Triple Beautiful Aunties Part 2 (Happily Ever After)

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This story is part of a series:

In the afternoon Mamta met her friends for lunch where she narrated the entire episode. Hearing this both women Ritu and Sanjana were very happy.

Ritu said- I am also waiting for such night.

Sanjana said- Me too. In fact, I may have one this week.

Ritu said- Really? Who is the lucky man?

Sanjana said- He is my senior from abroad branch. His name is James.

Mamta said- Wow a foreigner so lucky dear. I have seen those guys in porn clips. They are very good in bed. But how are you sure he will enjoy with you.

Sanjana said- He is coming for a meeting and next Sunday evening he has invited me for dinner and drinks. And also he used to send me adult jokes saying he likes Indian women.

Ritu said –Enjoy dear with your James. As I am not so lucky as you know I have received a proposal from a matrimonial site. I am going to meet him on Saturday afternoon for lunch.

Mamta said- Dear congratulations. Who is he? How old?

Ritu said- He is around 60 working as a General Manager. He is divorced and he has two daughters.

Sanjana said- Dear you are 42 he is 60 there is 18 years difference. Mamta just had sex for a night. But you are planning for marriage.

Ritu said- Dear I am also not a young girl. I am also a 42-year-old aunty. Somewhere I have to compromise and now want to settle down in life. I have been chatting with him for 2 months. After chatting for so long now we feel we should meet.

Mamta said- I agree with you Ritu. Aged men are more loving and caring like Ranjeet.

Sanjana said- And also good in bed right?

Mamta said- Yes.

Sanjana said-If Ranjeet proposed you for marriage will you agree.

Mamta said- In fact after our first night he proposed me for marriage but I said I need some time to think.

Sanjana-Ok guys even my James is also around 59. So no worries we all women will have matured men.

Mamta said- Ritu before you proceed for marriage I think you need to get his potency test done.

Ritu said- Come on guys how will he be ready for this. Asking this itself is ridiculous.

Mamta said- My dear Ritu I am not asking you to do his medical test. I am asking to spend a night with him to find out his potency.

Sanjana said- I agree with Mamta as you are planning to get married.

Ritu said- How should I do it?

Sanjana said- You ask him to come for dinner on Saturday and make sure time is around 10 pm. While meeting him you wear a dark red saree but make sure the blouse you wear should be sleeveless 95% backless and deep throat cut.

Sanjana said- So your cleavage should be wide open and your 70%boobs should be peeping out. If he is hot then he would definitely try to enjoy that night with you. If he doesn’t then you need to forget him.

Ritu said-Ok dear done.

So friends, get ready for the second encounter between Ritu and Dilip, her would be. Before starting let me describe Ritu. Ritu is around 5.8 tall very fair figure 38-28-40, very stylish. Whereas Dilip is 5.11 tall 60-year-old, clean shaven matured handsome face and grey hairs.

Saturday evening Ritu got ready as discussed with her friend and went to the restaurant on time around 10 where Dilip was already waiting. Dilip greeted her and they shook hands. After some normal talks, they ordered dinner.

Dilip said- First of all thanks a lot for coming.

His eyes were wide open seeing the body of Ritu.

He said- I have discussed my past life my divorce and my current life where I have two daughters. Now I want to listen to you.

Ritu said- Mr.Dilip I have been running behind success and money for so long. Now I have crores of money but no family. I am lonely. I have decided that after marriage I would resign from the job and live like a normal housewife. If you have any expectations please let me know.

Dilip said- I am total with you Ritu.I am sure you will feel really good when you have a family. So from my side, I have nothing else to say. It would be an honor for me if a beautiful woman like you become my wife. Now the ball is in your court. I and my daughters are waiting for your reply.

From the heart, Ritu was already ready for marriage. But the potency test was pending. So she said- Mr. Dilip I respect your feeling but need some more time before taking the final decision.

Dilip Said- No problem Ritu you take your own time. I will wait.

Ritu said- So sweet of you.

After dinner, Dilip asked Ritu for a dance. Ritu agreed and they went to the 3rd floor where there were a bar and disco. They started dancing. While dancing Dilip got an opportunity to touch various body parts of Ritu.

When they came out for a restaurant it was almost midnight 12. The restaurant where they went was on the outskirts of the city. So Dilip said I will drop you. Ritu agreed. They started driving. Ritu was feeling sleepy. So Dilip played romantic music.

But his eyes were continuously on Ritu; boobs stomach and her pretty and cute face. He suddenly stopped the car. Ritu was expecting. Her eyes were closed but still wide open. She could feel the hot breath of Dilip close to her nose. And finally, she felt the rough lips of Dilip kissing her cheeks.

She didn’t react. Dilip then kissed her nose and started giving a smooch. Now she opened her eyes. Dilip was kissing her lips and with one hand he removed her saree from her boobs and with one hand he was pressing her boobs. When Dilip saw Ritu has woken he stopped and was feeling embarrassed.

He said- Ritu I am sorry. Seeing you are in this hot dress was unable to control. I didn’t have sex for long.

Ritu said- Its ok Dilip. I don’t have any problem I can understand.

Then again they started driving.

Ritu said- If you are so desperate and want to satisfy your desire you can, I don’t have a problem.

Dilip said- Really?

Ritu said- Yes.

Dilip said- Sweetheart I have a Farmhouse on the further outskirts. There I have a 4-floor bungalow and a swimming pool. Tomorrow is Sunday so let’s go there.

Ritu said-Ok Fine.

After an hour drive, they reached Dilip’s farmhouse. It was a beautiful bungalow with a watchman. Dilip asked watchman not to disturb till next day 10 o clock. He took her to one of his room. It was really beautiful. Dilip closed the door and gave a tight hug to Ritu.

