The Elder Sister’s Escapades – Part 4

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This story is part of a series:

Maneesha opened her eyes. She couldn’t believe what just happened to her a few seconds ago. Never had she experienced multiple orgasms in her life. She felt like she had leaked out a bucket full of cum.

She looked at Monica and Karan. She had already squirted multiple times, but Monica and Karan were still yearning to leak their cum. Maneesha knew that the night is going to be really long.

Monica: Did you like that, Manu?

“Hmm…” Maneesha shyly whispered.

Monica: Would you like to spend the rest of the night with us?

Maneesha was too embarrassed to say anything. She looked at Karan. He was eyeing her like a hungry wolf, desperate to devour her naked skin. She looked at his bare chest and his ripped muscles. She looked at the bulge under his boxers. Her brain flashed the site of Karan’s huge dick.

She imagined all things she could experience if she accepts her sister’s offer. She felt the excitement building in her stomach. For a second, she had some second thoughts. But she was too aroused to reject this offer and finally nodded her head in the affirmative.

Karan and Monica again whispered something among themselves. Karan winked at Monica and then picked up Maneesha in his arms. Monica brushed her fingers on her breasts and gave a kiss on her lips.

Monica: Good girl!

Then she started walking towards her room and asked Karan to follow her. Both of them were so excited that they didn’t even care to pick their and Maneesha’s clothes which were lying here and there on the terrace. They reached Monica’s room.

Karan kept Maneesha’s naked body on the bed. He carefully kept a pillow under her head. Karan observed her from top to bottom and then removed his boxers. Karan was the only one in the room who wasn’t naked. But now his boxers found their way on the floor, and his 7 inch dick came out.

It felt so hard that Karan thought it would burst. Maneesha saw the huge monster this close for the first time. It looked bigger while laying on the bed than it looked while she saw it from the balcony. She imagined herself getting ripped by this beast.

Karan though was in no hurry. He looked towards Monica. Monica smiled and then opened her drawer. She took out a small box from it and then gave it to Karan. Karan opened the box and took out a long rope from it. Maneesha was visibly puzzled.

Karan came near her face and started tying the rope on the bed rest behind her head. Monica came forward and grabbed Maneesha’s hands, and pulled held them above her head. Maneesha finally understood what they were planning to do. Karan tied her hands with the other end of the rope.

Maneesha could no more move her hands. Karan took out another rope and tied Maneesha’s legs together with the other end of the bed. He gave a final look at her naked body and then looked at Monica. Monica was closing the curtains of their room. Karan went up to her and hugged her from behind.

Maneesha saw Karan embracing her naked sister in his arms. He held her breasts with his hands and started pressing them. Then he picked her up to her just like he did with Monica. Monica, too was made to lie on the bed along with Maneesha.

Karan stood on the floor in front of the bed and observed his dinner for the night. The two sexy sisters Monica and Maneesha lay naked on a bed, offering themselves to him. The only difference was that the younger one was tied up and couldn’t move even a bit. Karan couldn’t be happier.

He then took out a full-size paintbrush from the same box. He climbed on the bed and went towards Maneesha. Monica turned and faced Maneesha to see all the action. Karan started from Maneesha’s arms. He caressed both her arms tied above her head with the brush.

Maneesha found it weird, but she was excited to see how things would proceed.
Karan brushed her arms and then reached her fair and clean armpits. He started rubbing the paintbrush on one of them.

Maneesha jerked and giggled. She had started liking it. Karan switched between the armpits and kept tickling her. The tickles brought a lot of pleasure, and Maneesha was getting horny. She desperately wanted to feel Karan’s wet lips on her armpits now.

But Karan had different plans. He went down to her breasts. He rubbed her cleavage and then caressed and stroked her nipples one by one with the brush. Maneesha kept giggling in pleasure.

After spending ample time teasing her huge boobs and hard nipples, Karan reached her belly. He gently brushed her entire belly before stopping at her sensitive navel. He couldn’t wait to tease her navel. Maneesha moaned heavily as the soft brush circled her cute navel.

