A Friend In Need Is A Friend In Deed

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Here I am again, sharing my experience with a very good friend of mine. Only the names are changed due to privacy issues. Else, everything is crispy truth about this story of a friend in need.

I am Nik, aged 36, from Bengaluru. I consider myself a good-looking guy, of average built but working on my fitness now. My height is 5’4″, and I am well educated and well-traveled. Currently happily single again post a bitter divorce.

“Good night Shruti, I will meet you tomorrow,” I said to a very good friend of mine. Shruti’s husband is working abroad and held up. He couldn’t return home due to the pandemic situation. It’s better for him to stay there rather than coming home anytime soon. Moreover, the possibilities of flying back looked slim.

The distance between Shruti and her husband got me closer to her. I am their mutual friend, and they consider me as a family member. They got married against their parents’ wishes. Neither of the families has accepted even today.

I was a witness to them in a lot of compliance aspects of their lives. Both of them supported me a lot during my tough phase as well.

Both Shruti and Sameer are very open. It has bonded them closer and has kept their relationship strong and steady. Their sexual life was also very healthy till Sameer went abroad for few months. Taking care of their physical needs grew, and it started affecting them in everyday life.

They needed a companion who could be close in the absence of the spouses. They both went to the extent of discussing having a companion with whom they know well and can trust with battling any concerns.

“Are you ok, Sameer?” I asked him during a video call.

Sameer looked around and mumbled, “Yes, Nik.”

“I know you well. You are not ok Sam. Tell me what’s running on your mind,” I pressingly asked him.

He then told me about the discussion which Sameer and Shruti had. He was ok with it. But he had apprehensions of Shruti getting a trustworthy person. “Talk to Shruti, Nik,” Sameer requested me. I sighed and agreed to talk to her later tonight.

In the night, I called Shruti to talk casually. Our normal talks later turned into fantasy talks.

“We all have our needs and necessities, Shruti. I sometimes masturbate and relieve. Not sure if that would help you,” I said to her.

“Sometimes yes, sometimes no. I am not much into masturbation nor into virtual stuff. I am craving real meat. Unfortunately, Sameer isn’t here,” She replied. I agreed with her about virtual stuff. I am not into virtual stuff as well.

“Sameer and I spoke about this in the morning. Should I help in finding a guy for you?” I asked.

Shruti blushed in affirmation. “Yes, Nik. But, I don’t want to get on to a guy with whom I do not get along,” she further replied. The conversation further went awkward and open. Then came the words from her, “I hope you’re not hard thinking about me, Nik.”

With a gist of guilt and feeling of lust over my friend’s wife and my friend, I murmured, “Yeah. I am. Talking after a while about all this.”

“Come over tomorrow, Nik,” Shruti said, and we wished each other “Good Night.”

That night, both of us slept fairly well. It was almost 11 the next morning. I called Shruti. “I will be there in half-hour. Do you want me to get anything for lunch?” I asked.

“I have prepared everything, Nik. You come here,” Shruti replied.

I drove to her house within 30 minutes and pressed the bell to let her know I have arrived. Shruti, in red lipstick, eye shadow, soft waves of hair left open, reached below her shoulders wearing saree with a sleeveless blouse, black bra, and black panties (which I saw later), looked like a queen.

When she opened the door, I was dumbstruck. Took a deep breath. When she held my hand, my heart was pounding faster. She dragged me in and hugged me tightly. A few seconds later, I responded to her hug by embracing her tight.

The door was still open while we continued our hug. I broke the hug, closed the door, looked at her, and smiled.

“How do you like my dressing today?” Shruti asked and continued to say, “I dressed for you, Nik.”

“Oh my! Shruti! You know… I am…You are… I don’t know…” I stammered.

“It’s ok,” she cooled me as she guided me to the couch.”Sameer has found a companion in a colleague from his work. For me, there is no one better than you, whom I can trust blindly.”

Shruti uttered and got her soft lips on my lips, with her hands on my back, exploring lips and tongue. I gave up, broke the kiss. I looked into her eyes, pulled her by her waist, kissed and sucked her lips. Our kisses grew harder and passionate.

She leads me to a room with soft music, scented candles, and luxury incense sticks, and rose petals on the bed. The room had a perfect essence of romance. I was dumb looking at her preparedness.

“I didn’t know you had completely prepared for this. How did you know I would get into your trap?” I checked with her with a smile on my face.

“I have known you for a while now. Sameer also told me about your weakness for saree and the ambiance,” Shruti responded with a slutty smile on her face while her hands were around my hand.

“This trap is planned by you both!” I acknowledged and gave a peck on her lips.

“Now, no further talks about others. It is all about you and me today. Let us enjoy without any regrets.” Shruti said and sucked my finger and held my hard cock on my trousers.

“Aah,” I moaned.

I went behind her, ran my lips on the sides of her neck, got my lips down on the open area at the back of her blouse. She held my trousers, expressing her pleasure and moans of ecstasy. While I bit her earlobes, she pressed my crotch firmly.

From behind, I got hold of the lost point of saree, then undid it. I came to the front and kissed her passionately. I got on my knees, brushed my lips on her hips, steadily moving towards the navel, put my tongue in its navel. My hands were squeezing her butts.

