Arya’s Secret Wild Side

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Hello, lovely readers. My name is Adrian, and I am 29. I am from Mumbai, and I am into photography. Thank you for all the amazing responses to my previous story.

Coming to the story, I met this girl on social media. Her name was Arya, and she was from Bangalore. I will give you a small heads-up about her. Arya was a very reserved kind of girl. She did not open up very easily. But she was talkative.

She had been waiting to explore some wild flavors of life that she had never experienced. She had stated that she would not enter into any dating or committed relationship. She was simply interested in seeing how a fling works.

So our chat began with the usual cute, flirtatious pickup lines. Slowly taking an erotic turn as it got sexual. In no time, we were sexting and doing phone sex very often. The growing comfort between us was raging so high that we decided to meet. The virtual platform was not enough to satisfy our desires.

Finally, we decided to meet in Bangalore, and we were extremely restless when we made the bookings from our respective ends. I did some research and arranged a decent stay for us, and she managed to cook up some stories at her home and be with me for 2 nights.

This was the first time we were doing something like this. A thrilling adventure was waiting for us where we were purely meeting to fulfil our sexual cravings. We were technically strangers but still knew what to do when we were amidst those four walls.

Finally, I got a text from her

She said, “Hey Adrian! I have reached outside the hotel. Where are you?”

Me: (excited) Hey Arya, I’ve arrived at the station and will be with you in 10 minutes.

She: Okay, I am waiting.

Me: I actually can’t wait.

She: Well, I’m nervous because it’s difficult to believe that I’m doing this.

Me: Well, I’ve never been on such an adventure before. But I appreciate your trust in me and coming this far.

She: Aww, aren’t you too sweet, even though we are just having fun?

Me: Arya, this gesture from you is a bold one. I am still surprised that the girl who was so shy on day -1 has agreed to go on a sexy ride with someone she had never met.

She said, “Okay, don’t make me nervous. I am already afraid if it gets awkward.”

Me: Are you planning to give me a hi-five and go?

She: Hahaha no, I am not that bad. I am just wondering how I will react when I see you.

Me: Okay, that will be decided in the next few minutes.

“Oh,” she said, “you have almost reached. I’m so eager to meet you.”

As I got closer, I noticed her. She didn’t look anything like her pictures. She looked prettier in real. That is a very rare occurrence. We both wore masks. Hence, only our eyes met. I am sure the smiles were exchanged but covered. We both glowed to see each other.

We had a strong connection since we had talked for many weeks. Our minds coordinated, knowing what would happen. We did the check-in and had to remove our masks at the counter. The reception guy wanted to cross-check our Ids.

That’s when I saw her face, and she had the skin of a rare human breed.
She was a dusky beauty and had really attractive features. One of the rare times when guys don’t need to fall for any curves, but a girl’s face is all that melts.

She had that. I was waiting to kiss her, undress her and explore the beauty that was covered. We got the room key. Finally, the distance between the formal behaviour around the people and the privacy in the room was reduced.

We got into the room. It was more amazing than we had imagined, which elevated the environment further. We kept our bags, and our hearts were yelling to go for the lustful move. The next second, I remember we were hugging, kissing and smooching like some long-lost lovers.

Within seconds, all the awkwardness, nervousness, or any hesitation we were expecting had disappeared. We pounced on each other like animals. I had the best kiss ever as her lips were battling with mine. She didn’t know she was so good because it was the first time she had mentioned it.

She didn’t know she had this deep dark craving to make out. My hands explored her body while the lip-lock was becoming unstoppable. Without breaking the kiss, I dragged her to the wall and took off her top. And that dusky beauty had another wild and sexy taste hidden inside.

She had a figure that girls strove to have. She had a flat tummy, virgin boobs, and a peachy ass which I grabbed after unzipping her jeans. Within a few seconds, she submitted herself to me. She did not stop me, not even once, from undressing her.

I was licking her shoulders, gliding my tongue to her cleavage. Suddenly, due to that curvy ass, I felt like turning her around and sucking on her butt cheeks while her panties were on. At first, she hesitated as she did not expect that. But I kept kissing and sucking on her thighs and ass.

Slowly, I could hear her moan, and she was giving in. While I enjoyed her lower, she held the wall and raised her head high with pleasure. Guys often forget that girls have sensitive points in their lower body on the backside. I saw Arya melting in lust as my mouth made love to her butt.

Arya and I were drowning in that room. I immediately jumped onto the bed, where she was now willing to try giving me the pleasure. She undressed me, and I helped her open my pants. I told her it was okay if she couldn’t. But she was high on lust and wanted to give some pleasure back.

First, she started with a slow kiss on my lips which turned into a hot and passionate one in no time. Our semi-naked bodies entwined as one as she was sucking my lips and tongue. I grabbed her ass, wanting more from her.

The reserved girl who was new to all this surprised me. Her hand found its way to my dick and was fondling it. We both loved it, as I enjoyed her touch, and she liked seeing the erection develop due to her grip. With a bit of hesitation, she was willing to try and take it in her mouth.

After a couple of seconds, she was blowing me like a pro. The hunger and the willingness to try something nasty were helping her to suck me as if her mouth had longed for it. I held her hair, and she guided me to fuck her mouth.

I saw a shy girl from the internet becoming a slutty bitch in bed with me within no time. Since it was her first time, I wanted to make this oral sex memorable for her. I was controlling myself from exploding in her mouth. I took her to the bed and made sure she was all naked.

I went down on her navel and started licking her navel, which made her restless and desperate for me.

“Adri, I adore you,” she said.

Me: “I love the way your body tastes” (licking her more).

She: Please go down. I never knew this felt so good.

Me: I am sure you don’t know how good this will be. (I gave a teasing peck on her clit.)

That was something completely out of the blue for her as she exclaimed with pleasure, “Oh my God! This is heaven; please don’t stop. I need more, Adri.” Pleased with the way she was begging and loved being handled, I fully satisfied her.

Me: You will experience trance, Arya. (I started licking her virgin pussy down there.)

Arya started moaning, and she brought her fingers down on my hair. My mouth made its way from her clit to her pussy walls. I slowly entered her pussy. I knew she loved this as she was adjusting herself, inviting me into her.

She screamed, “Fuck fuck fuck, eat me, you tiger, I’m so fucking yours!”

Me: (slurping and licking her virgin pussy) you’re fucking delicious, Arya.

She: Yes, Adrian, fucking consume every bit of me. Oh, baby! Please, don’t stop

She was in a rage with her moans, and her body started trembling as I dug my tongue deeper. She gripped my hair. In between, I grabbed her boobs and pinched her nipples.  The room started filling with the noise of my fingers fucking and kissing.

She overcame that with her loud moans and demanding sound of “Fuck Adri, yes, I love it, I love that…”

None of us was in the mood to stop. We were going crazy as the heat from that palatable oral sex was taking its roots. And after 5 minutes, she released a loud groan.

“I am coming. I am coming… yes yes yes… aaaah. ” I made sure I opened my mouth wide to swallow those juices oozing out from the first time touched pussy.

Arya and I had a blast as she exploded her nectar that was swallowed, and later she gave me a hand job with my guidance to please me. I must say, the girl was a beginner but never failed to match the horny standards. For the next three days, we embarked on an exciting journey of making out and having sex.

Thank you so much for reading. I hope this incident gave you some kinky rejuvenation. You can send your feedback to [email protected], and I will be happy to revert to it.

Stay safe and keep smiling. I will see you in the next story. Adios

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