She wanted to spread her legs apart and finger her vagina, but she couldn’t move even an inch. The ropes were tight. She was glued to her bed. Karan kept circling the navel. He brushed the skin just below her navel but didn’t insert it inside her navel.

Maneesha wanted to feel the brush inside her navel. But Karan knew all the tricks very well. After what seemed an eternity to Maneesha, Karan finally went inside her navel. He rolled the brush as he inserted it inside the deep navel of hers. Maneesha couldn’t cope up with the immense pleasure.

The soft brush going inside her navel and brushing the side walls as it rolled was too erotic for her. She urgently wanted a tongue inside her navel and a dick inside her leaking pussy. She moved her belly and her stomach muscles to cope up with the pleasure.

Karan saw her slim and wobbly belly going up and down as if inviting him to lick and bite it. But he wasn’t done yet. He tickled her inner thighs and her labia as Maneesha kept moaning and biting her lips. She was getting restless, as was evident with her trembling and shaking body.

She was shivering like a fish out of the pond, just like her sister did the previous night. Though Karan didn’t stop till he tickled and caressed her legs and even her feet. At the end of it, Maneesha was gasping for air, and her eyes had tears of laughter rolling out.

She was sweating profusely and had cummed on her sister’s bed. Karan looked at Maneesha and seemed satisfied with his performance. Karan now decided to focus his attention on his wife. He looked at Monica. Monica saw her younger sister getting tickle tortured and was as horny as her.

Not that Monica had not experienced all this with Karan before, it was her idea and her fantasy. But watching her husband doing it to her younger sister made her hornier than ever. Karan knew Monica must be yearning for all this. He pulled Monica and made her sit on his lap in front of Maneesha.

He didn’t untie Maneesha as he started rubbing his brush on her elder sister’s naked skin. Karan knew how to tease and make the two chicks desperate for his dick. The tables were turned, and now Monica was experiencing the utmost pleasure of tickles. Maneesha was the spectator, watching in awe and lust.

Monica raised her hands and held Karan’s head while sitting on his lap to give him enough room to tickle her underarms. Karan willingly did so as he tickled both her armpits simultaneously with his brush and fingers. He kissed her neck as he pressed her breasts and fucked her navel with the brush.

He tickled her spine and her ass too! After he was done tickling her body, he initiated round two. Karan spread Monica’s legs apart. Maneesha could now see her neatly shaved pink and clean pussy. It was wet and sexy. She was happy to see the action this close rather than watching it secretly from the balcony.

Karan brought his brush near Monica’s pussy and teased her by lightly rubbing it over her cunt. He caressed her inner thighs, circled her pussy, and brushed her vaginal lips. Monica was a very loud moaner as compared to Maneesha. She didn’t control herself, unlike the shy Maneesha.

She let out loud and slutty moans without any shame or embarrassment. Maneesha now saw Karan stimulating her dear sister’s tiny clitoris with the brush. He made her turn her head and kissed her lips, putting an end to her hot moans.

The brush finally went down near her sister’s vaginal opening. After teasing her for a couple of seconds, Karan inserted the brush inside his wife’s pussy. He pushed it slowly as Monica broke the kiss and groaned. Monica frowned, and she gave a long moan.

Maneesha made out from her expressions how much she liked it. She now looked down at her pussy and the brush. Karan kept pushing the brush inside her pussy. She looked in amazement as the long paintbrush kept going inside her love hole. Monica didn’t seem to feel any pain or discomfort.

Karan knew how good Monica’s vagina was in swallowing almost anything he would put inside it. He looked into Maneesha’s eyes and smiled while pushing the brush even further to show her how awesome her sister is! Monica, too, didn’t care to hide her genitals or her emotions from her innocent little sister.

She gasped and shouted out loud in pleasure as the hairs of the brush touched her g-spot. Karan kept the brush inside her pussy and now started rubbing her boobs. He licked his fingers once and then started rubbing her labia with them. After a while, he inserted one of his fingers inside her.

