My Experiments With Sex – Part 4 (Threesome)

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This story is part of a series:

I am Nafisa. You read in Part 3 how my younger brother Aamir manipulated me to fuck him. I also consented to have sex with Vinod, my brother’s friend and son of my mother’s lover Pramod Lala.

Now read the 4th part of my experiments with sex.

After having sex with my younger brother, I returned to my room. I slept for a few hours. The next day was Sunday. As Aamir said, he dropped me at Birju’s house at around 10 in the morning.

Indu requested Aamir stay till lunch, but he politely declined and went away. Immediately after Aamir went out, Indu bolted the main door.

Indu – Birju, till I finish cooking, you feed your darling girl. I will join you soon.

But I held Indu’s hand.

Me – No, Indu, as we agreed, first Birju will love us together. Let’s enjoy one round. Then we will cook.

Indu – Nafisa, I never knew that a so innocent-looking girl could be such a slut. Let me see how you eat my husband. Last night he told me about the way you suck cock.

We undressed each other, and then both of us bounced upon Birju. We undressed him too. Three of us fondled each other for some time.

Birju — Indu dear, why don’t you shave Nafisa and make her cunt clean and smooth like yours?

Indu — No, Birju, let her husband Imran see her cunt as it is. After she returns from her sasural, I will shave her pubic area. Nafisa, eat my cunt. Let me see how you suck a cunt.

She laid flat and parted her legs. I scrutinised this lady. Indu was about 2 inches shorter than me. She was 5ft 3 inches tall. She certainly was healthier than me. At that time, I weighed about 53 kgs, whereas her weight was 58 kgs. Later she told me that she was only 23 years of age.

At that time, I was 21 years old. Indu was fair, but I was much fairer than her. She had a round face, whereas my face was oval. Our eyes were quite big. My eyes were dark brown, whereas Indu had black eyes. Like me, she also had sharp features.

Our lower lips were thicker than our upper lips. Her cheeks were chubby. I had dimples on my cheeks. We both had a very feminine look. Her breasts were bigger than mine. She wore a 36-inch bra, whereas my bra size was 34 inches.

Though her breasts were bigger than mine, undoubtedly, my breasts looked more attractive and tempting. Her nipples were also bigger than mine. Her areola around each nipple was not less than the one-inch radius, whereas mine was of hardly one cm radius.

Certainly, her breasts were much more sucked and pressed than mine. We both had a flat belly and a thin waist. My waist was of perfect 24-inch size, whereas her waist was 26 inches. She had thicker thighs. But I could see myself. My thighs were looking much more attractive than her.

Our hips were almost the same size. Indu caught my eyes moving over her body.

Indu – Darling, no use in comparing yourself with any other female. Both of your sisters and mother are also very beautiful. But you are much more beautiful than them. I told you that I earned a multi-million contract for my father. If I had been beautiful like you, I would have earned millions. I still want to earn, but this friend of yours is not allowing me to do any social work.

I liked the way she talked about her desire to fucking with others. So far, I have allowed three people to play with my beautiful body for free. But this lady Indu wanted to earn through sex.

Me — Indu, I also heard about prostitution and call girl services. But I don’t think good women like us should do such a thing. They have no respect in society.

Indu clarified.

Indu – Nafisa, I am not telling you to become a prostitute or a call girl. Such types of women do not have any say in their life. They have to fuck with anyone who pays them. Besides, none of them earns for themselves. They have to give all their earnings to their pimp or masters.

Indu – But there are women who fucks only with a selected few at their condition. Besides earning a lot, they have a lot of respect in society. Their family members know. Still, they don’t dare to say anything to such high-profile girls. I know a few of them.

Birju did not like what Indu said.

Birju – Indu, I love both of you a lot. I don’t want either of you to earn by selling your body. I earn enough to keep you comfortable.

Indu began fisting cock.

Indu – Birju, I am not worried for myself. But what about our children? Do you want them to become a washerman or washerwoman like you and your parents? Did you forget what happened to your mother and sisters? Everyone knew both were sleeping with persons for whom they were working.

Indu – And you very well know what they were getting in return. Their life was worst than prostitutes. I know very well that all adult males of my family are fucking women of servants and help to work with us. I watched my father taking the virginity of the gardener’s young daughter, and he paid her only one hundred.

Indu – How long can you keep me safe? Today or tomorrow, someone will certainly pressurise you. And then you will tell me to only sleep with them for a few bucks.

