Lustful Family And Friends – Part 5 (Blackmailing My Sister)

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Day 6

Somebody is knocking on my door. I think it’s Bella, whom I am blackmailing.

Me: I’m awake, come in.

Bella: I’m already late for work. Do you have the 200?

Me: Yes, of course. But here’s the deal. Remember when we were little, and you were always picking on me?

Bella: Sure, but that was ages ago.

Me: What did Mom tell you?

Bella: Shit. I can’t believe you remember that! ‘Remember, Bella, someday Aafi will be bigger than you.’

Me: And?

Bella: ‘And you’ll get your just reward.’

Me: Well, now I’m bigger, it’s time for that reward!

Bella: Seriously. You’re seriously going to use that against me? Fine. How do you want to degrade me again?

Me: I just want to appreciate the female form in all its glory. So today, I’d like you to undress completely.

Bella: You what?!

Me: Oh, you heard me.

Bella: I hope you appreciate this!

And there goes her blouse – what a great way to wake up. Bella is topless. I am staring at her firm tits.

Bella, on the other hand, has an angry look on her face.

Me: Come on, it isn’t so bad.

Bella: Really?! I just got dressed for work!

She then removed her bottom skirt. She was now in her black see-through pantyhose.

Bella: Satisfied?

Me: No. Lose the pantyhose. Come on, you know the definition of nakedness.

She took off her pantyhose and stood completely naked in front of me.

Yes! Her pussy looks so soft and well-groomed.

Me: I’m very impressed, Bella.

Bella: Good for you.
Me: But you could at least act a little bit more enthusiastic.

Bella: Enthusiastic?! I’m standing naked in front of my brother!

Me: Yes, you are, it’s nothing I haven’t seen before. Remember when you and Rachel used to do the ‘naked girl’ dance after bath time?

Bella: I can’t believe you remember that too!

Me: I do! And I have to say, you look so much better now! Now can you pose for me and at least pretend to enjoy it?

She posed a few sexy poses. I would love to touch her delicious pussy. Maybe in the future, when she’s more accustomed to doing this.

Me: Now, let’s see your cute little ass.

She turned around and gave me a hell of a view of her ass.

Me: I’m satisfied. Thank you!

Bella: Hrmph!

Me: You may dress now.

Bella hurriedly gathers her clothing. She bends to pick up her clothes, exposing her butt hole. Another view of her ass, what a treat! I wonder how far I can go with her. It was only yesterday when I got to feel her tits, and now I’ve seen her bare-naked.

She puts on her top and bottom and her apron. Only the pantyhose was remaining.

Me: Bella, I remember more things from when we were little. I remember you tickling me until I thought I’d pee my pants, and you wouldn’t stop until I said ‘uncle’!

Bella: Huh?

Me: Now, going forward, if I ask you something that makes you too uncomfortable, you’re going to have to say ‘uncle’ to make me stop!

Bella: ‘Uncle,’ really?

Me: In addition to the awesome show you just gave me, I have another request.

Bella: Great, the pervert has thought of something else, has he?

Me: Lose the pantyhose. I want you wearing nothing under that skirt of yours. Some fresh air will do you good.

Bella seems completely lost for words.

Bella: I…

She’s seriously considering it. Wow!

Bella: Fine, whatever!

Me: Good girl.

Bella: Patronizing motherfucker.

Me: Have a great day at work!

Bella: Hrmph!

After taking a quick shower, I went to the kitchen and joined Rachel and Mom. They have already prepared breakfast.

Me: Hi all. Sleep well?

Mom: Yes, thank you!

Rachel: You were up late. Busy exercising?

I knew it. Rachel was spying on me, jerking off. And she’s teasing me with it as well, with mom just sitting there.

Me: Uhm. Yeah, I was working out. Er. Push-ups.

Fuck, keep it together!

Rachel: Gotta train those biceps.


Mom: How was your dinner with Liza?

Liza is magical, and I think I’m in love. But I can’t tell them that.

Me: We both had a great time!

Mom: I’m really glad to hear that.

Rachel: So Aafi, movie night! ‘Galactic Struggle: 4’ is running.

Yes! I haven’t seen the latest sequel.

Rachel: …but I’d rather go to this arthouse drama.

No, no, no! I want spaceships and big explosions.

Rachel: It’s an older movie, ‘The Dreamers’, but I’ve heard good things about it.

Fuck. Complicated french drama it is, apparently.

Me: It’s your night and your choice, Rachel!

Mom: Have fun, you two!

