Weekend Madness With Amazing Masi – Part 1

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Hi Folks. I hope you are doing fine amid this new way of life. Got busy with life, so I could not pen any stories. I am back, and hopefully, I will entertain you as much as possible with my stories. It has been a great experience in life until now on this platform. I hope life will shower the same kind of happiness and joy.

I am Vinay from Chennai, 38 years old. I have been on this platform for almost 10 years now. It is a wonderful medium to express our deepest desires, sexual experiences, and equally exciting to catch up with like-minded people.

Time is flying, the experience is changing, age is catching up fast. But it is always exciting and thrilling to get more mature and responsible. The urge to hump every attractive woman is part of a man’s natural programming. It is a deep-seated hunger.

The purest sensual and intimate lovemaking is reciprocal. A woman is equally satisfied and drives the experience just as much as her man. Healthy, enjoyable sex happens when both give each other the space to fulfill their deepest desires and imaginations.

Most importantly, it is the sexual experience that matters. Size, shape, color, and age does not matter until you get the experience you need. Couples who are receptive to new ideas and adaptive to each other’s likes and style have the most enjoyable sex.

Most men love full wholesome body, lovely curves, big booby fleshy women.
Color of skin or size is a different perspective in life for people who try to be a perfectionist.

Dusky women or less curvy women or thin women are sometimes far more experimental, cooperative, and dominating in bed. So, the perception and attitude built based on their appearance are unfair.

This is an old incident. But the memories are still carved in my memories like it all happened yesterday. We are 3 siblings. I am the youngest and 2 elder sisters. Vidya eldest married and settled next Divya and then me.

I had just joined college. Life was terribly busy with my routine. There was hardly any time for anything. Mom was, as usual, busy with household responsibilities and dad with his business. Mom’s younger cousin, Neetu masi, used to visit us frequently.

She was close to mom. She used to share her grief about not having a child. We all knew this. Neetu masi and her husband Anuj uncle, who had his own pharmacy, had tried all possible medications, medical experts, consultations. They had visited several temples, but nothing was working out for them.

Anuj uncle had accepted it as his fate. But Neetu masi was still desperate to bear her own child. Neetu masi was very affectionate towards all 3 of us. She was very fond of me. Mom always felt that Neetu saw her child in us.

Mom made sure that at least once a month, one of us stayed overnight at her place to keep her happy and her spirits up. Since my college had started, I could hardly find time to meet masi or spend time with her. It had been months since I visited her place or stayed with her.

On a Friday, I was leaving for college. Mom told me to carry a few clothes to spend the next 2 days with masi. Mom informed that she would also be visiting on Sunday at noon. So we could come back home together.

Friday evening, I reached Anuj uncle’s pharmacy. As usual, I was welcomed with a lot of happiness and affection. He called Neetu masi to inform her about my arrival.

Masi came to the store, and suddenly they planned that we would go out for dinner. We had a fantastic dinner. We came home, spent some time chatting, playing cards before we went to sleep.

Let me describe Neetu masi. Just a touch dusky in color, beautiful face, mesmerizing eyes, wide juicy lips. At 5.6 ft, she is magnificent with a little heavy and fleshy body. Her close-set boobs looked huge from every angle.
At 36 -32–36, she looked smoking hot.

Her bewitching sexy body and captivating aura always attracted me. Most of the time, when dad would be home, she would cover her boobs with a dupatta. When we children and mom only would be there, she would remove her dupatta. I always wanted to see them bare.

I loved the way they would jiggle when she laughed or when I would get accidentally get a glimpse of them. Her nipples would pierce out from her clothing, creating a perfect shape on those lovely 36+ boobs.

Her lovely ass swung when she walked around. Her nice long legs and lovely waist added more curviness to her body. Her lovely boobs stood on her chest like 2 great fireballs. They had the rage to burn down any man’s morals. If she removed her top and bra, it would certainly light up any dick like a matchbox.

The occasional peeks of her deep cleavage and the view of her colorful thin bra straps was the only solace for young boys like me. I had a great fascination with masi. There were several occasions while she would hug me, make me sleep on her lap, and kiss my cheeks. I always craved more from her.

Curves like this give sexual desire its meaning! For this curve, penises rise like rockets, and eventually pussies become engorged with warm wet juices.

