Anita’s Family Incest Treasures – Part 9

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This story is part of a series:

Hello readers, thanks for your positive feedback and support for my previous stories. This series is a little different from other stories. You will find seduction and inclusion of all the members of families of two sisters, and events unfolded as narrated.

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When Divya returned from the dance class, she found them watching TV, laughing and enjoying tea. She felt very happy. Divya pulled Rahul, Anita and her dad to play carrom. She chose Rahul as her partner. She was very fond of him.

Vani fed her snacks as Divya was busy playing and would have skipped food. Vani sat on the sofa and was checking messages when Raj pinged.

Raj: Hi, sweetheart. How are you?

Vani: Couldn’t be better. We had a rocking time.

Raj: So happy to hear. When I first talked to you, I thought you would be too rigid.

Vani: I think credit should go to Ravi; he is not a typical Indian male.

Raj: Yes, so is your brother. By the way, don’t you feel a little guilty about your brother?

Vani: Why should I feel guilty?

Raj: Attige, Ravi, Rahul and you are enjoying while he lies alone in his bed, watching porn and masturbating?

Vani: Gosh, I didn’t think of it. Poor bro.

Raj: Hmm. Why can’t you give pleasure along with love to your poor bro?

Vani: Are you insane? What will he think of me?

Raj: He will love you more than ever. You should think about what your hubby Ravi will think about you.

Vani: True, Ravi will be horrified.

Raj: No, in fact, he was thrilled. Anita felt guilty about Atul and hinted to Ravi about your fucking Atul. He is excited, but both are scared about how you will react. So, they asked me to check your thoughts indirectly.

Vani: And you asked, directly?

Raj: Yes. Just think back, Atul did not express in any way? About his intentions or desires?

There was no need for Vani to think. The memory of her bro’s tight hug and pressing of his chest on her boobs was still fresh.

Vani: Yes, he did hug me tight last time, which is unusual. What do you suggest?

Raj: Call him over.

Vani: But Rahul is sleeping with me.

Raj: Come on, Anita can handle two cocks. I forgot, from today Rahul goes to the office, night shift. Why sleep alone? Call your brother over. Good night. Tell me all about it tomorrow.

Vani looked up from the screen and saw all three were looking at her anxiously.
Vani was puzzled and asked,” What is the matter? Why are you looking at me like that?”

Anita asked her,” We are eager to know your decision. Are you calling your brother to come over?”

Vani blushed pink and asked sternly, “So, you planned it all with Raj?”

Ravi said, “Naturally, how can we talk about such matters with you?”

Vani was shocked and asked, “What? You also want me to call him?”

Ravi said, “Of course, he is so kind-hearted and generous. How can I ever repay him?”

Divya was confused. She could understand that Mom was reluctant to invite Atul mama, whom she loved a lot, while the other three wanted him to come.

Divya asked,” Mom, did you and Atul mama fight? It happens between brother and sister. Ask him to come.”

They laughed and said, “See, even a small girl knows. Call him over.”

Vani was still undecided. Divya took the mobile from her hands called Atul. Atul said,” Hi, Vani, darling. Tell me.”

Divya said, “Mama, come over to our house. I don’t know why Mom is angry with you, but she will be fine.”

Atul laughed aloud and said, “Sure, honey. I am starting. I will be there in thirty minutes.”

Vani called Anita into the kitchen and asked angrily, “Attige, what are you doing? Rahul is your cousin brother, but Atul is my brother. How can we fuck?”

Anita said, coolly, “Your conscience is not troubling you? All are enjoying your brother’s wife, her brother, sister, and her husband. He is sleeping alone in the bed, with his hand as his lover.”

Vani said, “My brother is quite handsome. He can seduce any woman, his colleague or friend. Why his sister?”

Anita laughed and said,” You should know about your brother better than I, how shy he is. He would run away if a woman tried to seduce him.”