Rachel: We will!

Mom: I haven’t been to the movies in ages.

Rachel: You should really get a social life, Mom.

Mom: I know, but I meet a lot of interesting people at work as well.

Rachel: I’m sure that’s not the same.

We all finish our breakfast, and each go our separate ways. I checked my phone in my room. Got a message from my friend James.

James: Big news! Meet you at the usual place?

Me: I’ll be there in an hour.

I hope Bella is there as well. It could get interesting. I arrive at the coffee shop and get a seat. James arrives moments later and sits opposite me.

James: Hey!

Me: Greetings, spymaster.

James: Hehehe. So. I’ve been snooping around as we discussed. The address checks out. There’s a company called Discreet at the listed address.

Me: You didn’t go inside, did you?

James: Of course not. I wouldn’t blend in with all those corporate types anyway.

Me: So it’s an office?

James: Looks like. Lots of comings and goings of people in business suits. Some short skirts as well. Hmmm!

Me: James. Focus!

James: Yes, of course. I got us something else!

Me: What?

James: A phone number.

Me: How did you manage that?

James: I called the office building’s reception desk and just asked for the number of one of their tenants.

Me: Smooth!

James: So? Should we call the number?

Me: Dude, of course, we’re going to call the number.

James: I knew you would say that.

I dialed the number.

Secretary: Discreet Incorporated, how may I help you?

Me: Hi, this is John Holmes. I’m interested in the services of your company, and I’d like to know more.

Secretary: That’s good to hear. Would you like to schedule an appointment, Mr. Holmes?

Me: Well, I was hoping you could tell me some more on the phone.

Secretary: I’m afraid that won’t be possible, Mr. Holmes, we only work by appointment.

Fuck! I didn’t expect that.

Me: Let me see if I can fit it into my schedule.

Secretary: I have an opening in two days at 2 pm, would that be all right, Mr. Holmes?

Me: Certainly.

Secretary: Good, Mr. Holmes. Do you know where our office is located?

Me: Yes, I have the address.

Secretary: When in the building, just take the elevator to the fifth floor. The reception desk will be able to direct you further.

Me: Thank you.

Secretary: Thank you for choosing Discreet Incorporated. We look forward to welcoming you in two days, Mr. Holmes.

Shit! What did I just do?

James: You made an appointment?

Me: I think I just did.

James: What if you meet your mom when you waltz in there?

Me: I’ll say it’s a surprise.

James: You’ve got some balls man, I’ll give you that.

Me: We’ll see how it goes.

James: Hey, your sister is working again today. She’s coming over.

This is going to be interesting. Bella came and stood next to me.

James: Hey, Bella.

Bella: Hey yourself. Aafi. Would you like to order?

She is not wearing her pantyhose, but I wonder if she followed my instructions and isn’t wearing any panties. She’s standing quite close. Maybe I could try and feel.

While continuing the conversation, I slowly lift Bella’s skirt a little bit and softly place a hand on her back of her thighs.

Bella: (What the fuck?! Is he touching me underneath my skirt?! Should I say something? Walk away? But I can’t risk losing the loan.)

I move my hand up to the inside of her thighs and feel the warmth of her pussy. Yes, she did it! She is not wearing any panties.

Bella: (Gasp)

James: Are you all right, Bella?

Bella: (Aafi is touching my pussy! That miserable.) Y-y-yes, I’m fine. I think I ate something bad this morning.

Just a little bit further. I ever so slightly touch the lips of her pussy and notice it sends a shiver down Bella’s spine.

Bella: (Oh. Fuck! I can barely keep it together. Why is this turning me on?! He’s fucking groping me in public.)

Damn! Is she wet down there? Wow! Better stop now, or somebody might notice. I removed my hand and ordered.

Me: Two coffees, please.

Bella: (How can he be so stoic after groping me in public?!)

Hot damn! I think my fingers are actually wet with her juices. She left after taking our order. Soon our conversation turns towards gaming. After drinking coffee, we both head to our homes separately.

After lunch, it was time to go on a movie date with Rachel. Better go and ask Rachel if she’s ready.

After Rachel gets her coat, we’re both ready to go. A short drive later, we reach the cinema and enter our movie hall. There was only one elderly couple sitting in the front rows apart from us.

Rachel: It seems this movie isn’t that popular. There are only two other people here.

Me: It’s a rather old movie. Do you still want to see it?

Rachel: Of course!

Me: Let’s get seated then.

We both sat on the last rows of the hall quite far away from the elderly couple.

