Sizzling Romance Between Sisters

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We, men, think women can’t live without us. Sometimes we are wrong. The unity of Indian females is much strong that nothing is impossible for them. Let it be called feminism or lesbianism, Indian females will cross all limits and boundaries.

Nisha Shah(age 28) and Disha Shah(age 26) shared mutual bonding between them since childhood. Their parents use to fulfill all their wishes from childhood. Both were scholars in school studies. Their parents were worried about the weird habit of their daughters which are as below.

In spite of having separate rooms, both use to sleep in the same bed Both used to take shower together. They didn’t tolerate any male guest in their home. The parents were tensed about their daughters’ marriage. Neither Nisha nor Disha had an interest in marriage.

To break their weird bond, parents decide to search for a groom for Nisha. Mother warned Nisha to say yes to the groom. Nisha started crying and said she can’t leave a single moment without Disha. She considered Disha as part of her body. The mother got frustrated and slapped Nisha.

Around 2 am at midnight, Nisha goes to her sister’s room and expresses her about marriage decided by mother. Both the sisters cuddle and start crying.
Disha: Sis, let’s run away from home. I know where dad’s credit cards are kept.

Nisha: Get it fast. Till that time I will pack both our bags.
Disha: How will we get down from the window?
Nisha: Let’s connect ends of all bed sheets and fix it to the bed legs.

Getting small scratches both get down safely. Nisha and Disha approach towards the main street
Nisha: I will withdraw cash from the ATM machine.

Disha: Give me pepper spray and the knife. If some thief tries to rob or harass us, I will defend you.
Nisha: Wait outside the ATM.
Disha: Sis, but where will we go?

Nisha: Ooty.
Disha: Let’s cover our head with a scarf so that people will not identify us.
Nisha: Good idea darling.

Disha: Enough. Concentrate on a luxury bus.
After 20 minutes, the deluxe bus for Ooty comes. Nisha and Disha get quickly inside the bus.
Both smile at each other face with gladness and happiness.

Nisha: Please switch of A.C. I am feeling cold.
Disha: Let’s cuddle each other.
Nisha: It’s not a safe place to do such stuff, sleep quietly.

At 8 am, the bus reaches Ooty. Nisha and Disha start searching for 3-star hotels for their safety. They enter inside the luxury lodging and inquire about the rates of stay from the receptionist. The receptionist asks if any of them has ID proof.

Nisha: OMG, I forgot to collect our PAN cards.
Disha: Just chill. Let me think.
Disha asks the receptionist if they pay extra charges instead of not showing ID proof. The receptionist denies saying that the cops come for a check-up.

Nisha: Let’s try another lodging.
All lodgings reject them. Both sisters become nervous and walk towards the forest area.

Disha: My legs are paining. I am feeling exhausted.
Nisha: Let’s rest under tree shade for some hours.
Disha: You are right. I am feeling thirsty.
Nisha: Very less water is remaining. Save some water for me.

Disha: Ok, darling.
Nisha: My clothes are wet due to sweat. Look opposite side and let me change.
Disha: Hahahhaha. From childhood, we are having a shower together naked
Nisha: I mean to say look if some cheap guys trying to spy me.

Disha: No one can touch us. We got a safety kit.
Nisha: That’s why I love you my sister.

They lay a sheet on the floor and take rest and both sleep close to each other. After 2 hours, both start walking ahead in search of water and a place for building a tent.

Disha: Feeling hungry. Please remove the snack packet.
Nisha: Take the bag and remove. I want to pee.
Disha: Your pubic hair is growing. Shall I pluck it?
Nisha: Shut up.

Disha: I was just teasing you.
Nisha: I need cooked food. My tummy will not get satisfied with snacks
Disha: Try to adjust. We are alone in this forest.
Nisha: Some trees are having fruits. Let’s pluck it.

Both start plucking fruits for their night meal.
They search for accessories for setting a tent. Also, they store water from a nearby lake.
Disha: We got enough wood. Let’s light a bonfire.

Both sisters get up, holding their hands and start taking rounds. After finishing rounds, both go inside the tent.
Disha: I love you.
Nisha: I love you too.

Disha: Should we get intimate.
Nisha: But it’s taboo.
Disha: In love, there is no taboo.
Nisha: Come closer.

Disha: Came. Next?
Nisha: Remove my t-shirt.
Disha: Unzip my shorts.
Both strip each other and get nude.

Nisha: Kiss my lips, neck
Disha: So juicy lips you got. Squeeze my breast.
Nisha: (squeezing) Your nipples are erect.
Disha: Pull my nipples. I am getting wet and horny.

Nisha: Pulling, circling your areola, squeezing your breast. So soft. Please bite my neck softly.
Disha: Yes! Chew my nipple softly. I am biting your throat.
Nisha: Finger my pussy now.

Disha: You do the same to me
Nisha: Lie over me
Disha: Laid.

Finger in. Finger out. Finger in. Finger out
Nisha: Lick and eat my pussy.
Disha: Yummy. Licking. Moving my tongue deeper inside you
Nisha: Wow, I am enjoying the wetness of your tongue.

Disha: Let me chew your clitoris
Nisha: Please don’t do. I might squirt on your face
Disha: I wanna taste your squirting juice
Chewing softly and fingering.

Nisha: Oh, my God! Yes, yes!

Disha: Tasty and yummy. Now you get on top of me.
Nisha: Yes I am on top of you, squeezing your navel.
Disha: Finger my belly and pussy at the same time.
Nisha: Finger in and out.

Disha: Breath over my belly. It gives me pleasure
Nisha: Breath in. Breath out.
Disha: Yes. Keep doing it. I am enjoying. Lick and eat my pussy now
Nisha: My tongue is reaching your labia

Disha: Oh, yes, such a blissful feeling. Your tongue is making me reach orgasm. Let me apply saliva on my pussy. Now finger me again.
Nisha: Finger in. Finger out
Disha: I am going to squirt now.

Nisha: Control it for 5 minutes
Disha: My juices are going to explode in full pressure
Nisha: I am waiting to taste your squirting juices.
Disha: Ahh.

Nisha: Delicious juice, continue squirting.
Disha: Chew softly, deeper inside my pussy
Nisha: Chewing softly. Chewing softly.
Disha: stretch my pussy lips with your fingers.

Nisha: No, you sit on my lap. I want to kiss your bareback.
Disha: Fine. Crave and kiss every part of my body. I need it.
Nisha: Your back has a strong smell. I am loving it.
Disha: Also squeeze my breast from behind.

Nisha: Yes, I am gonna squeeze it.

After some time both sisters rub their pussies with each other and sleep naked in each other’s arms.

The above story is purely fictional. Please don’t ask for personal information. Please write with your feedback on [email protected]. I will surely reply
Men stay away.

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