Me And My Lonely, Married Sister – Part 2

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This story is part of a series:

Thank you for the response to my previous story. Please read the previous story if you haven’t already read it.

In the last part, the story ended with my sister not accepting the idea of incest sex and cutting the call from my fake account.

I waited for the whole day whether she would reconsider or not. If she wouldn’t accept, I would just make her horny for sex and she would have ended up some stranger. So I waited a lot.

Around 9, I pinged her and asked for a call so that I could explain to her if she wasn’t comfortable with incest.

Me F -> Fake account me.
Sister-> Sister
Me -> Me

Me F: Hey, sorry for the whole incest idea. I didn’t know that it would hurt you.

Sister: Yeah, I understand why you said that. But I can’t bear the idea of having sex with my brother.

Me F: See, it’s not just about whether he is your brother or not.

Sister: I don’t know what to say. I am still blank.

Me F: As you said before, you’ve caught watching him some B-grade movie years ago. It means he might still be horny with the whole lockdown thing.

Sister: Yea, you are right. But I don’t think it would help anything. Can’t you come to Bangalore, please? I will take care of the expenses.

Me F: See, it’s not about that. It’s always risky and I can’t expose my family to the new variant by travelling. I swear I will help you.

Sister: How can you help? By booking me a call boy or something?

Me F: Let’s bring the horny side of your brother. Just do as I say.

Sister: Even if I say yes, how will it be possible?

Me F: See if this works. You don’t need to risk anything. It will be sex whenever you want and how much ever you want.

Sister: Okay, let’s see what you have to say.

I laid out the plan and explained it to her completely. Now I was on the receiving end. All I had to do was see how she approached me.

My married sister came home on Friday night and didn’t bring her husband, which she always does. So we had to sleep on the same bed now. She was doing exactly what I asked her to do. Around 10 when we were about to sleep, she asked me if I wanted to watch a movie.

She chose the movie “Ragini MMS 2”. She said that it was a horror movie (as if I didn’t know how it would end!).

Then I slept in shorts and no shirt. The shorts I chose was the shorter one and there was no inner as I wanted to lash my dick out. My married sister was wearing a one-piece whole nightshirt. During the movie, I was close to her since the bed was occupied by me. And the laptop I had to watch was above her and her ass was facing me.

I got a hard-on during the song and there was a small boner. My sister was watching the movie very curiously and she had loosened the shirt than before. Now I was able to see her cleavage. Because of that, my dick was hard and poking her my sibling’s ass.

Then she adjusted a bit more and now I was heated up. She was also sweating, but that was not in the plan. She had apparently improvised. I had asked her only to watch the movie and see the brother’s reaction.

During the kiss scene in the movie, my lonely sister was completely into the movie. I removed my shorts and said –

Me: I will put my hand as I can’t see properly.

Then she said: Fine.

And I kept my hand on her hip. At that time, her one-piece was very much near her hip. Now it was all fine for me. I kept my hand on her hip and was rubbing all over her ass. She was doing nothing but just watching the movie.

After spending some moments on my married sister’s ass, she was responding. It was like fucking without consciousness and we came. But she behaved like nothing happened and slept.

The next day, it was evident that I wanted sex and so did she. Then she woke up and said –

She: There is no one else at home.

And she asked me to come to her home, as they were going to the temple and she had to work. My mom agreed and I went there. I wanted to break the ice and said –

Me: I want to talk to you.

Sister: Yes, tell me.

Me: Come on, don’t act. You know what we did yesterday.

Sister: Yes.

And then she told me the whole story about what happened with Instagram and the whole thing.

She: And that’s why I brought you here. They won’t come for four days. Since you have a holidays, I have taken an off-day too. Let’s enjoy.

I was like, ‘Hell yeah!’

Me: Let’s enjoy the whole 4 days, let’s plan everything.

Sister: Wow! I thought this would be very difficult and look at you, always the horny one.

Me: Who, me? Who was rubbing the ass yesterday and wanted to watch a horror movie?

Sister: That was the whole plan to check whether you are ready or not. I wanted to do that for two days, but I got horny. See, my husband just fucked me for 2 minutes on the first night and 3 minutes on other days. We have just fucked 2 to 4 times.

Me: I told you to marry a fit one, but you ran behind his looks you know.

Sister: I should have listened to you.

Me: Don’t be dramatic now. It’s good you married him. Thanks to him because now I can have you whenever I want.

Sister: Maybe you are right. Let’s just do everything. I will get fresh and come. What do you want me to wear?

Me: Sure, me too. I will also get fresh. Wear formal pants and a white shirt. What do you want me to wear?

Sister: No shirt, just formal pants.

We both went to different rooms and got ready in our attire. During this whole time, I realized one thing, that I have 4 days. So I didn’t wanna rush. Then I spoke with my sister and told her to do this properly. She agreed and we ate food. Then we watched some good movies together.

