Exploring My Teacher – Part 4 (A Visit To The Orphanage)

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The sunlight shone as I woke up. She was still sleeping, naked. The sunshine was falling on her naked body and she was glowing.

I checked my phone. That day’s date automatically grabbed my attention. It was 5th September- Teacher’s Day. Not everyone is as lucky to sleep beside their hottest teacher naked, on teacher’s day. This got me immediately hard and I pounced on her navel and started licking it. She woke up and started moaning.

“Happy teachers day,” I told her.
“Thank you, my best student,” she replied.

We had another session in the shower then. As she was getting ready, she told me every year this day she goes to an orphanage and asked me to accompany her this time. I made a plan immediately in my mind I asked her what was she going to wear. She told me that she hasn’t yet decided.

I told her, “It’s not you who decides what you will wear from today.” I told her and started searching for things in her closet I found a saree that had a black pallu and from below was partly black and partly white and was transparent. And a sleeveless backless blouse of black color which had a knot at the back. I told her to wear this.

“Please dear, I have to go to an orphanage, I cannot wear this,” she told.
“Let them also know what a bomb you are, madam,” I smooched her saying this.

“But I don’t have a petticoat for it as of now,” she tried to avoid the saree.
“You don’t need it,” I said with a devilish smile.

She had a short white skirt with frills. I took a scissor and cut it down so only the last frill was left. To make the exposure even better, I made small cuts both at the front and back of the skirt

“This is your petticoat for today,” I said
“Please dear,” she pleaded
“Just because I loved you till the whole last night, don’t try to take liberty from it. Remember that I still have that video,” I warned her.

She started getting ready. She removed her towel and was dead naked. I told her no bras. She wore silicon cups for better support. Then she started wearing the blouse. I tied the knot at her back. OMG, her back was almost completely open. Her tattoos looked really sexy.

Below I told her to wear a G-string and then the skirt. The skirt had become so small because of cutting that it didn’t even cover her ass cheeks. I made her legs wide to see if the cutting was working and they were. As she widened her legs, the cut exposed her g string from the front and her ass which was almost naked with the g-string on at the back.

Then she wore the saree. I made it low waist just above her pussy (if she wouldn’t have shaved, her pubic hair would have been visible). She was completely ready in some time Her cleavage wasn’t much exposed as the blouse was the high neck. But her buttery back was almost completely open.

Her midriff seemed like completely exposed because her transparent pallu couldn’t cover much. Her navel was outside the pallu and made a sight of its own. Although, the main highlight was below. Her saree was transparent. Not wearing a petticoat made her smooth legs visible.

The frilled skirt only covered things less than imagination. If looked from the back, her ass cheeks were partially seen. The white part of her saree showed almost everything, though the black part was covering it to some extent. But I knew sunlight would do it’s magic on that side too

She was feeling really shy but was helpless. We hopped inside her car and went straightway to the orphanage. On the way, she bought some chocolates and eateries for the kids. The shopkeeper didn’t take his eye off her even for a moment. She was indeed a treat.

I was getting excited as to how the newly-testosterone hit kids of the orphanage will react after seeing her. There were two buildings in sight. The first building was huge yet quite old. It felt like it hadn’t been painted for years. The second one was smaller but seemed not more than a year old.

I was more excited about the fact that whether sunlight was working its way or not. I stopped for a moment and she went ahead. What a sight. Her ass cheeks and her skirt were having a complete impression followed by her thighs. When looked from the front her knees and the whole of her legs could be seen.

The watchman saw us coming from a distance. He ogled at her too. He told her to make the entry in the register and stood behind her back(to get a treat obviously). He was looking at her creamy back and her bubble butt constantly. I guess he got an idea that she wasn’t wearing a petticoat.

My evil mind got an idea. I winked at him and signaled him to go ahead. He couldn’t believe once so he confirmed again. I nodded in affirmation. This was enough signal for him He kept his cock which was already hard inside his pants on her butt. Ma’am got shocked for a moment and was about to turn and slap him.

But I gave her a stare and told her to continue what she was doing. This increased that old watchman’s courage. He guided one of his hands and pressed her boob. The other hand was playing on her ass cheek. She was done with her entry

“Do mine too,” I told her. This was done by me just so that the watchman could enjoy her more. She remained in her position. The watchman’s guts had crossed all its limits. He was almost upon her still pressing her boobs. He started kissing her bareback(the tattoo above). She moaned slightly. She was done.

The watchman left her and we started walking ahead inside the orphanage. On our way, we saw a man who seemed to be a part of the management (he had an id card). He smiled at ma’am. Ma’am smiled back. Maybe they knew each other. I doubted whether he saw the watchman with her.

