would need a lot of strength after my adventures with Vasanthi.

There has been a marked change in how Gowri dressed from when she started. Nowadays, she would always wear chiffon sarees and tight blouses to accompany them. She would ooze hotness like a ripe mango-producing nectar.

After dinner, I would fuck her to our heart’s content. I will slip back into the master bedroom to catch up on my sleep.

My weekends would be a marathon affair as both these ladies had an insatiable hunger for sex. But I only had one small regret. Even though I had been fucking these beautiful ladies under the same roof, I could not get them into a threesome. Vasanthi was a bit open to it, but it was a strict no from Gowri.

She said she has too much respect for Amma and cannot see her in that state. I never forced her after that. Anyways, I was fucking both continuously, which makes it feel closer to a threesome.

One fine day we heard a loud cry from our next-door neighbour Meera Aunty’s house. I was in the middle of a pleasurable fucking session with Gowri when we heard that cry. Vasanthi had taken my son to a nearby mall for window shopping.

Gowri: Ayya, did you hear that?

Me: Yes, yes, I did. Let me go and see what happened. You clean up, lock the door, and don’t let anyone inside until you hear my voice.

I quickly pulled out my penis and put on my pyjama. I grabbed a T-shirt and moved towards Meera Aunty’s house. Our house is one of three houses on the floor. One of the houses is occupied by Meera Aunty, and the other is empty. Hence, it was only we who had heard the cry.

I got in and could see Meera aunty sobbing furiously. Her eyes were red, and her face was full of tears. I was concerned as I had never seen Meera aunty in this state. She is usually the strongest among us.

Me: What happened, Aunty?

Meera aunty continued crying without answering me. I could sense that something bad had happened. I was wondering what it could be. That is when her landline started ringing. I moved forward to attend it. It was Meera Aunty‘s daughter Tanya on the line.

Tanya: Amma, are you okay?

Me: Hey Tanya, it’s me, Karim.

Tanya: Hey, Karim. Is Amma there? Is she alright?

Me: No, Tanya. She has been crying for some time now. We don’t know what happened. Do you have any idea what she is crying for?

Tanya: Yes, Karim. Appa called me now. It’s not good news.

Me: Tell me what it is. I will do whatever I can to make it better.

Tanya: Appa said he won’t be returning to India permanently.

I was confused to hear that. Why would a man not return to his family, I wondered.
Me: Why, Tanya?

Tanya: That old bugger has got into a fling with his secretary. He wants to live with her forever. He conveyed the same to Amma. He said he wanted to divorce her. He will provide half of his assets to her. I am pretty sure this must have crashed her. I am trying to get tickets to India to be with Amma. But there is not a single ticket available for the next one week. Please take care of my mom until I am there.

I kept the phone down, and I went back to Meera aunty. I could see how much this had affected her.

Me: I am so sorry, Aunty. I didn’t think something like this would happen. I’m sorry for what is happening to you.

Meera aunty did not answer me but hugged me tightly and started crying on my shoulder.

Meera aunty: What have I done wrong, Karim? Have I not been a good wife to him? Have I not stayed with him through all his ups and downs? Have I not been toiling here without him for two years? Did I ever even think of cheating on him? I have remained faithful even through this. But can’t he keep his pants zipped and stay faithful to me? Why do all men do like this?

I felt so bad seeing her like this. She was sobbing loudly and hugging me tightly. To my utter horror, I started getting a hard-on. Her hug and the incompletion of the sex session with Gowri had made a stir inside me. I was praying that she doesn’t feel my hard-on.

Meera aunty is a beautiful woman. Only a slob would not get an erection in this state. Luckily, my phone rang, and we removed ourselves from the hug. It was Vasanthi who was calling me. Before I could attend to the phone, Aunty stopped me.

Meera aunty: Please do not tell Vasanthi now. I will share this with her later.

I nodded and attended the call.

Vasanthi: What happened, dear? Gowri told me that there was a loud cry from Meera’s place. Is she alright?

Me: Yes, she slipped on the floor and hurt her back. That’s why she shouted. Anyways, nothing to worry about. I have given her a painkiller.

Vasanthi: Oh, okay. I’m going to reach home. I will inform Gowri of the same. You take care of Meera and come back once she feels alright.

Me: Sure, dear.

I kept my phone, and Meera aunty thanked me for not sharing this with Vasanthi. I asked Meera Aunty to rest for some time in her room. I’ll prepare some tea for her and bring it. She first declined, but I insisted.

I moved to the kitchen and made some tea. I gave it to her and ensured that she drank it fully. I was sitting next to her, looking at her. Usually, I look at Meera aunty with a lot of respect. But the hug and the eventual hard-on had unleashed the devil in me.

This is the first time I properly checked her out. She was the replica of the Bollywood actress Vidya Balan but with bigger boobs. Her assets are usually fully covered. But this time, I thought she didn’t give a damn about her appearance.

Her saree had dishevelled a bit, and it was exposing her assets. Her left boob and hips were exposed, giving me a very nice view. I guess she noticed me looking at her. But she didn’t make any effort to cover herself.

Meera aunty: I’m sorry for what I told you sometime back, Karim. Not all men are like my bastard husband. You have always been full of love towards Vasanthi. You left your family to make her your family. I admire that a lot. I wish I had a husband like you and not like the one I got.

I was at a loss for words. Meera aunty has been nothing short of great to me and Vasanthi. But here I am, checking her out during her worst time. I cursed myself for doing that. Meera aunty continued speaking,

Meera aunty: I am ashamed I cried over such a loser husband. I would not repeat the same mistake. I have a life ahead and also have a wonderful daughter. I will live my life to the fullest from now on.

I was amazed by the quick turnaround. This lady before me was sobbing, thinking about her life some time back. But now she’s determined to live without him. A normal person would have taken at least a couple of weeks to come out of this.

But I know Meera aunty is no normal person. I was assured that she would not do anything bad to her while I was gone. I took my leave and told her I would return tomorrow to check on her.

Days passed, and Meera aunty requested me to help her in the divorce proceedings. She had also asked Tanya not to make the trip now and instead visit her during the holidays. Meanwhile, she informed Vasanthi about her state.

Vasanthi fully understood the predicament. She had strictly told me to be there for Meera aunty at all times. The divorce proceedings and the registration of assets her ex-husband gave her ensured we started spending a lot of time together. I learned a lot about Meera aunty during those times.

But I also started noticing something different. Meera Aunty got into the habit of applying makeup before me being with her. Slowly she also started tying her saris well below her navel. This is not usually the case when we are out at work or if others are around.

This usually happens only when she knows that we both will meet. The devil’s thoughts that I had started resurfacing. I slowly started checking her out again. I was getting pretty sure that this angel was trying to seduce me. I know that Vasanthi would not have any problem if I bed her.

Hence, I felt more confident this time compared to the incidents with Gowri. But there was also a slight bit of hesitation from my side. What if she is getting more comfortable around me, and I am reading this all wrong?

I didn’t want to end up doing anything stupid. I waited for the opportunity to rise itself. I wanted to be sure before proceeding.

To be continued.

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