I did not like what Birju said.

Birju – That’s the fate of women of poor families like us.

Indu has raised a topic which has no end.

Me – Let’s forget about the future and enjoy the present. Birju, some of my friends talk about lesbian sex. They say that when their men are not around, they enjoy sex with women. Let me experience that. Indu’s figure and cunt are very tempting. While I enjoy with Indu, you do your work, fuck me hard and fast.

I parted the legs of Indu. I sniffed her cunt. Though it has a pungent smell, I liked it. With the help of my fingers, I pulled cunt lips. I could see watery pink-coloured flesh inside her cunt. It was very tempting. That was the first time I was looking at any other cunt.

I moved my finger on the slit. In the meantime, Birju positioned me in the doggy pose. I was ready for another fuck with Birju. I ran my finger on her clit and cunt lips.

Indu – Ufff Nafisa, it’s very nice. Do it again.

I kept caressing cunt of Indu. Birju positioned himself behind me. As he always did, he began to suck and lick the entire pubic area and my ass hole. He sucked the air from my ass hole. He did this for some time. I moved my hands up on Indu’s body and tried to imitate what Birju used to do during his oral action on me.

Indu began to moan. This encouraged me a lot, and I became aggressive with her body. After about ten minutes, Birju positioned his cock on my cunt. He gave a very hard push.

“Uff motherfucker, not so hard.”

But I enjoyed that hard thrust. As my tongue and teeth were busy exploring Indu’s cunt I could not moan. But Indu kept on moaning continuously. All along, Birju fucked me. I kept my mouth on her pubic area. I licked and sucked as much as I could do. Simultaneously I kept enjoying spongy breasts.

“Nafisa, you are doing much better than what I expected. I am sure you can extract maximum sexual pleasure from both men and women. You are a born prostitute, a top class and the best prostitute. Don’t let people enjoy your beauty and youthfulness for free. I am enjoying it a lot. “

Birju fucked me in his normal way. He discharged and filled my cunt with his cum. Like before, the moment cum began to fall on the walls of my cunt my sexual heat began to cool off. I became satisfied, and Indu pushed me away that time with a loud grunt.

Indu –  Birju, your darling dream girl, is not only beautiful to look at but also best in her actions. Thanks for o such a nice girl. And Nafisa, thanks a lot for becoming my bed partner.

After that, for about an hour, three of us remain nude. We ladies did some leftover cooking, and Birju ironed clothes. We ate food. After resting for some time again, the three of us came onto the bed. As Indu wanted to see, I sucked cock of Birju for almost an hour. Indu looked amazed to see my feet.

Indu — All three daughters in fuckers made me suck their cocks repeatedly. Before you came into Birju’s life, he also wanted a blowjob daily. But I could never suck cock for more than 10-12 minutes. You bitch sucked cock for 45 minutes. Unbelievable.

I did not tell Indu that I enjoy sucking cock and swallowing cum more than the fuck. In the second round, Indu began to give me lesbian pleasure. Birju fucked Indu in a doggy pose.

During midway, I shouted, “Birju, don’t discharge inside Indu’s cunt. I want to taste your cock which would be drenched with the juice of Indu’s cunt. “

Indu —- Nafisa, what are you talking about? Are you insane?

I remain quiet. Birju knew that I wanted to swallow cum in the presence of Indu. After fucking Indu for some more time, he pulled cock out of the cunt and said loudly, “Nafisa darling, I am unable to control.”

I sat up straight. I took hold of cock and licked it with the tip of my cunt. I moved my tongue all around the length and periphery of the cock. Indu was speechless. Her facial expression told that she was watching something she had never imagined.

As Birju said, he could not control it. Before the spray of cum went waste, I pushed the tip inside my mouth. Slowly, I pushed about 5 inches of cock inside my mouth. I collected all cum inside my mouth and on my tongue.

Cock became limped and came out of my mouth. Birju had seen this action many times but no one else. I opened my mouth. There was no mirror inside that room. Both could see layers of cum on my tongue and droplets of cum inside my mouth.

Showing Indu, I swallowed the entire cum. We three remained quiet.

Birju – Indu, when Nafisa did it for me the first time, I was very shocked to see her eating and swallowing my cum. But I enjoyed it a lot. She swallowed my cum once every night and now did that again for you. Don’t you think that she is very special?

Indu did not say a word. She got down from the bed. She walked to a cupboard. She unlocked a small safe and took out something from that safe. She returned to me and put the content of her hand on my feet.