Rachel: This is nice, you and I together alone!

Me: Yes. Though it’s a shame, we have to spend so much evening in the dark.

And watching a godawful drama.

Rachel: I think the movie is about to start.

Groan. French romantic period drama. No chance of anything exciting blowing up.

Rachel: Mind if I lean on you for a while? I’m feeling a bit drowsy.

Me: Not at all!

She leaned and rested her head on my chest.

Rachel: That brother and sister have a very weird relationship in the movie, don’t you think?

Me: It’s special, that’s for sure.

Wait a minute! Titties! Now we’re talking. The naked girl might make this movie bearable. Rachel’s head slowly slides down until it rests on my lap. It seems Rachel doesn’t even enjoy the naked people. She is already asleep.

Things are heating up in the movie. The girl removes a man’s clothes while she is already naked. Ah! She’s finally going to pleasure him. Must admit that’s kind of hot. Fuck! I’m getting an erection, and Rachel is lying on the crotch.

Maybe she’ll wake up and get inspired by what’s happening on screen. No, mustn’t think dirty thoughts. Boring stuff! Euclidean geometry. Yes! But I know absolutely fuck all about that.

Rachel: (Hmmm, I fell asleep. What is poking my cheek? Is it Aafi’s dick?! Does he have an erection? It Seems he’s enjoying the movie!)

Rachel slowly turns her head towards me.

Rachel: Do you like the movie?

She doesn’t seem to be bothered by my boner.

Me: It’s not what I expected.

Rachel: Wait. Is that man fucking her while her brother watches?

Me: Yup, pretty much.

Rachel: He’s touching his sister as well. Wow. They’re so intimate with each other. It seems so…

Me: Natural?

Rachel: Free is a better word.

Not sure if that’s the central message of the movie. But if Rachel likes to think it, who am I to say otherwise?

Me: I get that.

Rachel: But what do you think?

Me: I think it’s very arousing.

Rachel: I noticed!

Me: Oh.

Rachel: Don’t be like that. It’s perfectly normal.

Is it?

Me: I’m glad you think so and feel confident enough to tell me.

Rachel: Don’t you want to be that free?

Me: I suppose…

Rachel: No, really?

Me: Would you like us to be that free like the brother and sister in the movie?

Rachel: Maybe. Would you?

Me: Yes.

Rachel: Yay! This could be so much fun!

I’m not sure what all the fun will entail, but I’m adventurous, so what the hell! An enthusiastic Rachel cuddles up with me, and we continue watching the movie together.

Rachel: I, Ana, and Alina share everything, but I’ve never really been open with boys before. But you make me feel so confident.

Me: Flatterer!

Rachel: No, really. You’ve got so much more experience with the stuff.

Me: Stuff?

Rachel: You know… relationships and … sex.

Me: I’ve still got lots to learn.

Rachel: I bet, Aafi the Eternal Student.

Me: That’s me!

There’s a lot of fucking on the big screen.

Rachel: Do you like her?

Me: What, the girl in the film? Yeah, she’s quite sexy.

Rachel: I think so too. And she really likes what he’s doing to her.

I wonder if Rachel would let me do the same thing to her. We watch the movie until the credits have rolled.

Me: Did you like the movie?

Rachel: Very much, but that’s because I got to watch it with you!

We head home, and I drop Rachel at her room.

Me: Thank you for the company this evening.

Rachel: Let’s do it again soon!

That was a success! I went to my room and browsed till everyone was asleep. Sleeping or peeking.

Of course, it’s peeking. I went to Bella’s room. She was in her lingerie. “Hey, sis! Had a nice day at work? I bet you did. Hope you’re looking forward to tomorrow. I’m sure I am.”

Bella: Hmmm, Aafi. No.

What the fuck? Is she moaning my name?

Bella: No. Don’t touch me there.

I think she’s having a very special dream about me. Did she enjoy today subconsciously? Suddenly her phone’s screen lit up, which was kept on the table. Let’s see if she uses a passcode to lock her phone. Cool! She doesn’t.

Damn. No juicy photos. Lots of messages, though. All friends. Wait. MrX? Who uses a lame name like that?

Could that be my slutty sister’s blackmailer?

MrX: Do you have the money?

Bella: I’m working really hard to get you the money. I should have an installment for you tomorrow.

MrX: Remember that we can release those pictures of yours at any time we like. Paying in installments was never part of the deal.

Bella: I’m trying the best I can.

MrX: Leave the money at the agreed location at 4 pm tomorrow.

Bella: I will.

