Relationship With A Divorcee – The Beginning

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Hi, I am Siddarth and 24 years old.(Name change and all names and details on locations here are changed for obvious reasons). I am 170 cm high with well built body weighing 70 kg, and hailed from Bangalore. I am not hyper muscular but have a well toned body with decent amount of muscles with no fat and a greatly shaped abdomen. Though having a nice body and great face, I was not attracted to girls as I have a negligent attitude towards my-age-girls. I like ladies who are older than me.

Who want to contact me, feel free to mail me at [email protected]

I met her when I went to attend a party thrown by my neighbor. In my neighborhood there lived a lady who has a studio were models were selected and trained. She was 34 years of old, and was an average lady. Her name was Tanvi and was a North Indian. I didn’t had any interest in her because of her fatty body. The party was thrown because it was her third or fourth wedding anniversary and a lot of her friends were there. That is were I met Laya.

She was from Kerala. Laya was 30 years old with a body that showed her age has ran before her body. She had a perfect body for a young girl. She was 165 cm tall with a milky white body, which is slim and soft like a model. Her size is 32-24-32, which I learnt later and the boobs was 32B. That day, she was wearing a party saree with frills.

I just looked at her long and she saw me looking at her, so I quickly diverted my eyes. I didn’t look her again, and the party concluded late night. I saw her her drinking a glass of wine. At the end of the party, Tanvi announced that there will be a party next Saturday as well, because it is the birthday of her child, and everybody was welcomed for it as well.

After the party was over, all the invitees were leaving, and I went to Tanvi and her husband to talk a bit. We were good friends as I was their neighbour. After some initial casual talks, Tanvi’s husband went inside the house to talk to someone else. I quickly took advantage of the situation to talk with Tanvi about Laya.

“Who was the lady in that frill saree?”

“Who, are you talking about Laya?”

“Whatever. I don’t know her name. I saw you exchanging talks with her over the wine”

“Oh, that’s Laya. One of my friend and she is from Kerala. Why do you ask?”

Me and Tanvi used to talk about relationships, sex, fantasies etc as we were thick friends, despite our age difference. She was a spicy girl but wasn’t interested in other man. She was a good company to talk with. So I thought of hiding nothing from her and said that I liked her. Nothing big, but felt her beautiful and sexy.

“Yes. I know. Everyone will fall for her. She is just such a cake every man wants to bite. She is the only daughter of one of the richest entrepreneur couples. Even Laya had started her own company and is having a good run.”

I suddenly got more interested in knowing more as Tanvi was keeping away from her other details.

“So where does she live?”

” Not with her parents. Who knows where. They have lot of private villas, bungalows and flats everywhere in Bangalore and outskirts of the city as well”

I was getting impatient. So I asked about her husband. Tanvi grinned at me and said “So that’s were you are getting at”. She smiled a naughty smile and I winked.

“Poor girl. She got married to a young business tycoon when she was 26 years old. But nothing worked out between them as he was a workaholic. He was not romantic and lacked interest in bed. You want to hit her? She laughed.

“Of course yes. She is such a tasty dime to watch. I hope her body will be as tastier as it looks.”

“But I think she hates men, after her disappointing six month life with her husband”

” I won’t be like her husband. And I don’t want to marry her. I just want to enjoy a spicy sex life with her. At least, I won’t be like him in bed.”

We both laughed heartily at it and I said goodbye to her and went into my house. We both talked it on a flirty sense and we both knew there was nothing serious in those words. That what I hoped, but it was not for Tanvi.

Two days after I saw Tanvi jogging an she smiled at me.

“Still thinking about Laya?”

We laughed it off and passed some casual talks and before continuing jogging on opposite directions, she asked me again,

“You still thinking about Laya”

I got thoughts of Laya again, and her hot body and classy face came against into my mind “Yes very much” and I mockingly gave a masturbating action before leaving the short meeting.

The next Saturday, I went to the party of Tanvi’s son birthday. I was sitting in the lawn and talking with some neighbours when Laya came in her Jaguar. I couldn’t believe what I saw. She was looking damn sexy in a pink chiffon saree, with designs on the borders. The blouse was sleeveless. And the backside of the blouse was quite revealing as it was thread-type in the back and low neck in the front.

It was extremely horny to look at her figure. Highly beautiful face with class look, nice lips with pink lipstick. Highly curvaceous body. White arms, part of the boobs, and almost complete portion of her milky backside upto her hips were visible as well. Her navel was also seen through the transparent saree.

I also noticed she has a tattoo that shows a rose, which was on her back side, just below the shoulders. She was a pleasant lady, with increasing the spirit of everyone.

After the cake, I went to parlor to get a beer. I was sipping and checking for her through the corner of my eyes. I couldn’t find her anywhere.

“Looking for me?”

I heard a sexy voice behind me and it was her. Her smell was awesome and she sat near me.

“Hi Siddharth”

I was out of words due to this sudden appearance from her.

“Nothing to talk. Tanvi told you are entertaining”

“Hi” i told somehow. I couldn’t get my wits back and was taken to floor with her quick attacking charm.

” Still thinking of me, every time?” She spoke and silently mimicked the action of masturbating, like the way I showed it to Tanvi last week.

I looked around to see if someone is watching. I eyed her upper parts of the boobs which were clearly visible as her saree had moved sideways when she sat and her low cut blouse helped it as well.

“Look, I didn’t mean it. I am sorry..”

