Top 10 Indian Sex Stories Of January 2019

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Looking for the latest and best Indian sex stories? You have come to the right place! Check out these free top rated erotic literature in the month of January 2019 below. These are the  stories from some of the best sex story tellers which is written so erotically to make you hot in no time!

1. Road To Heaven, Son Losing Virginity To His Mom – Part 3

By addicted

The climax of the incest story that carries the sexual tension being shared and released by an Indian mom and her son together through ultimate hardcore sex.

“She just licked my shaft up and down and gave a nice job on the cock-head area. Then she applied a little pressure on the cock-head and kept rolling her tongue over the pink-bud. It was the best feeling ever. You really know it when a woman loves your cock when she spends a lot of time on the banana that she worships.

I collapsed and sat on the stool holding her head. “What a cock do you have, son. I could do this all day”, she said, giving the world’s finest blowjob. My precum has started to ooze a lot down the shaft and she didn’t want me to cum either. So she took my cock out and came to my balls.” Read the entire story here.

2. Young Son Wants To Fuck His Sexy Mom On Birthday

By vikkyy.singh5

A young son demands an unusual birthday gift which his mom had never expected. The son wanted his mom to be his bride and take his big penis in her pussy. Read what happens.

“Sujata was stunned. Her mind went numb, her mouth went dry. She took a few deep breaths and walked out of the room, but only after hitting Raju with a hard slap. It was the first time she had raised hand on her only child. She went to her room and cried. She could not make any sense of whatever just happened.

About an hour later, Raju came to talk to her. He was dressed but not naked. Raju apologized for his behaviour and expressed his inability to stop thinking about his mother the way he did. He said, “I just can’t control these feelings, mom, no matter how hard I try”. Read the complete story here.

3. Brother Blackmails And Fucks His Sexy Elder Sister

By Khatrianuj1001

How can you fall asleep with a sex bomb lying right next to you? The sexy sister’s ass was making her horny brother want more. Read on to find out what happened.

“As I was getting flaccid, she sucked it hard again. I then thrust my cock into her vagina. She cried in pain. I started stroking her gently in missionary. Her pussy was so warm and wet. I stroked her gently at first and then fucked her brains out. My hot sister was moaning loudly now. My dick soon became so wet with cum and her juice. I came inside her after some time.

I was panting but my sister wanted more. She came on top of me and started riding me like a cowgirl. She moved her waist back and forth incessantly. It was an erotic sight. She rode me for a while and I became hard again” Read the full story here.

4. Sons Turns His Sexy Mom Into Slutty Girlfriend

By ecstasylove

This incest story is about how a son got attracted to his mom and ended up enjoying every part of her, slowly and passionately in a private villa in Goa.

“Now Salad was a bit further away, so mom went to the other end of the table. As soon as she bent down to get the salad which was right opposite to me, her pallu fell down. What I saw was the most perfect milky juicy soft cleavage I had ever seen. As she had bent down to pick the salad using both her hands, her boobs got pressed against each other, giving the perfect valley shape.

Mom’s mangalsutra had come out and struck right in between her cleavage and I was mesmerized by that and realized for the first time that mom was really hot and beautiful. Her blouse clearly wasn’t big enough to hold those two soft melons and they were really popping out.” Read the complete story here.

5. Family Escapades – Part 1 (Open Sex In The House)

By jaismith

This is a family incest story of what happened within a family. Everyone in the house was fucking each other behind the owner’s back. What was happening?

“Immediately they went near the house and tried to peak through the window. Soma and Kiran were arguing something with Lalitha and immediately that turned into a steamy hot sex session. They both were ramming Lalitha one after the other, and in 10 minutes they both were fucking Lalitha together, fucking both holes.

Lalitha was moaning. They were fucking openly in the living room. A few minutes later they exchanged their positions and continued ramming her. Harish was so hard and in his mind, although he never lusted his sister Aarthi. He would have happily fucked her then and there without any hesitation” Read the complete story here.

