Story of 2 widow Moms – Part 3

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Hi Guys, Arjun is here again, so this is the continuation of the series.

That night, we slept with our aunt beside us. We gained more confidence since our moms became comfortable sleeping beside our son’s best friend.

After we slept, at midnight, I woke up, but still, our moms were talking to each other slowly. Later, I learned that Shahid also did not sleep, but we both acted as if we were sleeping to hear their conversation.

Sarita: Shabana, our sons slept. So now tell me how many people you fucked. Your boobs tell me you gave it to many guys who made it bigger.

Shabana: No, dear, I did not fuck anyone except my shop owner, an old man, which was not fun because it is too risky at my place, but it seems like you had spread your legs too many bastards. You big asses tell everything.

Sarita: Haha, I hope it was the truth, but I fucked only with my husband’s brother for some time, which was not fun. We stayed beside them as neighbours, so some years back. After my husband’s death, he used that as an opportunity and fucked me sometimes.

Sarita: But we stopped due to fear of his wife, but I never liked him. Sex is something we women have to struggle with a lot. But luckily, we have a very good understanding sons. They can at least help us have a better life. We don’t have dickens to spread our legs, but we can still spread our legs for good air inside.

Shabana: Haha, yes, dear, what is there to hide here? But our sons are grown, so it is not easy now.

Sarita: Hmm, I got it. My son is praising your boobs every time and supporting you.

Shabana: What about my son just supporting your ass, bitch?

Sarita: I don’t mind; even I like it, and why not? Some young guy appreciates my big ass, which I am proud of. Don’t be a jealous bitch.

Shabana: Same here. I don’t even mind giving Arjun my big boobs. We know how attraction works and how horny women of our age are.

Sarita: Getting such cravings is natural, dear. I checked my son’s dick so many times. He has grown as a man, but I fear that should not make him feel bad about me if he gets to know me.

Shabana: Yeah, let our sons enjoy their own lives, dear. Why do they need to waste time on mature women, even if those women are their mothers?

I got some sleep after that, but I understood what they wanted, so we have to make a move now.

The next morning, Shabana left early. I dropped her off at the station instead of Shahid. He requested that I not come till evening, and he would drop my mom off at the station. What happened till evening, he narrated to me after my mom left:

Shahid: Aunty, how do you feel about this vacation with us?

Sarita: I enjoyed it, dear. Now, we both feel like we have two sons. You tell me how you feel about me.

Shahid – That’s so kind, aunty. I like you, aunty. As a person, I love your personality, and you are also very beautiful. You look like my dream girl, to be frank.

Sarita: Oh, hahaha, that’s so nice of you. What do you find so beautiful in this mature woman?

Shahid – I can tell you if you don’t mind.

Sarita – Don’t worry, I won’t mind, and it will be between us. Tell me. Maybe this will help us bring your future wife home.

Shahid: No, aunty, don’t talk about marriage now; I will get married after 6-7 years. But I like your body type. Your height and figure are well-maintained.

Sarita: What? My figure is well maintained. Haha, joking? You look properly and say what is well-maintained here, lol.

Shahid: Haha, aunty, your hips are awesome; they look great. Why someone would not like it? I would not leave you if I got the chance, aunty.

Sarita – What? Are you serious? What are you saying? What chance?

Shahid: Aunty, I heard everything you talked about last night, what to hide, and I am just supporting you.

Sarita (shockingly): What? Have you heard everything? Oh, god, promise me you won’t tell your mom and my son all this.

Shahid: Don’t worry, aunty; no need for a promise; I will not tell. But why can’t I help you? I mean, respectfully, aunty, please. I also jerk imagining you, and I want you, big ass, and we can have fun. It will be a secret.

Sarita: Oh, dear, do you think it is that easy to satisfy women?

Shahid: Then you can teach me.

Sarita: Then remove your clothes and become naked.

Shahid became naked while Sarita was still in bed.

Sarita: I did not remove anything, but your dick is still a hard bastard.

She took his dick and started to jerk him off, then started giving blowjobs, and then he cummed inside her mouth.

Shahid: It is my luckiest day, aunty; I will never forget.

Sarita: It is not done yet; it has just started. Let me remove my clothes now. First, start kissing me on the lips.

They both kissed passionately and licked each other’s tongues and necks.

Sarita: You are a fast learner. Now go a little down, not legs. Bastard, my armpits now.

Sarita made him lick her armpits and shoulders and then guided him to her boobs.

Shahid: Umm, aunty, your boobs are not big but good enough to fondle and suck them.

Sarita: Ummm, start slow and soft, then increase. Yeah, those nipples.

Shahid: Can I bite them?

Sarita: Just a bit.

After 5 minutes:

Sarita: Hmm, now lick my legs. Not like this bastard, like a slave, you sit down and lick.

Shahid: Yeah!

Sarita: Oh, that’s so good, yeah, my bums too.

Shahid: Oh, aunty, your ass is just amazing. Ahh, I can lick it the whole day.

Sarita: Now, come in the middle. Let me open the gates for you to taste.

Shahid: Yeah, and then I can ride on those gates too.

Sarita: No, dear, remember I told you, today is just learning; riding you can do after you learn, so if you learn quickly, you will get a chance early.

Shahid got mad when he saw Sarita’s pussy. It was shaved.

Shahid: Then don’t wait. Teach me, aunty. Oh, aunty, your pussy is shaved and so damn hot; it is even bigger than my mom’s.

Sarita: What? Did you see your mom’s cunt? You bastard!

Shahid: I was curious to see where I came out; it is fine. Let me taste it now.

Sarita: Oh, go deep! Lick my pussy! Asshole, too, finger me. I am cumming.

Sarita poured it on Shahid’s face and made him drink all of it.

Sarita: Aah, ok. Now, let’s take a bath and get ready. My son will return after dropping your mom off.

Shahid: But aunty, can we do penis sex for 2 minutes, please?

Sarita: Don’t push women like that. Respect their choice. I told you already today that I am just learning. Don’t worry, I will stay for one more day.

What happens when Sarita stays for one more day? How I react, I will tell you in another part.

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