Monica groaned again. She was on top of the world. Within a second, another finger went inside her dripping pussy. Karan started kissing and licking her neck while fingering her with two fingers. Maneesha couldn’t believe that her sister can tolerate two fingers along with a brush in her vagina at the same time.

She had now lost count of Monica’s orgasms as she saw her squirting once again. Karan now made her lay again on the bed, this time closer to Maneesha. The sisters were so close that their naked bodies were touching. Karan removed the brush and threw it away.

He instead inserted his tongue as he kissed and licked her juices. After few minutes, Monica reached another orgasm. Karan finally stopped. He drank some water and made Monica drink some too. All three of them had a nice time as Karan kissed the two sisters lying together.

He started from their lips and went till their feet, kissing their necks, breasts, navel thighs, and feet one by one. He fondled the four boobs sitting in a line making the two girls laugh and giggle. Finally, he untied Maneesha’s arms and legs. Maneesha immediately hugged Monica and Karan, who hugged her back.

All three of them cuddled, lying together on the bed. Maneesha was now lying between Monica and Karan. Monica came closer and kissed her lips. Maneesha kissed her back. Karan started fondling her breasts. Now both of them started kissing her together.

Monica was busy smooching her while Karan kissed her smooth neck. They switched positions and continued kissing her. Then they moved towards her breasts. For Maneesha, It was ecstatic to feel two pairs of wet lips on her body simultaneously.

Karan and Monica sucked one nipple each and caressed her body with their hands. After they were done, Karan got up and pulled Maneesha towards him. He sat down, resting his back on the bed rest, and made Maneesha sit on his lap. He held her hands and made her touch his dick.

Maneesha was reluctant at first, but then her curiosity won. She slowly held his cock in her hands. It was hard and hot. Monica asked her to stroke it slowly. Maneesha obeyed her like a good student. She started stroking Karan’s dick in amazement. It seemed that a little girl has discovered a new toy.

Monica couldn’t wait to see her beloved toy, Karan’s dick to go inside her little sister. She held Maneesha’s shoulders and slowly made her bend. Maneesha sensed what her sister wanted from her. She looked at Monica. Monica just looked back at her and nodded.
Maneesha went down and opened her mouth to swallow Karan’s dick. Karan closed his eyes and rested his head back to enjoy her sister-in-law’s blowing. She lacked Monica’s experience but did it with great passion. Meanwhile, Monica went behind Maneesha.

She brought her face closer to her hairy wet pussy. She smelled it and then started licking it. Maneesha was surprised. Though she liked it and continued to suck Karan’s dick. The three of them were now engaged in oral sex in a line. Karan was amazed at the boldness of the two sisters.

The long foreplay, the scene in front of him, and Maneesha’s sucking finally worked. Karan was about to cum. He raised Maneesha and made her lie on the bed. He brought his dick over her body and started stroking it vigorously. At last, his monster spitted out his sperms.

He sprayed it on Maneesha’s face, her breasts, her belly. Maneesha didn’t worry anymore and enjoyed every moment of it. Monica, too was getting hornier. It was her turn now. She went down on Maneesha and started licking her husband’s cum from Maneesha’s body.

She cleaned her face and neck first by licking and drinking the cum, then did the same with her breasts. Maneesha loved the feel of her sister’s tongue on her boobs. She felt her sister licking her belly and moaned. A lot of Karan’s cum had flowed down to her navel. Monica happily cleaned it with her tongue.

Karan was stroking his semi-erect dick watching the two nude sisters like this. He was getting ready for entering one of them now. Monica sensed it and started licking Maneesha’s pussy once again. Maneesha was very close to an orgasm. But Karan’s dick was also completely erect once again.

He looked at Maneesha’s cunt. He was dying to drill that tight vagina of her.
Sensing their moods, Monica got up and made way for Karan. Maneesha saw Karan staring at her with his monster ready. It was time for her to lose her virginity.

She never thought she’d get deflowered in front of her sister, that too, by her own husband. But there was no turning back from here. All three of them desperately wanted it to happen. Maneesha herself spread her legs apart, giving Karan a good view of her hairy pussy.

