Lewd Tales – Part 2 (Meeting My Aunt And Two Cousins)

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This story is part of a series:

Please read the first part to follow the story.

Narrated by David.

I was waiting eagerly for uncle Jerry, aunt Elsa, and my two cousins. They said they’ll be arriving by afternoon. A few days back, I told my mom I was willing to move to Bangalore. She said she’ll finalize once my uncle arrived.

It’s been a few years since I last saw them. They were all modern people, unlike us. Aunt Elsa was a real MILF. She had all the curves needed. My cousin Leah was also smoking hot. Maybe it’s the way they dress or the way they carry themselves.

Maybe all people from the city looks this way. My place was a little outer Chennai and was not exactly a lavish place. Maybe that’s why all this was exciting me so much.

Anyway, it was almost 1 o’clock when I heard a car horn outside our gate. I looked out the window and saw a car. They have arrived. I quickly shouted to mom.

Me: Mom, they are here!

Mom: Open the door, honey. I’ll be there soon.

She was in the kitchen all day long, cooking lots of things for the guests. I quickly opened the door, and they were already on the car porch. It was a new jeep compass. I was admiring the car while my uncle and aunt came to the door.

Uncle Jerry: Hey, David! Nice car, right?

Me: Yeah, uncle! It looks awesome.

But then another view stuck to my eyes. My aunt. God, she was smoking. She is 40, two years older than my mom. She was wearing a saree. My mom also wears a saree. But that was the typical conservative type. But this was a translucent maroon Saree.

The dark color of her saree really matched the fair white skin of her body. I could see her blouse, which was sleeveless and had a low cut that exposed an ample amount of her cleavage. Her belly button was also exposed as she wore her saree below her navel.

She wore a simple necklace and a high heel matching her saree. Her hair was worn down to aside. Overall she looked super hot. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. I was lured towards her breasts. Her blouse couldn’t contain them. Those huge jugs wanted to explode from her blouse.

My mom had big breasts. But aunt’s were huge!

I came back to focus and greeted them. Aunt pulled me in for a hug. She hugged me tightly. Her melons were crushing against my chest.

Aunt Elsa: It’s good to see you, David. Muahh.

She kissed my cheek. My face was pushed against her bare neck. She smelled so nice. My hands were on her bareback. I could feel her soft skin. Her blouse was backless, with just two straps in a crisscross.

My dick just twitched. I got scared that she might have felt it. I quickly broke the hug and shook hands with my uncle. He then said:

Uncle Jerry: Your cousins are taking the luggage, please go and help them.

Me: Sure, uncle! Please make yourself comfortable. Mom’s in the kitchen.

As I went towards the car, my cousin Larry was walking towards me, carrying some luggage. He is one year younger than me and is studying in 12th.

Me: Hey, Larry! How are you?

Larry: Good, bro! Good to see you, man!

Me: likewise. Here, let me help you with those.

Larry: It’s okay. I got this. Go help Leah. She’s struggling with all the luggage. Haha.

Me: Okay, okay. Haha.

As Larry went inside, I went behind the car towards Leah. She is 22 years old and had just completed college. When I saw her, my mouth just dropped. She was hot. She was wearing jeans, shorts which barely covered her thighs. She was wearing a crop to which exposed one of her shoulders and also her navel.

She had a well-built physique. Just by looking at her, you could say she worked out. Her long smooth legs caught my attention, which ended in high heel shoes. She had medium-sized breasts. Her hair was braided and had dark brown streaks. She had a badass sexy vibe going on.

But what caught my attention was her navel. It was milky white. And also had a tattoo on the left bottom side. I couldn’t figure out what it was as it went inside her shorts. But I kept staring at her navel for so long that she noticed!

Leah: Wassup, cuz! Never seen a belly?

She said with a naughty smile on her lips. I blushed and smiled.

Me: No, I was just looking at the tattoo.

Leah: Oh, okay! Do you like it?

Me: I still can’t see what it is!

Leah: Let me show you clearly.

She was got to be kidding, right! I couldn’t believe it. She tugged down her shorts a little, and I could see it clearly. It was a rose on a stem. The stem went a little down to her thighs. This was all so hot for me, and my dick started to get erect. I just kept staring.

Leah: Alright! Enough show for now. Help me get this inside.

Saying this, she went inside with a small bag. My eyes followed her tight ass that danced as she went.

As I got the luggage and went inside. Something struck my mind. When she showed me her tattoo, there was no panty string. God! Was she going commando? She came all the way without any panties. Just the thought made my dick hard. I need to masturbate asap!

After some while, everyone was settled. My mom had served them drinks and was talking with them. I was also talking to my cousins and catching up with them. All the while, I was checking out between my aunt and Leah.

After some time, my uncle said he was hungry. My mom then started serving lunch for everyone. After lunch, uncle, me, and Larry went for a ride out in his new car. As I just got my license, he offered me to drive. We went back by evening.

By then, Leah was taking a nap in my bedroom. Mom said Leah would be taking that room. My house had three bedrooms. The master bedroom where my mom slept had a double bed. My bedroom and the guest bedroom had a single cot.

Mom and aunt decided to sleep together. Uncle will be sleeping in the guest bedroom and Leah in mine. That meant me and Larry would be out in the hall sleeping in the rollout mattress.

