MIL In Love – Part 3

On 2020-02-24 Category: Incest Tags: balcony, mallu, MIL

My MIL and I both had started feeling attracted to each other. As we were alone, we used to gout to the mall, for shopping and even for walks at night.

MIL In Love – Part 2

On 2020-02-23 Category: Incest Tags: bathroom, lust, MIL

I was at my in-lawโ€™s place for the first time after marriage. I happened to see my sexy mother-in-law in the bathroom, naked. And later, in just a towel.

MIL In Love – Part 1

On 2020-02-22 Category: Couple Tags: erotic, hotel sex, MIL

My wife and I were college sweethearts. Now, we were working in different cities but wanted to get married. So now was the time to take the first step.


On 2018-02-25 Category: Incest Tags: lust, MIL, seduce

This is a real incident which happened in our life involving me, my wife and my MIL.

Fucked Mother In Law During Her Sleep

On 2015-03-27 Category: Incest Tags: MIL

My mother-in-law is very dominating and use to humiliate me. I decided to teach her a lesson and one fine night pumped my rod in her cunt when she was sleeping.

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