Pleasure Of Sex With Doctor

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Hi everyone, I am Ritika, a 36-year-old from North India who settled in the South with a job in an MNC. I am single. I am alone after my live-in partner broke up about 18 months ago. I hope you all like my story about sex with doctor.

Loneliness was so harsh that I felt depressed. Reading the fascinating stories here and masturbation found me my peace. After my breakup, I had sex about 3 months ago. I am writing about the incredible deal with a doctor.

As it is the norm post Covid19, I was working from home. Over the weekend, I noticed the terrace was completely covered with damp and dry leaves with rainwater. I made up my mind to clean it up, and it took a couple of hours to complete.

By then, I was allergic. It was irritating and bubbling on my skin. I took a bath and also took allergy medicine. But it didn’t give me desired relief. Now most hospitals were occupying Covid19 phobia due to lockdown. So I inquired among neighborhoods with anxiety. I found out about a clinic where I could take consultation.

I reached the clinic. I was in the queue for a while. On my turn, I entered the doctor’s room. He welcomed me and listened to my skin problem. He asked me when and where I have the bubble. I replied my hand, legs, and the entire body has irritation and bubbles. He said it needs examination.

After he checked my hands, he asked me to lift my nighty from the leg. I lifted my nighty up to my knees. He looked at my legs and asked me if I have bubbles on my entire body. I replied yes.  He said the bubbles on my hands and legs are different in their nature.

He asked me to sit back and remove the nighty. I turned back and sat down and unpacked my nighty till waist. I was shocked and embarrassed when the doctor checking my back. I suddenly turned the chair I was sitting on. In the guise of the examination, the doctor was touching me inappropriately.

He held one side of the bare breast to check beneath it and then the other side. He somehow cuddled my breasts. I tolerated it all, thinking he is doing his job. Later he told me to give my urine to test, and he would give me a pill and injection today. I pulled up my nighty back.

I went to the washroom and returned with a sample bottle filled with my urine. I sat on the chair for injection. He said to lay on the testing table as the injection should be given on the waist. With one more time to get embarrassed, I laid on the testing table. I turned towards the wall.

I pulled up my nighty above my waist, leaving my legs and butts for his view. He injected me, rubbing my waist with cotton. He soon started to smooth my butts acting like he was testing. His smoothing became hard when I looked at him.

He said, “I am surprised how allergic bubbles are different in each part,” and told me to lay straight. I laid down straight with shyness. He ran his hand from my upper thighs to my pussy. His hand touching my pussy turned me on. Sex deprivation ignited my lust hidden in me.

I endured though I was touched, almost nude from the waist. Meanwhile, the doctor told me to spread my legs. I was tensed, closed my eyes, and stretched my legs. He rubbed my pussy with his palm. My heart rate was varying with emotions, and it was hard to breathe.

I was alarmed. With anguish, I removed his hand and sat up. Alarmed by my act doctor told me, “Do not fear it is curable.” I hurried out of his room while correcting my nighty.

The acts of the doctor aroused me. Doctor touching and smoothing me was flashing in my mind gave me irresistible arousal. I was craving for an intimate moment. A few hours later, the itching and bubbles on my skin healed. It was a bit of joy.

Thoughts about the Doctor were kept popping in my mind through the day. Once I was taking his act as he did those things as a doctor. I later felt he had taken advantage of my situation. I decided not to go to the doctor the next day. Throughout the day, I had sex thoughts and had no sleep at night.

I was unable to resist. Hence I removed the nighty, laid on the bed, touched my nipples, rubbed it. I fingered my pussy while I imagined the doctor having sex with me.

I was worried again in the morning about whether to visit the doctor or not. Beyond lots of my resistance, the lust in me compelled me to visit the doctor. I was in the queue. After a while, I went to the doctor’s room at my turn.

The doctor recognized me quickly asked if there were any bubbles and irritations. I said they are cured, and I came to collect my report. He said my report is also clear there is no infection and not to be worried. He then said, “Let me inspect to be sure.’

I sighed. He checked my hands and feet and touched my forearm. He asked me to remove the nighty and sit backward. This time I was unknowingly comfortable as the lust in me overriding my senses. I got up from the chair, and I unzipped my nighty.

I took my arms off from nighty and dropped the nighty on the floor. Standing in front of the doctor naked, showing my 34C boobs with brownish nipples, 30 waist with a flat tummy, and 36 hip waxed body and clean pussy. I could sense he is surprised with my behavior of standing naked.

He glanced at my naked body. Then he took me to the testing table and laid me on it. He touched one of my breasts and rubbed it. He squeezed my nipples with both hands and rubbing my thighs and pussy. I closed my eyes with shyness and anticipating for him to fuck me right away. I was wet already.

To my disappointment, he was not moving beyond feeling my body. I felt tickled when he rubbed my pussy. I opened my eyes to convey to him that I am prepared for sexual intercourse. He was taken aback, thinking I am agitated.

He took off his hands over pussy and said, “You are alright now. No further medication is required.” Saying this, he was about to move away. I grabbed his hand and rubbed it over my starving pussy. Later I took his mid finger slid it inside my dripping pussy.