The black thongs on her made me get my mouth further closer and kiss her pussy. I moved the thongs a bit, inhaled the smell of her already wet pussy, got my lips closer to her pussy lips, smooched them. Shruti grabbed my hair to express her pleasures.

I put my tongue inside her vagina, and my hand was squeezing her butts. Her moans were getting heavier and crazier while I got the tip of my tongue on her clitoris.

“It has been a long time since I have expressed like this, Nik. I cannot hold on any further,” Shruti said. The white pleasure liquid came. I sucked her vagina clean – which looked clean as a virgin honey pot.

Shruti pulled me up, and she had got rid of her bra, exposing her breasts. We cuddled each other tight, then she got on my hips, our eyes met. I was kissing intensely. I held her tight while our smooches continued. Shruti was on the lighter side, and she maintains herself very well.

A few minutes later, she got down, aggressively tore my shirt, kissed my nipples, bit them, making me moan. She removed my jeans along with my boxers, making me stark naked, and we kept staring at each other throughout. She then pushed me to the bed.

“Let me give you a massage Nik. I know how much you enjoy a massage. Lie on your stomach,” said Shruti with a giggle and caressed my back and butts. She sat on my butts, poured some oil on my back, worked on my back expertly. A shockwave triggered in my body when her hands touched my back.

Sometime later, she poured oil on my butts, repositioned her butts on mine, and started the butt-to-butt massage. She poured some oil on my back, started the body-to-body massage. I felt ecstatic. Her breasts rubbed on my back, biting my earlobes she made me moan.

I am a fan of massages for a long time. I have had my share of massages, but today, I felt different. The oil flowed between my butt crack. Shruti got her finger over the crack and tickled the region. Her hands went towards my balls, squeezing them.

Her lips brushed my back, slowly came down to my butt crack, and kissed it. Her lips came further down to my inner thighs. This excitement made me widen my legs, giving her ample space to kiss my inner thighs and make me moan. Both of us were stark naked.

I could feel more oil on my back. I felt Shruti’s breasts were touching my back, and she rubbed my whole back with them. She poured oil on my buts, positioned her breasts on my butts, rubbed them. It was one of the best feelings I ever had.

“This is one of the best feelings ever I have got,” I said to her while I had closed my eyes and enjoying her rubs. Her sexy voice of affirmation aroused me further.

I turned over, lay on my back. Yes! My cock was hard and erect. The way Shruti caressed my cock, sent an electric shock through my body. Shruti, my best friend’s wife came close, looked into my eyes, and gave a peck on my lips.

She said, “More to come, Niks.” She poured oil on my chest and started rubbing with her hands. The feathery touches made me drag her close to me and kiss her. We parted our kiss, she looked into my eyes. Her hand moved to my erected cock and slowly started moving it up and down.

She kissed the tip of my cock, and took my cock inside her. I was missing this for a long time. Her mouth moved to my balls, gulping them entirely, and then again, my penis was inside her mouth. The way things had spiced, I couldn’t hold on longer. Without any warning, I came into her mouth. Shruti gulped each and every drop cleanly.

“Did you like it, Nik?” Shruti asked.

“Liked it? I loved it. I enjoyed it,” I replied to her with my arms open, asking for hugs and cuddles. We talked about how all these things happened and how Sam was enjoying with his colleague from work.

No. We were not done. Both of us were hungry for more.

Shruti reached out and held my cock again. With her touches, it was becoming hard again. “I was craving for a cock for a while Nik, I want it inside my pussy,” she said, motioning my cock, up and down, up and down. She went down again, taking my cock in her mouth, making me hard.

After few minutes, Shruti looked and positioned her pussy on my cock and said, “It is hard and ready for more fun.” That’s when my cock glided into her vagina. Her breasts swayed while she rode on me. This went on for few more minutes.

Minutes later, Shruti laid on her right side. I positioned my cock deep inside her pussy, while her thighs were resting on mine. Our eyes never lost contact while we were fucking in this position. It was an intense fucking going on between the two of us. I am a human and not a pornstar. I couldn’t hold on any longer.

“I am gonna come, darling,” I said to her.

“Cum inside me, Nik. I want to feel it inside me. I am on pills, not to worry,” Shruti replied.

I shot my cum inside her pussy with the look of satisfaction seen on both of our faces. With an intention, this will go on till Sameer (Shruti’s husband) comes back home.

Is this the end? Certainly not. Shruti and I enjoyed every moment whenever it was possible for us. Overseas, Sameer was having fun with his colleague. There were no jealous moments with either of them while both were happily satisfying their sexual needs with different partners.

I spent the night in Shruti’s house, the day she and I had sex for the first time. There was no place in the house where there were no stains the following week. Sex was not ‘lust’ here. Sex here was passion. We never got bored either.

I hope you did enjoy reading about me banging my friend’s wife during lockdown. I would love to know what you felt about reading this story of mine. Looking forward to hearing from females who might be interested in connecting with me, email, or hangouts at [email protected]

Nopes, I am not sharing any of her details. Don’t bother to message me for such details.

What did you think of this story??


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