That Romantic Midnight Date

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Hi! I am back with another instance in my life. Myself Vyon, aged 24 years living in Mumbai. I recently came across a girl named Kriya. We became friends through Instagram and we still try figuring out who was the one who sent the request first.

Kriya is a sweet girl with a wheatish complexion and a sharp body structure of 34-29-34. The best part about Kriya and myself is that we were complete strangers with no mutual friends.

We began with a boring way of starting a friendship and slowly started knowing and exploring about each other. Within a span of a few months, we became good friends and shared a great rapport. Kriya lived here in Bombay away from her family so I was one of the very few people who became the closest to her.

We used to go out for movies, lunch, dinner shopping and a lot more. We became well-connected to each other in every means. We gelled along way too much now.

One day we were supposed to go out late in the night to hang out in a chilled place as it was the monsoon time of Bombay. As decided, I reached to pick her up from her apartment when I found her text saying, “Feeling a bit unwell, can we cancel the plan tonight? Sorry!”

I called her saying that I had already reached and if there is anything I could do to help her out. Since she didn’t want me to return home, she called me upstairs as she felt too lazy and uneasy to come out in that weather.

Upstairs, she was all alone in her apartment with none of her roommates to look after her. I made sure she felt comfortable and if she could get good sleep.

The drizzle outside had already started pouring heavily and it was becoming quite a cold and cozy weather outside. She requested me to stay that night as she was alone and wanted to be with me.

In a while, I made sure she was comfortable in her bed and tried talking her off to sleep. She was tired and cold. I pulled a sheet over us and she lied hugging me from the side.

We stopped talking eventually as I caressed her forehead. Trying to be comfortable, she now dug her face in my chest pulling me closer towards her. I kissed her forehead before hugging her tighter.

I loosened my grip as I sensed the silence of her sleep, but she didn’t let me. My friend was awake.

She pulled herself upwards to my face and this time dug her face in my neck. I could feel her warm breath as she tried finding the comfort she needed. I could constantly feel her lips kissing my neck. I sensed her arousal due to the closeness but I somehow couldn’t respond to her sudden arousal. This had never happened between us all the while.

Aroused, she bit my neck this time as her body pressed against mine. I moved my neck away to look down at her. She pulled me towards her and kissed my lips sucking my lower lip with a snail’s pace. With the touch of her lips on mine, my grip on her tightened, although I was frozen by her act and couldn’t reciprocate to her kiss.

Kriya kept on suckling my lower lip for a while. My left hand moved upwards on her back and I too was kissing her now. We suckled on each other’s lips slowly with grace. She broke the kiss and again dug her face into my neck as she was completely within my arms now.

She again licked my neck which aroused me to pull her up for another beautiful kiss, this being the wilder one. She kissed me back with the same pace. We explored our mouth with our tongues playing each other, making the kiss a bit salty.

As our kiss continued, her hands started caressing my sides and my back, entering into my shirt. Her soft cold hands touched my bare skin and a blissful chill ran down my spine, pushing myself into her.

Our kiss never broke as our hands caressed each other’s body. I too entered her peach colour tank top caressing her bare back. She slowly unbuttoned my shirt from the bottom to the top and getting rid of it while still chewing my lips.

She kissed the bottom of my thick-bearded chin as I pulled her top over her. She was in a black padded bra that covered her 34-sized round boobs. I dug into her neck, kissed it, sucked it, and licked it. She arched her back stretching her neck upwards leaving out the first moan of the night.

Her neck was her weak spot that was now sucked continuously to arouse her. I could sense her joy, her arousal through her soft moans near my ears and her hands that changed pace while caressing me each time my lips touched her soft skin.

She pulled me inwards as she fully lied on her back with me over her now. I kissed her cheeks, moving on to her ears, nibbling her earlobes, to again sucking her neck. Her right hand reached out to my hair and she pushed me inside her.