Coming back to the story. The next day morning, Neetu masi stopped Anuj uncle from waking me up. I could hear her telling him not to wake me because I was sleep deprived due to my college schedule. I tried to listen. But again, I went into a deep sleep.

After some time, I was woken up by the soft caressing of Neetu masi fingers on my hairs. I opened my eyes to see her lying close to me in her nightdress, a tight top with a pajama. The weather was very pleasant, gentle breeze, little chilled overall it was awesome climate to chill out.

Masi had kept her legs on my legs. Her hands were caressing my hair. She occasionally moved her fingers to my ears to gently flick them. I loved her gentle stroking. I closed my eyes, trying to sleep again, enjoying her stroking. I opened my eyes after a few minutes.

By now, masi had moved her face close to my face. She kept moving her hands in my hair softly. She asked me, “Wake up, Vinay, it’s almost 10. Your uncle has left to shop already. I am also done with my work.”

I said, “5 minutes masi, feeling very nice, let me enjoy it, please.” I could see her lovely boobs in front of my eyes. Her bra was clearly visible from her T-shirt. The thin bra straps holding her huge boobs looked like they were stretched to the max. I could get the shape of her nipples.

I could see them all. She moved closer to me. I loved the warmth of her body. It made me extremely comfortable. She kept her other hand on my back. She gently pulled me closer to her, almost hugging me. In a few seconds, I also kept my hands on her back.

She moved her legs and lower body closer to me. She gently pushed my head to bury it in between her boobs. She kept her chin on my head, hugging me tightly.
I moved closer to her; the heat of her body engulfed me. Her boobs were soft, they were hot, I could feel the softness of them.

She held me tightly and kissed my head. My heart skipped a beat, and for a moment, I thought my fantasy to suck those boobs on her chest just might become a reality. She was so close now. I inhaled a lungful of her scent. She smelled delicious. A faint hunger rose in my entire body.

I rolled my fingers on her back. I could feel her bra straps. She held me in that position for a few minutes. I could smell her hot soft body. It was making me mad. Closeness to such a lovely body was making me feel incredibly good. I just loved it.

Masi pushed back my head, she looked in my eyes, she gave me a kiss on my cheek.

She said, “Now get up, Vinay, I am feeling hungry.”

I got up from the bed. My dick was standing firm, erect, creating a huge tent in my shorts. It was clearly visible, creating a very awkward situation. I do not wear undies while sleeping, that made matters worse. The soft stroking on my hai hug by Neetu masi had given me such a hard-on in the morning.

It was really embarrassing. I could see Neetu masi staring at my erection with her eyes wide open. Her eyes glued on the tent in my shorts. I quickly sat on the bed, desperately trying to somehow hide my erection. The damage was already done. I could not make eye contact with masi.

I sat near her with my head down. My dick was still hard, firm. The raging surge made me feel that it may tear my shorts and pop out. Of course, I was covered, but she knew what lay beneath my shorts. Maybe she would have seen me entirely nude in my younger days.

But now, she was about to carve the image of my proud, thick penis, heavy sac, and tiny curly hairs in her mind. Masi’s expression said it all. She was surprised looking at my erection. Masi got up and sat beside me. She kept her hands on my thighs. She lifted my face by holding my chin.

She broke the silence, “Do not feel shy, Vinay, you are a grown-up boy now this thing happens. Nothing wrong in getting a morning erection.” I did not expect masi to speak on this. Reluctantly I said, “Sorry masi, really sorry.”

She looked directly into my eyes and said, “Don’t be sorry, these are natural things of the body. This is a common thing in growing boys.” She again fixed her eyes on my erection with a wicked smirk on her face.

I said, “Ok, masi, it just happened. I did not realize it at all.”

She said,” Young boys are more eager and curious towards sex, so they get an erection very easily. I can understand.”

I said, “No, masi, not like that.”

She said, “Vinay, it’s fine, but let me tell this, you are really grown up now. It looks so big, my god. I just can’t believe it.”

I wanted to tell masi that even her boobs looked so big, but I kept quiet. I looked at her culprit boobs that created this situation as I got down from the bed. I could not help myself. I stole a glance at her boobs. Just a half second’s view. Not long enough to pore over every detail of her features.

I opened the door of the bathroom, she said, “Vinay, you want to tell me something about my body.”