Since we were so open, I planned to watch a porn movie and get along with her. Since it was already 8, I wanted to bang her as long as I can.

Then we started the movie. It was an incest movie. The movie had a great storyline, hence I picked that. Alina Lopez was the pornstar.

My married sister was ready in her attire and I also wore mine and we met in the hall. She was looking so sexy for the first time in a long time. The tight formal pants showed her ass and her things perfectly and I could see her pussy tightly stuck to pants. It was very arousing for me.

The shirt had different plans for me. She had left her hair open and her eyes looked so black and the eyeliner was perfect when I saw her beauty. I could feel in her eyes, the sensuality of it. Her lips were so soft like rose petals and her neck was perfectly exposed.

I could see her wearing a black push up bra with some ample amount of cleavage shown. Her shirt was tucked perfectly.

She came and sat beside me and kissed me on the cheeks and told me to start the movie. During the whole movie, my hands were near her boobs and her hands on my thighs rubbing near my cock. I didn’t touch her boobs and I was feeling her neck and every part apart from her tits. Now the whole movie was done and we were steaming for sex.

I couldn’t wait any longer and I lifted my sister in my arms holding her soft ass and now she was on me. I was holding her hips and we were kissing deeply and I was sucking her upper and lower lips taking on one and now I was biting her lips. She was responding so crazy.

Our saliva was mixed completely and we kissed for almost 5 minutes. I was taking her to the room while kissing. I pressed her tits with one hand and holding her in another.

Finally, I dropped her on the bed and went straight to her neck and started sucking it. I started to undress her, opening her shirt button by button. I played with her navel with my tongue. She started to moan –

Sister: Ohhhh yeahhh! come on brother, show me your love.

I removed her bra and now sucking her boobies one by one and pressing the other in the meantime. Her boobs were so soft and sweet to suck. Her moans weren’t stopping. Then she started to get loud –

Sister: Ohhh shh ahh..I can’t hold it more..

I didn’t know she would come so soon. She was completing out and now jumped on me. She went wild on my chest, biting my neck and now she moved to my dick and opened it. It was ready for her. When she opened it, she was shocked to see its thickness and length and she remain shocked for some time.

My sister went wild on my cock. She started to suck my dick like a lollipop and was sucking it like a pornstar. I guess the movie worked a lot more than I expected it to work. She was googling my dick and my balls. She was completely horny now.

Then I stood up and face fucked my lonely sister. She started to choke and cough and smile. That was the best expression of that time I got from her. I almost came into her mouth. Now she was asking for me to cum inside her mouth. After some brutal sucking, I came a lot and she was playing with it in her mouth and drank it.

I was shocked at how much she had changed and learned in one week of lust. I removed her pants and slapped her ass and made it right. She shouted –

Sister: Aahhh, ass-hole..

And I then removed her panties and started to eat her pussy. When I started to kiss her pussy, I took turn by turn and sucked her clitoris and her pussy lips, spreading it slowly and playing with tongue with it. She was crazy with her mouth-

Sister: Ahhh! Please don’t stop. I want this every day. Whenever you say, I am ready to divorce also. Ohhh ahhh…I am gonna cum ahhhh..

My sister released a huge load and I was drained in her cum. We were naked and it was already 2. She was completely tired and I hadn’t even fucked her. Then we took some rest and ate some pizza, which we had brought before.

During that, I asked her where she learnt and she told everything to me. I also confessed that I was the guy who led her here by creating a fake account. She was shocked by how good I had become at understanding women.

It was 3 and we were ready for the fucking session. She started with sucking my dick and made it hard in a minute. I was nervous and happy that I was entering her.

Then I placed my dick on top of her pussy and slowly pushed. We both felt the pain. She was so tight like a virgin, even though she was married or not. Then she said-

Sister: See, this is how my sex life is.

I said: Don’t worry, we will have a baby if you want later. But for now, let’s feel each other.

It was just the tip and I could see tears in her eyes. She was very tight and I pushed very hard and I stopped. She shouted and she was breathing very hard and said –

Sister: Go slow.

My every pump was making her moans, “Ahh ahh for each pump ohh ahh…”

I went on faster and faster. She was enjoying it like hell now. I was pressing her boobs in one hand and moving very fast. She started moaning even harder –

Sister: Bro, please don’t stop. Keep going..ahhh..yea faster, faster…Come on ahhh ahh ohh ahh..

She was holding her hair and feeling it completely.

Then I turned her around for a doggy and she was moaning in pain for my every slap and every pump. I was holding her hair hard and fucking her crazy. She was almost near to come.

I stopped fucking her and asked her to suck me. Then she went like an animal on me and started to suck my dick.

She could not control it and she started to ride. The pumps and her boobs bouncing made me horny and I started to press it hard. She was now ready to cum and we broke and came very hard. Then she collapsed on me and we hugged for a long time and slept with my dick in it.

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