Karan took out a condom from his drawer. Monica was on birth control, but he couldn’t risk it with Maneesha. So he slowly wore a thin dotted condom on his dick. Finally, he got between her legs and touched the tip of his dick on her pussy. He didn’t thrust it inside yet and started teasing Maneesha.
Monica: He’s checking your patience, sweetheart!

Karan: And mine too. Even I’m desperate to enter you. But after your permission.

“Do it,” Maneesha said softly.

Karan: Not like that, you’ll have to request.

Maneesha: Fuck me, fuck me jiju, fuck me hard just like you fuck Monica di.

Neither Karan nor Monica expected her to be so bold. This was too much for Karan. Within a second, his dick slowly started going inside the unexplored love hole of her cute sister-in-law. It wasn’t even halfway in when Monica saw a stream of blood coming out of her pussy.

Her baby girl was finally a woman now. She looked to check on her and saw tears rolling down her eyes. Maneesha never imagined it to be so painful. But Karan and Monica were supportive and consoled her that it won’t last long. Monica held and caressed her legs as Karan slowly started fucking her.

With time Maneesha got accustomed to the pain. A few more minutes passed, and she felt no more pain. Karan’s entire dick was now going in and out of her pussy. She was taken over by a totally different feeling.

The hard cock and the dotted condom were rubbing the insides of her vagina. The tip of the dick was hitting her g-spot. It felt heavenly – a feeling she never experienced before.

Monica’s licking too came in handy as, within moments, Maneesha leaked her juices once more. It was the best orgasm of her life. She felt complete. She felt blissful. Karan kissed her lips as he gave the last few strokes inside her.

Maneesha kissed him back passionately. She was tired. Karan was still hard like ever. Maneesha, with her half-open eyes now, Karan picked up her sister and threw her naked flesh beside her.

Maneesha had her legs apart, and Karan entered her. They fucked like maniacs for a long time before both of them cummed together. Both of them looked at Maneesha, who was looking at them.

Karan: Still cannot believe that I finally fucked a virgin.

Monica: Haha, Shut up, Karan!

Maneesha: For how long have you been doing all this, di?

Monica: For quite a long time, baby, you know me very well.

Maneesha: I don’t think I will ever be able to do it like you.

Monica: You did it well for the first time, dear. Though I have a request for you.

Maneesha: What’s that?

Monica: You know Karan is in the Merchant navy. He returned last week and will be going back to his ship for a month in two days. He has a lot of sex drive, but he can’t find sex while sailing.

Maneesha kept listening as Monica continued.

Monica: I’ve been fucking him continuously for the past 10 days and nights. I need a break. So can you take care of your jiju for tonight? For me?

Maneesha nodded again without saying anything. Both Monica and Karan were happy. Karan picked up the tired Maneesha in her arms. Monica opened the door for him. While bidding goodbye, Monica kissed her sister’s cheek.

Monica: Goodnight, Manu. Enjoy the night!

Maneesha: Goodnight, di!

Karan took Maneesha to her own room. Maneesha saw the time. It was 3 am. She had stayed awake this late, even for her studies. But there she was today, naked in her brother-in-law’s arms.

Maneesha didn’t sleep the entire night. They fucked on the bed, on the floor, leaning on the wall, and Karan even fucked her on her study table! At last, they had sex in the shower while bathing each other in the morning.

Finally, after bathing her, Karan put her on the bed and turned her around. He rubbed his gentle finger on her back from her neck, going down on her spine till her ass crack. He turned her around again.

He opened her blanket and covered her naked body with it. Then she felt his lips on her for one last time. She hugged him and kissed him back. Both of them continued smooching each other for a long time.

Karan got up and left the room. Maneesha slept. By the time she woke up, Karan and Monica had already left. There was a paper on her study table with a note written on it.

“Sorry to leave without bidding you goodbye sweetie, wanted you to have rest. Thanks for everything! Take care until we meet next time. Yours truly, Monica!”

The End.

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