Saw Roohi Newly-Wed Neighbor Masturbating – Part 2

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This story is part of a series:

Hello everyone! Thank you for reading and responding to my last story (link above). Do send me your suggestions and feedback for this one as well. Also, a few people were asking as to where I am from. I am from Allahabad and I am 22 years old.

My story continues..

My newly-wed muslim neighbor Roohi had an orgasm! She collapsed on the bed and laid there for a while. Breathing heavily with her eyes closed, her right hand was still over her wet vagina. Her left hand was subconsciously feathering her left tit.

I could see her hand feathering over her hard yet delicious nipple. It sent shivers down my body. My hand unknowingly went over my crotch. It was the hardest I had ever been. The fact that I was watching the only girl I had fantasized about so much, naked, was making me the hardest I had been in my life.

Roohi opened her eyes and looked down at her left tit. She was looking and feathering it like it was her sweet little baby. With her left index finger, she circled her areola. I was so focused that I felt like she was brushing my nipples.

Though my muslim neighbour was looking at her tits, her mind was somewhere else. She had a slight smile over her face and her eyes glittering. It seemed like she had a sense of achievement. She had achieved something she had truly desired, either consciously or subconsciously.

Roohi stood up with her ass facing me. It was mesmerizing to look at those beautiful round buttocks. My dick was trying to tear out of my underwear. She picked up the towel from the bed and wiped her wet finger on it. She threw the towel back on the bed and walked to her closet completely naked. It was all just so beautiful to watch.

All her body parts were moving in symphony. My neighbour’s wife then took out her undergarments and started to wear them. She wore a black panty and a black bra. She then put on a pair of mini shorts. She was searching for a suitable t-shirt to wear.

After picking out a t-shirt, Roohi held it in her hands and looked at it for a while. She was staring at it, thinking about something. She kept the t-shirt back, took off her bra, and wore that t-shirt. Putting her bra back in the closet, she left the room. With my raging hard-on, I rushed back to my house.

I went straight to my room, taking off all my clothes and entering the shower. I closed my eyes and let the water, fall on me. My hand automatically went to my dick. Everything was flashing in front of my eyes. It was like I was reliving the whole scene again, all at once.

My newly-wed muslim neighbour’s naked shining body, her perfect breasts, the intensity of her hand movements, the passion as she was squishing her boobs, were all before my eyes. The touch of her fingers, her walk across the room, those long thick thighs, those voiceless moans, her ever so delicious lips, and whatnot were swimming in my mind.

It didn’t take me much time or effort to release the largest load of my life. I went to my balcony completely naked to get my towel. I took the towel and was about to head inside but the thrill of drying myself in the open stopped me. I stood there and dried my body, taking all the time in the world.

In the back of my mind, I was hoping for someone to see me like that. After drying out my whole body, I stood straight up and just watched the view through my balcony. I was thinking about how much my life had changed- from being a normal kid, to discovering the pleasures of taboo.

Another part of my mind was trying to figure out the plan to seduce my sexy neighbour Roohi.

Occupied by these thoughts, I went to the bed and drifted off to sleep. Even in my dreams, I was thinking about ways to take the next step. The time and the taboo were two of my main constraints in solving this problem.

I woke up an hour later and still couldn’t realize the things that had happened that day. I dressed up and went to her house. Roohi opened the door. I could clearly see that she was not wearing a bra for the first time in front of me. I could clearly see her nipples poking out of her t-shirt.

Greeting each other with a smile, we went in. We both were acting normal, but there was something different for both of us. There was an unusual look in her eyes towards me. It was different than before. My neighbour was now looking desperately into my eyes as if she was trying to read something or tell me something.

For me, I couldn’t see her as before either. I had seen her naked and that too, while masturbating. Every time I looked at her, those images would flash in front of my eyes.

Why was she not wearing a bra? Why did she have a different look in her eye? How can I remove those images from my mind when I am with her? How do I take the next step forward? What can be the next step forward? Which step can I take, so I don’t mess up all the progress I have made?

Sitting on the couch, thinking about these things, I decided to go up to her and live in the present and not in my imagination. So, I stood up and went to her.

Roohi was in the kitchen preparing the evening tea and some snacks for us. I stood at the kitchen counter. She was on the other side right in front of me. She saw me and asked, “Hey, do you need something?”

I replied while looking aimlessly around the kitchen trying not to look at her boobs and peeking at her nipples, “Nah, I was just feeling bored.”

“Yeah, you are right. It’s quite boring today. You know what, let’s do something tonight. It’s Saturday. You wouldn’t have college tomorrow, so let’s do something fun tonight,” she said.

“What do you have in mind?”, I asked with a bit of enthusiasm looking in her eyes. As I said, there was something different in the way she looked at me today. She was looking into my eyes with a slight pause before replying.

“How about we enjoy ourselves tonight with a movie, some pizza, and a few drinks?” she asked, lowering her eyes on the kitchen stove when she said drinks. I stared at her for a moment. She looked at me again when I didn’t reply for a while.

“Drinks?” I said to end the awkwardness.

“Yeah,” she said, staring into my eyes with a very soft tone like she had committed a crime. I was still staring at my hot married neighbour. How can she ask me such a question? How can I drink with someone who knows my parents? Does she drink being a Muslim?

“Okay, let’s do it!!” I exclaimed slamming my hand on the kitchen counter, breaking all the barriers and tension in the room.

I could sense that she was very relieved and very excited at the same time.

To be continued.

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