Soon we got bored, and Larry said we should play some games. My laptop was in my room. I went to get it. As I walked into my room, Leah was sleeping in her pajamas, made of a silky material.

It stuck to her perfect body. I could see the shape of her perky boobs. Her nipples were clearly visible. I knew she was not wearing a bra. I just wanted to rip the cloth off her body and suck those nipples. While I was lost in my thought, Larry came to my room.

Larry: What’s taking you so long?

Me: I… I… I couldn’t find the charger.

Larry: Okay, hurry up.

I just quickly took the laptop and went out. We played GTA for some time. Uncle was watching some TV. Mom and aunt were in the kitchen, making dinner. Soon they finished and came outside.

Aunt said she needed to take a bath. As she went to my mom’s room, my mom got a call from her office. After some time, my aunt started calling for my mom.

Aunt Elsa: Julie, I need a towel. Please come here.

She kept calling several times till my mom heard. As my mom was busy on the call, she asked me to give a towel to aunty. I went to her room. As the door was a little open, I didn’t bother knocking.

As I opened the door and went inside, my aunt was removing her saree. She had her pallu down and had already removed her blouse, and was in her bra. She saw me coming, and I quickly turned around.

Me: Sorry, aunty! I thought you were already in the bathroom.

Aunt: What are you doing here?

She asked, a little frustrated.

Me: Mom told me to get you a towel. She is on a call.

Aunt: Oh, okay. It’s alright, dear. I should have been careful. But it’s okay. You can turn around now and find me a towel.

Her voice now softened.

Me: But auntie…

Aunt: Don’t worry. I covered myself, silly!

And she giggled. I hesitantly turned around. Sure, she was covered. But not enough. She just covered her bra with the pallu. As it was translucent, it didn’t actually make a difference. She had a black lace bra. I loved it. She had a nice taste in lingerie.

And those melons. I just couldn’t believe my eyes. I was afraid to look directly, but I stole some glances. By the time I pulled out a towel from the drawer and gave it to her, I already had a bulge in my pants. She quickly took it and went inside. But before closing the door, she said:

Aunt: I hope I didn’t make you uncomfortable.

Whatever she meant by that, she sure made me uncomfortable. If only she had any idea!

After dinner, we all went to sleep. Larry and I arranged the mattress in the hall and were lying down talking about Bangalore. In between, Leah came to me, asking for my laptop password. I was hesitant. There was my porn collection in it. Although it was hidden, I was nervous.

But then I thought Leah would probably be cool with it even if she found out. I gave her my password. After she went, Larry told me about his girlfriend. They had a 10 months relationship now. I asked him if he was a virgin. He told me he wasn’t. He had done it once with a girl while he was in junior college.

He also told me his current gf was not willing to go all the way so soon. All this made me so horny. I asked him to show me pictures of Bangalore. He showed me some nice pictures of malls and pubs etc. I asked him if he went to any pubs or bars with chicks in them.

He said it was hard for him to get in as he was not 21 as yet. Still, he had managed to get in a few times by bribing the bouncers. While he was talking, my mind drifted off to the thought of aunt and Leah. I instantly had a boner. I had to masturbate. I told Larry I’d have to go to the bathroom.

We had three bathrooms – one in my bedroom, one in mom’s, and then a common one near my room. As I passed my room, I could hear some noise coming from inside. I wondered what it was. It was just a faint noise. I pressed my ear against the door.

The noise was low moans coming from inside. I couldn’t believe it. Was she watching porn? Or was it her? I had to check. I was that horny. But also, I was afraid that someone might come this way. My lust took over my fear. I slowly opened the door and peeped inside.

At first, I couldn’t see anything. As my eyes adjusted, I could see the laptop was turned on. And some porn was playing on the screen. And the sound wasn’t coming from the laptop. It was mute. In the small light of the laptop, I could see Leah.

My lord! She was naked. At least she didn’t have any top. I couldn’t see the bottom as there was no light and also she had a blanket. But there was no doubt that my cousin sister was masturbating watching the porn. I could see her arching her body up and down. Allowing her body to feel the sensation.

Her soft moans were reaching my ears. My already erect dick started oozing pre-cum. I couldn’t control it. I slowly put my hand inside my shorts and started rubbing my cock. She was biting her lips in between. Her nipples were so erect and were bouncing as she moved her body.

Her one hand was working ferociously down her pussy. I could imagine her pussy dripping wet and fingered fastly. She increased her pace and was moaning a litter louder. I stroked my dick a little faster. She placed her other hand on her boobs and started pressing them.

She pressed them so hard and bit her lips. She was in heaven. Her moaning got louder, and her body arched higher I knew she was about to finish. She started pinching her nipple. As she finally released her pussy juice, she pulled her nipples one last time and bit her lips as a satisfied moan escaped her mouth.

She collapsed right down. I knew that was my cue to leave. I slowly closed the door and went inside the bathroom. I masturbated thinking about her. How her body arched and how she played with her tits. Her soft moans were still in my ears. I came so much.

I went back to Larry. He was already asleep. I just can’t wait for the coming days. I bet there is more to come!

That’s it for this chapter, guys. Stay tuned to know about David’s saga of sexual encounters with his family!

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