The Memorable Christmas Gift.

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Hello dear friends. I am Arnav from Pune. I am back with another experience of mine. After the publication of my previous story ‘The Anniversary Gift’, I received a lot of feedback from my readers. And I would love to thank them all for their praise and support. Let’s begin with my experience.

I am Arnav from Pune, a 24-year-old guy, 6 feet tall and a pretty well-experienced masseur. After my story was published, I received an email stating that the story was nice and asked if it was real. Friends, I would like to make clear that all my experiences are real and there’s no fiction.

After a little chat, they introduce me as Ashok and Shweta, age 45 and 42 respectively from Nashik. As we moved forward, I understood they were a Marathi couple who were bored with the usual routine. They lacked the spark of their earlier days. I believe most of my mature readers feel the same.

For a long time, they were thinking about having some adventure. But couldn’t plan anything due to the fear of privacy as well as finding the right person. So after exchanging some thoughts, I suggested them to go for a massage Session.

The lady was initially shy as it would be the first time that any other male than her hubby would touch her at sensual spots. But then I explained to her how the massage session would move on. Everything would happen based on her convenience. So we all were set for a normal massage session.

But her hubby had already conveyed to me that it should be an erotic session because he had been fantasizing about it a lot. We planned for the Christmas vacations and they were in Pune on 24th. They met some of their friends. We had planned for dinner to know each other.

Being with an unknown person directly makes the lady feel more insecure. When we met, I noticed she was a little plump as you would expect from a lady of her age. We all were happy with each other and decided to plan the session for the next day.

They had a fantasy of getting the lady stripped by a young guy. So we decided that she would be in a saree. It was strange for a massage session but it was what they wanted. So the day arrived. I went to their hotel room and arranged some towels, warm water, and oil for the session.

And here arrives the lady of the moment. The black saree wore tightly showing her bulging ass. The golden sleeveless blouse with just a few knots holding it on her back. The milky stomach in full view. The light makeup. All those things made her look like a sex goddess.

We dimmed the lights and I made her sit on the bed. Slowly I started massaging her neck, giving small rubs and gently rubbing them with my fingers. I could sense she was controlling her moans. I moved my hands sensually on her back feeling her skin. I could feel goosebumps.

Slowly I moved to her shoulders, giving them a round good massage and letting my fingers slip a little below. I slowly removed the pin holding her saree on her shoulder and then with a small movement. I dropped the pallu down. She had closed her eyes but her big breasts nearly 36 were in full view from the blouse.

One could see the cleavage with a deep valley. The golden blouse covering the milky valley. What a sight! I gave some small rubs on her chest area above her breasts. I knew she wanted my hands on her breasts. But I knew, longer the wait, greater the satisfaction.

So now I moved to her back again and slowly untied one of the knots. I could sense the sweat beads formed on her back. As I untied all her knots, her bareback was in full view. She wasn’t wearing any bra. It was so sexy. I removed her blouse and her hands rushed to cover her milky boobs

I didn’t remove them but made her stand up and slowly untied all her saree. The sexy lady was just in her pink panties with her hands trying to cover her milky breasts. I made her lie down and then with a wet towel. I started rubbing her body with the warm water, making her ready for the massage session.

First I cleansed her feet and then slowly moved to her calves. I could feel her body temperature soaring. Then I moved to her fleshy thighs and When I touched them, she shivered a little. I knew her panty was wet with her juices. Next, I cleansed her stomach.

Then slowly shifted her hands and gave her breasts a good water rub. I still had not touched them with my bare hands. Slowly she was getting relaxed and soaking in all the pleasure. Now I turned her up and poured a little warm oil on her back.

Slowly starting from her neck I would move to hands up to her ass and give her a good rub. I could hear small moans and I knew she was enjoying. I poured little oil on ass cheeks and gave her a tight rub. Her ass was nearly 38 and so it was difficult to feel one ass cheek in one hand.

Still, I massaged it hard and she was on fire. I raised her hands, gave them a light massage and then started focusing on her underarms. Most men don’t pay attention to the underarms but it is one of the most sensual spots. The light finger massage made her moan a little loud.

A loud gasp of ‘Ahhhh’ could be heard in the room. I just looked up to the hubby and he was already masturbating seeing his wife being pleasured. I turned her over and now poured some oil on her breasts. Slowly cupping each one of them, I was giving a hard rub to them.

I had started making giving them long-press. Her light brown nipples were hard and erected like anything. When I brushed my fingers to her nipples, she just shivered once again. I caught one of her nipples and had started pinching them giving her a heavenly feel.

I did the same with her other nipple and I knew she had become out of control. Her hands were moving on the bed like searching for something. I knew what she wanted and signaled her hubby to come close to her. Then I slowly spread up her legs and removed her panty.

I poured some oil on her inner thighs and pussy region. When I was moving my hands sensually on her thighs she already was sucking her hubby’s finger while her hands were busy moving on his dick. And the moment I just flinched her pussy lips she caught her hubby’s dick.

He just blasted all his load on her breasts and the bed. Ahh,  what a scene! I separated her pussy lips and I could feel the wetness. Slowly I inserted one of my fingers deep inside her and she was just moaning in pleasure. The room was filled with her moans.

The finger was going in and out like a piston and so was her moaning speed. And then I inserted another finger of mine and she just exploded. “Ohhh. Fuck me,” was all that she could say. Her juices drenched my hands and she lay there on the bed breathless.  The scene after the orgasm was more erotic than even a porn movie.

I got up and slowly starting massaging her breasts again. Soon she regained herself and with a naughty smile, her hands started searching again. Only this time it was another hand and slowly it landed over my shorts.  My stiff dick was longing for this touch.

I will continue in another part. So interested ladies and couples who wanna meet me or plan a massage session, drop me an email at [email protected].

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