Mom Double Penetrated By Son And Cousin – Part 1

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Hello readers, my name is Rahul (name changed). Let me first tell about my family, it consists of 3 members my dad, mom, and me. My dad usually won’t be at home because of his unusual shifts like day and night.

My mom is an educated and a sanskari woman. She was married to a guy who was really older than her, so her sex life was kinda dead.

My mom has normal-sized boobs and a big ass. My mom kind of looks like actress Vidya Balan but a little more slim. In our building, our relatives used to live and our families were really close. My cousin was of the same age as mine. We used to spend a lot of time together.

Coming to the story, one day we were in my room and my cousin started telling me about incest and showed me some mom-son xxx videos and sex stories. He told me what he thinks about his own mom. He showed me nude photos of his mom that he had captured while she was bathing!

That ‘incest’ thing stuck in my mind and I started reading more incest sex stories which started making me more attracted to my mom. Everything she used to do now made me hard. I told my cousin about it and he said we can try to seduce her and get her into this!

From that day, we started spending most of the time at my house and try to find ways to get my mom. We used to play 18+ movies at home when mom was watching TV with us. We used to peek into the bathroom when my mom used to shower. This continued for 1 week with no results.

One day, we were peeping in the bathroom and my mom was removing her clothes. Suddenly, she opened the door and caught us! She got very angry and started scolding us.

Mom then got sad and sat on the sofa and started crying. We both sat near her and started telling her that we just wanted to see her happy and we know she feels lonely because dad wasn’t taking care of her.

“I just wanted to make you feel special, mom,” I said.

My mother again got angry. “I am your mother, you can’t do such thing,” she said.

Then my cousin showed her some incest videos and stories. First, my mom was not watching it and was shouting at us. But later she started reading a story. Then I told her that I will always keep her happy and held her hands.

“Yes, I am lonely but I can’t have a relationship with my own son!” mom said.

“Mammi, it’s ok in today’s world. Even I have feelings for my mom and even I want to keep her happy and make love to her,” my cousin said.

My mother kept quiet for some time and kept her head down. Then I placed my palms on her cheeks and made her look in my eyes.

“What if someone gets to know about this?”, she asked. That line was like a ‘yes’ to us! My cousin gave me a signal to start and I took my mom’s face close to mine. First, I kissed her forehead and then said, “No one will know about this. It will be our dirty secret” and I placed my lips on her lips and started kissing her more intensely.

At first, my mom was acting shy but eventually, lust took over her and she started going all out. My cousin went behind her and started kissing her neck. We were sandwiching my mom between us!

My cousin was making my mom feel his dick on her ass and I was doing it from the front! Then my cousin started pressing my mom’s boobs. This went on like that for 10 minutes and my mom was completely wet and turned on by the end of it. She started feeling our dicks by rubbing them with her hands while we were kissing her.

Mom then made us stop and asked, “Do you guys want to do everything here only? Come to the bedroom.”

Hearing this, I took her in my arms and went to the bedroom. My mom got really shy because of all this and was acting like a new bride.

After reaching the bedroom, we removed her clothes. My mom was looking beautiful. She got really shy and covered herself, smiling.

We both went near her and started sucking her boobs. She started to moan. After some time, we removed our clothes and stood there near my mom with our dicks fully hard. Her eyes were glued to our dicks like she was lost.

We then made her kneel before us and took our dick near her mouth. Mom was first hesitating to take it in her mouth because she never did it but eventually, she started taking it little by little. Soon, it was all in and was giving me a nice blowjob. On the other hand, mom was stroking my cousin’s dick.

After some time, I took charge and grabbed her hair and started mouth-fucking her and started choking her over my dick. Tears started rolling over my mom’s eyes and I left her mouth.

She took a hard breath and said, “Madarchod!” and we started laughing including my mom.

Then my cousin told something in my ear and we lifted her and threw mom on the bed. She was really clueless. I started going down on her. I kissed her pussy once and started licking it. First, she was telling no but eventually, mom started enjoying it. She was moaning really hard now.

My cousin took his dick and went near her mouth and mom started blowing it. I was going on sucking it while fingering it, and my cousin was fucking her mouth and was making her choke so that she even can’t moan. She was saying something but my cousin was going all in and while I was licking her.

Soon, mom cummed all over me. She then pushed my cousin aside and said, “I was going to tell you to get away as I was going to cum. He wasn’t leaving me, I am sorry” and was really sad.

I hugged her, kissed her on the forehead and said, “Its ok, mom, I loved it. I am just imagining how much cum will you be filled from now on”.

She started acting shy again and said, “yes.” I spanked her ass and said to her, “I love you, my baby. And from today, you are my wife and I will get you every happiness you deserve, my love.”

Mom smiled at me and hugged me tightly and whispered in my ears, “Then make me yours.”

Hearing this, I lifted her and made her sit on me in cowgirl position. I took my dick and positioned it in my mom’s pussy. Mom started inserting it inside. Her pussy was really tight as she wasn’t sexually active. My dick went half inside and a current passed through our bodies. Mom looked at me and again said, “Make me yours.”

We both started moving to make it go all in. My dick was completely inside her now and she started moaning harder with every thrust. She was enjoying this after a long time. She then looked at me and said, “I love you too, my husband. Aaj se me teri biwi hunn, muje apni baana liya tune aab se me teri hunn, chod muje zorr se aahhhhh..”

I started fucking her harder and was pressing her boobs. My cousin was in shock seeing my mom this horny. He started entering her asshole. My mom was never fucked in the ass so she said to him, “Gand me maat daal, bahut dukh raha he chaie tho tu bhi chut me daalde.”

Hearing this, I smiled at my mom and said, “30 minutes before she wasn’t ready for any of these.”

She said, “Tab me teri maa thi. Abb teri biwi hun, tume khush karne ke liye kuch bhi.”

Hearing this, my cousin said, “Ohhho, bhabhi ji.”

We all started laughing and my cousin started pushing his dick inside my mom’s pussy. She was getting double penetrated for the first time – two dicks in one pussy! She was moaning like hell and because of my cousin’s hard thrusts, she fell and leaned on me.

His dick was completely in my mom’s pussy. It was tight but it adjusted to our dicks easily.

We started fucking mom in full speed. The whole room was filled with fucking sounds. She was moaning our names. My cousin started pressing her boobs and mom and I started kissing each other.

After a few minutes, my cousin told us he was cumming and shot his cum inside mom’s pussy. Her pussy was full of his hot cum. I and mom both could feel it.

Then he emptied all in and kissed my mom on her cheeks and lied beside us. Mom and I laughed and started our session. I started fucking my other again but more passionately this time. We both had forgotten our relationship with each other. We were like a couple now. With every thrust, mom was screaming my name.

I started increasing the pace. We both had passed our boundaries. She had become my wife completely.

I kept fucking her and then she told me that she was cumming. I fastened my pace further and we both cummed together.

I unloaded my ton of cum inside my mom. Her pussy was flowing out of our juices. I looked into my mom’s eyes and asked her how she felt. She smiled and said, “I am glad I took this decision” and kissed me. We all slept naked.

From that day, my relationship with my mom changed. She is more like my wife than my mom now. She has changed completely like a new bride. I love her new style and my cousin always calls her bhabhi.

Many things have happened after that. I will share in the upcoming stories about my cousin’s mom (my aunty) but the story completely went different from the planned one.

Thank you for reading my story and messages appreciated at [email protected]

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