Saw Sister Naked In My Dreams – Part 3

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This story is part of a series:

“You are supposed to play with your sister, but not this way.” My sister said those words while she was riding my cock. “I never saw this side of my sister,” I said to myself.

She was doing it like a pro, holding her boobs and moving her waist to and fro sitting on my cock. I held her boob and squeezed it hard. She fell on me instantly unable to contain the pleasure.

I didn’t talk to my boss’s wife for a week after I asked for a piece of advice to keep my mind away from the thought of fucking my sister. Her idea failed miserably and I ended up having crazy lust for my sister.

After a week of daily lunch boxes from her home and a great fuck at the end of the week, I accepted her apology and we were normal again. I ended up filling all my sister’s undergarments with my cum.

I started to look at her in a new angle. She looked hotter than ever with her milky thighs. She always wore loose tank tops. Whenever she bends a little, I made sure I had a view of her small but sexy boobs. My boss’s wife kept encouraging me in my endeavour to nail my sister.

I was trying to pull all the tricks in the book but I barely managed to seduce her. I thought maybe she just wanted me to share my blood with her not my cum.

One day we were invited to a wedding. Our parents wanted us to attend it at any cost. My sister was supposed to meet this guy who could if everything went well, become her husband.

I was happy for her but my mind overpowered my heart yet again. My lust for my sister grew more than ever. If the wedding goes well, I might not get a chance to fuck my sister again. I wanted to fuck her at any cost.

When I went into her room that evening before the meet, she was all gloomy. She was still in her shorts and in no mood to get ready and I was not planning to go to the wedding at all.

Me: Why are you so gloomy?

Didi: So, now you want to talk after all these days. I have been nothing but a cook and maid to you.

Me: What happened? Why are you so angry? I placed a hand around her.

Didi: Nothing happened. Just go get ready, we will attend that stupid wedding.

Me: I am not coming. You are on your own tonight.

Didi: Are you mad? Don’t you want to see your future brother in law? (she replied sarcastically.)

Me: I get it. You are enjoying your life and you don’t want it to be ruined. (I replied holding her chin.)

Didi: I don’t know but I never imagined it this way or this sooner.

I tried to be philosophical with her and talked about whatever I learned from all the movies I had been watching over the years. I always loved her barring this one time where my lust fought with my love for her as a sister.

She cheered up after a while and was happy to take on this new adventure of marriage. I asked her to get ready and got out of the room. My mind started fighting with me and I wasn’t sure.

Finally, I decided to give one last try and seduce her and see where it goes. When she was ready, she called me to her room. She was wearing a light pink saree. She had her silky hair let loose. It was falling on one side of her body. She wasn’t wearing any jewels.

Me: Why are you just wearing a saree?

Didi: I am not going to a fashion show. And he has to like me, not my accessories.

Me: That doesn’t mean my sister has to look even fabulous.

Didi: I am not going to listen to you.

I thought I should use this opportunity and try my luck because if everything goes well, I might not have the chance again. I persuaded her and finally, I made her agree to just wear kamarbandh.

I was sitting on the edge of the bed and she was before the mirror. I thought this was the time to initiate.

Me: Don’t you know how to wear a saree?

Didi: Wait, is there anything wrong? It looks perfect for me.

Me: You want yourself to look like a woman in the old days. Girls can look sexier in a saree too. You know that right?

Didi: As I told you, I want him to like me not anything else.

Me: Don’t be a dumbo. Here let me help you.

I held her hand and pulled her towards me. She was standing with her waist right before my eyes. It was all covered with saree. I started adjusting her saree from her legs and moved upwards. My hands reached her waist.

My sister placed her hands on my shoulders. My face was very close to her body. I wanted to kiss her navel then and there but I would have stretched my luck too far and I didn’t want to risk it.

I held her saree with my fingers touching her navel. I started to pull it down. Her buttonhole revealed slowly as I pulled it down. I noticed goosebumps on her body.

I was in my shorts and my cock started to fight it’s way out. My sister might have noticed that but I didn’t dare to look at her face and I continued adjusting her saree.

Her fair-skinned navel was fully revealing. I inserted my finger between her saree and her body. She shuddered and clutched my shoulders tightly. “Maddy, what..” her voice died down shakily. I brought my finger near her buttonhole and slightly pushed it further down.

My finger touched her pubic hair and she jerked back a little. I took the kamarbandh and tied it around her waist. My fingers touched her soft navel all the while.

She was struggling to stand on her feet. I stood up and was standing face to face with her. I turned her around towards the mirror. I stood behind her holding her shoulders.

My cock was rock solid and was making a tent. I hid it from her view standing beside her. My sister was just smiling. Her breath was high which I noticed from her moving chest.

Me: You look charming and sexy now. He will go crazy for you.

Didi: Aha.. (She was awkwardly silent.)

Me: Don’t you like i?

Didi: I like it, (she murmured.)

Me: Here, let me take a selfie.

I took out my phone and as I adjusted for a perfect angle my breath stopped for a while and my hand shook. My sister moved back poking her ass into my hard cock. She was looking at the screen but her mind was elsewhere.

I clicked the photo and she turned towards me and hugged me strongly. “Thank you Maddy,” she said and she left the room.

To be continued.

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