My Delhi Mom Fulfills Her Erotic Fantasy – Part 2

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This story is part of a series:

The day comes, my dad has to leave. We went to drop him at the airport. His flight was at midnight. He did all his formalities then said goodbye to us. We came back home sad. Mom went to the bedroom and slept. I slept on the sofa.

In the morning, we prepared breakfast, and we had it together. She was a little upset. I said her bye and left for the office. When I came back in the evening, she opened the door. She was wearing a blue saree and a backless blouse. She had her mangalsutra and hands full of bangles.

She took my bag and kept it on the table. She put off my blazer and kept it in the wardrobe. I went to the bathroom. Suddenly, she knocked at the door. I opened it half. She said, “Towel,”

She entered her hand and offered me a towel. Her hands looked so beautiful. I wanted to pull her inside and make love with her.

Now it became routine. It was Saturday. I was at home. She woke up in the morning we did our chores. She went to the bathroom. She took a bath and went to the bedroom. After half an hour, she called me. I went to the door and said, “Yes, maa.” She said, “Come inside.”

Since she is here, I did not go to the bedroom. When I entered, I was amazed. My bachelor bedroom was turned into a woman’s bedroom. Everywhere there were ladies’ items. My dressing table was filled with her bangles, earrings, necklace, lipsticks, makeup items.

She has unpacked very well. Now, it was her bedroom, the bedroom of a woman. She interrupted. I said yes. Then I saw her. She was standing in front of the mirror. She was wearing a pink satin saree, and her back was naked. She asked me, “Can you please hook my blouse?”

I was looking at the back. She saw it and said, “Stop it and hook my blouse.” I went near her, took her blouse, and started putting its hook. Suddenly the hook broke. She said, “Ouch.” We both started laughing. She said, “Open wardrobe. There is a safety pin.”

I opened the wardrobe and got stunned. She has turned my wardrobe into a newlywed bride’s wardrobe. There was a collection of sarees, sexy blouses and what attracted me most was her lingerie collection. She had a very sexy lingerie collection. She asked, “Did you find it? It was in the front.”

I said yes. She said, come on. I put on her blouse and came to the kitchen. We were preparing breakfast. She asked whether I still missed my girlfriend. I said, “Yes, maa.” She asked, “Did you people live together?” I said yes.

She asked, “What would you normally do on weekends with your girlfriend?” I said, “We used to cook together, watch some shows, drink.” She said, “Only this much? Don’t lie. You used to do nothing with her while she was in the kitchen?”

I said, “Stop it, maa.” She insisted, then I said yes, we used to make out. She held my hand and said, “Don’t worry, you can do all the things with me except making out. You can watch shows with me, drink with me, dance with me.” I was happy.

We cooked chicken wings together. We started eating it, then she said, “Who eats chicken without drinks?” I said, “I thought you would get angry.”

She said, “It is ok. Think that you are living with your girlfriend. Now happy? Go and make a drink for me as well.”

We drank half bottle, and then she asked, “You used to drink like this with your girlfriend? In this much silence?”

I said, “No, maa.” I was already high.  She asked me, “Then?” I said, “She used to sit in my lap. She used to light a joint in my mouth, and she used to take a glass full of whiskey.”

“A joint?” Mom said.

I said, “Now, please don’t judge me.” She said, “I am not judging you. I just wanted to know.”

I said, “She used to say that I am at best when I am high on weed. After smoking some puffs, she used to open my shirts and then….”

“And then what?” my mom asked.

I said, “After removing all my clothes, she used to dance for me. After that, she starts to strip her clothes.”

“Pour me some drinks,” mom said. I gave her a full glass of whiskey. She smiled and started drinking it. She finished it. She asked me to continue.

I said, “Leave it, maa.” She wanted to stand up. But she failed due to her high heels. I supported her and made her stand. She was not able to walk properly. She turned on the music system, connected it with her phone. She played a song and came near to me.

She opened a button of my shirt and said, “You are not going to get what your girlfriend used to give, but enjoy.” She started dancing. She was looking so seductive. She was showing her cleavage. I was in another world.

There was a tent in my pant. Her bangles were making noise. Her ass was shaking. Suddenly, she hinted at me and asked me to join. I held her hands and went near her. I touched her waist and held it strongly. She did not respond. She was moving.

We danced like this. I touched her like she was mine. She was enjoying it. I started rubbing my dick with her ass. She did not say anything. I sided her hair and started looking at her neck. Her jhumka and mangalsutra on her neck were making her more desirable.

I held her waist strongly and pulled her closer. My boner in boxer was raging, and I placed it between her assholes. I kissed her on the neck, and she moaned. She placed her hands on mine and pressed it hard. She pushed her ass on my dick.

Suddenly she turned around me and put her lips on my ear, and held my dick in one hand. She said in my ears, “Learn to respect woman, her wishes. When a woman offers herself, this is the most wonderful thing in life. She will please you as you have never imagined. Try to win a woman.”

She said, “You can have me anytime into this. Just offer me a drink. I will understand.” She bit her lips on my neck, and then she turned. She put my hand on her waist and started moving. I started enjoying it. After some time, she asked for a drink. I gave her another glass full of whiskey.

I sat on the sofa and lit a cigarette. She came with her drink and sat on my lap. Her ass felt on my legs. Her cleavage was on my mouth. I took a drag and exhaled on her cleavage. She took the cigarette and started smoking it. She finished her drink and smoked the cigarette.

She was high like anything. She was opening my button and blabbering, “When my friend said to me that you are my husband, I got butterflies in my stomach.” She felt very thrilled. She got goosebumps all day, and she was smiling like anything.

She opened my shirt, and she was scratching her nails on my nipple. She said, “My friend was saying that you are very hot. I am lucky that my husband is so dashing.” She was biting my neck and said, “I liked it.’ She asked me to take her to the bed. I lifted her and took her to the bedroom. My drunk mom had lost control of her senses.

I placed my mom on the bed and started leaving. She held my hand and said, “I am not in a position to change. Can you help me?” She asked me to open her heels. I lifted her saree and opened her heels. She turned and asked me to unhook her blouse. I opened her bra.

She did not turn and said, “Have a rainy night. Don’t wake up your mum tomorrow.” I went to the living room and made a drink. I started remembering what had just happened. And I became naked. I was stroking very hard.

Now, I was mad about my mom. I became her ashiq. I was about to cum. There was a dupatta of my mom on the sofa. I took it and placed it on my dick. I exploded like anything, and then  I slept.

The next day I woke up at 3 pm. I was naked. I went to the bathroom got freshened up. I prepared some breakfast. Mom also woke up. She took a bath and came to the kitchen. She was behaving like nothing happened yesterday.

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