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Hello guys! I am Priyesh and here to tell you about my sexy Sapna Mami. I am 21 years old and live in Kolkata. I am originally from Bihar. I live in Kolkata for my college. Due to this current lockdown, all the colleges were closed down. Due to which I had to come back to my village in March 2020.

In August, after several months in the village, I was very bored. So, I thought of having a visit at my Mama’s house. I planned to be at my Mama’s place for a week. I called my Mama to tell him about my plan.

As I told him about my plan, he seemed very happy. He said, “Your Mami will be very happy to meet you after such a long time.” Mami is one of the most beautiful women. Her name is Sapna. She has a fair complexion with a beautiful face cut.

But, more than her face, there is one more beautiful thing in her body, her curves. The last time when I met her, she had curves of 34-30-36. When she walks, her ass shakes heavily. Nobody can remove his attention from her big bubble butts.

Last time I even touched her ass several times, and it seemed like I accidentally touched. I was very excited to meet her. So, hoping that I will get her on my bed, I started my journey to Mami’s place.

It was several hours of journey by bus to reach my Mami’s place. Finally, I reached her place early in the morning on Sunday. Mama came to pick me up at the bus stand. As I reached, Mama opened the door with the key, and we entered the house.

“Mami isn’t at home?” I asked Mama.

“No, no, it’s not like that,” Mama replied, “She is still sleeping. That’s why I just locked the door and came to pick you up. Ha-ha!”


They live in a 2BHK flat on the 4th floor. The house looked nice. There was a big photo frame of Mami and Mama, hung up in the hall. Mami looked very beautiful in the wedding dress. I just imagined how Mama and Mami had made their first night.

“This is your room,” Mama said as he kept my bag in the room, “It also has an attached bathroom.”

I quickly came out of my imagination and rushed to the room.

“You go and be fresh. Till then, I will wake your Mami up.”

“Let her sleep! It’s 6:30 in the morning only, and you people sleep till 8,” I said.

Mama didn’t say anything, just nodded and gone to his room. I quickly changed my dress and went to the bathroom. Actually, they have only one bathroom at their house, but it is attached to both the rooms.

Basically, it has two doors with two openings in the two bedrooms. So, whenever one enters the bathroom, both the doors need to be closed. From the bathroom, you can hear the conversation of both the rooms.

I was in my underwear and brushing my teeth. It was then when the electricity went off. I continued brushing because I was familiar with the bathroom. I, too, had my mobile and me for a flashlight.

As the electricity was gone, everything became silent (fans and coolers were running) as silent as to hear the pin dropping. It was the moment when I heard Mama and Mami talking. I stopped brushing to listen to their talk.

As I just came, it was obvious that they would be talking about me. I was eager to listen to what they talk about me.

Mama: Wake up, Sapna! Priyesh is already here, and you are still sleeping.

Mami: Wait, naa, it’s so early.

Mama: You didn’t even let me touch you last night because you have to wake up before Priyesh comes.

Mami: Every time, you just need sex. Am I anything more than a sex toy for you?

Mama: Last night, you don’t let me have your pussy, and now you are not waking up. It’s not correct.

Mami: That’s what I am saying. I am nothing more than a sex toy for you.

Mami said this in a sad tone. Mama understood the situation and said, “You are my life, Sapna. I just can’t live a moment without you.”

Mami didn’t say anything. Mama continued, “It seems like it’s just yesterday when we got married. Come here.”

Mami: That’s why I want the first night every night.

By then, I silently opened the bathroom door and started peeping at my Mami mama’s bedroom and that too in my underwear. The thick curtain in the room was letting a small amount of sunlight pass through.

In that little amount of sunlight, I was able to see Mami and Mama hugging each other on the bed. I was excited to see them in the situation and wishing for them to have their sex.

Mami: See, even now, where are your hands?

I observed the hands of Mama. They were resting on the big boobs of my Mami. It was then when I realized that Mami was not wearing any top. She was in her red bra only.

Mama: I can’t control myself. Every time I have sex with you more, I want to fuck you.

Listening to my Mama and Mami talking dirty, I was unable to control my hands. It automatically had gone above my underwear. I was caressing my semi-erect dick above my underwear.

Now, Mama took Mami over him. In the process, their blanket got removed. Mami’s back faced me. Her bra strap was the only little dress on her back. She had worn leggings in her lower portion. The view of the elastic band of leggings on her waist was making me crazy.

My semi-erect dick was fully erect by now, and my hands were in my underwear. Mami and Mama lip-locked. Mama was literally eating Mami’s lips. But more than their kiss, for me, the more attractive part was the shape of Mami’s ass crack over her leggings.

Her ass crack glistered in the little amount of sunlight that was entering through the window. Mami ass seemed bigger than the last time when I saw her. Maybe it was because I was seeing her ass for the first time over her leggings.

Mami’s massive boobs that were packed in a red bra were crushing against Mama’s chest. It was the moment when the electricity came back, and the light of the bathroom glowed. As the bathroom door was slightly opened, the light made a line in Mama’s bedroom.

Mami: It’s enough for morning time. Just go and bring vegetables. There is nothing to cook for breakfast and lunch.

Mama: Please, baby. Let me have you.

Mami: No, not in the morning. I will sleep for ten more minutes, you go and bring vegetables. Otherwise, you will not be allowed to touch me at night too.

Mama loose heartedly went to bring vegetables. I was happy to get the morning show. I completed brushing my teeth and took a shower.

After the shower, I was wiping my body all nude. My dick was fully erect seeing the morning action of Mami. I was wiping my face, and all of a sudden, Mami entered the bathroom.

OMG! I forgot to close the door after watching Mami’s action. We both were completely shocked. She was in her red bra and leggings yet. I was all nude with my erect dick. My reflex action was to use the towel to cover my dick. Hers was to get out of the bathroom quickly.

But I was all sure that she had a good view of my dick. Even I had a good view of her body. Her cleavage was big. That big that her mangalsutra vanished in her cleavage.

So this is the end of part 1. Do give feedback at mail ID [email protected] It will help me to keep myself motivated to keep writing the stories. Please read my other story here as well. Girls and mature women who want a secret relationship or just want to talk can contact me.

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