Vani silently agreed. Atul came and brought jasmine flowers; he knew Vani loved the smell. Divya was very happy to see all the chairs of their dining table were occupied. Divya observed that her mom and her brother were still not looking at each other.

She got up, pulled them by hand, pushed them close to each other and said, “Now, hug kiss and makeup. In school, we friends do that. We don’t say sorry.”

Atul hugged Vani tighter than before and kissed her on the cheeks. Vani also did the same. She distinctly felt her bro’s hard-on. Vani stayed with her daughter until she fell asleep and came into the hall.

Rahul was ready to go to the office, night shift, gave her a hug and kiss and left. Ravi and Anita said, ‘Good night’ and went to their bedroom. Vani and Atul were nervous, shy and tense when they entered the bedroom. Atul sat nervously on the bed for a few seconds and got up.

He said,” I will go. It is not a good idea.”

Vani held his hand and said,” Relax, bro. Did you bring night clothes? Change up. I will go to the bathroom and change my dress.”

She went into the bathroom and changed into a transparent nighty. Her boobs and cunt mound were hazily visible. She looked in the mirror and wondered, is it too bold? It was meant to be, and, in any case, it will be removed quite soon.
Vani came out of the bathroom.

Atul changed into shorts and a vest. There was a tent in his shorts. She saw that he was quite tense, and she knew that she had to take the initiative. Atul’s eyes popped out when he saw her beauty. Vani decided to use the photo album technique.

She pulled him by hand, seated him on the sofa, and sat next to him. Their thighs and arms were touching. She opened the album, and Atul relaxed in an instant. He was excited and recalled the funny events in their childhood photos.

Vani draped her hand on his shoulder, moved closer and pressed her tit onto his chest. He also got bolder and cupped her tit, and they kissed, closing their eyes.
They approached the bed. Vani whispered that she would switch off lights and make the room dark until they were comfortable.

Vani was strangely excited. She felt overwhelming love for her bro. She seated him on the bed. He removed her nighty, and she pulled down his shorts. They could not see each other, so they overcame shyness. She hugged his head to her bosom and pushed one tit into his mouth.

He grabbed it with both hands and started sucking gently, lightly biting her nipple. After sucking her other tit and nipples, he laid her on the bed and kissed each inch of her body. Vani realized that Anita and Raj were not exaggerating his cunt licking skills. He was just too good.

He reached all nooks and corners of her cunt and played with her cunt with such expertise she flowed and flowed. He was pinching nipples and squeezing tits with rhythm. She pulled him by the hair, bit his ear, and whispered,” Now, fuck me, bro.”

He pushed his long dick and fucked with love, care and gentleness. Vani understood Anita’s frustration. Her bro was romantic, gentle and loving. He was incapable of hurting anyone. But Vani enjoyed his fucking and his immense love. She loved him more than ever.

Atul also said,” Vani, darling, I love you so much, you are showing me heaven.” when she licked and sucked his cock and balls. She applied honey ice cream. Chocolate syrup. Atul went almost crazy when she showered him and rubbed soap on his body with her tits.

The next morning, when Rahul returned from the office, he found Vani making coffee in the kitchen, naked. He hugged her from behind, squeezed her tits and said,” Good morning, Vani.”

She turned back, kissed him and said, “Good morning, stud.”

He sat on the dining chair, and she sat on his lap. As they were sipping coffee, Vani said,” I have sent in my resignation. Raj was right. I should enjoy.”

Rahul was shocked, “Why? Vani, you are so successful. At such a young age, you reached a top managerial position. Why did you quit?”

Vani laughed and said, “We don’t need money, and I don’t need all the pressures, deadlines and rat-on-wheel hectic lifestyle. I want to enjoy life and fucking like Attige. After fucking Atul, I realized how much I am missing in life. I am not spending even a few hours with Divya in a week.”

Rahul was already hard. Normally, he would fuck her after a shower, but he was unusually horny now. They fucked on the sofa, and after he filled her cunt with cum, he laid on her lap and sucked her tit.