Soon he hugged me, kissed me on the face and lips, then said, “I never behave like this with my patients. Your body lured me to behave as such. I have one patient to consult. Please stay in the upper room. I will come there shortly after attending one last patient waiting.”

I got up from the table and climbed the stairs reached the room. I closed the window curtain in the room and waited for him. My pussy was already wet and swollen with excitement. My hands were running over my hardened nipples and pussy impatiently.

After some time Doctor came in. While coming, he had taken off his shirt and trousers. He hugged me, kissed my face and lips. He pressed my nipples hard. He squeezed my breasts hard in turns. I, too, hugged him with both hands, enjoying his wet kiss to my lips and letting his tongue taste my saliva.

My breast was packed against him. I was feeling some pressure on my stomach. When I checked, his abdomen was pressed against my stomach. I took my hands off his shoulders. I slid my hand between my stomach and his abdomen.

I had something handful there. I started to feel. It was bulky, and I was finding it is huge. I pulled his underwear to uncover it. I was surprised by the size of his dick. It was a long and thick piece of hardened meat with thik greenish nerves running over his rod.

His foreskin had moved back. The red bulb on his dick made me go crazy to hold. I had never seen such a thick and long dick. I held his bladder with much of my excitement and squeezed it. He groaned and asked did I like it. In affirmation, looking at him, I smiled and kissed his lips.

He felt encouraged with my kind of affirmation. He hugged me tight, pressing and squeezing my butts even harder. I was rubbing his dick and red tomb. He was rubbing my bum in one hand. He was sucking each of my nipples while cuddling my breasts with the other hand.

He pushed me towards the bed and made me sit on the bed. He kept one of his legs on the bed and placed his dick on my face prompting me to suck it. I was willing to taste his dick. I held his waist. I licked his bladder and then his dick. I made dick and tomb wet with my salvia.

I opened my mouth, took his dick in. I was sucking his dick. It was a mouthful. I was feeling nice by sucking his dick. He held my cheeks, and he shoved his dick in my mouth further. His dick passed my throat through my mouth. His muscular smell made me bare his thursts in my mouth.

He was literally fucking my mouth. The smell of his precum made me even more excited. He was gripping my boobs. I was enjoying the touch of intimacy after so many days. After a while, he loudly groaned. Soon streams of sperm hit my mouth, face, and breasts. His sperm was juicy and manly.

He was tired and leaned over me. I was unable to bear his weight. I laid on the bed. He said, breathing high, “I never imagined a lady as beautiful and sexy as you would ever give me pleasure.” For some time, he fondled my breast while caressing my pussy with the other hand.

He inserted his finger in my pussy. He removed his finger. His finger was wet with my precum. He licked his finger said, “You are tasty.” I was excited and feeling shy as I was not treated like this in bed. He slid down from my arms to face my pussy.

I had spread my legs for him to give me pleasure. He sniffed my pussy. Soon, I felt his tongue over my leg pits and pussy. He licked my pussy for a while, and then he started to lick my pussy by stretching my pussy lips. I am unable to express my feelings in words while his finger and tongue lick my pussy.

I was breathing heavily. I held his head with both my hands pressing his face against my pussy. I had the biggest orgasm by then. He licked my juice, and he came up over me. He kissed my lips and face and squeezed my nipples wildly. I painted my nipples against his face. I was aroused like never before.

I was shy to ask him fuck me right away. So I held his dick against my pussy. He understood my feelings. He grabbed me on the bed. He laid over me. I spread my legs for him to shove his dick. He rubbed his dick against my pussy while kissing my face. I again held his dick, took his tomb in my pussy.

He started to give slight pushes to his dick, probing my pussy. Then he started to throb his dick in my pussy. I felt warm hard meat moving in and out of my pussy, and it was a nice feeling after years. I was moaning quietly. After few thrusts, he held my thighs and pulled against his waist.

He lifted my legs spread and held them along with my arms. He then started punching his dick in my pussy. His thrusts were so hard that each time my pussy punched, I was gasping. He picked up the pace, thrusting hard in my pussy.

The room was surrounded by our heavy breathing, moans, gasps, and our bodies colliding with each other. I was excited so much that my gasps and moans became louder and louder. He was sweating along with me in an air-conditioned room. In no time, I came to a climax.

Without my knowledge, my waist was raised with high gasps. My pussy juice started to flow. He was not yet done, even after fucking me so hard for more than 15 minutes. Still, he was fucking me harder and deeper. At last, he started to groan aloud.

His thrusts became even harder and deeper, breaking my nerves. Then I felt his warm juice splashing in my pussy. He fell over me, releasing my legs. I hugged him tightly with my legs, letting his juice flow into my pussy. We were breathing high and sweating.

We relaxed for some time. Then he kissed me and said it’s a pleasure of my life and thanked me. I was unable to express my happiness due to hesitation. He asked if we meet once in a while. I was willing, as it was a fuck of my life.

I shared my marital status. I had no interest in marriage but to have a baby from the relationship. He was okay with it, and we are continuing our relationship with more love and lots of lust for each other.

I took much care to write this incident about my physical examination by a doctor. If you like my narration, do mail me at [email protected]

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