MrX: Remember what will happen if you don’t!

So that’s what this is all about? Someone has pictures of Bella and is extorting money from her. Bella is going to make a money-drop tomorrow. I think I’ll have to follow her.

I’m not exactly sure, but somehow the tone of MrX’s messages is a bit off. He comes across as a bit of an amateur. That might be a good thing. I need to get my hands on those pictures. No one fucks with my sister that way!

I went to spy on Liza. She isn’t here. I hope she’s not with that douchebag. I need to do something about Brody very soon.

Next, I went to mom’s room. And, of course, she isn’t here. I could read her management book some more. Because reading is so good for you, people always say.

Still the same fake cover, but no more De Sade. ‘The way of a Man with a Maid’ by Anonymous.

Well, this can’t be any worse than the previous novel.

“Alice quivered violently, her head fell backward in her agony as she shrieked: ‘Jack, don’t, for God’s sake don’t! Stop!”

It’s worse. More hardcore BDSM scene. Alice is the name of the hot maid. She’s tied completely naked in between a wooden arch with pillars on its sides.

“But I could feel her cunt opening under my lascivious attentions, and so could she! Her distress became almost uncontrollable.”

In this scene, she is completely naked with just her knee-length white socks on. She’s standing with her legs stretched, and the rope is tied on her ankles to the pillar to restrict her movement.

There are thick rounds of rope around her stomach, and the ropes are tied to the wood pillars on either side.

There’s a tight rope around her chest with her breasts exposed, and the rope is tied to the top of the arch. Her wrists were also tied with rope restricting her movement completely.

“‘Oh, my God!’ she screamed in her desperation as my finger found its way to her clitoris and lovingly titillated it. Spasmodically, she squeezed her thighs together in her vain attempts to defend herself.”

“Unheeding her agonized pleadings, I continued to tickle her clitoris for a few delicious moments. Then I gently passed my finger along her cunt and between its now half-opened lips till I arrived at her maiden orifice.”

“…up which it tenderly forced its way, burying itself in Alice’s cunt till it could penetrate no further into her!”

“Alice’s agitation now became uncontrollable; she struggled so violently that I could hardly hold her still. Especially when she felt the interior of her cunt invaded and my finger investigates the mysteries of its virgin recesses.”

That’s enough of BDSM today. Mom is really into some very specific erotica. Repressed urges, maybe?

Finally, it was time to spy on Rachel. As soon as I opened her door, to my surprise, she’s awake and was standing in the middle of the room in her pink sexy bra and panty.

Shit, she’s still awake.

Rachel: I was just about to come to look for you.

Me: You were?

Rachel: Yeah. You know, I was thinking about the movie and thought maybe we could keep each other company?

Me: You mean tonight?

Rachel: Of course, dummy! It’s just so lonely sometimes. I would really like someone to keep me company. It felt so natural in the movie we saw tonight.

That flick sure did a number on her.

Me: That’s a great idea.

Rachel: Yay! I hope you like to cuddle!

Me: I sure do.

Rachel: Let’s go!

We sneaked into my room slowly.

Me: Is something wrong?

Rachel: Do you always sleep in your underwear?

Me: Yup, don’t you?

Rachel: Well, yes, but not topless.

Me: I think you should try it!

Rachel: All right.

I didn’t expect her to agree with me without any hesitation. She just took off her bra and exposed her petite breasts to me. Fuck Yes! I’m going to cuddle the shit out of those perky little tits.

Rachel: Do you like them?

Me: I’m not sure if it’s appropriate, but…

Rachel: Don’t worry! You can say anything. We’re brother and sister.

That’s exactly the problem.

Me: They’re just perfect. A beautiful, firm handful. Just how I like them.

Rachel: Aww, that’s so sweet!

Me: I mean it.

Rachel darts towards me and gives me a kiss on the mouth, which lasts longer than proper.

Rachel: Let’s go to sleep.

We both cuddled. My chest is buried into her softback, and I had my left hand over her belly. This is amazing! She’s so relaxed. Her ass is rubbing against my crotch. No erection! No erection, dammit!

Rachel: I feel something, Aafi.

Me: Fuck. I’m sorry.

Rachel: Don’t be! It’s just a natural reaction.


Rachel: Do you think I’m hot, Aafi?

Me: Yes, Rachel.

I couldn’t resist and cupped her left breast with my hand.

Rachel: Mmmmm.

With her perky breast underneath my hand and the intoxicating smell of her hair in my nostrils, we fall asleep very quickly.

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