Oh my god, masi was reading my mind. I said, “No, masi.”

Taking me by complete surprise, she kept her hands under her boobs, lifted them slightly, and said, “Look, I know I have big boob. I know you were staring at it.”

I stammered but regained my composure. I took little courage to tell her, “No, masi, I was not staring, sorry, masi. But yes, they are really big.”

She continued to tease me, “I know you don’t wear underwear while sleeping,” and started laughing. I said, “Masi, please, I will be back in 5 minutes.” I locked the bathroom door.

Again, a few seconds later, she called me out loudly, “Don’t sit for long thinking about them, come quickly.” I came back from the washroom and rushed to the dining table. Masi was waiting.

She asked me, “Feeling comfortable now? Did you relieve yourself? I mean, are you relaxed.”

I could not believe my ears the way masi was speaking to me. Masi has just become so open, I just nodded my head. She came from behind to serve me breakfast. I could clearly sense that she gave me a feeling of her lovely boobs on my back as she bent.

Whenever I was near masi, I had always been horn. I had accepted that her presence would always make me horny. So, when masi sat down near me, a tsunami of hormones washed over me. I was quite shocked that I had forgotten that she was my masi.

She sat beside me with her plate to have breakfast. I was stealing a glance at her lovely hot boobs. She was looking very inviting and seductive. Horny thoughts kept screaming and running in my mind.

I wanted to squeeze her tight ass. I wanted masi to hold my thick hot dick in her soft hands and put it in her mouth. I wanted to strip masi nude to lick her pussy softly all the way deep. I wanted to hear her moaning and screaming when she would be hot and horny.

I wanted to thrust my burning dick deep in her most delicate zone and pierce it to the hilt. I wanted her to scream my name when I would thrust my burning dick deep in her throbbing pussy. I have admired her beauty for the past few years. But it never seemed right to act on it with our close bonding.

Somehow, things felt more normal being in her home. She had kept a back scratcher with a plastic finger-like design on the dining table. As we spoke, she picked it inserted inside her T-shirt to scratch her back.

I requested her, “Masi, can you get me a scratcher like this?”

She asked, “Why, why do you want it?

I replied, “I am tired of scratching Divya’s (My sister) back daily. This will make my life easier.”

She asked me, “What? Does she make you scratch her back?”

I replied, “Yes, masi, we sleep on the same cot. Every night she sleeps with her back towards me. I search for whiteheads on her back to crush them with nails and also some smooth rolling by my fingers on her back.”

Masi looked surprised. She asked, “Means you insert your hands inside her nightdress?”

I said, “Yes, masi, she makes me do this almost daily. She says she feels very relaxed.”

She asked, “So from how long this is going on.”

I said, “More than a year now, I am sort of used to this now.”

We had just finished our breakfast. She turned her chair towards me, looking at me as she started to grill me. She said, “Hmm, it’s nice to help her relax, now tell me one more thing. Does she remove her bra before sleeping with you, or you get the privilege of unhooking her bra?”

I was shocked. I was taken back by what she asked in a low voice. I said, “Oh God, Masi, she removes it before she sleeps. Don’t discuss this with her, please.”

She said, “It’s just between us, just clarifying. Don’t you feel tempted?”

I said, “No, masi, not really.”

She said, “Hmmm, nice, what does she tell you when you do this? I feel like a young boy getting aroused is natural.”

I felt I should not have started this discussion. I feared if she discussed the same with Divya, then it would be a problem. I never expected the conversation to go in this direction. I said, “Divya says there is magic in my fingers. It makes her happy. I promise there are no other feelings, masi.”

Masi was taking this deeper, “I think you both are enjoying this very much. Don’t you feel like touching her boobs or kissing her?”

I replied, “No, masi, never.”

She said, “I seriously doubt you both now. I feel you both are having sex also.”

I was jolted by what she said. I said, “Never, masi, we have never indulged in such things.”

She continued, “Tell me, don’t you feel like inserting your hands from the front to feel her boobs? What is her size, by the way?”

Her unabashed questions made me mad. I said, “I don’t know her size.”

She asked me, “You mean, you never faced a situation like today morning.”

As our conversation kept going, masi kept her hands on my thighs just above the knees. I replied in a low tone, “Very rarely. it is always dark, so no problem.”

