Exploring My Teacher – Part 3 (Making Love To Her)

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This story is part of a series:

She came ahead and tried to slap me. I caught her hand and reminded her that her keys are still in my hand. I got her closer to me. She asked me, “Why are you doing this to me. Don’t you like me?”

“I love your body,” I said and spanked her ass. She asked me then why did I save her from that assistant. I replied, “I want to expose you to other people, but I will fuck you first.”

“Please don’t do this,” she was about to say. But I grabbed the chair, sat on it and made her sit on my lap, to make her feel my hard-on. She was trying to get away but I caught her by her waist and pushed her butt on my crotch. She started moaning. It was risky doing all this around here.

So I decided to go with her to her house. She lived alone. Also, I was a single child and my parents were away for three days. So I could stay with her. She couldn’t refuse. Her third button had broken because of the groping. So what I did was to close her second button.

In doing so, space below expanded more. Her cleavage along with her small bra was visible. From sides, her nipples were also slightly visible. It was just like the dress Disha Patani wore the last Filmfare awards. I opened her navel button too. I wasn’t sure but I noticed a slight smile on her face.

I told her that I will stay at her place for the next three days. She didn’t reply. I got furious, caught her by her hair and said, “You have to reply bitch.” She said, “Sorry.” We reached her building and she was scared to go out like this. I pulled her out. We reached the lift. There was no one and she took a sigh of relief.

But as we were waiting for the lift, a group of 5 boys came, probably after playing cricket. They were all staring at her wide visible cleavage and bra. She was trying again and again to hide it but all in vain. They were constantly looking at her breasts. The lift arrived.

The lift was very small and only made for five people. But all seven of us entered together. 2 of the boys and ma’am were very lean so the lift didn’t go overweight. But all of our bodies were brushing against each other. I was standing in front of ma’am and a well-built guy at her back.

On her left was the wall and on the right was a lean boy. He must have been getting the best view inside her shirt I pushed my body on her such that my crotch landed on her pussy area from the front. This made her body push back and her ass touched the boy’s dick area. It was like double dry humping.

The boy at the side was like a wall so others couldn’t see anything. But the boy was witnessing it all. Seeing no opposition from her side, he grabbed her wrist and placed it on his hard-on from the side. The situation was, I was dry humping her from the front, the other guy was dry humping her ass, and the corner guy was receiving a handjob.

The back boy placed one of his hands on her waist and other on her boobs. I let him enjoy. Seeing this, the corner guy started pressing her other boob. He tried getting his finger inside to touch her nipple as our floor was approaching. Ma’am was in a state of dilemma.

She wanted to moan loudly, but couldn’t as there were other people who could also get aware of what’s happening. She had closed her eyes. We were enjoying to the fullest. Before anything else could be done, her floor came. I came out with her. The boys were still looking at her but could do nothing now.

She was searching for her house keys and then opened the door. I went inside after her. As I closed the door, she stopped there, thinking I will just pounce on her now. I just moved away from the side. I wanted her to enjoy with me, and not just forced sex. I was damn sure gradually she will want this too.

“Let me get a good set of clothes for you my slut.”
“Yes, sir.”
We headed towards her closet. She had all types of revealing lingerie and clothes. She was indeed hot. I found the perfect thing I was looking for.

A black spaghetti tank crop top. Beneath I told her to just wear a thong. She was giving weird expressions but didn’t say a word. I grabbed her by her hair “So you don’t understand that you have to reply to me. Punishment time, I will make you wear this.”
“Sorry, sir.”

I grabbed her waist so she came closer to me. Opened her second button. She had again closed her eyes. For reaching the fourth button, I didn’t lift my hand from her body and pressed her boobs. Opened the fifth button. Never raised my hand. Her boobs were coming out. I was feeling them.

She still wasn’t enjoying. I was disgusted. I just left her and told her to change and come. Some of you might think I am a fool not to fuck her till now. But I love sex with some spark between two bodies and their minds, connect with their hearts and soul.

She came after changing. And I can’t explain the sight. Her cleavage which was fair white like milk, her deep navel (I love navels). Her ass cheeks coming out from the thong, her poking nipples, both of her tattoos. OMG, she was a sex bomb. I had seen a lot of her but this was something another level

I told her to cook something. She started cooking chicken for dinner. I was sitting in the hall hovering around the channels of TV, but my major focus was somewhere else. I decided to seduce her. I went there and stood beside her. She understood my intention but didn’t react.

I went forward and grabbed her by her waist. I kissed her neck. She didn’t react much but I knew she was in ecstasy. I started fingering her navel while kissing her tattoo at her upper back. She had closed her eyes and her body was moving with my moves. I took my dick out.

It’s of six inches and quite fat which I feel is a great size for an Indian man. I was rubbing my dick on her bare ass cheeks, while still kissing her neck and upper back area and also fingering her navel. I then took my one hand inside her thong towards her pussy.

With the other, I started pressing her boobs over the tank top. I fingered her pussy and her body started jerking. Because of this, her thong went deep inside her ass crack colliding again and again with my dick. I was almost humping her. I was fingering her pussy while her ass was being dry humped.

She was constantly moaning. I knew this was my time. She had already submitted to me. I was about to slide her strap from her shoulder, just when the doorbell rang. I cursed myself. She regained her senses and saw the time. She made out it must be the milkman.