Indu – Nafisa, as Birju said, you are not special. You are simply extraordinary. You are a Sex Goddess. You are Venus. Please accept these as a token of appreciation from us. Birju, I hope you will not mind.

Birju nodded. I looked at the content she kept on my feet. Those were hard cash. Later on, I counted, and those were exactly Rs one lakh.

Birju – I want to spend more time with you, but I had to deliver these clothes to Pramod Lala before 3. It is already half-past two. I would try to return early.

Me – But Aamir would be coming any time now. I will have to go.

Birju kissed us both. Both of us remain nude. Birju dressed and went out carrying a bundle of ironed clothes. Indu bolted the door behind Birju. She came onto the bed and laid over me. Her breast began pressing on my breasts. His cunt rubbed my cunt. Both of us began staring at each other.

Indu – Nafisa, I am sincere. Don’t let your beautiful body be used for free. I can introduce you to men who will pay you a lot for one sex with you. If you give a show of “swallowing cum”, I can’t even imagine how much you will earn.

Me – Indu, have you ever met Pramod Lala?

Indu – No, I have seen him, but Birju never introduced me to him. I heard that he likes your family very much. Whom is he fucking in your house?

Me – My mother. They have been lovers for the last 12-13 years. My mother is also a very good cock sucker.

I caressed Indu and continued.

Me – Many people, even my brother, thought that Pramod Lala visited our home to fuck me. So far, he has not fucked me, but I know he is making ground to fuck both mother and daughter on the same bed. Last night mother said that Pramod Lala is the one who is financing my marriage. Undoubtedly, in return he plans to fuck me. I am also looking forward to sucking his long and thick cock.

I kissed her lips.

Me – He can pay us handsomely, and also, he will never defame us. I think you should try with him.

Indu — Do you want me to cheat on my husband?

Me — What cheating? I wanted to marry Imran. But I also know that I will not be fucking with my husband only. Periodically I would sleep with others also. Earlier I thought of having sex only for pleasure. But after hearing you, I have decided to earn also. How much should we ask from our customers?

Indu’s both hands were busy on my back. She was squeezing my hips.

Indu – There is no fixed rate. It depends on you how much you can extract from them. But I am sure you can easily get at least Rs fifty thousand but only if you choose your customers carefully. Will you fuck with my father? I will deal with him for you. How much do you want?

Me – I am not joking. Let’s both get fucked by your father. We will see how much he pays his daughter.

I thought that she would get angry, but she smiled.

Indu – I did not tell anyone. But I don’t know why I started trusting you. One night I was resting on my bed. At around eleven that night my father entered my room. He put a bag on my body. He said that there were Rs eleven lakhs in the bag. I remember his exact words,

“Indu, I like you most. I want you to be my wife. But since I can’t marry you I will get you married to a very rich family. Your husband would enjoy watching us having sex. This is eleven lakh, besides I would keep you paying Rs five lakhs monthly. Let me fuck you, let me take your virginity. “

Me – What did you do? Did you fuck with him?

Indu shook her head.

Indu – Now I repent that why I did not accept my father’s offer. When he finished his words, I got down from the bed and slapped him many times. Leaving that money, he went out of my room. But on the third evening, my mother told me to join her shopping. I readily agreed.

Indu – Instead of shopping, she took me to a farmhouse. And there, in my mother’s presence, three men began caressing me. There were tears in my mother’s eyes, but she could only say, “I am very sorry.” Not only that, one person kept on taking our photos.

Indu –  That man threatened me if I ever made a complaint against them. They will give all those photos to the police and get me arrested for selling my body. And then, for 3 days and nights, those three men did whatever they wanted to do with my body.

Indu –  After a few days, I got married to Birju. I don’t know what they gave Birju to marry me, but my parents gave me a lot of cash. After coming here, I stopped talking with them. But as my father had promised, he deposits a good amount in my account every month. Will you fuck with my father?

Me – No, never. I don’t want to see the face of such a scoundrel. If he comes near me I will certainly kill him.

She hugged me tightly and kissed me passionately. Suddenly she pushed me away and got down from the bed.

She opened her cupboard. She again took something from there. She came back to me and gave me a tube to me. That tube was like any other ointment tube. I took that tube and smiled to read the caption written on that, “Always Virgin.”

I winked at her.