We entered the building. I was disappointed at first to see only kids there. But then I saw 5 boys who seemed to be around 19-20-year-olds. Also, there were 4-5 management guys in the orphanage. All of them seemed to be around 50+. Those 10 guys didn’t stop staring at her even for a moment

“Where are the girls?” She asked the management guy who came with us
“We got a huge donation so we made a separate building for girl’s orphanage. You can go visit that too later,” the guy said.
“Oh, that’s great!” She replied.

The moment she saw the kids, she almost forgot everything. She started playing, laughing, jumping with them like crazy. Her clothes constantly went here from there, and all the 10 guys and I, didn’t miss an opportunity to drool at her.

The older boys couldn’t obviously play as they were too grown out to play with kids. Suddenly, an ice-cream truck came to give the kids free ice-creams. All the kids ran out. She was going with them but then one of the guys stopped her.

“Di, won’t you play with us too?” He asked her.
“Ohh boy, why not? Tell me what do you want to play?”

After some thought, he said they want to play musical chairs.
“But how can we play it with so fewer people?” she asked.
“Let’s include this bhaiya and uncles too(three guys of the management who were still there).”

So one of the management guys took the responsibility of stopping the music and 8 of us started playing. She was in between two of the young guys. They both did some action and I already knew their intentions.

The first round started. Nothing happened. One of the management guys got out. The next round, the guy behind her bumped into her(intentionally obviously) and then apologized. She looked back and I immediately signaled her to let him do whatever he wanted to. A boy got out in the second round.

By the third round, the courage of both the front and back guy had increased The front guy stopped constantly in between. So her boobs would collide with his back, and the back guy pushed himself onto her whenever he got the opportunity. She was sandwiched between them.

The whole round, her ass was dry humped and her boobs were colliding with the front guy. She was tensed but didn’t say anything. Another guy got out. Everything was noticed by everyone. Now one management guy, ma’am, me and the two boys were left. The management guy wanted to enjoy it.

He came to the backside of ma’am and acted as if he was adjusting the chairs. Then he stayed there and told them to start the round. As the round started, he went close to her and told, “I know what a bitch you were with the watchman. Obey me now.”

That guy didn’t wait for a moment and stuck his groin into her ass. That oldie was really rough. He got his hand to her waist and the other to her boob. He pinched her nipple and fingered her navel. Soon he guided his hand inside her saree and was fingering her pussy.

She was unable to walk but was constantly pushed by him. That round ended and the guy behind the management guy got out. Now only four of us were left and three chairs. That round also saw the same process. But at the end, when ma’am was about to sit on a chair, that management guy sat before.

And there she was, on his lap. She tried to get up but he grabbed her by her waist and pushed her back. She was trying to escape but he was strong. He was pressing her boobs, kissing her bareback and trying to get his penis to dig deeper inside her. He grabbed her wrists and put it on his cock.

She tried to take her hand off immediately but he caught her. With another free hand, he tried removing her pallu(she hadn’t put any safety pin there). Her pallu fell down. She tried to grab it by her other hand but he caught that too. Things were getting out of hands.

One chair was vacant, and I was standing and ma’am was on his lap. I couldn’t decide whether to continue this or to go myself sit on the chair so ma’am gets out. I decided to sit on the chair. He had to leave her and she got out of the game

After that, the interest in that game was lost. She went and stood by the side away from those other guys. They immediately surrounded her. She tried to evade but they were touching and mauling her all over. Our game got over and one young guy won.

Things were getting out of even my control now. But I had to do something now. She wouldn’t be able to handle 10 guys at once. But I wanted her to be group-fucked too. Then I thought, she can take 5 guys atleast. I made a plan.

“Hey guys, leave her and listen up here.”
They didn’t hear. They were too busy trying to make her naked, although only her pallu was down by now.

“Hey fucker, you listen up here. I know your boss Mr. Verma really well he’s my father’s friend. If I tell him what you guys are doing here, you will be screwed big time” I told the management guys. They came back to their senses and started pleading me not to do that. Lol, I read his name while entering the orphanage.

“You can take her no problem,” one of the management guys said. All the others were deeply disappointed, ma’am saw a slight ray of hope. “What if I say you guys can fuck her, but only one group of guys?” They got excited again
They eagerly asked, “Yeah tell us please.”

“Let’s play a game of tug of war for that.”
“Our rope will be this lady standing here,” I said pointing at ma’am.

I drew three lines. “The central line will have her navel at the start. You guys will get her upper part till her waist to hold and these old fellows will get her legs. If her navel, crossed any of the two sidelines, that side’s team wins and will get to play with her!

Wait for the next part when the tug of war happens and rest part of that day at the orphanage.

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