Dilip was very hot. He started kissing Ritu allover her face neck chest and boobs. He removed Ritu’s saree blous e and petticoat. Now Ritu was just in pink brand pink panty. She was looking gorgeous. Dilip too removed his dress an sat in sofa wearing only underwear.

Dilip said-Sweet heart enjoys me.

Ritu played a disco music and started dancing. She was good at belly dance and her dance was making Dilip hotter. And during the dance, she stripped off her bra and panty. When she was dancing and jumping her boobs show was great.

While dancing she came to Dilip and removed his underwear and took his penis in her lips and started sucking. Dilip’s cock and the body were too hairy. She was biting his balls. Dilip too became out of control he stood up and started sucking her boobs. Dilip was very very rough and was very fast in sex.

He started biting Ritu’s ass and also locked the holes of Ritu’s ass and then he started sucking Ritu’s vagina. Then he took Ritu to the sofa and started sucking her boobs and also bit her nipples. Ritu was enjoying. Now it was Ritu turn. She took his penis his her lips and started sucking and also started biting the lower part of the skin.

Then they went to the 69 position. After half an hour when both of them were completely hot Dilip decided to fuck Ritu. Ritu lay in the ground and Dilip upon her and inserted his huge penis into her wet vagina. It was a dream come true both sex hungry man and woman.

Dilip started fucking her. This continued for some time and Dilip changed his position to doggy and screwed Ritu in eight different positions. Their sex was so rough that both Ritu and Dilip and bitten each others body very badly. Their bodies had sores all over.

But they were so busy sex they didn’t realize. Finally when they were unable to control Dilip and Ritu got orgasm at the same time. Dilip too released all his hot sperm inside Ritu’s vagina. They lay for 15 minutes on the floor in the same position. The room was full chill due to AC, but both Ritu and Dilip’s body was wet with sweat.

When Dilip started going to the washroom.

Ritu said- Where are you going?

Dilip said- Sweety I am going to the washroom as after releasing sperm men need to urinate.

Ritu said-Don’t waste you precious urine. I want to drink your urine.

She opened her mouth and Dilip urinated in her mouth and Ritu drank his entire urine.

Now Dilip said-Dear now you urinate in my mouth.

Ritu too urinated in Dilip’s mouth and Dilip drank her entire urine. And then they went to sleep. Next morning after a bath when they were having breakfast, Ritu said- Dilip I have decided and my decision is Yes.

Dilip was very happy and he kissed her and immediately informed his daughters. And Ritu also informed her friends.

Now finally it was the turn of Sanjana. Sanjana is 5.10 tall figure 40-30-40 and very fair and page 3 product. Whereas James is a foreigner 6.5 ft.tall very fair completely bald and clean shaved and huge body like a wrestler.

On Sunday night Sanjana had dinner with James and then went to his room for drinks. Around 10 pm they started drinking. James was taking whiskey and Sanjana was taking red wine. Sanjana was wearing a light pink salwar suit and James was in casuals.

While having drinks James said- Indian women are very beautiful and hot, particularly this dress of yours. What is this dress called?

Sanjana said- It is called salwar suit.

James said- Nice. Can you just stand up just I want to see fully?

Sanjana stood up and James aid please turn back. Sanjana turned back. James removed her dupatta saying why you use this piece of cloth. Sanjana said just to cover our boobs.

James said-Whats the need to cover them boobs are the beauty of a woman. Can I just touch the dress just want to feel the cloth?

Sanjana said- Sure.

James stood up and came from the back and touched Sanjana’s stomach saying nice cloth. Then suddenly he grabbed Sanjana’s boobs from back saying very big watermelon. Sanjana was expecting this to happen so she said while laughing, “Yes very big watermelons.”

James said- Can I have some juices of these watermelons?

Sanjana said after some hesitation- Ok.

So James removed Sanjana’s kurta and her bra and started sucking her boobs. James did not take much time to remove the salwar and panty and then he too removed his dress and asked Sanjana to suck his penis. James penis as expected was very very huge.

She sucked his penis for almost 20 minutes and then James sucked Sanjana’s pussy for half an hour. James did not believe much in the foreplay so immediately took Sanjana to his bedroom and started fucking her. As his cock was huge Sanjana felt the pain and screamed, “Please remove my vagina is getting torn.”

But James reduced his speed and made her comfortable. As normally how the foreigners do James fucked Sanjana for almost two hours in 11 different styles. Finally after making Sanjana reach orgasm James released all his sperm inside Sanjana’s pussy. That night they slept together.

Next morning James said- Sanjana dear will you marry me.

Sanjana was surprised- Marriage?

James said- Yes dear I had divorced from my wife 3 months back. And now I want to get married again to a woman like you.

Sanjana who was quick in decision making immediately agreed.

Next day all three friends met again and informed about each others episode. Ritu and Sanjana were ready for marriage. Only Mamta was in a dilemma. But finally, she too called Ranjeet and agreed for marriage with him.

So very next Sunday Mamta married Ranjeet and Ritu married Dilip in a temple and registered marriage in court whereas Sanjana married James in Church and also got her marriage registered.

After marriage, Sanjana went abroad along with her husband James and settled there. Ritu took VRS from the job and became a housewife and now she is taking care of Dilip and her daughters in Bangalore itself. Mamta too took VRS and got settled in Delhi and started her own consultancy just for time pass.

One year later all three ladies were blessed with babies. Mamta has a son, Ritu had twins a son and a daughter and Sanjana also gave birth to a daughter. Now all three ladies are busy in their lives but they do meet once a year along with their respective families for a reunion.

And they lived happily ever after. So friends hope you have enjoyed this story. This is a true story.I have changed the names of the characters and places. See you again.

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