Sister’s Wedding And My Suhagraat – Part 2

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Hello Readers, Sweetie here again. Thank you very much for so much love for my previous story where I made out with Suchit in a car. I would like to continue my tale and will describe how I made out with him in a proper Suhagraat manner. Tighten your hands and loosen your dicks to enjoy more.

So, after the fantastic long drive with Suchit, he dropped me back to my place. He bid me a romantic goodbye. I went inside the hotel where my family was staying. I went to the bride’s room to check if she was awake or not. And damn, she was awake. So I decided to sit with her catch up with our old memories.

We talked for a good amount of time catching up with our past and what’s going on in the present. She then noticed my messed up hairs and dress. She asked me where I have been. Well to describe my relationship with her, she has always been my secret holder.

She perfectly knows how naughty I can get. Well, she even knew that I was cheating my husband. So she directly asked me where I have been after the function and with whom. And without hesitation, I told her about Suchit and the quality time I spent with him.

She was a little shocked by my boldness, but even she liked it. Then she asked me about further plans. I said to her I want to make out in a proper way with Suchit. But I need a room for it. It won’t be possible for me to arrange now. She said that when she and her to be husband will be taking pheras, her room will be empty and locked.

I can use that for around 2-3 hours. Well, that much of the time is enough for me to taste heaven with Suchit. I was happy about the plan and we both slept in the same room that night. Next day was quite busy due to marriage work and other rasams.

But still, I didn’t leave the chance to excite men staying in our hotel by exposing the right parts of my body. And then I was so excited about it. I was actually so excited to meet Suchit. I decided to dress in such a way that as soon as he sees me, his dick will make him drag me to a bedroom and taste every inch of my body.

I wore a saree that night. Well, I believe that a saree displays the best beauty a lady can hold within herself. And anyhow I was a specialist in exposing in saree. So I wore a floral print blue colored saree with my blouse in black color. The blouse was stitched in such a way that it exposed the whole of my back only covering 2-3 cms of it.

The front of the blouse had 3 hooks, which were so deep that if I remove my pallu anyone could see half of my boobs. My petticoat was stitched so perfectly that I had no problem wearing it low waist. I wore the saree in such a way that more than half of my flat navel and my right boob was totally exposed over my blouse.

I did not wear much jewelry, except a navel chain, two small earrings. My hair was set loose and flipped towards one side so that anyone would like to grab my bareback and kiss it. Around 8 PM, the baarat arrived, and so did the man of the night Suchit. He was looking more fresh and handsome tonight.

We all cousins of bride decided to greet the Grooms hang by giving them a rose each. I straightforwardly moved to Suchit and gave him a rose with a small chit, with the room number written on it. We all went inside the hall and all the rituals and dinner started.

Not just Suchit but almost 50% of groom side boys were desperate to feel my back. But I was only in the mood to make Suchit the luckiest person at that gathering. I did not have much food, as I was fed up with so much of sweets from 3 days.

Even Suchit did not have much food as he was hungry to eat me. After around 9:30 PM, I signaled him to join me in the room. And no doubt he did not waste even a single minute. The function was on the ground floor and the room was on the 2nd floor. I decided to take the steps and he followed me.

On the second floor, he grabbed me by holding my waist and pinned me to the wall with my back facing him. He kissed my back. I felt so hot at that time that I almost squeezed the wallpapers painted over there. He then flipped all my hairs to one side and started feeling my back with his hands and kissing it.

I asked him to take me to the room as someone could watch us. He lifted me in his arms in a totally filmy manner. Our lips were in no mood to separate until we reached the room. I unlocked the room while I was still in his arms. He gently placed me on the bed.

We had a very lovely kiss as he bit my lower lip. My hands squeezed his hairs in pain and pleasure. We then broke our kiss after a minute. He started exploring my neck with his beautiful tongue and kissing skills. I was lying flat on the bed. He got up and removed his kurta.

He came on me and kissed my lips again but in a teasing manner. He then wildly kissed my neck and removed my pallu. He started kissing my cleavage and caressing my boobs over my blouse. I was so aroused that my hands were rolling all over the bed. My cunt dripping the waters already.

We were wildly kissing each other and he removed my saree. He then got up to turn on the lights and have a proper glance on my glorious body. He then removed all his clothes and started staring at me. I was lying on the bed in my blouse and petticoat. He drove me really crazy with his looks.

I just got up and sat like a newlywed bride in the center of the bed. He came at the back of me. He kissed my shoulders by removing my blouse from one side and massaging my both boobs with his hands. In just a few moments my blouse hooks were already open. Now he was holding my boobs like a tennis ball.

He removed my blouse over my head and made me lay down. He got on me and started playing with my boobs and navel. His hands were moving all over my hands and armpits. I already came while he was holding my boobs. I submitted my body to him to do whatever he wanted.

He slowly went down and removed my petticoat. I was wearing a netted panty which barely covered the right parts. Though he removed that as well. He kissed my thighs and gave a bite just over my vagina. He came to me and started kissing me. His two fingers slid inside my holes very easily.

As soon as he gave me 3-4 thrusts with his fingers I came again. And this time I got a little exhausted as well. He gave me time to get relaxed and was looking at my body silently. I got back to my senses and looked at him. He gave me a proud smile to make me cum twice.

I bit my lips held his hair, kissed him roughly and asked him to fuck me. He smiled again and got on top of me. My legs instantly parted away and made way for him to get inside me. His size was maybe around 6-7”. He easily started stroking me as I was very wet deep inside.

He fucked me in missionary position for around 7-8 minutes and without even asking me came deep inside me. Even I wouldn’t have bothered to stop him from doing so. I was in no mood to interrupt such a hunk from making me feel so good. His juices really felt very warm inside me.

We both laid down facing towards the ceiling. While my right hand was playing with his semi-erect and cum covered dick. We both were damn happy. We didn’t talk much, but we both felt really connected. He then got up to get back dressed as he had his flight back to Delhi the same night.

I was still naked and was damn lazy to wear my clothes again. He got dressed up and gave me an amazing goodbye kiss and squeezed my left boob and nipple. And then he left. I felt so amazing that time realizing how my wish of making out with a stranger came true. And how good was Suchit!

I won’t forget him for the whole of my life. Do send your lovely and lusty feedbacks readers on [email protected]

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