ISS Writer of the Year 2022

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Dear Readers,

The wait for the results is over. Here are the results of the ‘ISS Writer of the Year 2022’ title.

ISS writer of the year 2022!

1) Swatijaiswal (2700) (Winner)
2) Incestrahul (2500) (Runner up)
3) rahul8923 (1700)
4) Pokemaniac (1000)
5) RishadHamid (800)
6) TarakHari (800)
7) Others (600)
8) Blank (300)

Congratulations to โ€˜Swatijaiswal9โ€™ for winning the โ€˜Writer of the year 2022โ€™ title on ISS.

Swatijaiswal9 is a versatile writer who has written for different categories. Her single stories have varied from Incest (Horny Mother fucks her stepson) to lush stories of Couples (Hot Goodbye Fuck With Husband). Every one of her stories gives a fresh perspective on sex and the people involved in the sexual acts.

We look forward to many such stories from her in the future!

Team ISS


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