She requested me to please let her wear something at least below as she can’t go like this. I already had my plans I saw she had shorts which were of white color and had some animes printed on it. It was very short. I told her to wear them, but on one condition.

One strap of her top will be slid down from her shoulder and would remain at her arms. She had no option but to agree. The doorbell rang again. She was quick enough to wear them. I slid the strap. The situation was if anyone looked from the top or if she bent, one could see half of her boobs and some part of her nipple easily.

If looked from the front, nothing was exposed. She ran out of the room. Her ass cheeks were slightly visible from below. Her ass was bouncing as she ran. She grabbed the vessel. I caught her hand and said, “Go and open the door, and then come back for the vessel.”

I did this just to make sure the milkman gets more time looking at her body. I hid behind a sofa from where I could see everything. She opened the door. It was the milkman indeed. He scanned her from top to bottom for a few seconds. I could see the lust in his eyes. The conversation between them

Milkman: Kya memsaab, kitna time lagaya.
Her: Sorry, bathroom main thi.

He hadn’t seen anything much till now. She went to take the vessel. As she turned her back, the milkman was looking at her ass and was giving a lusty smile. She came back with the vessel

Milkman: Niche rakh dijiye, daalne mein aasani rahegi

So smart! She had also understood his intentions. But she had no other options. She bent to keep the vessel down. He was having a view of his life. It must have exposed her cleavage very well. As her one strap was down, that side’s boob must have got completely exposed. She started getting up but he interrupted.

“Memsaab, pakad ke rakhiye, varna aapka doodh zameen pe gir jayega,” with a wicked smile. She was bent and he bent too to pour the milk. When he bent, he would have got a great view inside her top. He must have surely seen both her nipples. I was enjoying all this hiding. I wanted to have more fun.

I messaged her, “Once you stand up, turn back and act as if you are about to fall.” She had her phone and saw it immediately. She had to obey. I knew that pervert won’t leave till the door isn’t closed. She took the vessel and turned her back. The milkman was standing there still staring at her hips and ass lustfully.

She acted as if her leg slipped. The milkman didn’t miss this opportunity and grabbed her by her waist. He guided his hands and started pressing her boobs and kissed her neck in seconds that he got. She shouted at him and freed herself. He was still smiling shamelessly and then went away.

She came inside and kept the vessel in the kitchen. I followed her. She faced me and just said, “Take me. I am all yours!” This was what I was waiting for. I knew she would submit to me. I immediately grabbed her and gave her a deep kiss. She was responding really well.

That was the most enjoyable moment I was having with her. I slid down both her straps. I kissed her neck, and then her collar bones. Her hands had reached my boner and were playing with it. We were naked in no time. I grabbed her and made her sit on the kitchen platform.

We were still kissing and I was playing with her small yet soft boobs and pink nipples. She came down and started giving me a handjob. She pulled my foreskin back. My cock head is very big and she was looking at it with big eyes. I signaled her to give me a blowjob. She obeyed and went down.

She was a pro at it. I asked her “How many have you fucked before?” She couldn’t speak but signaled one through her fingers. I then made her sit on the platform. “When was the last time when you fucked him?”
“It’s been over 8 months since we broke up.”

I then started fingering her pussy while kissing her lips. Then I got between her legs and licked her pussy. She started moaning loudly. She cummed once. Then my tongue went inside her navel. It was so deep and soft. She was moaning. Then I got her down and made her back turn towards me.

I was by now ready to insert my dick inside her pussy from the back. I pushed it inside in one go. She was really tight. I was constantly pushing it in and out and while grabbing her boobs. She was constantly moaning. She was a sex bomb. I couldn’t believe I was fucking the hottest woman ever known to me

I grabbed her waist and pushed in deeper. I didn’t pay an ear. I kept thrusting. We both cummed together Then I took her in my arms and went to the bathroom and turned on the shower. She was in front and I was at her back. I pinned her to the wall and bit her tattoo at her lower back.

Then I smacked her ass till it became red. Then I made her face me and fucked her again. She cummed the third time Then I took her to the bedroom and made her ride me. She had already cummed thrice and I once. As she was jumping, her boobs were constantly bouncing.

I grabbed them and pinched her nipples. Then I made her in doggy position.

“Today I will fuck your ass.”
“No please, I am a virgin there.”

What she said didn’t matter to me at all. I lubricated her asshole and my cock and gave a thrust. She was very tight and only my cock head went it. She gave the loudest moan. Then I grabbed her waist again and gave a thrust. Half of my cock went in. She was moaning really loud and was trying to free herself.

But my grip was tight. I gave one more stroke and my whole cock entered. Tears rolled down her eyes. I kept my cock there for a few minutes and let her ease herself. Once she got used to it, I gave in thrusts hard and fast. I got over her back and grabbed her boobs while still fucking her asshole.

Again, she cummed. I came after a few more strokes. It was the best day of my life. We were lying on the bed, exhausted. “Do you know I always fantasized about you?” she said. I was shocked to hear that. Such a hot woman fantasized about me. My cock got hard again and I was again ready to fuck her

“Tell me if you fantasize about anyone else too,” I asked her. I was shocked to hear her answer. One was her boss, our biology teacher and other, was the milkman! We had two more sessions after that.

Wait for the next parts when I fulfill her fantasies, and some other people’s fantasies for her too.

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