I licked all the way down to her cleavage between her boobs. I licked there for a while before unhooking her bra from behind. She had round boobs, poky nipples with brown areolas. I sucked her left boob in my mouth and sucked it for a while, biting them in between. She loved that little wildness I showed in making love to her.

I moved downwards from her boobs to her soft silky and flat stomach. I licked her stomach and found her cute little navel. I sucked onto her navel, licking them as deep as I could. My soft licks and sucks aroused her more with my hands slowly fondling her boobs.

I moved downwards and pulled her night black night pant and pantie together in one go. I reached out to clean shaved vagina which was wet by now. As soon as my tongue touched her opening, she moaned loudly arching her back and gripping my hair.

I sucked her pussy and entered my tongue as deep as I could arousing her to the fullest. She pushed my head deeper into her as I sucked her clitoris.

I went up to her and kissed her lips again. I slid to her right from above and entered one of my fingers in her pussy. I entered my full finger while kissing her and making her wild with arousal.

I fingered her clitoris for a while as she achieved utmost arousal. She cummed all over and I could sense the blissful feeling she had. She pulled my head and again dug it into her boobs. I sucked her right nipple this time and bit it hard. She screamed of pain and pulled me sideways to come over me.

She unbuttoned my shorts and pulled my dick out. Caressing my dick and fondling my balls, she gripped it well to give me a handjob at first. She pulled my foreskin back and licked the tip of it.

She teased me for a while before I pushed her head downwards onto my dick to enter it in her mouth. Her mouth felt so warm around my dick as she took it all in her mouth. She gave me a fine blowjob for a good 10 minutes, arousing me to my peak.

She then came upwards and kissed me. She licked my neck and bit it hard this time with moving her body in slow motion. She whispered in my ears, “Vyon, please enter in me, I want to feel you inside me now.”

I obliged as I came over her and kissed her. I bit her lips to break the kiss and moved on to her neck to suckle all over it. I hugged her in missionary and slowly entered her. Her moans released the little pain she felt as I entered her slowly.

I moved in motion as I was fully inside her and started thrusting slowly. She hugged me tighter with her right hand on my head and her left pressing my back. She moved in sync with my motion as I increased my pace.

I started thrusting a little faster as we kissed. She held my hips and pushed them inside her as she sensed the tension building. I dug my face into her neck and increased my pace with each thrust. She too started moaning loudly as she sensed I could cum any moment.

With my thrusts almost coming to an end, she whispered: “Harder Vyon harder, cum in me baby, fill me with your cum”. I felt so aroused with her words that ii thrust her in full pace and cummed inside her. I lost control of myself as I remained laid over her.

She slowly moved her hands caressing my back all the way up to my hair. She bit my ear and whispered, “I loved it.”

I fell down beside her and she held my dick to caress it. I kissed her cheeks and caressed her boobs for a while. She played with my dick until it was erect again.

Ready for another session, we got up and sat on the bed. She came over to sit on my lap facing me, as we kissed and kissed and kissed. I bit her lips hard this time to hear her moans. Sitting on my lap, she dug my head into her right boob for me to suck. I sucked her nipples like a baby and caressed her hair.

We hugged each other as she was still on my lap and helped my dick enter her. She started humping over me as my dick went I and out of her. I hugged her tight and thrust with pace while kissing and licking her neck.

I rammed into her pussy hard this time kissing her simultaneously. I hugged her as tight as I could and thrust into her harder and harder to load again cum inside her. We fell down on the bed hugging, kissing and caressing each other.

She leaned towards me to kiss me for a while and hugged me eventually falling asleep. I too fell asleep with her in my arms.

This was the most recent incident in my life after which she had to leave to another city for higher studies.

I hope most of my readers love it. Your comments and feedback shall be highly appreciated.

Author’s Note:

A great thank you for appreciating my previous story – “The hot girl at my best friend’s wedding“. Too overwhelmed with the responses in my inbox.

I see sex and lovemaking with enough passion, hence people who love passionate stories must read my stories and provide me with valuable feedback.

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