She seductively replied, “Vinay, you are a grown boy, so you should know that all dirty things happen in the dark only.”

She started to smoothly move her hand in my inner thighs. Her smooth touch started arousing me. My dick was again growing to its full size. I said, “There is nothing between us.”

She continued her questioning this time little with an unexpected twist. “Vinay, whose boobs are bigger, mine or Divya?”

I felt embarrassed, but I replied, “Your boobs are much bigger.”

The stroking on my thighs continued. My dick stood firm, almost firm now, as she pushed her hands deeper now inside my shorts. My dick tensed as I felt the sensations of being aroused by her warmth and softness. I looked at my erection and then at masi.

Her eyes glued to my erection, she eyed me up and down, and then masi bit her bottom lip hungrily. She asked me, “So you go to the bathroom and think of Divya to relieve yourself, huh?”

I was petrified by her questions. I said, “No, masi, never.”

She made the conversation more intense, “You are lying. I am sure you think about her.”

She was 100% true about my feelings. But what do I tell her? She kept the stoking on my thighs, pushing her hands closer to touch the tip of my dick. I was aroused to the core, and my dick stood firm erect now.

Her magical smooth stroking made sure I had a raging hard. She enjoyed my intense grilling and arousal both.

She said, “Look at your dick. It is standing again just by my touch. Don’t lie, Vinay, tell me you get that feeling.”

I finally accepted with guilt in my voice, “Yes, masi occasionally.”

She asked me, “So you have started masturbating now.”

I kept quiet. I did not reply, I had a raging erection, and I wanted to cover my erection. She asked me again, “How long have you been doing it?”

I got a little nervous now as her fingertip touched my dick. I said, “From 2 years,  masi.” She softly touched the tip of my dick again. She asked me, “Do you masturbate daily?” I said, “No, masi, very rarely.”

She bloody wanted every detail, and she was making sure that I answered them,” What is your rarely, daily, once in 2 days, once in a week?” Her stunning urge was now clearly visible. She was just touching my hard brown-meaty borderline with her fingertip.

She traced a path across my sensitive areas, making me hornier and mad for her.

I said, “Maybe once in a week.”

She said, “I know boys of your age sometimes masturbate 3 to 4 times a day. With the game you are playing with Divya, you want me to believe that you shag only once a week? Don’t lie, Vinay.”

I said, “1 or 2 times in a week maximum.”

I was stunned when she said, “Now, also, you would have done it in the bathroom.”

I did not have any answers. I replied, “No, I have not done it, masi, I promise.”

She asked me, “And whom do you visualize while masturbating?”

I did not know what to reply. She was grilling me so intensely, bloody it was totally unexpected. What do I reply? Her fingers kept just touching the tip of my dick, leaving me wanting more. I wanted her to hold my dick now as I was getting very restless.

She said, “Ok, don’t tell me if you don’t want to. But by any chance, do you think about me.” She was spot on. Most of the time, she was only my target. But I had to deny it. I said, “No, masi, never.”

She was a master in this. She shot back, “That means you don’t find me sexy or attractive.” I replied, “No, masi, not like that. You look extremely hot and sexy, but…” I did not complete the statement.

Her fingers started to roll on my dick smoothly. Ahh, man, oh god, what a feeling it was. Her smooth fingers set my dick on fire instantly. I tried to move back to relax a bit, but the chair did not allow me.

She said, “I think you should stop masturbating now and look for some real experience. You should be proud of your size. Look at its size, my god, it’s so big, Vinay. Masi wants to see it, Vinay, please.”

She held my dick in her hands as she said this. I wanted to see her boobs too. I just said, “Hmm, ok, masi.” She started feeling my dick smoothy rolling her fingers to its full size. She looked at me. Her sensuous smile flattened me.

I did not expect her to do this to me. I was really feeling extremely hot and aroused. I wanted to touch her. She asked me, “Nice, Vinay, it’s so hard and long, take it out, let me see it.”

I acted like to just avoid the situation, “Masi, please, I am feeling very embarrassed.” My hot masi held my hands and erotically kept them on her boobs, and said, “You can feel them. You said they are big, you want to see them right, don’t feel shy.”

Hope you like this. Read the next part about what happened between me and my hot masi. Mail your comments or connect at [email protected]

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