Indu – I don’t know how effective this cream is. I never used it. While leaving the house with Birju, my mother gave me this tube. She had advised me to apply this cream on the inner walls of the curt. It is supposed to make you a virgin again and again. Try this before getting fucked by Imran.

And that time, we heard a knock on the door.

Me – It must be Aamir. Let us dress.

But Indu had other ideas.

Indu— Birju is not at home. That evening you showed your nudity to Birju to have fun with him. Let’s both have fun with your young brother. Let’s see whether Aamir is also bold like Birju.

I smiled. Since Aamir had already enjoyed my nudity and fucked me, I had no problem remaining nude in front of him. Indu walked nude to the door. She opened the door.

Aamir tumbled to see Indu. Had she not supported him, he certainly would have fallen. Indu pulled him inside and bolted the door. Aamir looked shockingly at me, standing nude at some distance.

Indu – What, man? I was thinking that you would take me in your arms. Instead, you tumble to see us nude. Come on, sit on the bed. I will get water for you. Birju will not come before evening. So feel comfortable. If you want, you can also get nude like us.

Indu went inside the kitchen. I whispered.

Me – Brother, this is the perfect opportunity. Undress and fuck this lady. Don’t forget that her husband is fucking your sister. Don’t hesitate to remove your clothes.

My words certainly gave him courage. Indu returned with a glass of water. Aamir took the glass from her hand. He placed that glass on a box, and without hesitation, he hugged her tightly. He kissed and squeezed her breasts.

Aamir – Indu, not only me, my brother-in-law and my younger brother Sahil fell for you at first sight. For me, you are much more beautiful than my sister Nafisa. Let me love you.

And to my surprise, Indu did not resist at all. Instead, she helped him to undress. I became very happy to see his throbbing cock. Indu held that cock.

Indu – Nafisa dear, your brother is also very bold like you. And I certainly like cock, which does not need any catalyst to get ready. Aamir, come dear, love me, fuck me as much you want. If you can satisfy me, I will tell Nafisa to let you enjoy her beauty. If you want, you can fuck your sister also.

I had no hesitation in fucking with Aamir. But Aamir did not want anyone else to know he was a sister fucker. Aamir kissed her, fondled her breast and also palmed cunt for quite some time.

Aamir – When a beautiful, charming and sexy lady like you is available to me to love, why should I become a sister fucker. Indu, now we are friends, and you can count on me for any help you require. I love you, my darling.

Telling that, he positioned cock on Indu’s cunt, and he gave a hard push, “Aamir, it was nice. “

Aamir loved me last night. Though his shots were not powerful like that of Birju, he fucked nicely. But here he was fucking this young lady aggressively and passionately. Not only Aamir but Indu also looked enjoying with my brother.

Me – Indu, I am happy that you are making my brother happy. But at the same time, I am sad for Birju. You are cheating on him.

I expected a reply from Indu, but she kept enjoying it.

Aamir – Aapa, not Indu, but Birju cheated on her. We boys keep tabling each young and attractive lady in our society. Since she came here to stay in our society, we never heard any rumours about Indu, but that man fucked you. He left his wife alone in bed and enjoyed three nights with you. Indu is fully justified n fucking with me. If she wants, she can fuck with others also.

Indu heard everything that Aamir said.

Indu – Aamir is right. After marrying Birju, I decided not to fuck with anyone else. But at the first opportunity, he fucked you and cheated me. So now onward, I will fuck with anyone I like. But presently, I am enjoying it with Aamir. He is taking me to heaven.

They fucked and fucked. Both climaxed almost at the same time. Both seemed to be very happy and satisfied. I went to the kitchen to make tea for all. When I returned, I saw them engaged in oral sex. After some time, she positioned her cunt over his throbbing cock and fucked him being on his top.

Undoubtedly both liked each other a lot. In this round, also they climaxed together. Finally, at my insistence, we all dressed. While we were having tea, Birju arrived. Both Indu and Aamir behaved as if nothing had happened.

Finally, at around 5.30 we came out of their house. Though I repeatedly refused, Birju pleaded with me to take that money which Indu had given me earlier. I took that bag and also the tube of cream.

While returning home, Aamir said that his friend Vinod had consented to give me Rs 3 lakhs only if I am a virgin. Otherwise, he would give me only Rs thirty thousand.

Me — Brother, your friend will find me a virgin. When are you taking me to him?

Aamir — Tomorrow at two noon. But how will he find you a virgin?

More in the next part.

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