Servant Makes My Housewife Mom His Sex Slave

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My mom is a 45-year-old housewife. We are a family of three living in a three-floor bungalow with 5 bedrooms. My dad and I run a business together. Our house was also our office, and I used to stay there and take care of the works from my office. My dad used to go out at 8 in the morning and return at 9 every night.

Coming back to my mom, she was a typical housewife. She was curvy with big boobs but was not fat. Her shape was extremely curvy and her ass was the envy of our entire area. She was the best-looking mature woman in our area, and although I had never caught anyone directly flirting, I was pretty sure that everyone wanted a piece of her.

My mom used to talk with everyone and was not educated, but was street-smart enough to know not to engage too much with these lusty guys.

Coming to the workers, we had three maids working in our house. The main maid was a 45-year-old Telugu woman (who was also extremely hot, but I never made a move on her except for some flashing when I was in school). She had a daughter (who was bad-looking) and their widowed cousin (who was also bad-looking).

The main maid was working for almost 11 years and became extremely close with my mother and was like her closest aide.

The servant mentioned in the story is short, bald, and is her 50-year-old husband who used to come and help her with some work whenever he was free. He did some heavy work like cleaning windows, fans, etc. which was difficult for our maid. He always respected my mother and never had any bad thoughts as far as I knew.

My mother had a terrible habit. She used to walk around naked in her bedroom without closing her bedroom door every day, and if you time it right, you can see her naked. She never closed the bedroom door or even her bathroom door when she was bathing and anyone walking in can get a full view of her.

My mom used to bathe early at around 6 in the morning. I have caught her naked many times, and she did not mind showing her body to me and used to even chat with me standing naked. Sometimes, I used to wake up early and go to her bedroom just to catch her naked.

I never wanted to fuck my mom but was just a voyeur and wanted someone else to watch her or fuck her and teach her a lesson. In the evenings, she used to change her dress and used to chat with whoever came to her house standing in her bra and panties inside the bedroom.

If the guests just peeked inside the bedroom, they could catch my mother in her panties and I am sure at least some of them might have seen her.

Now, coming to the story, it was a hot day and the maids were working on cleaning the house. The maid’s husband (the servant) had come to clean the windows and ceilings. My mom was about to leave for a temple and wanted to have a bath as she was sweaty from all the cleaning work, she had been leading all day.

The servant was cleaning upstairs, and my mom was going to bathe in her room downstairs. I knew she would not close her door or windows when bathing and would walk around naked inside her bedroom.

So, as soon as I knew she was going to have a bath, I went upstairs and asked the servant to clean the windows of my mother’s bedroom first as she was going out and then continue upstairs.

I then went downstairs and sat near the bedroom door from where the window was visible. By then, my mom was naked. Her huge boobs were jiggling as she was walking around the bedroom.

My mom was searching for the dress to wear to the temple that she was going to visit after bathing. She was stark naked, and she hadn’t shaved in a while and her pussy was extremely hairy. You could not see a thing in her pussy except for her pubic hair.

I went inside and took my dad’s charger just to get my glimpse. She asked me to take the car out as she was going out.

By the time I finished parking the car outside, the servant had come near the window. I ran inside and took my position to see what happens. As soon as the servant climbed the stool to clean the window, he could clearly see my mom’s white buttocks jiggling as she was restlessly searching for clothes in the cupboard. He could not control his joy and made sure I was not watching.

I was fixed on my phone and saw everything that happened through the corner of my eye. My mother still did not realize he was there and started scratching her pussy as she was feeling itchy. She finally saw the servant and to my surprise instead of covering up or asking the servant to leave she became more comfortable.

That was when I realized that my mom was a keen exhibitionist. Both of them started smiling, and I continued to act like I was ignoring them.

She then bent over and showed him her asshole as well as spread her leg to show him her pussy. The servant by then put his hands down and must have been masturbating. She then gave him the signal to come in. She called me inside and while standing naked, asked me to go to the shop and buy some things she needed to take to the temple.

I was sure that I did not want to miss what was going to happen and went to the place where the servant was standing and hid so that they don’t see me, and was ready to see what was about to happen.

As soon as I pretended to leave, my mom asked the maid to clean my room upstairs as I was going out. Our maid was completely comfortable, watching my mom naked, as she knew about her and had been working for a very long time and were very close to each other.

As soon as she went upstairs, the servant came inside the house and went into my mother’s room. There was no dialogue between them, and he straight went to my mom’s boobs and started licking the nipples vigorously. He was dressed and my mom was completely naked.

The licking went on for some time till my mom got somewhat sore due to his harsh licking. She asked him to remove his clothes and to her surprise, he refused and started to handle her roughly. He was sure that she could not call for help and started to insert his finger in her asshole.

My mom’s face showed that she didn’t like it but couldn’t say no as she was the one who initiated the sex. He then pulled her hair and pushed her onto the bed and continued to finger fuck her ass. It looked like he was into the male domination stuff and wanted to treat my mom like his slave.

My mom was in pain, and later he put his second finger inside, and my mom let out a cry in pain. He then stopped and my mom was in a little pain as she must have never taken something in her ass before. She asked him to leave as she was not comfortable now but he didn’t.

The servant told her that he would tell everything to the thug-like auto drivers standing outside who were his smoking buddies. He said that he had had pussy sex all his life and wanted something different.

My mom stood up and sat in a corner, naked, with her hands covering her face. She was wishing that I came back soon. After a few seconds, she stood up put on a brave face, and said she will take it in her ass.

The servant then put her in a doggy position and did not even use a lubricant or something. He took out his cock, which was huge, and tried to push it in my mom’s ass directly. I could hear my mom let out a scream, but as she screamed he pulled her hair and asked her to keep quiet.

Her asshole was too tight, and he asked her to make a fart-like push with her asshole to open up the asshole. She agreed to everything and as he pushed his dick inside her and I could hear my mom screaming.

My mom then asked the servant not to fuck her asshole as it was too painful. The servant, after seeing my naked mom’s condition, gave in to her wish and said that he would not fuck her asshole as he himself found it too tight.

He then made my mom sit and asked for a blowjob. My mom obliged as a blowjob was better when compared to the painful anal. She started licking the servant’s dick. After a few seconds of licking, he started thrusting his dick hard in my mom’s mouth.

Then he asked my mom to lick his balls and asshole. As she started licking the servant’s hairy balls and asshole, he started to masturbate.

My mom continued to lick with disgust. Sometime later, as he was about to cum, he pulled my mom by her hair and gave her a humiliating cum-facial on her face.

My mom immediately stood up and went straight into the bathroom. He gave a spank on my mom’s ass as she walked away.

She locked her door this time, and he put on his clothes and came out. As he came out near the window, I left after watching my mom getting fucked by an ugly servant. I went to the shop and returned to find my mom in her bed lying idly, fully dressed. The servant had gone back up to continue his work upstairs.

My mom then left for the temple and came back after some time. As she came in, the servant, his wife and our maid were leaving the house.

He gave her a smile and my mom smiled back to my surprise!

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