Before I could say anything, she raised her hand to ask me to stop. She stood from her chair.

“Our meeting is over Siddharth. You are like every other worthless men who just want to have sex with every girl they meet. Fu***ng pigs. Tanvi just told me about everything and I took it only in a fun mood. I just wanted to chat with you to have a happy conversation. May be a bit flirting. That will chill the air between us and will make good friends. Like you and Tanvi”

She was about to leave when I held her hand to plead her not to go. I said her please don’t go. I am sorry.

She slapped my cheeks and said “How dare you to touch me. You can’t even keep your nerves together. You are shaken when I get angry with you. You dream of having sex with a woman. Thats all” she left me there, and the crowd was lessening, so nobody saw the things happened between us.

My pride was hurt. I am a guy who is well known among my friends for my instant jokes, good behavior and caring attitude. But she spoke against it and it hurt me.

I saw her entering the home, and saying goodbye to Tanvi and returning to her Jaguar. It was parked in one corner where there weren’t anybody. I ran towards it and held her from the back and crossed my hands over her mouth to stop her from shouting. My strong body was pressing her soft body to the car. I whispered in her ears.

“You can leave. But let me speak what I need to speak. I am not like any men who only dreams of fucking you. I couldn’t say anything because you are the first person who let me go dumbstruck to respond”

I slowly eased my lock on her and she can move now and I lifted my hands from her mouth. She was not making a move to shout.

“I love you. Not only your body, I love you as a person” I got slightly emotional in the last words.

Now she was turned against me and her 32B boobs were pressing against my well toned body. Instantly, I kissed her. It was not a gentle kiss, but a wild one. She didn’t object, but didn’t respond as well. I sucked her lips for one minute and left the place.

That night itself I received a message in my WhatsApp from an unknown number.

“You hurt my lips” and attached was a pic of lips which was held open, and a tinge of red spot was visible inside the lips.

“Love bits and a small punishment for slapping me” i replied.

She then gave a long message explaining how sorry he is for slapping me and we got into chat. We chatted for two days and I received a message which read “another meeting”

I replied Sure and asked about the place and time

“I won’t tell that. That’s upto you. But I hope you will impress me with a surprise”

I replied yes. Next day was a Thursday and I went straight into her office. It was a five story building and it was her company, all of it. I went straight to the top floor to her office. Her receptionist asked me for the appointment, to which I said she is expecting me. So the receptionist told me to contact Laya’s personal assistants to get in as it will need their permission if I don’t have a appointment call. I reached the PA section and all of her three personal assistants were not there.

So I went inside her office. It was a highly luxurious and furnished interior and could get a great view of the town from the inside. She wasn’t there in office, so I entered the private room of her attached to the office. I heard water flowing in the washroom. I waited there and after sometime she came out of it and was shocked to see me there. She was wearing her office suit and looked elegantly sexy in it.


“How did you get in here”? She asked me with a smile of excitement.

” Are you impressed”?

She laughed heartedly and I carried her to the big couch in the room. I made her sit in my lap and gave a juicy kiss to her. I was chewing her red sexy lips. I removed her black suit and she was just in her white office shirt with a office shorts of black colour.

I kissed her again, and led my hands inside her shirt and into the navel. She was kissing my face, biting my nose and was enjoying the whole incident. I pushed my finger into her deep navel and she moaned. I held her more tightly into me and kissed her neck and bite every time so I could hear moan.

We then gave me a long smooch. She then pulled me into the bed and lied above me. My one hand was holding her curvy navel and other was pressing her shaped ass. Her long legs were tangled with my legs.

We were licking, sucking and tasting each other, thus enjoying the face and neck.

“Office is boring for the first time” i said.

She was very horny and asked where do you need it.

I asked her it is a surprise and asked her to dress. She did, and we went to lift to go to the basement for her car.

It was her private lift and we kissed wildly inside it. I fondled her sexy boobs through her shirt. And we exchanged saliva. She was so tasty.

We reached her car and she asked me to drive it. I pushed her against the car and said “I will ride you forever” and kissed her again, biting as well.

She moaned again and we both were enjoying it in the open. We started the car and as soon as we were out of her office place, she placed her hand over my pants and felt my rock bulge.

“Rock hard, huh?”

“See it for yourself”

She smiled and let my zip loose. And took my tool from my underwear. She gasped seeing my 7 inch hard brown dick.

She was clearly happy seeing my long dick.

“I have not enjoyed such a long and thick dick”

She then started stroking it. Her soft hands were running in my dick and she did that for sometime. I was really out of control and slowened the car to avoid a crash. We were in the highway, but the traffic was less as it was out of town.

She gave me a terrific handjob for 10 mins and I shot a lot of cum. It was flowing through her hands and she continued jerking me until I ejaculated completely. It was all in her hand and she started licking her hand. She licked it like she was enjoying some delicious cream.

After she did it, I said there is some left in my dick.She took my dick in her mouth and gave a long drag on my dick to suck the cum completely.

It was so awesome as I hit brake due to the effect of her mouth on my tool. I gave her a kiss on her cheeks and bit and pulled her beautiful cheeks with my teeth. She smiled in this and I was getting hard again.

She looked at my grow bulge and made an expression which read “so soon ?”

I drove the jaguar to a vacant place, where me and my friends used to go for camping. It was near a lake and was a great place out of the city.

The story is long and will continue in the next part. Feel free to let me know how it is. My mail is [email protected]

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