A Sister Marries Her Brothers – Part 2 (Lust & Seduction)

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This story is part of a series:

Each month, Rani used to go to the nearby village to purchase things needed in daily life. She always used to go alone. But this time, she asked her brother Kartik to join her. Kartik readily said yes. He loved visiting the village and would visit the village with all his younger brothers once a week.

Rani never used to join them, instead, she would spend that time alone in the house working. Soon, both of them left for the village. They had to make some new clothes, new utensils, new chappals, etc. After purchasing all the things, they went to buy some new clothes for Rani.

Rani only used to wear Ghagra-choli, so they went to one of the garment stores. When they entered the shop, the shopkeeper welcomed them and asked them what they wanted. Rani asked the shopkeeper to show some new patterns in Ghagra-choli.

Then he took out some of the finest colors that would match her fair brown skin of her. She went to the changing room and wore all the colors one by one and showed it to Kartik. He was amazed by looking at his sister in those pretty dresses.

As Rani tried the last one and went to change it, the hook of her choli got stuck. She couldn’t release the hook with her hand, so she called for help. The shopkeeper told her that he would send her husband in and asked Kartik to go and help his wife.

Kartik didn’t know what to say to him. He just sat there doing nothing. Soon, Rani called Kartik in for help. He went inside and was feeling embarrassed. After looking at him, Rani asked him if something was wrong. He said that everything was perfect, it’s just that the shopkeeper thinks, he was her husband.

Then Rani gave a small laugh at his words and tried to tease him saying, “So help me, my husband.” Kartik became even more embarrassed by it. After that, Rani calmed him down by saying that it was just a misunderstanding and nothing else, so he should not worry about it.

Then he helped her release the hook. Rani selected some patterns and they went back home.

After reaching home, Rani started doing her chores. But Kartik just sat in his room thinking about her. He really felt good when the shopkeeper called him Rani’s husband. But he was embarrassed to accept it.

Soon, all of them ate dinner and went to sleep. Rani was washing the utensils. Kartik was sitting in the main hall. He wanted to sleep with Rani again that night. But didn’t know how to ask her.

After some time, Rani finished washing utensils and sat with Kartik. She quickly understood that Kartik was having something in his mind. Then she asked her brother to tell her what he was thinking about. Kartik couldn’t speak anything. The words he had in his mind were not able to find their way to his mouth. He just kept looking at her.

Rani thought that it was something about the incident that happened in the garment shop. Then she asked Kartik if he was thinking about that husband thing. He thought that it was a nice way to start the conversation and said yes.

Rani held his hand and told him that there was nothing to be embarrassed about. He nodded his head in agreement. Rani found it a good topic to mess with him, so she asked Kartik if she was not good enough to be his wife. Kartik was stunned and didn’t know what to answer.

Then he softly said that she was the best woman in the world and he would want his future wife to be just like her.

Rani then asked him about what he liked in her. Kartik started counting the household work and the way she handled everything. However, this was not the answer Rani wanted to listen to. She asked him if he didn’t like her body. Kartik started talking about her body.

He said that her body was the most beautiful figure in the world. The fair brown skin of her reminds him of the setting sun. Her black silky hair of her had always attracted his attention. The light brown color of her eyes could make anyone fall in love with her. Also, he mentioned that the night he saw her in wet clothes, he hadn’t forgotten it yet.

After listening to Kartik’s appreciation poem, Rani was surprised about how much his lovely brother has observed her. Also, when Kartik mentioned that night, Rani understood that her tricks worked and she was successful in seducing him.

Then Rani didn’t say anything and just went to her room. Kartik was very scared that had he disappointed her by saying something wrong. He wanted to apologize, so he went near her room door and knocked on it. However, the door was already open, so he just pushed the door open.

Rani was standing in the corner of her room. Kartik went inside and apologized to her. Rani told him that he didn’t have to apologize and that she liked all the things he said about her. Kartik’s eyes started shining bright and he asked her if she meant it.

Rani said yes and asked Kartik if he really wanted a wife just like her. Kartik said yes that he wanted a wife just like her. Then she came closer to him and put her hand on his shoulder. She looked him in the eyes and said that there’s no one on this planet like her. And if he really wanted a wife just like her, then it was not possible.

Before Kartik could have said something, Rani kept her finger on his mouth and said that she hadn’t finished yet. Then she told Kartik that the only way he could have a wife like her was to have her as his wife.

Kartik was shocked by her words and didn’t take them seriously at first. But after looking into her eyes, he felt that she really meant that. Then he asked her how could that be possible. Rani replied that-

Rani: Everything is possible if you want to do it.

Then she asked him if had the guts to marry her and make her his wife. He didn’t know what to do. He asked his sister if it was right to marry his sister. Rani told him that there was no one in the forest to talk about wrong or right. Then he took a brief time to think about it and said yes.

He looked into Rani’s eyes and told her that he would marry her and would make her his wife. Rani became very happy and gave a small kiss on his lips. Kartik couldn’t control himself and kissed her back. She rolled her arms over his neck and started kissing him harder.

Then Kartik pulled her closer to him, pressing her boobs against him. He went on kissing her harder. Rani opened her hair bun, letting her black hairs floured out. Kartik was enjoying the sweet taste of his sister’s lips.

He had grabbed her very tight and firmly. After a few minutes, Kartik placed his hands on Rani’s tight ass and lifted her. The pressure of his hands on her ass, caused Rani to moan.

Then she placed her hand on his shoulder and lifted herself a little.

Kartik now started kissing her neck. He kissed and bit her neck simultaneously, while his hands were squeezing Rani’s ass. Soon, Rani started moaning a little louder.

Then Kartik took her and fell on the bed. She was sitting on top of him. Rani took Kartik’s hand and placed it on her big breasts. Kartik started pressing and squeezing her big tits. Rani was enjoying his touch on her breast and felt very good.

Kartik tried to reach and open her Choli, so he could see her big tits. Suddenly, they heard a glass fell and quickly got away from each other. Rani went out to see and it was Raja. He asked Rani if she had seen Kartik. Rani said that he must have gone to the toilet.

Raja said that he had already checked there. Rani was confused about what to say and suddenly Kartik came out of Kamal and Satish’s room. Rani was shocked by seeing him coming out from there. She looked toward Kartik and asked him what he was doing in Kamal and Satish’s room. Kartik said that he had gone to check on them.

Then Kartik asked Raja to go to their room and that he was just coming after him. As soon as Raja entered the room, Rani asked Kartik about how he came from the other room. He said that he jumped from the window of her room and entered from the other room’s window.

Rani said that she was impressed by his intelligence, and gave him a hard but short kiss. Then Kartik whispered to her that he will marry her soon and make her his lovely wife. Rani blushed and entered her room.

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