He asked her, “Vani, now that you have accepted brother-sister love and lust, will you soften your stand on mom-son, dad-daughter also?”

Vani laughed and said, “My God, you take Ankita Sujata stories seriously? Raj must have added a lot of spice to make readers feel horny.”

Rahul asked her, “No. Seriously I am asking you.”

Vani mocked him,” Ok, do you know of any such mom-sons, dad-daughters?”

Rahul smiled and said, “Yes, I fuck my mom Pratyusha, and Arun sir fucks his daughter, Anita.”

Vani initially thought he was joking and was stunned when she realized he was not. She asked, confused,” How? Why? Tell me all.”

He took her into a bedroom and closed the door, anytime Divya may wake up. Rahul laid her on the bed and kissed her. He said,” Don’t worry about Divya. Akka said she will take care of her and get her ready for the school.”

Then Rahul told her the entire story about Anita, himself and her dad, Anita’s mom and Atul, his mom Pratyusha (Anita’s mom’s sister), and Atul. Finally, his dad, Anita, Anita’s mom.

Vani was super excited when he was narrating, sucked him, made him ready and listened while he was fucking. She was helpless as her cunt poured out juices and experienced multiple orgasms.

Rahul sighed happily after he pumped cum partly in her cunt, tits and stomach and said,” Thank God, you are ok with it. All are relieved.”

Vani’s eyes widened with shock. She asked,” All? What are you talking about?”

Rahul said, “Entire family. Anita’s dad and my dad are very impatient and eager to fuck you. Daily, they are blasting Anita and me. How many days more do they have to wait?”

Vani got up angrily and said,” What stupid thought? Ravi will kill me if men of my dad’s age fuck me.”

Rahul laughed, “No. He is excited. Akka has already told him everything. They are sitting in the hall and planning when to invite them over. I sent them messages when you closed your eyes and were moaning.”

Vani’s face was flushed red with anger and embarrassment. They were all dressed since Divya was awake and ready for school. All came, hugged and kissed her, Atul being the first.

Vani asked angrily,” What is this nonsense? Rahul is talking about dads fucking me?”

Anita laughed and said,” You are forgetting Ravi, your husband, is dying with the excitement of fucking my mom and Rahul’s mom. Have you observed? They are super sexy.”

Vani looked at Ravi, pleading with her with his eyes to agree. Vani collapsed on a sofa and asked, “What is the plan?”

Ravi sat next to her, hugged her and said, ” In the evening, Anita’s mom and dad will come. Rahul will take Anita and Divya shopping and movies. We will have many hours to enjoy ourselves. Then they will stay for a few days, go back and send Rahul’s parents. One couple has to stay with Sachin.”

Vani looked into his eyes searchingly. She could not believe that Ravi would transform so much. She smiled, kissed him and said ok, let us do it. When Rekha and Arun came in the evening, everyone welcomed them heartily.

Divya was thrilled that they would be with them for a while. Rekha was an amazing cook and pampered Divya a lot. Rahul told them that they planned shopping and movies and all left, leaving Ravi, Vani, Rekha and Arun.

The magnetism between them was so strong that Vani could feel it. Ravi was ogling at Rekha, and Vani could empathize. Rekha was very beautiful and maintained her shape and beauty so that anyone would mistake her for being Anita’s sister and not her mother.

She was broad, without an ounce of fat. Her heavy tits, flat stomach and thighs were captivating. Vani knew that Ravi was disrobing and playing with her tits and cunt in his mind.

Arun was also quite handsome. He reminded her of her favorite actor, George Clooney. Arun was tall, with a mop of greying hair, dimples in cheeks when he smiled and beautiful eyes.

She could sense the same lust as Ravi’s in him. Arun’s hands were itching to grab Vani’s tits. Arun said, ” Rekha, I think we should change into something comfortable,” and led Rekha into one bedroom.

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