Unexpected encounter with wildest Police-SP Ramya

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Hi all Indian sex story readers, this is Madhan here with a story of a curvy hot Bangalore girl. First of all, thanks a lot to all ISS readers for your many likes and valuable feedback for my stories. I am a story writer with many stories published.

About Me: I am a Madhan of 28 years of age, 6″ tall, south Indian complexion, broad shoulder, and a normal body with skills of tasting a body erotically. I belong to one of the cleanest cities in India, Mysuru, but currently working in Bangalore (which has all varieties of chicks/aunties).

Horny unsatisfied housewives, sexy young baby dolls, and wanna have fun ladies (Bengaluru) can reach me on my Hangout and mail [email protected] Total anonymity and secrecy are guaranteed. Telegram @msarsstr

Coming to the story, I received a message on the telegram from a person named S P R. It read, “I read your story on ISS, lovely and enjoyed it.” I responded since I usually receive messages from my readers for my stories. I replied, “Thanks a lot, bro, happy that my story could make you shag loads.”

There was no response from the other end after reading my reply. Two days later, that person replied, “I am a lady, not a bro.”

I usually get messages from guys using girls’ names asking me pictures of ladies of my previous encounters. Some guys even want to see my dick. I am a very private person and never share pictures of wild ladies. Privacy is an utmost priority, and I never break the trust.

I just replied, “Hmm, thanks,” to her message.

The same day evening, she messaged, “I am Ramya (name changed).” I could not reply to her that day because I was quite occupied. The next day I replied, “Hello, Ramya.”

We could not chat because my online free time did not match her online free time. One message from my end will be responded to when she sees it. The same was happening in the other direction. This went for around 15 days.

One day she messaged, “I want to discuss something. tell time timing you will come online.” We agreed mutually on time and chatted that day. Ramya was aged 35, happily married with two kids. She was a homemaker, and her husband was a businessman.

She told me that she had read all the stories I had published and was quite interested in me. She asked for my picture, which I shared. She liked my picture and did not ask for nude or ladies’ pictures.

She told me that she feels her body is not satisfied and fulfilled by sex in recent times. Like those during her initial years of marriage. After the second kid, her husband hardly had any urge to have sex.

He developed drinking habits with his group of useless drunkards but did not booze heavy. His dick and stamina when he bangs me were not the same as they used to be.

I asked for her picture, which she denied. The doubt of the person being a boy was still running through my head. I wasn’t aware at that moment that she was a public servant, a police SP. She had lied to me that she was a homemaker.

I replied to her messages. But I never had any craving mindset of banging her because I wasn’t sure this was a lady. Our friendly chat continued for almost 2 months. Once I had a dirty hot chat with her, she told me that the chat made her wet and fingered herself.

She was almost busy, and we were not chatting continually in those 2 months. On only a few occasions, we both were online at the same time. It was Friday morning, she asked about my schedule for Saturday evening. I told her that I had no plans. She told me not to plan anything and went offline.

Friday midnight, she had messaged me with a contact number asking me to call Saturday afternoon. I read the message on the morning of Saturday. I called the number, heavens it was a lady with a sweet voice which was commanding too.

She spoke only a few minutes, asking me to make myself free for the evening. She told me that she would share the location by 4 in the evening. I have reached the location by 6. I had a sudden excitement because this was never expected.

I eagerly waited for the location. As promised, she sent the location at sharp 4 in the evening. I booked ola and reached the location. It was a guest house, a police guest house. I was damn scared, even thought to skip this appointment, and panicked.

In a confusing state of mind, I called Ramya. She told me to walk inside. I said, “No.” She said, “Please wait,” and disconnected the call. I restlessly waited.

Within five minutes, a tall, around 6 feet, medium-dark skin-complexioned lady walked straight into me. A tight khaki shirt held huge firm boobs and pants sticking on her round shapely ass with a belt on her slim hips.

I was very afraid for the first time with a blank mind. She came close to me and spoke in a calm voice, “Hi Madhan, I am Ramya, Police SP. Don’t worry and come with me.” I walked with her without uttering a word.

A thousand clueless thoughts ran in my head. If she intends to have sex with me, then I will be the damn luckiest guy on this earth. She was not looking like a 35 years lady. Huge firm boobs, sexy ass tight inside the pant. Slim hips, thick full lips, and a clean, rugged face.

She was really hot. She took to the third floor, and we walked into the room. She told me that she was here for a meeting and wanted to have fun. She did not want to scare me, so she hid the reality of her being the police SP.

Coming to the wild moments, she grabbed my shaky hands. I moved my fingers, brushing through her forehead, nose, thick juicy lips, and traveling down the neck to her cleavage between huge tank boobs.

My fingers could feel the firm boobs as she moved my fingers over both of her boobs. My dick was fully wild, making a tent inside my pants. She pushed me to the wall and pressed her body over mine. Her huge, firm boobs were crushing hard on my chest with her warm breath on my face.

Her height matched mine. I grew wild, cupped her face with both of my hands, and started kissing/sucking her honey lips. I kissed her thick full lips, sucking the juice off. She had her hands rubbing the dick over the pants.

Oh, heavens, her hands were rubbing my devil inside the pants. My hands traveled, grabbing the huge round ass cheeks and squeezing those soft spongy asses hard. She was sucking my lips, tongue. Our mouths were intertwined with tongues finding ways inside each other’s mouth.

She broke the kiss, removed the belt from her slim hips. She unbuttoned the shirt top buttons. Oh god, her boobs are so heavy that they are about to jump out of her shirt. I had a huge erection and was wild like never before.

She removed her shoes and knelt. She hurriedly opened my pants and pulled the underwear. My hard thick dick jumped out. She grabbed my dick, and her hands moved all over the dick and balls.

She stared dead into my eyes with such lusty eyes. I was controlling my urge very badly. She inserted my shiny dick head into her mouth. Her saliva-filled mouth sucked my dick head like a candy or ice cream. Her hands were massaging my balls.

I kept my thoughts away from her fleshy body to avoid the urge to cum. I never felt the urge to cum so fast. Her body was doing all the magic.

She then licked my neatly shaved cock from the base to the cock head. A blowjob so neatly enjoyed never happened in many previous encounters. I held her head and closed my eyes, enjoying the pleasure her mouth was providing.

She sucked my cock hungrily. I was enjoying her saliva over my cock. She deep-throated my cock. My hands were reaching for her boobs over the shirt. She unbuttoned the shirt, and a sexy red bra with a deep cleavage was revealed.

I couldn’t control it. I mouth fucked her and had the urge to cum. I pulled out the cock and shot loads on her uniform.

The fun just started, guys. I will explain the play with her sexy round, huge, firm boobs in the next part. How I licked, digging my face between her round ass balls with loud moans of Ramya. A wild hard drive into the pussy in a doggy position, hitting her ass.

Thank you, all the ISS readers.

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