6. Watching Porn Leads To Banging Mom For A Son And His Friend

By dry.humper

A teenage son and his friend is caught by a strict Indian mother as they were watching porn. The mom punishes them but it ends in them worshipping her pussy

“Suddenly, the black man pushed the woman away and called the white man to kneel before him. The white man obeyed. The black man caught the white man by the hair and inserted his dick into the white man’s mouth. The black man started fucking the white man’s mouth violently.

In no time, the black man was cumming. He pulled his dick out of the white man’s mouth and started cumming on his face.

Abdul and I were so engrossed in watching the movie that we did not notice the door of my house opening. Mom had returned early and was watching us. She saw us with our dicks out and watching a black man cumming on white man’s face! Apparently, when Abdul had come inside the house, he had forgotten to lock the door properly.” Read the story in full here.

7. My First Sexual Encounter With My Aunt

By Sandy.fc85

This is my first sex experience that happened to be with a gorgeous mami (aunty). I enjoyed the experience as she guided me and taught me all about sex.

“I started touching her waist. She was wearing a nighty. I asked her if she is getting tickled. She said no. Slowly I moved my hands up and slowly touched around her boobs. She didn’t say anything. To my surprise, she was not wearing a bra. I slowly touched her boobs. I could feel her fast breathing.

My dick was touching her ass. I didn’t hold her tightly. I was enjoying all this. Then I said. Maybe if you are not feeling tickled because I am touching on your clothes. She didn’t say anything. I even felt her tits. I was in cloud 9. Then her son came back from school. So I couldn’t continue my show.” Read complete story here. 

8. Fucking Virgin Neighbor And Her Mother

By navaboflucknow13

This is a real story of fucking a virgin girl and her mom. The relationship will make your cock hard and pussy wet. It is intense love making and romance.

“Without wasting time I unzipped my jeans, removed underwear and revealed my 7 inch monstrous dick. She was staring at my dick when I said if she wants to touch it she can. Without wasting time she caught hold of my dick. It was a wonderful feeling. I said to her to stroke it, and she started it.

As soon as I came on her hand, the doorbell rang. Her mom is back and the fun gets over. Now she would daily give me a handjob But I wanted to fuck that bitch. After many days I got my chance. She called me and said that her mom is going out and will not be returning before 4 hours.” Read the full story here.

9. Dream Cums True With Hot Maid Raani!

By SiddarthAbimanyu69

How a bachelor guy was lucky to get a sexy housemaid. The maid not only cleaned his house but also was horny enough to give away her virgin ass to her master.

“I sat on the sofa and she came in front of me and turned her back. Her ass was something to die for. Raani started to slowly remove her pants and pantie right in front of my face. I couldn’t help it and I whipped my cock out. My 9-incher was saluting her body.

The desi maid Raani then turned around. She was surprised to see my cock out and felt shy. I took out another 1000 rupee and told my new maid to give me a blowjob!

She came to the side of the sofa, flipped her back and dived onto my cock, making it go right into her mouth. Apparently, this was not her first rodeo! I knew because she was sucking my cock till my balls and like she gonna blow me dry.” Read the entire story here.

10. My Sexy Suguna Peddamma (Aunty)

By ualltheworld

This is the story about fun with my dad’s own brother’s wife. I had put a camera in the bedroom and could see the sexy way that she fucked. Read about it.

“She has an extremely sexy physique. She looks like a full ripe woman who knows how to give ecstasy in sex. She is married to my pednana who is good for nothing fellow. He will smoke his cigarette, read the newspaper and waste his time in the day. And what luck, he gets my beautiful Suguna to fuck at night.

Often, I have seen them fucking but they rarely remove all their clothes. I think, as I hardly visited the village. Mostly, we visited town twice or thrice a year and majorly staying in Hyderabad. But peddamma and pednana stay in the town 150 km away from the city and come to visit us once in 2 months.” Read this complete story here.

So, readers, hope you enjoyed the ultimate collection of high quality erotica of the previous month. Do let us know which was your favourite Indian top sex story among these through the comments section.

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